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Every Line I Write Is Something About You

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“Have you thought about coming off hiatus?”


It was the first thing Porchay had said in the better part of an hour, content to just scroll on his phone while laying on Kim’s couch. After…well, everything he’d agreed to hear Kim out, let Kim tell him everything he’d been hiding. They’d agreed to start over, but as friends, which is far more than Kim felt like he deserved. Kim would’ve understood if his video to Chay had been met with complete silence, if he’d remained blocked forever. Kim’s fingers went still on his guitar, considering Chay’s words. 

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” He answered honestly, looking up at Chay from his spot on the floor.

Kim had put out a vague tweet when things started trending downward with Chay, something about “family matters” and “needing to be with loved ones”. He’d posted another small update about the death of his father and he hadn’t really bothered to post anything since. His fans had been supportive, only a couple people asking for details or when he’d be back. He hadn’t thought to update further.

Chay stretched and turned onto his side, “People miss you. It might be nice just to get back to some sort of normal, too,”

“People miss me?”

“Of course,” Chay rolled his eyes, “The Twitter fan accounts are dry as a desert these days. You haven’t posted on anything in months.”

Kim just shrugged, resting his arms on his guitar, looking around at the papers scattered in front of him. It felt weird to go back to being some sort of pop star after everything. He wasn’t even sure what to post.

As if reading his mind, Chay sat up, “Here, give me your phone,”

“Why?” Kim asked, but was already unlocking his phone and handing it to Chay.

“You don’t know what to post,” Chay explained slowly, angling Kim’s phone so it was only half pointed at Kim, moving around a couple of times and tapping at the screen, “Post one of these.”

Chay handed the phone back and flopped back down. Kim flipped through the pictures Chay had taken and had to admit they were cute. Chay had made sure to get the papers, all the songs in progress, in the shot, as well as Kim holding his guitar in his lap. The camera cut off the top of Kim’s face, which is probably good to hide the confused look he’d been giving Chay. The pictures looked cozy, not nearly as posed and staged as what he was used to putting up.

“And what should I say?” Kim asked, he usually let someone on his team handle posting.

“Just say you’re working on something, allude to coming back. Be vague about it. You don’t have to give anyone a set date or anything.” 

Kim looked back down at his phone, once again considering Chay’s words. He decided Chay was probably right, getting back to some sort of normal would probably make him feel better, and opened Instagram. He picked one of the pictures, typed a quick “coming soon…”, before posting it and linking to it on his Twitter, and then tossing his phone onto the carpet with a dramatic sigh. 

Chay pokes at Kim’s arm, “Is it weird if I say ‘first’ in person?” 

Kim can’t help the laugh that escapes him.


Kim does eventually make a video officially coming off of hiatus. It’s a quick update thanking everyone for being patient while he dealt with personal matters. 

“I’m very grateful that I have a job that allows me to take time off like this,” He said, nervously fidgeting with the rings on his fingers, “I um…I got a really good friend out of everything though, so it wasn’t all bad. Sorry, you guys would probably rather hear about new music, which is coming!”

He didn’t think much of the passing comment, and made sure to post the video right before heading to the studio to record so he wouldn’t have to think about it. It wasn’t until he took a break a couple of hours later that he saw he had a text.


From Chay🖤: So, who is the good friend you made?

To Chay🖤: You wouldn’t know them


Kim hoped that Chay picked up on the reference to a conversation they had what felt like a lifetime ago.


From Chay🖤: Well, what are they like then?


Of course he remembered it.


To Chay🖤: Well

They’re sweet


Probably the most talented person I’ve ever met

More patient with me than I deserve

From Chay🖤: you’re a dork

To Chay🖤: And yet you willingly hang out with me

From Chay🖤: I do!

What’re you up to?

To Chay🖤: In the studio

On a quick break right now

From Chay🖤: New music?? 👀👀👀

To Chay🖤: You act like you haven’t already heard it lol

From Chay🖤: Just because I’ve heard it doesn’t mean I can’t be excited to stream it 24/7

To Chay🖤: I’ll just play it for you 24/7

Manager wants me to get back to recording :(

From Chay🖤: Don’t work too hard 

Talk later ☺️


Kim put his phone back into his bag with a smile on his face.


Bella!! @WIKsource

WIK posted everyone! He said he’s grateful for our patience, and he announced new music (and a new friend 👀)!!!


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Hearing WIK mention a new friend made my heart so full 🥺🥺 he sounded so genuinely happy, I hope he is!!


As it turns out, Kim and Chay were bad at being friends. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, they were very good at being friends. They had fun together, made each other laugh, had similar interests. They were great friends actually. What they were bad at was being just friends. 

It was easy to forget after being so comfortable with casual intimacy that it was no longer allowed. Kim frequently found himself pressing a kiss to the top of Chay’s head when they hugged, or having to hold himself back from holding his hand when they walked together. He pretended not to notice when Chay would sit too close on the couch, clearly prepared to settle in for a cuddle, only to remember himself and scoot away. The only exception to that last one was movie nights with Tankhun, where cuddling was required, and Kim didn’t let on that just feeling Chay pressed against him made him feel safe.

The most recent offender had been the most mindless of them all. They were in Kim’s living room, once again surrounded by papers, as Kim made edits and asked for Chay’s opinion.

“Could you hand me those papers over there?” Kim asked, pointing to a stack that had gotten pushed closer to Chay.

Chay leaned over, papers in hand, “Here you go,”

“Thank you angel,”

Immediately they both froze. Kim had never been big on terms of endearment, even when they were together, but sometimes he let one slip without thinking. He glanced up at Chay’s face and saw he was blushing intensely.

Kim put down the papers in his hand, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking-”

“No!” Chay interrupted him, “No, it’s okay,”

“Are you sure? Because it doesn’t have to be okay,”

“I’m sure,”

Kim just nodded at Chay’s reassuring smile before turning back to his work, trying desperately to ignore what just happened.


The next video was a quick vlog. Kim wasn’t quite sure what kind of covers he wanted to post these days, so he decided to just bring his audience to the studio with him. It was a day that Chay had off, no classes and Porsche was stuck in meetings, so he tagged along with Kim.

“Are you sure you won’t be bored?” Kim asked as he buckled his seatbelt.

“I’ll be fine!” Chay insisted, “I have homework to do, it’ll be nice to have some background noise while I work. Can we get coffee?”

Kim nodded, “I’ll go through a drive through,”

Chay smiled and reached over to turn on the radio, settling into the little routine they’d carved out for themselves. Kim did pull into a drive through on the way, ordering their usuals. He jumped when he glanced over at Chay and saw him filming.

“What are you doing?”

Chay rolled his eyes, “B-roll, have you never watched a vlog before?”

“Not really,” Kim admitted, pulling up to pay and get their drinks.

“It’s just to make your video longer and nicer to watch. What would you do without me?” 

“Be a really shitty Youtuber, I guess,”

Chay laughed as Kim took their drinks and gave a quick “thank you” to the person at the window. Kim handed Chay his drink, looking awkwardly at the camera and throwing it a quick peace sign with a wink. 

“Okay, put the camera down unless you want to film me getting into a car crash,” Kim joked as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Chay rolled his eyes but put the camera back in Kim’s bag. The rest of the day went easily, Kim occasionally pulling out the camera to film his recording process. Chay stayed off camera, content to just sit and let them both do their work. It wasn’t until Kim was editing the footage that he noticed Chay in the background for a split second in a couple of the clips, but he didn’t think much of it. It was so quick, and he wasn’t really in focus, plus his head was down anyway. No one would care.

He was wrong. Within 20 minutes of the video being up there was a comment that caught his attention.


