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No Pain Tonight

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"Hello Kim, P'Kim. It''s been awhile"

Chay had uttered those words with forced bravado. But, in his defense, he was not prepared for this run-in when he entered the cafe for his afternoon pick-me-up.

But as he had turned to leave, his whole body was paralyzed as entering the cafe (and blocking Chay from making a stealthy exit) was the last person he wanted to see today- no ever! So why is your heart reacting this way? As if, if it could beat faster, it could physically pull your closer to him and his touch.

"Right....I am doing alright," Kim replied slowly, his face the epitome of stoicism. His hair looked blacker than usual and wasn't in its usual perfectly styled coiffure. The matching full black ensemble really making him look every inch the idol heartthrob that had invaded his teenage dreams. "And you. How are you doing?"

Chay tried to force any lingering thoughts of longing to the back of his head. It had been a week since he had been sent that video. A week of typed out and deleted replies. Because....what does one say to that? He was not going to let this man think he was as shook as he was. Especially when Kim seems utterly unaffected by this whole situation.

"I'm doing well" he replied, slowly gaining confidence in his voice. "Very well, actually."

Kim doesn't reply but his jaw tightens as he nods slightly.

Chay felt a sick sense of victory and couldn't help but continue, "I have already forgotten all bad things."

LIAR! Ever since you got that CCTV footage from Yok's, you have watched it 5 times a day every single day! You have to listen to the video he sent you to go to sleep! You started writing fix-it WIK fanfiction for your own love life!

"Mmm, that's good," Kim said, as if it was anything but, a subtle shift in his eyes.

Then, sensing there was no more to say, Kim walked passed Chay, passing by the few small table and chairs, mostly unoccupied, to the dedicated corner reserved for performances. There was a white baby grand piano standing there and Kim got comfortable at the accompanied stool.

Chay turned towards the exit. Kim obviously had nothing more to say to him and was just here for some secret WIK gig. Why should he stay here?


Maybe just a minute or two.

Chay slipped into the closest chair and listened as the first new notes played a familiar melody.

Is this-?

All this time I sink, drowning like a stone
Tryna close my eyes, shut my ears on this throne
Losing my way home, then you came along
Everywhere we are, felt like where I belong

It took Chay a few moments to process that the lyrics he was anticipating were, not only different, but in a completely different language. He was suddenly very thankful he studied hard in English at school.

Lost in your eyes there was no place I could hide
Take me inside and let me live in your mind
No pain tonight, this place is reserved for only you and I
Cause I wanna stay on your side
Even if the world come crashing down tonight, wе'll be fine
Hold me closе and we'll just leave it all behind
Why don't you stay

Chay becomes rigid at the implication that he was the one who left. That he had any choice in the matter. Why is Kim acting like Chay is the one that had any power here?

These bruises and wounds fractures on my bones
Tryna fix it all but I failed all alone
But just to be with you, just you lying close
I can see the scars fade away on their own
Lost in your eyes, there was no place I could hide
Take me inside and let me live in your mind
No pain tonight, this place is reserved for only you and I

Kim's hands danced gracefully across the keys, almost the same way they slid savagely down that counter at Yok's. It was almost an impossible choice to pick which Porchay found most attractive. Both the creation and destruction in his fingertips just leaving his skin begging to be touched.

The longer Kim plays, the further Chay sunk into an uncomfortable mixture of resentment and longing and ponders thoughts he has been trying not to linger on.

Your brother lied to you and became the bodyguard to a mafia boss. Knew nothing about that one! Your mother has turned out to be alive and her adopted brother has been lying this entire time. Never had a clue. Your guitar tutor/ boyfriend for 0.057 seconds is a member of a mafia family and was using you to get intel on said bodyguard brother.....didn't see that one coming. OH! And you can't even notice when an entire massacre is happening right behind you. You have the survival instincts of a koala bear.


As he finished, Kim stayed seated at the piano, still staring down at the keys. Chay wasn't even sure if Kim knew he was still there.

Chay's emotions were fizzing like a bottle of Dom Pérignon that was being slowly shaken. He could feel the onslaught on the tip of his was truly too late to "put a cork in it."


Well Kim knew he was there now. As did the smattering of the café's patrons.

Chay had stood up from his spot and had started making his way to Kim who had now stood up and had a look of slight shock.

He probably should be trying to maintain his dignity but this is Chay. Chay wore his heart on sleeves so long, it was only a matter of time before they just got dirty.

"Chay- " Kim started to say, taking a tentative step forward.

"No! You don't get to make excuses. You say I mean nothing to you. Barely say anything, in fact. And then just play these songs as if it makes everything ok and I am supposed to osmosis the meaning behind it but YOU. NEVER. TALK." At the the last three words Chay is stomping his foot in frustration and trying to keep the angry tears at bay.

Kim's mouth is gaping in shock until finally closing with a nod, seemingly coming to a decision

"EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BE OUT OF HERE WITHIN 4 MINUTES!" Kim shouted to both the few scattered patrons and the employees.

To Chay's surprise the barista who served him and his co-worker didn't hesitate to start ushering people out as quickly as possible. Most likely in fear that the entire place would either be shut down or become a battleground if they didn't succumb to the youngest Master's commands.

