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When the Lights Come On

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Luka’s evening guitar practice was interrupted by a frantic knock on his window. He set the guitar on the floor beside his bed and got up to open it. Chat Noir entered the room as soon as there was enough space for him to squeeze through.

“Why did you leave the mansion so late, during a downpour? You’re all soaked,” Luka asked as he shut the window.

“Sorry, I just had to get out of there,” Chat Noir looked down at the puddle forming beneath him as his hand reached behind his neck.

“It’s fine. Detransform, I’ll go get you a towel,” Luka ruffled his wet hair before leaving the room.

Chat Noir let go of his transformation and opened one of Luka’s drawers, where he stored camembert. Luka started buying the smelly cheese when Adrien’s spontaneous visits became frequent. 

“Ugh, I hate being wet! You’re lucky I like you,” Plagg whined as Adrien fed him.

“Not a word to him about what happened. I’m serious, Plagg,” Adrien sat on the edge of Luka’s bed as he combed his hair.

“Whatever you say, kid. He'll notice it regardless,” Plagg phased through to his hiding spot in the drawer.

A quiet click announced Luka’s return as he shut the door. He sat next to Adrien and started drying his hair with a towel. 

“So, wanna tell me what happened?” Luka discarded the towel and sat crossed-legged as he turned towards Adrien.

“Nothing happened,” He said almost automatically, out of habit.

Luka’s wince was soft, barely noticeable.

“Okay. Cuddles then?” 

“I’d like that.”

Luka laid down on the bed and let Adrien nuzzle his neck as he snuggled into him. He stroked his boyfriend's damp locks and watched him rest. They cuddled in silence and it was all the blonde boy needed. A moment of peace and comfort. Adrien hoped that Luka wouldn’t pay much attention to his hands. He removed the nail polish they had put on together last week and did a thorough job. His fingers were red and dry. A subtle sigh he heard above his head suggested that Luka did, in fact, pay attention.

“Are you sure nothing happened today, kitty?” He kissed Adrien’s hair and gave him a reaffirming squeeze.

“You already know something happened, I’m just ashamed to say it,” Adrien hid his head even further under Luka’s chin.

“I won’t judge. You can tell me anything you want, judgement free. Just like we promised each other,” His fingers traced Adrien’s hand. 

“Father didn’t like how my nails looked. He said that they ‘look disgraceful’ and that I should ‘remove it immediately’,” He let out a long sigh and moved his head to rest it on Luka’s chest. His heartbeat was soothing. “Of course, being the punching bag I am, I ran to my bathroom and scrubbed them clean as quickly as I could.”

“You’re not a punching bag Adrien. Being manipulated by a neglectful father doesn’t make you weak. You’re the strongest person I know,” Luka slowly rubbed his boyfriend’s back. 

Luka’s words meant everything to him. He needed reassurance, he needed to be told that there was nothing wrong with him. A few tears slid down his cheeks as he sniffled quietly into Luka’s chest. He let out all of the emotions bottled up inside of him, soft fingers started massaging his scalp. 

“Plagg convinced me to get out of the mansion once I rubbed the nail polish off. I was out on a run when it started pouring,” he let out a wet chuckle. “This is the first place that came to mind, I didn’t even plan to come here today.”

“I guess I’m just that irresistible, huh?” Luka replied. Adrien could imagine the smug grin on his face. 

“Maybe, but we both know that I’m the cat-sanova in this relationship.” He tilted his head up to look into Luka’s deep, blue eyes. “Thank you. For caring, for being here for me. It means more than you think.” 

“I know,” He inched his face closer to Adrien’s, their hot breath mingled together. “I love you.”

“I love you too, my melody,” His hand softly caressed Luka’s cheek, their noses brushed as Adrien closed the gap between them.

Their lips brushed slowly as their cheeks gained a red tint. Adrien wasn’t used to the intimacy of a kiss, but feeling his partner’s love was worth the slight embarrassment. They broke away from the kiss after a few seconds with giddy looks on their faces.

Luka took Adrien’s hands in his and clicked his tongue as he looked at the sore fingers.

“All that work for nothing. Manicure ain’t free, you know?” Luka looked at him with a smug grin. “Just kidding. Want me to fix this up for you?”

“I’d like that,” Adrien smiled as he gave Luka’s hands a light squeeze.

“Are we going with black again, or do you have any other colour in mind?” Luka got up from the bed and started rummaging through one of his drawers.

“I think dark green would look good.” 

“Dark green it is.”