Am I crazy or was that the guy from that school trivia concert thing at 2:15??? Like in the bottom left corner 

Kim deleted the comment and hoped that not too many people had seen it.


Bella!! @WIKsource

We’ve been blessed with a vlog! Looks like WIK is hard at work getting us new music!


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Did it seem like WIK was for sure talking to someone behind the camera when he was getting coffee to anyone else or just me? 

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No bc he totally was!! New friend perhaps? 👀👀


Kim would never admit it out loud, but he was glad that part of getting close with Porchay again meant getting close with his brothers again too. Chay roped him into movie nights with Tankhun, catching up with Kinn when Porchay went to go see his older brother and Kim tagged along, even the occasional family dinner. He hadn’t realized just how much he’d missed them. He’d also forgotten just how nosy his oldest brother could be.

“So,” Tankhun leaned in when Chay got up to use the restroom before they chose a new movie, “How are you two?”

Kim fixed his brother with a bored look, “Khun,”

“Kim,” He wasn’t letting up.

“We’re fine,” Kim rolled his eyes, shifting so his legs were tucked up under him, “We’re good, actually. I’m lucky to have him as a friend.”

“Just a friend?”

“Khun! Yes, just a friend,” Tankhun made a small noise like he didn’t believe what Kim was telling him, prompting Kim to defend his stance, “Listen, I really fucked him over, and the fact that he’s even letting me be his friend is more than enough. I’m not going to push it and fuck that up too. He wants to be friends, so we’re friends,”

Tankhun reached out and put a hand on Kim’s cheek, prompting him to make eye contact, “You really love him,”

It wasn’t a question, but Kim nodded anyway. Before either of them could say anything else the door opened, Chay coming back in.

“Our beloved Porchay,” Tankhun exclaimed, opening his arms, “How does a romcom sound?”

Chay smiled and let Tankhun pull him down into a side hug, “A romcom sounds great,”

“Oh, so now I get left out of the cuddles?” Kim complained, gently tugging on Chay’s arm.

“You big baby,” Tankhun scoffed, “We can all cuddle,”

Kim felt a hand on his shoulder and suddenly he was being yanked into Chay’s side, nearly toppling clean over into his lap if not for Chay reaching up to steady him. Kim gave Chay a soft smile and shifted so his arm was resting on the back of the couch. Chay took that as an invitation to scoot slightly out of Tankhun’s embrace and rest his head on Kim’s shoulder. Tankhun ignored them and selected a movie, something that looked incredibly cheesy and right up his alley. 

Kim didn’t really pay attention to what was playing out on screen, barely listening to Tankhun theorizing with Arm and Pol about who the protagonist would end up with. About 20 minutes in, Chay seemed to have drifted off to sleep on Kim’s shoulder, and Kim was scared to so much as twitch and accidentally wake him. He sat deadly still until the credits rolled, at which point Tankhun finally looked over and noticed that Chay was out cold.

“It must be later than I thought,” Tankhun says.

“It’s a little past two in the morning,” Arm supplies helpfully.

“Oh! Well, then he should be getting to bed, he has class tomorrow!”

Kim nods, gently shaking Chay’s shoulders “Afternoon class, thankfully. Chay, time to wake up.”

Chay made a noise of protest, trying to burrow further into Kim, which only made Kim huff out a laugh and double down on his efforts. Finally Chay opened his eyes sleepily, looking up at Kim and then around the room.

“Did I fall asleep?” He asked, rubbing at his eyes. At Kim’s nod he turned to Tankhun, “I’m sorry, it wasn’t the movie, I promise.”

“No need to apologize! You need your beauty rest. Besides, we can always watch the movie again some other time.” Tankhun reached over and ruffled Chay’s hair.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed,” Kim shifted so he was gently urging Chay off the couch, “Thank you for the movie night, Khun,”

Tankhun blew them both a kiss, “I expect to see you here again next week,”

Kim nodded and steered Chay out of the room and to his own room. Chay still had a room in the main house, though he didn’t use it very often, as well as a room in the minor family house. Chay’s movements were sluggish and heavy with sleep, so Kim wrapped an arm around his waist and let him lean into his side. When they reached Chay’s room, Kim didn’t even get a chance to start saying his goodnights before Chay was tugging on his shirt.

“Don’t leave,” Chay whined.

Kim took his hands gently, shaking his head, “You’re not fully awake, come on,”

He reached around Chay to open the door, shushing his noises of protest, before guiding him into the room and towards the bed.

“Just because I’m sleepy doesn’t mean I don’t know when I want more Kim cuddles,” Chay grumbled, sitting on the edge of the bed but not letting go of Kim’s hand.

“You really want your brother to find me in your bed in the morning? He’ll have my head,”

“He’s not even here! Plus he has meetings tomorrow morning, he won’t know. Besides, he doesn’t hate you, he actually really likes you for keeping me safe,”

Kim tucked that piece of information away for later, “You’re not going to let me go, are you?”

Chay looked up at him with tired eyes, shaking his head and tugging on Kim’s hand again. Kim sighed and nudged Chay to scoot over so he could slip into bed with him. They were both already in pajamas, another requirement of Tankhun’s for their movie nights. Chay made a happy little sound in the back of his throat and waited for Kim to turn off the bedside light before snuggling into his chest. Kim wrapped his arms around him, one hand coming up to play with his hair, the other slung over his waist. He assumed that Chay had drifted back off until the younger spoke.

“I miss you,” It was no louder than a whisper, as if he was trying not to wake Kim had he already fallen asleep.

“I’m right here,” Kim whispered back, tightening his hold around Porchay’s waist.

Chay pulled his head back enough to look at Kim’s face in the dark, “You know what I mean. You miss me too, I heard some of your conversation with your brother,”

Kim doesn’t respond right away, just brushes the hair out of Chay’s face, but after a few moments he nods. Chay tightens his hold on Kim’s shirt, almost like he’s afraid Kim is going to disappear. Given his track record, it’s not an unwarranted fear, Kim supposes.

“I do miss you,” Kim admits, “But I know I hurt you,”

“You did, but you didn’t mean to,” It’s a talking point they frequently came back to, Kim hated it because not meaning to is no excuse for his behavior. As if Chay could read his mind, he quickly tacked on, “Don’t argue with me, it’s too late to argue.”

“Too late to argue?”

Chay nodded seriously, “No arguing after midnight,”

“Good to know,” Kim said with a small laugh, “You should go to sleep, angel,”



“Kiss me,”

Kim hesitated, though he could feel his resolve already crumbling, “Chay, it’s late, you’re tired,”

“I’m tired, not drunk. I wanted to kiss you a week ago, I want to kiss you now, and I’ll want to kiss you tomorrow when I wake up.”

“One condition,” At Chay’s questioning hum he continues, “You let me take you somewhere nice, as a date. A real date, not like what we were doing before.”

“Deal,” Chay breathes out, “Now kiss me,”

Kim’s fatal flaw, as he’s come to find out, is he’s unable to deny Porchay anything. He uses his hand in Chay’s hair to pull him in gently, pressing their lips together. Chay breathes in deeply through his nose, dragging one hand up Kim’s chest to come to cup his jaw, kissing back. It’s a soft kiss, both of them tired and not up for anything more, but it still holds more weight than any other kiss Kim has experienced. Eventually Chay pulls back, rubbing his thumb over Kim’s cheek. Kim can’t help but lean into the touch.

