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Night Light

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Dani was two thirds through her second glass of wine when she realized that she might be a little drunk, clutching her pool cue as she chalked the tip.

Her eyes studied Gigi as she watched her finish her shot – Gigi had just missed the striped ball overhanging the bottom right hand cushion - and her gaze lingered. Gigi was concluding an anecdote about her very first day as a realtor in central Los Angeles; telling Dani about the prank she had pulled on a male estate agent who was throwing his weight around the office in a desperate bid to impress her. It was an amusing story and, although riveted, Dani’s head throbbed, fuzzy from drinking, gaze shifting across the game table.

Gigi Ghorbani, it transpired, was fucking great at pool.

Dani was not sure why that had taken her by surprise. Gigi had the swagger, the recognizable cool ice breeze of any pool player she had ever bore witness to. The kind of player who swigged on their bottles of beer while they waited for you to take your shot, steely gaze shimmering with allure and flirtation cushioning some gently cast trash talk (the trash talk exchanged between them was something else).

Dani’s surprise, however, had soon been replaced by pangs of competitiveness and snarky quips. Oh, things could become very competitive between them— and fast.

Dani tilted her head as she checked out her girlfriend. It was loud - unsubtle - and her mind briefly receded from the current game to more pleasurable experiences, the moments shared between them in their respective apartments. The momentary relapse in concentration only lasted for a few seconds because the smug look Gigi displayed became too potent for Dani to ignore. She had just played another crazy shot - her second because Dani had mis-hit a ball on her previous shot - and it was extremely unfair.

“Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are?”

Gigi laughed at her question and Dani felt the neon glow of the bar around them shimmer further into the background. The cackle of laughter was a cathartic release - extensively pure - and Dani had to push through the distraction she knew she was not supposed to be finding overwhelmingly cute, at least not during pool night.

“A few times, actually.” Gigi answered, moving up from the table. “Unless that was a rhetorical question.” Her gaze lingered on Dani. “In that case I plead… plausible deniability.”

Plausible deniability.” Dani mocked, sounding out each syllable through her teeth. “You think you are so smart, don’t you? That pretty much means you are guilty.”

Gigi nodded, proud, after a moment. “Smart? Maybe. But beating your ass?” she added, a charming twinkle in her eye and a thrill in her voice. “Definitely.”

Dani scoffed. Her girlfriend was a smug little shit. And she loved it.

“I thought you were supposed to be some kind of pool hustler.” Gigi teased. She was right, of course, but maybe Dani had exaggerated that statement a tiny bit. “Gotta say, I’m a little disappointed.”

“You don’t sound disappointed.”

Gigi held onto her smile until it fully enveloped her face. Dani tried hard not to break her steely façade but Gigi’s joy was freeing, childish on arrival, and instantly infectious. Dani smirked her amusement away, a small laugh spilling out in surprise.

“You’re right,” Gigi answered, “I love winning.”

Dani’s eyes challenged oh yeah? and she laughed. “See?”

“So… am I annoying because I’m winning or because of something else?” Gigi asked, grinning.

Dani wasn’t tipsy enough to ignore the way that her smile made her stomach flip flop and her butterflies butterfly. In response, Dani walked around the table, too engrossed in gauging her next shot to reply. Gigi’s last shot had left a spotted ball overhanging the top left corner of the table.

“Was it my story about Mr Doozy? I thought you more than anyone would appreciate me handing a misogynist a slick dose of poetic justice.”

Dani smirked as she leaned down to line up the shot, telling Gigi smugly; ‘You broke his coffee machine when he more than deserved a punch.”

Okaaaay.” Gigi laughed again, buzzed from her beer. “I hear you - loud and very clear - but caffeine sabotage was picked over physical assault because I didn’t want to lose the job on my first day.” She paused. “He was so fucking annoying. He even had a name for this coffee maker. He named a machine after his ex-wife - third ex-wife for the record - because he loved that something could still get him up in the morning.”

