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naps & feelings

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Catra would be startled by the sounds of the door if she hadn’t heard it a bunch of times before. She was lounging with her back to the armrest and her legs on the couch when her roommate walked in.

Adora somehow always opened the door with too much enthusiasm, just like how she slammed it shut. It’s one of those little things that is authentically Adora in every essence of her being.


The sound made Catra look up from her phone, waiting for Adora to continue.

‘I swear, never ever ever let me go to another company outing.’ She peeled the heels from her feet and threw them somewhere near where they kept their shoes.

‘Well, I didn’t force you or anything.’

Adora shrugged her jacket off. ‘Yeah, but you didn’t stop me either. You’re so lucky you didn’t go. The surprise outing was golfing.’

Catra didn’t work at the same place as Adora, but Adora did ask her to come. Too bad for her that Catra had just a little too much self-respect to not tag along with Adora. She’s only been working there for about three months, and from all the stories she’s heard about Adora’s co-workers, she’s glad she didn’t go.


‘It was terrible! I didn’t even do anything all day since there were too many people! At some point the shithead son of the boss accidentally hit me with a golf club, but my boss was looking, so I couldn’t do anything!’

‘You totally could though. And should.’

Adora rolled her eyes. ‘All in hindsight.’ She walked to her room to change, and she screamed something to Catra.


The door of Adora’s room opened and Catra’s eyes followed. She could see her roommate without a shirt and averted her eyes fast.

If her face heated up, it was nobody’s business.

‘I said, I really want to take a nap. It’s been draining all of my social battery.’

Catra could hear the sound of a belt being undone, and gulped once more to get rid of the mental image of what Adora was doing right now. The blonde continued her monologue.

‘Why can’t I just nap with somebody and become friends? Why do you always need to make small talk and ask stuff I’m not interested in!’ She huffed, and closed her door.

 ‘Would you want to nap with your co-workers though?’ Catra looked up again, assuming the coast was clear. Luckily for her, it was. Adora was in her loungewear.

‘Okay… Maybe not them. But my point still stands!’ She walked over to the couch and laid on it, with her head on Catra’s stomach.

Catra was fine. Totally fine. Even as Adora talked from her place on Catra’s stomach, and when she felt her speaking.

‘Can I nap with you though?’

Catra cleared her throat, trying to wake herself from her stupor. ‘Yeah, of course.’

The hand not holding her phone went through Adora’s hair as she gently removed the hair tie holding her ponytail. After, she ran her hand through her hair.

Adora sighed in contentment, and wrapped her arms around Catra’s hips. Her heart stuttered, but that was normal. She always felt like this with Adora, from the moment they became roommates. Catra should probably reflect on it, but she wasn’t in the mood for that.

Instead, she shuffled on the couch to lay fully beside Adora, putting her phone on the coffee table.

Adora turned her back towards Catra, and grabbed her hand. She put it on her own stomach and Catra rolled her eyes. Of course Adora wanted to be a little spoon.

She wrapped tighter around Adora.

They’ve never spooned before, or napped together. But they have become close, a couple of times. After a night binging some shows with just the two of them, Catra’s woken up with her head on Adora’s shoulder, with an arm loosely draped around her while sharing a blanket. Or sometimes, when she needs to finish up some work on her laptop, Adora is seated beneath her. Adora’s arms were around Catra’s waist as she did her own thing on her phone. Sometimes she even watched along to what Catra was doing and made comments.

When she feels Adora turn in her arms, she’s broken from her thoughts. She looks at her.

‘Not good?’

‘Amazing,’ Adora mumbles, ‘but I want to see your face when I wake up.’

The audacity.

The damn audacity Adora has to make Catra blush in her own house. Or well, their apartment, but you get the point.

She’s relieved that she doesn’t have an audience for the blush, since Adora had already tucked her head back into Catra’s neck.

It tickles. Adora’s breath in her neck tickles, and she can feel every in- and exhale the blond makes.

But she also feels it somewhere else. It’s not quite a tickle, but it’s not quite not a tickle. The sensation is located in her belly.

She feels how Adora’s so relaxed in her arms. Involuntarily she can also smell grass, probably from all the golfing, but also something that’s so Adora.

That’s probably why she can’t help thinking about the blonde in her arms. How Catra’s gotten along with her from the start, but also how she probably wouldn’t cuddle with any of her other friends.

Because that’s what it was. She was straight up cuddling Adora right now. Snuggling even.

And to her surprise (which definitely shouldn’t be, considering the fact how many daydreams she has about cuddling her) she doesn’t mind.

She remembers her talk with Scorpia, about really getting along with her roommate. Catra knows what she meant, she knows what Scorpia implied. She wasn’t the most subtle, and the waggling eyebrows definitely didn’t work in her favour.

Catra has thought about it, of course. It wasn’t really a light accusation, but… she’d shrugged it off to Adora being easy-going.

She looked down at the woman in her arms, and moved a little back to see her face. The light snores she made indicated that she was sound asleep. The idea of Adora finally relaxing in her arms shouldn’t awaken anything in her, but the thought touched her. Especially since on one of the first nights they were roommates, Catra had been woken up by a sound. After walking to Adora’s room with a baseball bat in her arms, Adora had sheepishly explained that she sometimes fought in her sleep.

To see her so peaceful in her arms…

It made her want this to be the new normal, not an exception.

She wanted to hold her when they went to sleep. She wanted to kiss her on her forehead and wish her goodnight. She wanted to see Adora’s smile, first thing in the morning.


Turns out Catra couldn’t escape reflecting on her feelings, just as much that she couldn’t escape her feelings.

She’s in love with her roommate, isn’t she?

She’s in love with Adora.