“For the record,” Chay says, “I liked what we were doing before,”

Kim smiles, “Go to sleep,”


They do go on that nice date. They go on a lot of dates after that too, trading off on who gets to choose what they do. Kim also starts posting covers regularly again, and working hard to finish his EP, Porchay encouraging him every step of the way. His manager was impressed by the sudden increase in productivity. Kim has a feeling that his fans have picked up on the fact that he’s been covering more love songs than usual, but he hasn’t said anything. Chay actually had explicitly asked him not to.

“I don’t know,” Chay sighed, standing in Kim’s kitchen making them breakfast, “I just want this to be our’s for a bit. I ran a fan account for you, I’ve seen how your fans can be about the idea of you dating someone. I just feel like after everything we deserve a little peace and quiet.”

Kim wrapped his arms around Chay’s waist from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder, “I understand what you mean. I just don’t want you to feel like I’m embarrassed to post you, or be public together, because I’d definitely love to show you off. We can keep this as just our’s for as long as you want,”

Chay smiled and turned his head so he could press a kiss to Kim’s temple, “Be careful, I might just keep you all to myself forever,”

“I’d let you,” Kim whispered, nuzzling into Chay’s neck and pressing kisses into the skin there. 

The sincerity of it all nearly made Chay forget how to breathe. 


The adjustment was harder than they expected it to be. They’d picked up right where they left off, which wasn’t very far, but they were now dealing with their insecurities out in the open. Kim was letting Porchay set the pace, too scared of accidentally going too far and ruining things right after he’d gotten him back. They stuck with cuddling and kissing, only occasionally indulging in lazy makeout sessions that went nowhere, which Kim was more than okay with. Kim knew that Porchay had kissed someone before him, but that he’d never been in any sort of relationship before.

One night things had gotten particularly heated on Kim’s couch, and Chay had swiftly moved to straddle Kim’s lap. Kim’s hands had gone to Chay’s thighs first, sliding up before grabbing him by the hips and pulling him down. Chay let out a small gasp and then completely froze, pulling back to look Kim in the eyes as if his brain had only just now caught up with his actions. Kim immediately started to panic, removing his hands as if he’d been burned, every possible apology trying to come out of his mouth at once. Chay also started apologizing, nearly falling off the couch in his rush to get off of Kim.

It took a lot of gentle reassurance from both of them before they were calm enough to get ready for bed. They ended up cuddled in bed, Chay tucked up against Kim’s side. He was wearing one of Kim’s oversized sleep shirts, and that fact made something hot and possessive settle behind Kim’s ribs. Kim could tell he was working himself up to something, fingers drawing little shapes on Kim’s arm, so he just waited for him.

“I’m sorry,” Porchay finally said, fingers stilling, “I didn’t mean to freeze up on you like that.”

Kim shook his head, “Don’t apologize, you have nothing to apologize for. I don’t mind going at your speed.”

“I know, you keep saying that, but aren’t you more used to people that are used to being in relationships?”

“Not really,” Kim admitted, making Chay lift his head so he could look at him.

“I know you’ve been with people, though.” 

“I have been with people,” Kim said slowly, choosing his words carefully, “But I’ve never really been in a relationship. Not one that meant anything, at least.”

“But when you asked me if I’d ever been in love before you made it seem like you had.” Chay’s tone wasn’t accusatory, more just curious, but it made Kim uncomfortable anyway.

“I wasn’t being honest with you. I wanted you to feel comfortable answering me. Also I’d found your little shrine and honestly thought you were cute, sue me for being curious.”

Chay groaned at the mention of his idol wall, hiding his face in Kim’s shoulder, “What if that was my last straw, huh? Did you think of that?,” He grumbled.

Kim couldn’t help the small laugh as he gently coaxed Chay into looking at him again, “It was endearing, I promise. What I’m trying to say though, is that I’ve never had anyone like you, everyone else was just convenient, or more than happy to take advantage of an overconfident teenager with money and status.”

“How old were you?” Kim couldn’t look at Chay’s knowing, sad expression.

“Too young,” Kim admitted, “Far too young. I made a lot of mistakes,”

On some level Kim knew they weren’t his mistakes, not really. He knew that it was the fault of the grown adults that were too old to be encouraging a teenager to drink with them. Not his fault for trying to find comfort in drinks, in cigarettes and pills, in the hands of strangers. Hands under his shirt, on his neck, grabbing at his hips, tugging his hair. He’d actually cut his hair after one man in particular, couldn’t scrub him off, felt unclean-

“Hey,” Chay’s voice cut through the thoughts that had started racing without Kim even realizing, “Come back to me,”

Kim had stopped moving his fingers in Chay’s hair, his hand now still and gripping probably a little too harshly at the strands. He loosened his grip immediately, slowly starting up the gentle movement again. He looked down at Chay, meeting that same sad, understanding gaze from before. It was softer now, though, Chay’s hand gentle and grounding on Kim’s cheek. 

“Are you okay? You went somewhere for a minute,” Chay asked, gently stroking his thumb under Kim’s eye.

“I’m okay,” Kim nodded, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave. You deserve someone that can give you the perfect relationship, not someone that has no idea what they’re doing.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing either, we can learn together. I don’t want someone perfect, Kim, I want you.”

“Is that your nice way of saying I’m not perfect?” Kim half joked, desperately hoping Chay would feel how badly he wanted him to take the out.

Of course Chay felt it. He smiled softly, leaning up to kiss him on the lips, then the nose, then the cheek.

“To me,” He whispered, and settled back into Kim’s side.

We can learn together kept playing in Kim’s head as he leaned over to turn off the bedside lamp. Kim hadn’t been raised for relationships, for love or kindness. He was his father’s attack dog: feral, hungry, drooling at the idea of getting to sink his teeth into someone’s throat. He’d killed with his bare hands more times than he could count, had taken apart entire bloodlines without even needing a weapon. Gentleness was not something his father had deemed useful for him to learn. Chay had already taught him so much. 

Yeah. They could learn together.


Chay started leaving polaroids around Kim’s apartment again. Little notes tucked in jacket pockets, stuck to the fridge, on the coffee machine.

I love you

I hope you have a good day <3

You should wear this jacket more, it looks good on you

He’d also started taking pictures for Kim to post on his socials, and some that he just kept for himself. Kim noticed the comments calling him out for the obvious change in quality, or asking who the photographer was, but he ignored them. Something about the small notes made a weight lift off his chest that he hadn’t even realized had settled there.


Chay opened the door to Kim’s apartment to find Kim laying on his living room floor. He felt a brief moment of panic as he checked for any pools of blood he could be lying in, but calmed when he found nothing to worry about.

“Baby?” He called out, dropping his school bag near the door and toeing off his shoes, “Everything alright?”

Kim groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes, “My manager hates me,”

Ah. So Kim was being dramatic about something. Chay sighed and made his way over to his boyfriend, laying down on the floor next to him.

“Why do you think she hates you?” Chay asked.

“She wants me to start doing live streams again,”

“And you don’t want to?”

“It’s just so hard,” Kim whined.

Chay reached over and pulled Kim in so he was draped over his chest. Kim buries his face in Chay’s shirt immediately, physically melting into Chay’s warm embrace.

Kim’s voice is muffled when he speaks again, “I just feel like I’m not convincing enough,”

“How do you mean? I remember watching your live streams, they were fun,”

“You watched my live streams?” Kim picked his head up for a moment.

Chay rolled his eyes, “You think I knew all that trivia and had an idol wall, but didn’t watch your live streams? Use that wonderful brain of yours to think,”

“Don’t be mean to me, I’m having a crisis,” Kim pouted, making Chay roll his eyes again.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. You still haven’t explained what you mean.”

“It’s just so much scarier than videos,” Kim laid his head back on Chay’s chest, “If I mess up I can’t edit it out, everyone is going to see it. I have to be so aware of what I’m doing at all times. It makes me tired.”