Dani made a face, recoiling in disgust. “Ew. Yeah,” she said, with an air of finality, “he deserved the punch.”

The co-worker Gigi recalled had taken an immediate – and uncalled for - dislike to her so Gigi had sabotaged his espresso pods and the sadistically named machine had died with a deathly - yet oddly cathartic - hiss of steam.

“You don’t mess with realtors and their caffeine. Trust me, it gets nasty. Real nasty. As soon as I heard the ex-wife line, Belinda by the way, revenge came calling.”

Dani’s features crumbled into a grin and she laughed, momentarily throwing her concentration from her shot. She leaned up from the pool table, eyes wide.

Belinda? He called his coffee machine, Belinda?”

“Yeah, real catch this guy.” Gigi said, downing a mouthful of beer, cue in her other hand. “That was the little story he’d use to introduce the other agents into his outdated views.” Gigi deepened her voice, channeling Peter Falk as Columbo, “Belinda knows her place. She stays in the kitchen.”

“Well, I’m glad you broke his coffee maker.”

“Thankfully he left not long after I started. Moved to San Bernardino.”

Dani played her shot, the white ball clicking off the spotted ball and pushing it into the left side bottom bag. Maybe there was a chance for her to salvage the game after all.

Yes!” enthused Dani as she leaned up from the pool table. She held Gigi’s gaze, watching as her girlfriend sipped another mouthful of beer and tilted her head proudly, playfully jesting. “I thought you were supposed to be distracting me.”

“I don’t know what game you think I’m playing.” Gigi chuckled, glancing down, waving her bottle coolly at Dani. “We were trading stories about crappy coworkers. I’m still winning.”

Dani laughed. “Oh yeah? Is that concern I hear in your voice?” She leaned down again, lining up her next shot. This time it was the spotted ball overhanging the middle pocket. The white ball was at the top edge of the table. Dani would not have to put too much force into the shot to pocket the ball. She angled her cue back, preparing to take the shot. So, naturally, that would be Gigi’s chosen moment to retort.

“If I did want to distract you I’m sure I could think of something else.” Gigi selected her words carefully, gazing at Dani as she was on the cusp of taking her shot. “Something fun.” Gigi leaned against the table, her white cotton shirt scrunching up ever so slightly at the angle. “Something you would like…” She let her words hang, the silence doing the majority of the talking, “...a lot.”

Dani released her shot, the cue jerking as she played it too fast; placing too much power behind the ball. The spot bounced back from the pocket in response, spinning into a cluster of striped balls. Suddenly, Dani felt herself flush. Gigi noticed it all and smirked, entertained. Game, set and match.

“You did that deliberately.” Dani murmured, a mix of accusation and arousal, turned on and irritated as she moved up from the table.

“Did what?” Gigi shrugged her shoulders, challenging, playful, “Imply you suck at pool?”

Dani’s eyes narrowed as a trash talking comeback evaded her lips. Gigi was too attractive to continue this playful jostle with. As Dani opened her mouth to speak, lips wavering on a reply, she found herself being stunned into silence by the acknowledged allure.

Dani lingered on the sight for a few seconds, absorbing the details. The way the shirt Gigi was wearing remained unbuttoned at the top, the middle parting revealing a teasing expanse of skin and a recognizable glinting silver chain. The way the shirt was tucked into Gigi’s dark pants in a delightfully and unquestionably lesbian regard.

Ever the PR professional, Dani caught her jaw, collected it up from the floor and calmly asked Gigi to get the next round. Something which Gigi found all too amusing.

“Not if I win this game.” she said.

Taking a step closer, Dani’s gaze met her girlfriend’s. There had been tension brewing between them ever since Dani had lost the second game, almost reminiscent of their first time collision in Gigi’s apartment all those months ago.

It was only in situations like this that Dani fully admired being taller because the height difference that existed between them only added fuel to her confidence - added to her swagger - as looking down on someone while confronting them always added to the delightful friction, the kind that was laced with a razor edge of tension.