“If it helps, fans like it when you mess up or show more personality. I know you have the whole ice king persona going on, but people know that’s not what you’re like all of the time.” Chay offers, rubbing Kim’s back soothingly.

“I guess I could try. I don’t have to do another one if I really hate it.”

“That’s the spirit,”

Kim ends up agreeing to “practice with me” lives every other week. Chay promises to watch all of them, even though nine times out of ten he’s just in the other room.


Kim was finally done recording his EP. It had been a long day for him, having gone into the studio early in the morning so he hopefully wouldn’t get home at night. Chay was at the minor family house doing schoolwork with Macau (Kim still wasn’t sure how to feel about their friendship), and Kim couldn’t wait to see him and tell him the good news. He parked outside the complex, tossing his keys to one of the bodyguards, and quickly made his way to where they were in the courtyard. They were sitting at a table, Pete and Vegas surprisingly sitting across from them.

“Hey,” Kim called out as he approached.

Porchay immediately turned around, “Kim! What are you doing here? You told me you wouldn’t be finished until later!”

“I wanted to surprise you,” Kim walked up and stood next to Chay’s chair, leaning down to give him a quick kiss, “Am I interrupting?”

“Not at all,” Pete smiled, “Please, pull up a chair.”

“Pete was just helping me and Macau with our homework,” Chay said, watching as Kim pulled a chair from a nearby table and came to sit right next to Chay.

“And Vegas?”

Vegas immediately looked down at the table, grabbing for his drink, “Moral support, obviously.”

Kim smirked, “Obviously,”

Macau snorted and Vegas kicked at Kim under the table. Kim caught the amused look Pete and Chay shot each other.

“So,” Chay interrupted, “How did recording go?”

“Really well, actually. I sort of finished recording for the EP,” Kim said, anxiously bouncing his leg.

“What? Like you’re completely done?”

“I said I wanted to surprise you,”

Chay pulled him into a tight hug, tipping his chair sideways, “That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you!”

“It’s still weird to me that you’re this excited to listen to breakup songs about yourself,” Macau jokes, grabbing the back of Chay’s chair so it doesn’t tip over completely. 

“I’m excited because I’m a good boyfriend,” Chay huffed, releasing Kim from the hug.

“You two should do something to celebrate,” Pete said, resting his chin on his hand.

“Like what?” Chay asked.

“Whenever Pete wants to celebrate he goes to Yok’s Bar and gets drunk with his friends,” Macau suggested.

“Hey!” Pete reached over to smack at Macau’s arm, but his tone was fond, “You get so brave when Porchay is over,”

“It’s not a bad suggestion,” Vegas shrugged, watching Pete and Macau bicker fondly.

Chay shifted uncomfortably in his seat, “Isn’t that a bit, I don’t know, public?”

Vegas shrugged again, “He owns like every club in the area. Just clear out the VIP section for a night if you want privacy.”

“Could you actually do that?” Chay asked.

“It’s my club,” Kim said nonchalantly, leaning back in his chair, “I can do whatever I want,”

“There is something…fun about being alone in the VIP section,” Pete mused, glancing over at Vegas.

Macau made an exaggerated gagging noise, making them all laugh.


Which is exactly how the two of them ended up in a booth in a completely empty VIP section of one of Kim’s many clubs. The light was dim and tinted purple, air hazy with smoke from the cigarette Kim indulged himself with, four empty shot glasses on the table next to a glass of sipping whiskey they were sharing. There were bodyguards posted at the door to make sure no one came in.

“Are you having fun?” Kim asked, blowing more smoke into the air.

Chay leaned in a bit closer to Kim, “I feel like I’m not supposed to be here,”

“Do you want to leave?”

“No, no it’s exciting! It just kind of feels like I’m breaking the rules, clearing everyone out so we can be alone feels so…rich. I’m just not used to it.”

Kim smiled softly, reaching over to play with the hair at the nape of Chay’s neck. Chay leaned into the touch, settling more into the booth, taking another sip of their drink. The music was slightly muffled in here, but they could still feel the vibrations of the bass. Kim took a moment to just close his eyes and tip his head back against the backrest, letting his bones rattle with it. He feels Chay’s hand on his cheek and mindlessly turns into it, kissing his palm. Slowly he opens his eyes, making direct eye contact with Chay as he teasingly nips at the meat of his hand.

Chay’s giggle settled over Kim in a way the music never could, and he let Chay gently move his hand from Kim’s cheek to the back of his neck and pull him in for a kiss. Kim kisses back, a small smile tugging at his lips, burying his fingers into Chay’s hair. He pulls away briefly to put out the cigarette still held between his fingers, and Chay uses the moment of distraction to crawl into Kim’s lap. Kim’s hands immediately settled on Chay’s hips, one hand moving up and under his shirt.

“Hey,” Chay whispers, wrapping his arms around Kim’s shoulders.

“Hi,” Kim whispers back, smiling easily.

“I like that you’re letting your hair grow out,” Chay almost sounded distracted, and Kim would be offended if it weren’t for the feeling of Chay’s nails on his scalp.


Chay nodded, “Yeah,”

Kim leaned up and kissed him gently, pressing them flush together with his hand on Chay’s back. Chay sighed into the kiss, tightening his hold on Kim’s hair minutely. They kissed almost lazily, nowhere to go, no one to interrupt them, just the muffled bass of the music outside. Chay pulled away and moved down to Kim’s neck, leaving kisses and little bites, prompting Kim to tilt his head. He groaned when Chay bit a little harder, latching onto the skin there and sucking in a way that would for sure leave a mark for days. 

“You’re lucky we’re alone in here baby,” Kim mumbled, a little breathless.

“Mn,” Chay made a small sound of agreement, biting particularly hard where Kim’s neck and shoulder meet, making Kim buck his hips up slightly.

“Fuck,” Kim swore, tightening his hold on Chay’s hips, “Like marking me up, angel? Like making sure everyone knows I’m taken?”

Chay pulled back to look Kim in the eyes, a playful smile tugging at his lips. He took a moment to really look at Kim; his tousled hair from Chay running his hands through it, the blooming bruises on his throat and down to his collarbones, his blown pupils. 

“You just look so pretty with them,” Chay said simply, trailing his fingers along the marks he left.

Kim decided at that moment that he didn’t care how much his bodyguards heard from inside this room. He would just pay them a little extra for their hard work guarding the door.


Three days later and the most visible marks had faded. Kim had bitched about them at first, complaining that he’d never be able to go see his brothers like this, and Chay had feigned annoyance as he helped cover them up with a little concealer. They both knew that Kim not only didn’t care, but actually liked being claimed so obviously. Neither of them felt like being teased by their brothers, though. There were a few darker marks near his shoulder and along his collarbones, but Kim honestly forgot those were there. 

It was that same lack of thought that led him to film a video announcing the release of his EP next month while wearing a shirt with a loose neckline. Honestly, he had been far more concerned with coming off as normal and putting together clear sentences, the fact that his collar shifted when he moved his arms did not once cross his mind. It wasn’t until he woke up to a text from his brother that he realized.


From Tankhun: You’re so lucky Porsche isn’t on social media!!! Couldn’t even cover them up!!!!!!

To Tankhun: I forgot about them

From Tankhun: Forget your brain if it wasn’t in your head 🙄

To Tankhun: I’m telling Chay we’re skipping movie night

From Tankhun: I know where you live don’t even try


Kim rolled his eyes, closing out of the conversation and opening Twitter to do damage control. 


Bella!! @WIKsource

WIK’s EP is coming out next month! Looks like we’re all going to get to hear his hard work pay off super soon!!

Bella!! @WIKsource

Y’all stop asking me about the hickies do I look like a tea account to you!!!!


Leo @sweetwik

Proof that WIK has a secret s/o: a thread 🧵

Leo @sweetwik

Oh besties this is DAMNING evidence…good for him ig


Bee🐝| commissions open! @wiksandstones

There's a lot of tinfoil hatting going on rn and I just want to remind everyone that I absolutely do not support that on my page! If WIK wanted us to know about his relationship he would tell us about it!!


Mods in pinned! ❣️🌈 @lgbtwik

Absolutely devastating blow to the y/n fanfic author community today, our hearts are with you all 🙏 -Rae


WIK @WIKofficial

You guys are creative, I will say, but I’m afraid it’s just a burn from my hair straightener 

Mari 😈 @WIKluvr



From Chay🖤: are you still picking me up after class?

To Chay🖤: Of course baby

From Chay🖤: okay, just making sure you aren’t too busy with your hair straightener

To Chay🖤: Do you have my fucking Twitter notifications on??

From Chay🖤: no comment ❤️


From Tankhun: Arguably the worst lie you could’ve gone with 

To Tankhun: Are you texting Chay right now?

From Tankhun: No, but now that you mention it I should be

From Tankhun: Omg we should have a groupchat!!!

To Tankhun: Absolutely fucking not

From Tankhun: 💔


From Chay🖤: Why did Tankhun just text me “I’m glad you’re my baby brother’s first relationship scandal”?


Honestly they were both surprised that it took another month for their relationship to go public, three days before Kim’s EP release. They’d gone out on an evening date that had ended up lasting into the early night, taking a table on the nearly empty patio to enjoy the summer air. Kim hadn’t noticed anyone looking at them strangely, but he’d honestly been a bit distracted by how the hanging lights caught in Chay’s eyes. Maybe when they got home they could open a nice bottle of wine and draw a bath. Kim voiced the thought and Chay hummed happily and nodded, leaning across the table to give him a kiss. Kim happily kissed back, grabbing Chay’s hand when they parted and also bringing it to his lips.

They had just made it back to Kim’s apartment and were getting out the wine glasses when Kim’s phone started ringing. He was about to send it to voicemail until he saw who was calling. Kinn.

“Hello?” Kim answered, shaking his head at Chay’s questioning look. Kinn usually only called him if something was wrong.

“Kim,” Kinn sounded relatively calm, but he always did, “Is Porchay with you?”

“Of course he’s with me,”

“Perfect, go ahead and put me on speaker,”

Kim complied, putting his phone on speaker and then setting it on the counter, moving to pour the wine. This felt like it was going to be a conversation.

“Is something wrong?” Chay asked, moving closer to the phone.

“Your phone is off!” Porsche’s voice sounded like he was on the other side of the room, but it was clear that he was yelling.

Chay swore, fumbling to get his phone out of his pocket, “Sorry! We were out on a date, I didn’t want any interruptions. Were you trying to call me?”

“No,” Kinn responded this time, “Porsche just tried calling you right before I called Kim.”

“Call me about what?” Kim was getting annoyed. He wanted to have a romantic night with his boyfriend, not deal with his brother.

“Your manager just sent me a few pictures of the two of you that were apparently posted online and are being spread around. Did you notice anyone watching you tonight?”

Kim felt like he’d just had a bucket of ice water dumped over his head, “No. No, I didn’t notice anyone.”

Chay started aggressively tapping at his phone, muttering under his breath, before turning the screen so Kim could see. Three pictures of them, clearly taken from a distance. One of Kim laughing at something Porchay had said, one of the kiss they’d shared, and one of Kim pressing a kiss to the back of Porchay’s hand. Fuck.

Kinn’s voice cuts through the silence, “Your manager wants you to call her as soon as you can. In the meantime, do you want me to try and get these pictures taken down?”

Kim looked to Chay for the answer. He wasn’t particularly nervous about being in a relationship publicly, but he knew that Chay had asked him to keep it private for a reason. Chay was clearly thinking very quickly, weighing all the options as fast as his brain could process them. He looked Kim in the eyes and shook his head.

“It’s alright, Kinn, but thank you for asking. I will make sure to call my manager as soon as I get off the phone with you.” Kim sighed. There went his night.

“Of course. Please let me know if you two need anything. Have a nice night.”

Kinn didn’t even wait for a response, immediately hanging up and leaving Kim staring at his lockscreen. He grabbed his wine glass and downed it in one go, trying not to shatter the glass in his grip. How had he not noticed someone was watching them? Chay gently reaching for him snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Kim, it’s okay,” Chay said, carefully taking the glass from Kim’s white knuckle grip, setting it aside and gently uncurling Kim’s fingers.

“I should’ve been more careful, I’m sorry,” Kim whispered, head down.

Chay reached out and put a hand under Kim’s chin, urging him to look at Chay. Kim searched his face for any trace of anger or fear or sadness, any emotion that Kim would rather die than see on that beautiful face, but he found none of them. Chay just looked soft.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” He told Kim, keeping eye contact, “I’m not upset. Sure, I would’ve liked to go public on our terms, but it was bound to happen eventually. Now we don’t have to worry about sneaking around and hiding things.”

Kim just moved to bury his face in Chay’s neck, arms wrapping around his waist, breathing him in for comfort. Chay returned the hug immediately, one hand going to run through Kim’s hair, the other rubbing soothing circles on his back. Kim didn’t like the idea of this being out of their control, everything about his image had been so carefully crafted until now. He didn’t understand how Chay was able to accept this so quickly. 

“You should probably call your manager before she has a heart attack,” Chay whispered, dropping a quick kiss to Kim’s head and pulling away.

Kim sighed, “You’re right. Feel free to go take that bath, I have a feeling this isn’t going to be a quick conversation.”

“Wouldn’t be the same alone, I’ll just get ready for bed. Don’t be too hard on her, okay?”

Kim nodded and leaned in for a kiss that Chay instantly reciprocated, patting Kim’s cheek when he pulled back and made his way to their bedroom. Kim heard the shower start as he scrolled through his contacts and begrudgingly called his manager. He ended up being on the phone for the better part of an hour, making it clear that he absolutely would not be using this as a way to promote his EP, and crafting a public response to put out in the morning. By the time he got off the phone he was exhausted.

He dragged himself to the bedroom, shedding his jacket on the way and throwing it carelessly on the couch. Chay was still awake, laying in bed scrolling on his phone. He looked up when Kim came in, offering him a soft smile. Kim didn’t hesitate to flop down into Chay’s lap, wrapping his arms around his stomach, cheek resting on his thigh.

“Hi baby,” Chay whispered, hand instantly going to Kim’s hair and scratching at his scalp, “Everything go okay?”

Kim shrugged, focusing on the feeling of Chay’s fingers in his hair. Chay hummed, setting his phone to the side and running his now free hand down Kim’s back. They sat like that for a minute, just existing in each other’s space. Finally Kim broke the silence.

“How were you okay with this so fast?” He asked.

“It’s not like we can do anything about it now,” Chay said it like it was obvious, “It was nice of Kinn to offer to get the pictures taken down, but it wouldn’t actually work. They’ve already been saved and reposted by so many people, it’s useless. All we can do is figure out the best way to handle it going forward.”

Kim found himself thanking any and every god that might be out there for giving him Porchay. He was able to ground Kim in a way that no one else could, keeping him from spiraling and coming up with every awful scenario that could happen.

Kim lifted his head slightly, “How do you want to handle it?”