“Your arrogance makes you believe you’ll win the game.” Dani’s voice reverberated with flirtation. She shivered at the unforeseen chill it sent spiraling down her spine.

Gigi hummed, amused. “A little competition makes a good game.”

“A good game is a meeting of two equals.”

“But nothing is ever equal.” Gigi countered, eyes shining as she gazed up at Dani, challenging.

“We’re… balanced.” Dani remained unsure if she fully believed in equals. It seemed plausible in theory but not in practice. At least, not in her experience.

Gigi smiled, a glint in her eyes. “I have been kicking your ass for the past two games.” She made the peace sign with her free hand. “Two. Are you sure you wanna go there?”

Dani’s eyes narrowed. Gigi’s game plan was bold and noticeable. Dani was able to trace the lines of it settling between her lips and eyes.

“Well, maybe I’m talking about something else.” Dani could not hide her smirk of satisfaction at the reaction her words evoked; Gigi’s eyes widening in realization, a sharp intake of breath as she moved closer. The duel was set but the battle had not been won. Yet.

Dani discarded her cue onto the pool table with a thick thud, her attention fixated on something more deserving of her consideration. Gigi only needed to angle her head a little to the right and step up an inch for Dani’s lips to be fully captured by her own. She could smell the faint whiff of wine on Dani’s breath now but Gigi’s confidence remained unaffected. She clung onto her pool cue with her right hand, more for support than anything else because when Dani turned it on, Dani turned it on.

“Oh yeah?” Gigi teased, playfully taunting a confrontation, “Then maybe you should just--”

Dani basked in the deep satisfaction of cutting Gigi’s words off. As her hands cupped her cheeks, their lips collided. This stumble around had settled as a trademark exchange between them, something deeply enjoyable and extensively engaging.

Gigi stepped back as the kiss furthered, Dani’s hands tilting her head as tongue met mouth and Dani no longer smelled beer but tasted it too. Gigi’s right hand continued to clutch the cue, her other hand moving towards Dani’s waist as she was eased against the edge of the pool table, her back dislodging a striped and a spotted ball in the process. Normally this would have been the dividing line where Gigi would have lamented tactics of sabotage - that the game they were playing had been rendered defective - but at the taste of Dani in her mouth, it appeared she was more than a little preoccupied.

The collision of lips and mouths only relented when Dani broke away for air. An intense rush of arousal reverberated through her veins like a shot, giving a refreshing buzz to the wine sipped into the late evening. Dani moved back, remaining close, her eyes dilating as they fully absorbed Gigi’s current state; lips bruised from kissing, a mixture of surprise and intoxication clouding her face. Dani dragged her hands delightfully over the creased material of Gigi’s shirt way, way down to the dark belt fixed against her black jeans. She tugged it with a hard grip and the tiny, delayed gasp it evoked sent a sudden push of stimulation throughout her.

“Why don’t we break even?” Dani began, her voice deep in sound, a knowing look when a shiver of anticipation sparked between them. She caressed Gigi’s sides, admiring the way her shirt dipped at the top. Gigi never buttoned her shirts all the way. “Save whatever's left of your rep and get out of here?”

Gigi smiled, tipsy but not from the beer. She was too wired to muster the factual quip that Dani would stop at nothing to avoid losing a game. “I don’t think that it’s my pool rep that needs saving.”

The carrot of temptation (of retorting) was being dangled before Dani. It was an enjoyable friction brushing between them, equally distracting as it was engaging. The mere thought of adding another layer to the provocative teasing was placed on hold - suspended - in one simple maneuver.

Dani tugged Gigi from the bar near instantly and the pool table was abandoned mid-game.



Gigi gasped as her back collided with the corridor to Dani's apartment.

They had left the street below to Dani’s floor with urgency. The elevator had ascended and their hold on each other had not relented, even as they stumbled into the corridor landing in a blur. Dani, it seemed, had only one thing on her mind.