Chay pulled a face and reached for his phone again, “Well, considering people are following me on Twitter and Instagram by the thousands right now, I don’t think we can do the whole keeping me out of the public eye thing.”

“By the thousands?” Kim sat up fully, sitting crisscross in front of Chay.

Chay handed Kim his phone with a shrug. Kim took it and checked Chay’s accounts, and he wasn’t lying, the number was only growing.

“What did your manager say?” Chay asked when Kim handed his phone back.

“She wanted to know if this could be used to promote the EP. I told her no. We also rough drafted a response to everything that I’m supposed to post tomorrow. She’s letting me handle the details,” Kim sighed.

“I mean, it’ll promote your EP anyway,” Chay stated, clarifying when Kim cocked his head, “More eyes on us means more people going to both of our accounts, anyone that goes to yours will see you have an EP coming out. This is basically just free publicity. Does she want you to just make a written statement? Notes app apology style?”

Kim nodded, processing everything that Chay said. He was right, but Kim had never thought about it in that way. Chay being a fan was useful in these areas, he supposes.

Chay poked him in the arm, “Go shower, it’s late. We can deal with this in the morning.”

Kim leaned in and kissed Chay on the cheek before getting up, grabbing pajama pants, and heading into the ensuite bathroom. He let the hot water of the shower wash away the stress from the last few hours, letting it beat against his tense muscles. When he came back into the bedroom Chay was already asleep, phone set on the bedside table. Kim walked silently over to the bed, turning out the light and getting under the covers as carefully as possible, trying to not wake Chay. Chay stirred despite Kim’s best efforts, blinking at him blurrily, tucking himself under Kim’s arm and snuggling in.

“I love you,” Chay murmured, voice thick with sleep, eyes already closing against his will.

“I love you too,” Kim whispered back, pressing a kiss to Chay’s forehead.


WIK @WIKofficial

I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures taken last night of me and my boyfriend. Those were taken without our knowledge or consent, and I want to make it extremely clear that I do not condone this behavior. We had made the decision to keep our relationship private (1/4)

To have our choice taken from us is incredibly dehumanizing. Shame on whoever thought that was okay to do. A lot of you have found his social media accounts by now, and I don’t want to see anyone pressuring him to post or make any public statement (2/4)

I willingly put myself in the public eye, he did not. He will post when/if he wants to, and I expect everyone to respect his boundaries. If I see any of my fans harassing him you will be blocked immediately. (3/4)

As of right now we aren’t completely sure how we want to go forward with this, so please be patient while we figure things out at our own pace. This is new for both of us. Please be kind. Thank you 🤍 (4/4)


Bella!! @WIKsource

WIK was spotted out on a date getting cozy with a currently unknown individual. These appear to have been taken by a fan, and it’s unclear whether or not the two were aware they were being photographed. I hope they’re both doing okay!

Bella!! @WIKsource

Update: WIK has confirmed that they did not know the photos were being taken, and has asked for people to not harass his boyfriend now that his socials have been found by fans. Everyone please read his thread and respect his wishes!!


Stan WIK for clear skin @WIKsgf 

Happy for WIK that he found someone that can make him smile like that ❤️ I hope him and his bf are alright after those pictures leaked


Leo @sweetwik

Proof that WIK has a secret s/o: a thread 🧵

Leo @sweetwik

Welp. That’s a wrap. Whoever took those pics w/o consent is a fucking freak


Bee🐝| commissions open! @wiksandstones

As happy as I am for WIK and his boyfriend, I will not be sharing those pictures. This was a blatant disrespect of his boundaries and should not have happened. Take your time @WIKofficial


Mods in pinned! ❣️🌈 @lgbtwik

This is all of us speaking when we say this was absolutely unacceptable behavior. Not only was it disrespectful, it genuinely borders on outing. We all hope WIK and his partner are doing well, and are safe ❤️


Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

This is who you all thirst after?? I mean I guess I see it 


Attached to Chay’s tweet was a particularly ugly picture of Kim sleeping, drooling onto his pillow.

“When did you take that?” Kim asked.

“When you were asleep, duh,” Chay rolled his eyes.

“Why did you take a picture of me when I was sleeping?”

“I do it all the time,”

Kim smiled fondly and shook his head. He retweeted it.


Kim’s EP release was met with enthusiastic support and love. Tankhun insisted on going out with everyone to celebrate, and Kim was finding it incredibly hard to deny his oldest brother these days, so he played along. They didn’t go anywhere extravagant, just Yok’s bar, but it was still nice to be around his brothers and their friends. Kim and Chay were seated, watching with amusement as Tankhun pulled Pete away from Vegas to dance with him, much to Vegas’s annoyance. Kim glanced around the group, taking note of the bodyguards he knew, Kinn’s friends, Porsche’s friends that he didn’t know. One of Porsche’s friends talking closely with…Kinn’s friends?

The three were standing on the outskirts of the dance party that was happening in the middle of the room, Time leaning against the wall, one arm around Tay’s waist and the other hand on the other man's arm. Hm. Kim had known Time and Tay pretty much his entire life, and he was aware of Time’s habit of straying too far from his partner, but an obvious third person was new.

“Hey,” Kim turned his head to talk into Chay’s ear, “Who is that with Time and Tay?”

Chay made a little noise of confusion, following where Kim gestured to with his eyes. The look of confusion quickly changed into happy recognition.

“Oh! That’s Tem!” He said brightly.

“Do you know Tem well?” Kim asked.

“I mean, I know him about as well as I know any of Porsche’s friends. Well, friends outside of our circle , that is. He’s always been nice to me! Why? Is something wrong?”

Kim shook his head, “No, I don’t think so. Have you met Time and Tay?” Chay shook his head, so Kim continued, “They’ve been together for as long as I can remember. Time, the one leaning on the wall, is a bit of a serial cheater though. I honestly don’t know why Tay hasn’t dumped his ass by now, he can do better. I mean, look at him.”

“He’s really pretty,” Chay nodded, “Do you think they’re, like, with Tem, or something?”

“Considering Time has managed to keep his hand, maybe. I’m not sure.”

“Let’s just go talk to them,” Chay suggested.

Before Kim could even think of protesting Chay was on his feet, pulling Kim with him and weaving around those that were dancing.

“Tem!” Chay called out once they were close enough.

All three heads turned to look at him, snapped out of their conversation. Time and Tay both looked curious, Tem immediately smiled when his eyes landed on Chay.

“Porchay!” Tem said back once they were close enough, “How have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“I’ve been pretty good! Just settling into being in university, it’s a lot harder than I was expecting it to be. Oh! This is Kim, by the way!” Chay tugs on Kim’s arm so he’s standing next to him, instead of looming behind him like he had been.

“Tem,” He reaches out to shake Kim’s hand, and then his eyes widen, “Oh shit, like the Kim this whole party is for? That Kim?”

“Afraid so,” Kim confirms, slightly amused.

“Why aren’t you celebrating more, Kim?” Tay asks, drawing everyone’s attention to him, “I’ve noticed the two of you sitting down most of the night.”

Kim shrugs, “I’m more just here because Khun really wanted this party to happen. I’m fine watching him have fun.”

Time gave him a crooked smile, “The Kim I used to know would’ve been happy to party.”

“Sorry I’m not a teenager anymore,” Kim rolled his eyes.

“Have you all known each other for a long time?” Tem asks, looking between the three of them curiously.

“Kim is Kinn’s younger brother,” Tay says gently, “We’ve known this punk since he was a sweet little kid,”

Kim makes a noise of protest as Tay reaches up to pinch at his cheek, but does nothing to actually stop him. He’d always been fond of Tay. 

“You being Kinn’s brother makes so much more sense,” Tem says, “I was trying to figure out where you fit in since we got invited to this thing.”

“Why didn’t you just ask us?” Time asks, cocking his head.

Tem just shrugs and Tay laughs fondly, rubbing Tem’s arm gently. Kim glances at Chay out of the corner of his eye, and Chay just raises his eyebrows back at him.

Tay turns his attention back to Kim, “We should play one of your songs!”

“It’s really fine-”

“I’m going to go tell Khun right now,” Tay interrupts Kim’s protests before disappearing into the dance circle.

Time huffs out a laugh, pushing off from the wall, “It was nice seeing you two,”

“It was nice meeting you, Kim,” Tem says, “Porchay, you know you can call me whenever, it was great seeing you.”

And just like that they were both following Tay into the crowd, Time’s hand on Tem’s lower back. Kim and Chay turn into each other so it’s harder for anyone to eavesdrop.

“They’re for sure all together, right?” Chay whispered conspiratorially.

“I mean, that for sure felt like something,” Kim whispered back.

There was a loud noise from inside the crowd that sounded distinctly like Tankhun, Tay must’ve pitched his idea of playing one of Kim’s songs. Kim groaned, closing his eyes briefly and leaning back against the wall, pulling Chay in close with a hand on his hip. 

The music cut off abruptly, replaced with Tankhun’s voice, “Okay, as we all know, this is a celebration for my dear baby brother. I feel it’s only right that we play one of his new songs, everyone enjoy his beautiful musical talents!”

Kim buries his face in Chay’s shoulder when he hears the opening of Why Don’t You Stay , “I’m starting to think this was an elaborate set up to embarrass me,”

Chay just laughs, “It’s not embarrassing! Your brother is so proud of you, you worked so hard on this, just let yourself celebrate it.”

“It’s embarrassing for him to play the song I wrote for you, pouring my heart out!”

“Oh? Scared to let people know you love me? I think you’re a bit late on that one, you’ve made it pretty obvious,” Chay teases, putting his hands on Kim’s shoulders.

Kim pulls back, squinting at him, “You know I’m not scared to let people know I love you, don’t even start with that,”

“I know baby, I was just teasing,” Chay cups Kim’s face, gently shaking his head, “You should dance with me,”

“Not exactly a song you can dance to,” Kim says.

“Then you should sway with me,”

“I’m not really a dancing person, anyway,”

Chay set him with a look and started to pull away, moving them in the direction of the crowd.

Kim set Chay with a look of his own, “Porchay,”


There was a minor stare down, but Kim once again realized that he could not deny Porchay anything, and allowed himself to be dragged to the outskirts of their friend circle. Kim kept his hands on Chay’s hips, pulling him in close. Chay wrapped his arms around Kim’s shoulders, brushing their noses together fondly. 

“A little swaying won’t kill you,” Chay mumbled.

“You don’t know that,” Kim said, moving to kiss Chay's cheek, “What if this is what does me in? A little swaying and I drop and have to haunt you for the rest of your life.”

“Would you haunt me? Don’t you think you’d find more interesting things to do with your ghost time?”

“Nothing else would be worth my ghost time. You’re stuck with me.”

Chay laughed and leaned his head against Kim’s that was now tucked into his shoulder, “Silly boy,”

Kim adjusted his hold on Chay’s hips, instead wrapping his arms completely around the other, essentially pulling him into a hug. Chay hummed happily, pressing little kisses to Kim’s head wherever he could reach. Kim pulled back enough to look Chay in the eyes.

“You know,” He started, “Sending you that video was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

Chay pressed their foreheads together, “I’m glad you did.”

“Me too,” Kim smiled softly, leaning in to kiss Chay softly.

Chay immediately reciprocated the kiss, cupping the back of Kim’s head. Someone pointedly cleared their throat to the side of them, probably Kinn or Porsche, and Kim quickly threw them the finger. Chay pulled away giggling, swatting at Kim’s arm. Tankhun’s excited voice drew their attention.

“Kinn, you ruined the moment!” He exclaimed, lowering his phone, “You two looked so cute!”

“Were you filming us?” Kim narrowed his eyes.

Tankhun looked at him like he was stupid, “How can you expect me to not, when you’re both so adorable and in love?”

“Send it to me?” Chay asked.

“Done and done, my darling Porchay,” Tankhun said, tapping on his phone a couple times before stuffing it back in his pocket.

Kim rolled his eyes at his brother’s antics, “Alright, I think it’s time we got going. It’s getting late,”

“But you hardly spent any time with anyone!” Tankhun pouted. 

“Actually,” Pete cut in, appearing out of nowhere, “Vegas and I are starting to get tired as well, maybe now is a good time to call it a night. We can always have another night out.”

Kim silently thanked Pete and his ability to reason with his brother, and before he knew it he was going around saying his goodbyes and thanking everyone for coming. He mostly got awkward handshakes and pats on the shoulder, but Tay and Pete both gave him quick hugs and a whispered “congratulations”. He hadn’t been drinking, and he’d brought his own car, so he drove him and Porchay home himself. Chay was glued to his phone in the passenger seat.

“What are you looking at, angel?” Kim questioned.

“That video Tankhun took of us,” Chay answered, “He’s right, it’s very cute. Would you mind if I posted it, or do you want it to be private?”

Kim shrugged, “You can post it if you want, I don’t mind,”

Chay hummed happily, tapping away on his phone, presumably editing out Tankhun scolding Kinn at the end.

Chay posted the video to his twitter and simply captioned it “glad I stayed”. 


Kim’s fans very quickly warmed up to Chay, much to Kim’s relief, and maybe a little jealousy. 

(“I think it’s sweet!” Chay had said when Kim asked him how he felt about the attention.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed, going back to scrolling on his phone. There was silence for a minute and then Kim spoke again, “Why would someone use their full government name online?”

“Stop whatever you’re doing right now,” Chay snatched the phone out of Kim’s hands and stuffed it in his pocket, “You are not going to get all jealous over a fan calling me cute on an Instagram post.”

Kim pouted, “Give me my phone back.”


 Chay interacted with them much more than Kim ever had, and he had the advantage of having been a fan himself and therefore understanding fan spaces. Kim’s fans were also incredibly happy with the amount of pictures Chay posted of him. 

The next time Kim went live the chat was filled with people saying how much they loved Chay and requests to see him.

“This is my account,” Kim said defensively, “If you want to see Chay go to his account. You have to earn your Chay privileges.” 

Kim had barely warmed up when the door to his office opened, Chay slipping in. Kim set his guitar down in his lap immediately, holding a hand out towards his boyfriend. Chay smiled, taking the outstretched hand and sitting down next to Kim on the floor.

“Everything okay?” Kim asked, eyebrows furrowing in concern.

Chay nodded, reaching up to smooth out the line between Kim’s eyebrows and then gesturing towards Kim’s phone, “Figured I should give the people what they want.”

Kim groaned, resting his head on Chay’s shoulder, “Don’t encourage them,”

“I also wanted to hear you play,” Chay tacked on, reaching up to pat Kim on the cheek.

“Oh, no,” Kim leaned further into Chay, wrapping his arms around his waist, “You play, since you’re the star of the show,”

Chay rolled his eyes, but Kim felt him pick up the guitar from his lap, “Talk to your fans while I warm up. Be a good content creator.”

Kim glanced over at his phone, watching messages fly by in the chat, “Someone wants to know if we’re dating,”

“No,” Chay said with zero hesitation, shaking his head.

“I don’t know why anyone would think that,” Kim agreed.

“Who are you? I don’t think we’ve met before, actually.”