As they kissed - with fervor and impatience - Gigi closed her eyes when Dani pulled her mouth away to press a wet kiss to her neck. She craved Gigi's touch but craved Gigi even more when she was under her touch, which worked out well as Dani had stamina – a tenacious amount of stamina – and an unquestionable craving for learning everything, and Dani had done just that. She had picked up on all of Gigi’s crucial and weakest points, all of her sensitivities, the things she liked and enjoyed, and increased them all by a tenfold.

She knew the ways in which Gigi liked to be enthralled; the way her breath would hitch the second that her lips met the crevice between her neck and shoulders, leaving hot sticky kisses Gigi would still be feeling long after her lips had moved away. The way Gigi's eyes would roll back in response to the added pressure, an ache and a moan of pleasure a fraction of a whimper away and that’s exactly where they were now, Dani drawing patterns with her tongue against Gigi's neck, gently trailing her teeth across the spot she had just teased.

Gigi rasped Dani’s name, her jacket suddenly feeling heavy and restricting as Dani pressed herself further into her body. She squeezed Dani's hips in a bid to subdue her heavy breathing and muster some self-control. Dani, however, was making it extremely difficult.

“Did you forget your keys?” Gigi asked, between the continued intoxication. Dani smiled into her neck before pulling away, her hands roaming the wavy curls of her hair.

“You know, It’s been a long time since I experienced the allure of public sex…” Gigi added, a little out of breath, hands settling on Dani's hips. She did not want to stop, did not want Dani to sense a hesitation that was not there, but being pressed up against the corridor landing didn’t exactly make Gigi’s top list of places to have sex. Dani cocked an eyebrow and she cupped Gigi’s face. She did not want to think of what that comment implied. Gigi continued. “I could do this forever.”

“Great because I wasn’t planning on letting you leave for like…” Dani’s eyes narrowed, deep in thought, looking at Gigi with so much love it may have been a little overwhelming if her girlfriend had not been mirroring the same expression right back. “…the next year.”

“That sounds… ominous.” Gigi murmured, leaning against the corridor, Dani’s thigh pressed tight against her crotch. “Should I be worried?”

Dani closed the gap between them and their lips brushed, soft and then harsh until Dani leaned back, resting her forehead against Gigi's, content with the reaction she had generated. Gigi was flustered and out of breath.

“Maybe I just want you all to myself.”

Maybe, huh.” Gigi paused. “You don't have a shrine to me in your apartment, do you?” Gigi inhaled as Dani’s response was to kiss her again, short and hard.

Shit.” Gigi said, after they broke apart for the second time, “You don’t have my freshman year photos in there, the ones with the spots right up in my grill, do you--”

Dani closed the gap between them with a rough kiss and Gigi melted into it without hesitation. She sagged against the wall, breathless, as Dani moved back.

Dani, who battled with her jacket for her apartment keys, ignored Gigi’s settling grin at the impatient exchange because the keys had been tucked in her left pocket all along.

Without much care, the key was turned and the door unlocked. Dani’s priorities lay elsewhere as she tugged Gigi inside by the hand. The door closed behind them with a sharp slam and Dani was surprised to find her back was the thing that shut it, Gigi having seen an opportunity arise and grasped it with both hands. Literally, because Gigi’s hands were on Dani’s wrists and she was being pinned against the door.

As late as it was, the lights were off in Dani’s apartment, the only light shimmering in from the buildings and the zooming traffic in the far, hazy distance. Dani could just make out the recognizable outline of Gigi’s smirk in the dark and a small laugh escaped her. The sudden shift between them wasn’t disappointing, much the opposite, because now Dani had something else to compete over. Forget pool, this was a whole other experience, one that promised the reward of something greater than gloating over the next round of drinks back at the bar.

Gigi breathed into Dani’s face as she gripped Dani’s wrists above her head, her apartment keys lost to the floor moments before. Dani was actually standing on her keys although she dared not move.

“Can’t let you take all the fun.” Gigi teased.

“Oh, this could be fun.” Dani murmured, Gigi’s grip firm against her wrists. It made Dani feel secure but also dominated, and as they had both mutually admitted, they were evened out yet sometimes Dani did not want to be equal.

Gigi’s strength was unexpected but Dani worked out. She wouldn’t be in her said predicament – pressed up and pinned against her apartment door – for much longer.

Ever the diplomat, Dani waited for Gigi to initiate a kiss, letting her tug off her jacket – discarding it to the floor – and maybe that was Gigi’s first mistake because that meant she was not pinning Dani’s wrists above her head, which created an opportunity. Dani tore off Gigi’s jacket without breaking their kiss, possessing the skill to reach over and flick the lights of the room on. She gripped Gigi’s shirt as the room sprang into light, fisting the creased material as Gigi’s hands maneuvered for her top, and Dani broke the kiss - moving apart to raise her arms up - and her top was removed in a blur of dark gray. The motion left her hair a little disheveled, and she inhaled at the moment her eyes captured Gigi’s eyes sweeping over her chest, gravitating across her black bra.

Dani was annoyed when she realized she had lost the second round of whatever they were calling this. It was Gigi who was supposed to have been stripped long before she was and the detail was very important. Dani chastised herself for the error because the longer Gigi wore that shirt - the white one that she wore so well - the longer Dani forgot what she had initially set out to do the second that Gigi had started to get a little too cocky at their game, one playful quip uttered too many over the pool table. Could this be deemed as foreplay?

Gigi read the situation. She unbuttoned her shirt with impatience and roughness, her gaze falling upon Dani’s eyes. The action said so much - you are in for a long night - with minimal effort. Dani would have protested with a snarky comment except she could not find her words. Gigi – annoyingly - took her time with her shirt, deliberating, as if testing Dani’s patience – Dani’s patience which imploded in the following seconds.

As she moved closer, Dani’s fingers moved down to fervently unbutton the last remaining buttons of Gigi’s shirt. If you wanted something done right, you had to do it yourself. Dani sidestepped the growing trail of clothes as the shirt cascaded towards the floor and bit her lip. Gigi’s chest heaved as her hair settled against her shoulders, across her lacy white bra, her pupils as dark as Dani’s.

“You need to wear less.” Dani told her, tilting her head in admiration at the arms Gigi's button up shirts normally hid. Her eyes trailed over her chain and down to the fledgling abs on her abdomen. “Although that shirt... It's…” Dani's eyes widened in wonder as she continued, lost for words as she choked out a speechless and rather pathetic- for Dani who was nearly always in control - “wow”.

Gigi grinned and reached out to take Dani’s hand, amused. “Real smooth there.” She wet her bottom lip as Dani's eyes lingered across her chest, reveling in the way she tilted her head, her eyes fizzing with playfulness. Dani was turned on which meant only one thing: an opportunity. For Gigi.

“It’s just a shirt.” she downplayed.

“You need to wear less… more.” Dani added.

“Well,” Gigi began, delightfully charming, “you weren't complaining last week when I fucked you senseless, here in your apartment.”

Dani’s mind rewound. As mentioned, Gigi had strode into her apartment with a devilish smile and the promise of something pleasurable. She had told Gigi that she needed to blow off some steam because work had sucked - she had lost out on a big realtor deal - and exactly what that had entailed, Dani had found out, was the interesting and surprising addition of bondage.

The new experience signified the trust built between them and consent had fully been given. Dani, as dominant as she could be, relished the exchange of power. Gigi had restrained Dani’s wrists behind her back, fucking Dani until her wrists fell limp and raw with the tension of repeatedly pulling on the soft restraints, Dani’s body arched and weak as she came multiple times over (possibly made even hotter by the fact that Gigi had done it all while still fully clothed, in her high stakes realtor getup).

Dani withdrew from the memory, trying to regain her usual steely composure. Gigi had slipped into her apartment fresh from a long day. It had been an enjoyable night and Dani was still working on getting Gigi back for springing restraints into their setup because that had been something they had contemplated but previously not explored together.