Kim laughed, hiding his face behind Chay’s back even though his smile was still going strong when he turned back to his phone. He could feel Chay holding back his laughter too.

“We are dating, just to clarify,” Kim said, “‘Are you two flirting? Right in front of my salad?’ Is that a reference?”

“It’s a meme,” Chay confirmed, “I can’t believe this is how your fans find out that you’re a boomer when it comes to the internet,”

Kim pinched Chay’s side, making Chay laugh, “Not all of us can know every meme that’s ever existed on the internet,”

“You could try. What song did you want me to play?”

“One of yours, give me one of the classics.”

Chay hummed and lazily plucked at the strings, thinking for a second, before hesitantly starting up A Song Called You . Kim watched him play with a soft smile, occasionally humming along. Chay leaned down and kissed Kim on the forehead when he finished.

“Did you like it?” Chay asked.

“Of course, angel,” Kim leaned in to steal a quick kiss, smiling at the happy noise Chay made. He pulled back, reaching to take the guitar back, “You talk to chat now,”

“‘Chay has songs?’ I do have songs!”

“And I get to hear all of them whenever I want,” Kim said smugly.

Chay raised an eyebrow at him, “Are you trying to assert dominance right now?”

“Is it working?”

“You’re ridiculous,” Chay rolled his eyes, “‘Isn’t this supposed to be WIK’s live stream?’ Just because I’m here doesn’t mean it’s not his live stream,”

“Until my manager texts me to get back on track this is Chay’s live,”

That text came maybe five minutes after Kim said that.


Stan WIK for clear skin @WIKsgf 

WIK calling Chay angel 🥺🥺 please that's so sweet


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Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

WIK is in a meeting rn and I’m bored so surprise AMA !! 


Leo @sweetwik

What's something about WIK that would surprise people?

Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

He’s a sap! He’s kept every single note I’ve ever left him, even from before we started dating. The ice prince persona is a total lie. Also he’s scared of spiders


Vee @litwik

Is it true that you were a fan before you two started dating?

Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

Kind of loving the implication that I’m not a fan anymore now that we’re dating. But yeah, I wrote fanfic and everything


Jess 💖 @wiklesbian

Can you please finally confirm or deny the rumors that you were the person WIK was talking to while getting coffee in that one vlog

Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

Lmfao yes I was. I was also taking pictures for his instagram even before he started giving me picture credit, just to confirm another rumor


Bee🐝| commissions open! @wiksandstones

What’s your favorite thing about WIK? You two are the cutest ❤️

Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

His family has a really nice pool at their house. And how much he loves the people around him with his entire heart and soul. But mainly the pool.


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Who said I love you first? 

Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

ME! And he didn’t even say it back!! He’s lucky he’s pretty 🙄


Bella!! @WIKsource

Would you two ever make a video together? 

Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

Maybe!! What would you guys want to see from us?


Chay | #1 WIK fan @whydontyouchay

Okay, meeting is over!! Maybe I'll answer more later, but for now it's lunch date time!


WIK @WIKofficial

Everyone is asking me if I read my bf’s fanfic as if I have a say in the matter. He just reads them to me regardless. He also sends me ones he likes, so if you have a popular fic I’ve probably read it

WIK @WIKofficial

What is the boyfriend tag and why are people tagging me in all of these videos???



“I’ve never had to introduce someone in a video before. Honestly it feels kind of weird.” Kim says.

They’re seated on the couch, camera set up and rolling as they prepare to film the heavily requested boyfriend tag. Chay had had to explain it to Kim and show him some other couple’s videos, but eventually he caught on and agreed to film the video. 

“Do you want me to just introduce the video for you?” Chay asked.

“I don’t know! I’ve never had a guest!”

“I’m introducing the video,” Chay decided with a wave of his hands, turning to face the camera, “Hello everyone, it’s finally time for me to be on the channel! If you don’t know who I am, I’m Chay, WIK’s boyfriend. Do you want to tell them what we’re doing today?”

Kim shifted to put an arm around Chay’s waist, smiling when Chay leaned into his side, “We’re doing the boyfriend tag, because people kept asking for it.”

“I have the questions on my phone. I feel like we’ve answered some of them before, but now they’ll all be in one place and easy to find for people.”

“Do we just start?”

“Yup! When/Where did we meet?”

“We met at the school orientation that I performed at, and you did really good at the trivia contest,”

Chay nodded, “And then I asked you to be my guitar tutor, and you signed my shirt. Where was our first date?”

“What are we counting as our first date? Because I think we have different answers,”

“I think your answer is when you took me to that fancy restaurant after we kissed. My answer is when you showed up at my house unannounced and then made me go buy you noodles so you could snoop through my house.” 

“You’re right about my answer, and your answer was absolutely not a date,” 

“Oh?” Chay leaned back and looked at Kim with a surprised expression, “Then what was it?”

Kim thought for a second, looking away from Chay, “A tutoring session,”

“Mmhmm, sure,” Chay settled back into Kim’s side, “Who said I love you first? Me!”

“You the first time, but me the second time,”

Chay kisses Kim on the cheek, “Yes, you made up for not saying it back right away.”

“Can I pick a question?” Kim asks, peeking at Chay’s phone over his shoulder. Chay nodded and turned the screen so he could see it better, “What’s my favorite color?”

“Of course you picked the most boring question. Your favorite color is grey.”

“How is that a boring question?”

“It’s just a basic question, it’s fine,” Chay said, knocking their shoulders together, “What’s mine?”

“Baby blue,” Kim answered with no hesitation. 

“You got that so fast!”

“Of course! It’s your favorite color, obviously I know!”

“Leave it to you to make the boring question sweet,” Chay huffed, leaning in to give Kim a proper kiss.

Kim met him halfway, reaching up to cup Chay’s face. He chased after Chay when he pulled back, pouting a little at him.

Chay looked at him fondly, “Video now, kisses later.”

“Fine,” Kim pulled Chay impossibly closer, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“Ooo, spicy question!” Chay exclaimed with a little wiggle, “Who is the dominant one in our relationship?”

“In what way?”

“Whatever way you want,”

“Well, according to my brothers, I’m a simp, so probably you. But I think we’re pretty equal otherwise,”

Chay wiggled his eyebrows, “Otherwise? When we do other things?”

“Don’t even start,” Kim poked at Chay’s side, making him laugh, “I’m not answering those questions, no matter how many times they ask about it,”

“Fair enough. What do we usually argue about, and who usually wins our arguments? We argue the most about you never having your phone on when you leave the house.”

“I do need to get better about that. You always win arguments because you’re fucking scary when you’re mad,”

“Coming from you!”

“I said what I said! Let me pick a question,” Chay turned the phone towards him again and he quickly scanned the list of questions, “What did you learn from me?”

“How to play guitar, and how to be patient,”

“Thank you for being patient with me,” Kim murmurs, kissing Chay’s temple, “You taught me how to be vulnerable, and that love doesn’t have to be scary.”

Chay kissed Kim softly, “Sap,”

“Only for you, angel.”

“One more question?”

“Sure. You pick.”

“If you could change anything about me, what would it be? I would make you less self conscious, you’re really hard on yourself and you don’t need to be.”

“I wouldn’t change anything about you. You’re perfect.”

Chay leans his head against Kim’s, “That feels like a good question to end on.”

“Mmhmm,” Kim nods, “Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and check out my EP if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Goodbye,”

“Bye bye!” Chay waved happily.


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WIK calling Chay angel and then saying he’s perfect in the span of less than five minutes is the sweetest thing I’ve ever watched

WIK @WIKofficial

I’ve never meant anything more in my life than when I say he’s perfect.