“That was… that was different.”

Dani may have lost out on taking the upper hand but she could win this round. Gigi watched her closely, eyes slightly glazed, as Dani pulled her close by her hips. Dani reached around behind her back and suddenly her bra was unlatched and loose, falling open.

“Would you look at that?” Dani whispered in her ear, the fake apologetic tone of her voice on the cusp of making herself laugh. Lost to Dani’s touch, Gigi’s neck rolled back as Dani kissed the crevice between her neck and shoulders, one hand holding her in place by gripping her waist. Dani was nowhere close to feeling sorry for the removal of her clothes. Dani was enjoying every second.

Gigi raised her arms up and her lingerie was tugged away. Dani’s fingers trailed a pattern from Gigi’s hip to the middle of her chest, her left hand coming to rest in between her breasts, touching her chain. Gigi knew the next step, her only wish to have some kind of support, her legs growing weak from the onslaught of arousal washing across her body with an engulfing heat. It only added to Dani’s eagerness and she exhaled a heavy breath, eyes full of desire.

Dani’s tongue continued its sweep across Gigi’s neck as she began to massage her breasts, stimulating her nipples into becoming erect, fingers circling in gentle motions. Gigi swayed on the spot, overcome with lust, swallowing down a moan as Dani’s fingers pricked against her left nipple before moving across to do the same to her right.

Dani remained mostly dressed - in her bra and pants - as the weight of the night’s events began to drape heavily around her shoulders. As she kissed her way down Gigi’s neck, and across her chest, her tongue soon settled on her nipples. Gigi whined at the collision as Dani sucked each of them lightly, her long smooth hair trailing across her skin in one tantalizing motion. Gigi’s hands gripped Dani’s hair, inciting another lick and her whines gave way, lost to the touch.

Locating her voice a few moments later, Gigi rasped an assertive complement at the exact moment Dani squeezed her hip. Encouraged, Dani took it up a notch; her teeth trailing around the firmness in soothing pleasure and Gigi’s eyes shut tight at the stimulation.

Gigi’s head rolled back. “Fuck.”

(Yep. Dani had definitely won this round)

Seeing an opportunity for mischief, Dani leaned back ever so slightly from Gigi’s chest. A smirk chiseled its way into her expression.

“I have been wondering,” she began, “do you prefer Gigi or Golnar?” Feigning seriousness, Dani’s cool breath remained bold in contrast to the heat radiating from Gigi’s nipples and the rest of her body. Amused, she observed Gigi’s dismantling of composure and exasperated utterance of; “are you fucking kidding me?” but then Dani’s lips returned to where they had been before, on her left nipple followed up by her right, and all was right with the world.

D--Dani.” Gigi tightened her hold on Dani's head, gripping her hair. “Quit being a… tease.”

Dani relented her attack, breathing out her words against her chest. “Mhmm like you did the other night you mean?”

Gigi closed her eyes, hands trailing through Dani’s hair. Dani fully expected a challenging retort but Gigi could not find her voice. It remained in the distance, out of sight and unreachable.

“Because I’ve got hours to kill and I plan on doing this all night...” Dani continued, beginning to kiss her way up Gigis’s chest, “...Golnar.”

At the utterance of her name, Gigi felt a shiver. A mix of trepidation and arousal, her body was switched on and in tune with Dani’s. She was pulled through the seductive haze and guided towards the bedroom and then to the bed. Gigi’s back hit the mattress not a second later and she watched as Dani tore off her shoes before shimmying out of her pants and kicking them away.

Dani moved on top, bringing their mouths together and they kissed. Gigi’s nipples stood erect – used so candidly - as they brushed against Dani’s body. The collision jolted her into action and she moved to remove her bra before dropping it to the floor. Their mouths reunited again, lips captured and brushed with teasing swipes of tongue and sharpened by teeth. There was something exquisitely enrapturing about the collision. The display of two sabering levels of control, of dominance, was fun. After a long exchange, Dani broke away to speak.

“The other night got me thinking.” she said. Gigi gazed up at her, hands coming to rest on Dani’s waist. The positioning was tight and restricting. Gigi’s thighs rubbed together now that Dani was straddling her waist, her tight fitting pants not exactly easing the building pressure. Something which Dani had also noted as she had carefully positioned her crotch, brushing against Gigi’s, to elicit further aches of sensuality.

Gigi attempted to remain present, managing to withhold the impatience and urgence taking hold. It took a moment - for Dani was savoring every seductive second - and then the mattress began to dip. She moved against Gigi’s waist, her hands gravitating towards her belt. Dani unbuckled it, unlatching the belt slowly and with satisfaction. She urged Gigi’s pants down until they fell around her ankles, a pair of black lingerie being the last remaining item on her body.

Dani brought their mouths together again, lips connecting and lingering for more than a few teasing sensations before she pulled away to voice her thoughts again.

“It got me thinking that there’s still so much I wanna do to you.”

Gigi’s pattern of breathing became ragged and limp as Dani’s hands trailed up to the edge of her lingerie. Teasingly, she tugged the material, biting her bottom lip as she noticed the physical signs her presence was creating. Dani’s touch lingered, moving and mesmerized. When she added pressure, Gigi reacted with a breathy; “Yeah?”

“And there is still so much that we haven’t done.” Dani continued, in a tone which indicated that they would get around to the things she was hinting at soon. She looped her fingers under Gigi’s lingerie and tugged until the material joined her pants at her ankles. Gigi's clothes may have been anchored around her ankles, her lingerie now too, but all that restriction and tightness she had felt while wearing them still remained.

And then Dani pounced on her – actually fucking pounced on her – and Gigi’s body reacted at their closeness with a moan because kissing was no longer enough, she needed more. Dani’s hands trailed in between them, settling to rest on Gigi’s chest again, fingers tracing circles around her nipples, their colliding fervent kiss laced with tongue and the clashing of teeth. Gigi cried out, trying to gain control of the kiss - a feeble attempt - because Dani was definitely not interested in losing the game of power they were playing tonight. Gigi moaned tiny whines of realization at that very fact; that this was how it was going to be, and Dani knew that if she didn’t get Gigi off soon, she might sacrifice the victory she could see moving closer and into light.

Still kissing, Dani dragged her left hand from where it was resting between them, moving from the supply of pressure against Gigi’s chest, her touch descending towards Gigi’s abdomen. Dani continued the caress as her fingers brushed against the wetness present, Gigi was practically pooling into her, and a sense of confidence formed because she was the cause of the rousing stimulation.

Dani felt Gigi arch underneath her at the touch and she smirked against their brushing lips, wasting no more time. As Dani slipped within, moistoning her fingers before the initial advancement, a finger brushed against Gigi’s clit. Delicately and deliberately done, Dani knew the hand she was playing. The brief caress was not enough – excruciatingly not enough – but it was the first initial flutter of pleasure and Gigi felt it, her body reacting by arching off of the mattress, fingers gliding deep through Dani’s hair.

Dani played with her clit again, more gently than before, the touch stimulating but equally as teasing. The light touch - the brush of her fingers - left Gigi tingling for more but she remained exhausted, exposed to the teasing onslaught as she lay on her back. The touch was turning her on – it wasn’t enough to do anything else – and Dani knew it. The tormenting circles eventually subsided as Dani slipped a finger within. She relished the collective breath they shared at the same moment – a fraction of a second – because Dani’s fingers were to die for, and Gigi’s grip on her head was doing nothing to alter and delay the process. Dani’s concentration deepened, inching one finger in and out, gradually flexing and curling as she began to increase the rhythm of her advancement.

The noises emitting from Gigi were nothing but soundbites of encouragement and Dani - who with a little delay - added a second finger, thrust her fingers so deep, so hard, she genuinely worried that Gigi had stopped breathing.

The following unsteady squeeze on her head reassured her, Gigi erupting into light utterings of sweet nothings and Dani knew she was close, as she clenched around the intrusion of her two fingers. She moved lower – Gigi’s hold on her not relenting – fingers still curling as she clenched inside. Dani glanced up to see that Gigi’s eyes were closed and her head lay limply back; completely symbolic of the high level of sexual intimacy they shared.

Gigi’s explosive emittance of curse words were always followed up by her name, depending on what suited the kind of tryst they were engaging in. Dani would never grow tired of hearing her name evoked in the dirtiest of ways because, when Gigi was as worked up as she was currently, her voice would lower in tone as if Dani possessed the ability to affect the undeniably unique trait that was her speech.

Dani caressed the wetness gently with her tongue, flexing her fingers, before she latched onto Gigi’s clit and with one rigid, tight suck, Gigi arched against the touch and came. She worked her fingers through the deposit of pleasure, alleviating Gigi into riding out her release, watching as her body shook, eyes remaining closed, her mouth blissfully agape.

As she writhed in pleasure, Dani struggled to keep her hips down as she eased Gigi through her orgasm, Gigi’s possessive grip remaining afixed on her head. It took minutes after the removal of Dani’s fingers before Gigi eventually stirred and Dani slithered into her side, resting her head against her chest. She was breathless at the intensity, relishing the bliss.

Fuck.” was the first decisive word that fell from Gigi’s lips when she was present enough to speak again, her voice a sensual rasp. Dani could not numb the smile that emerged on her face and she draped a protective arm across Gigi’s abdomen. Comfortable silence brewed, drank in by the affection shared. Dani had the immediate urge to pull the covers of her bed back so they could disappear underneath. Before she could though, Gigi leaned over to bring their lips together. They kissed closely, lovingly and repeatedly, until they eventually drifted apart.

Dani moved back and rested her head against Gigi’s chest, trying to calm the wave of proudness she felt consuming her, finding the temptation to counter increasingly more alluring.

“That good, huh?” she teased.

Gigi, a mix of bashfulness and teasing, blushed. “I’m surprised I can fit in this bed with such a large head next to me.”

Dani laughed. “I do not have a big head.”

“You are bragging, big head.”

“I’m allowed to brag!”

Gigi touched her face, chuckling. “Oh, brag away, babe. I have plenty of time.” Dani laughed, noting the playful tone. “Plus, I have plans for you. I just need a second to… absorb this glow.”

Dani snorted, facing Gigi as she caressed her side. The urge to taunt was just too strong. “Unlike you, I’m pretty good at witholding my needs.”

“I sit it out for five minutes and you're already talkin’ trash?” Gigi narrowed her eyes, challenging with a faux gasp. “And withholding your needs, really? What, like you did the other night?”

“Low blow.” Dani teased, her eyes widening. She knew exactly what she was doing, and saw the flash of fire that her act of challenge ignited in Gigi’s dark eyes because suddenly Gigi was rallying up, using her post-blissed state to rejuvenate her energy. “Maybe I can wait it out.”

Gigi moved and in one swift motion, Dani was on her back; gazing up at the shiny, dark orbs of Gigi’s eyes.

“What happened to you needing five? I thought you were tired.” Dani murmured, teasingly, as Gigi moved her thighs until she was straddling her waist.

Bullshit.” Gigi bantered. “I’m not tired, not when I have a point to make.”

“Oh yeah?” Dani asked, “And what point is that exactly?”

Gigi took her time, smiling as she held Dani beneath her. “That you can’t withhold your needs.”

Dani snorted in disbelief. Relishing the reaction, Gigi’s touch trailed down Dani’s abdomen.

“You know, I’m just gonna prove that you can’t, so...”

Wow,” Dani said, “who’s bragging now?”

“Ah,” Gigi answered, pleased with herself, “that would be me.”

“Oh, she’s honest!”

“Two words,” Gigi began, grinning down at her as her hands moved to discard the last remaining garment on Dani – her underwear.

“Plausible deniability.”

Dani just laughed.