He brushed aside that flutter he felt at a show of such power and decided to settle on indignation instead.

"You can't just go around bullying small businesses and telling them what do just because of your name, you know" Chay crossed his arms frowning. "I guess all of that big talk I heard about you wanting to get "away" from the family business and be different was just that. Talk. In the end you are just as bad."

Kim who had been watching the progess of the emptying building turned to Chay, who was laughing derisively, and furrowed his brow.

"They are not listening because of my name, well not really. They are listening because I am the owner and manager," Kim says defensively, crossing his arms. "And the employees know I will pay them triple for the inconvenience."

Chay's neck suddenly felt scorching hot and he wondered if there was a way he could fall through the floor.

"Still...." Chay tried to hold on to whatever control he had. "That can't be good for business if you are kicking your customers out like that. I mean, think of the reviews you'll get."

Kim tried to hold back his fond smile but allowed the smallest of smirks.

"Hey Gun?"

The barista who served Chay, and who was now busy trying to politely escort the customers out, looked over.

"Make sure each customer gets a box of pasteries and a gift card on the way out for the inconvenience," Kim instructed, his eyes never leaving Chay's. "Take a couple more minutes if need be."

"Yes Sir." Gun bowed and quickly went off to follow his instructions.

Chay wasn't really paying attention to what was going on as Kim still hadn't stopped looking at him and it wasn't like Chay to back down now.

Eventually the few minutes were up and it was just Gun left, "Alright, Sir. The place is cleared out. You want me to leave now?"

"Thank you, Gun. Yes, just head out. I will close up when we are done here." Kim spared a glance and stiff smile to Gun but then went right back to staring at Chay. And with one last bow, Gun was also gone leaving the two an audience of empty chairs and half drunk lattes.

"Well, it is just us now. Let's talk." Kim started.

" Are you sure you are capable of speech when it is not in melodic form?" Chay crossed his arms with a sardonic smile.

"Cute." Kim replied. "You know, it is kind of hard to talk when someone has your number blocked. I did try to call you, if you remember."

"It wasn't worth it to talk about in person? Maybe after you left an offering of dead bodies in a bar for me to find?"

That seemed to startle Kim, his brows scrunched concern, "You knew that was me?"

"We have cameras, even ones you couldn't hack into to disable apparently." Chay rolled his eyes. "Also, it is not like there is a long list of alternatives. You think my brother would have left me to find them?"

"I don't know. He seems to leave you quite a bit." Kim couldn't help but bite back.

"Touchè. Something you guys have in common." Chay laughed bitterly.

"What the fuck did you expect me to do, Chay?!" Kim ran his hands through his hair in exasperation. "Being around me, my family, it's dangerous. I didn't want you tangled up in that shit."

"I already am-"

"I know! But by then it was too late and you weren't answering my calls and....Jesus...Angel, how do I face you in person after that? What am I supposed to say?" By now Kim was rubbing his fingers over his forehead.

"You seem to sing fine enough. And you are talking now aren't you? See how easy it is. It would have better served your time than just singing that stupid song over and over again and translating it into English."

Chay could feel his resentment starting to dissuade but he could not stop the urge to keep his pride. Regardless, he felt he may have just crossed a line as Kim's eyes were carrying an expression Chay saw but once before, accompanied by the word "Don't" uttered dangerously at a bar.

"Stupid song...STUPID SONG? Do you know that song is all I have been able to play for the past month? That I can't even write anymore because the melody just turns back into this song? Do you want to know how many languages I have made this song into? Do you want to hear to Korean version? Gajimaseyo. Or maybe Japanese? Bokutoissyoniite. I keep re- writing it over and over, hoping that maybe this one. This one will finally be the one to bring you back to me? EASY? You think this is easy? Do you know what this feels like? I never learned to "express myself" like you, Chay. While I was growing up, you showed your feelings through your fists or your firearm. That's it. Thankfully, I found music as a third option later on and tried to steer clear of that life. And all I have left now is that "stupid song." Because without an instrument in front me, it's just me telling you how sorry I am and how I wish everyday that I could take back the hurt I caused you but I won't take back meeting you because you have been the only light I have ever found in this world."

By the last sentence, Kim's voice broke, voice shaking with the pure rawness of the truth.

"Damn it, P''Kim" Chay's voice wobbled as tears adorned his eyes and he threw his arms around Kim's neck, his lips urgently searching for his. Kim caught him, and met him halfway with the same eagerness.

It was like Chay could finally breathe again after so long, that he could finally allow himself to let go and cling desperately to Kim the way he needed to, arms cocooned snuggly around his neck, as he greedily moved his lips in tandem with his.

Kim was clutching desperately to Chay's waist, fingertips searing this moment into his skin. As he sucked lightly on Chay's bottom lip, Chay let out a sound that made Kim want to record it in a song just for him.

Without stopping, he grabbed the back of Chay's thighs and lifted him up setting him on the piano, the keys protesting in a cacophony of sound. Chay wrapped his legs around Kim, desperately trying to get closer.

Kim pulling away momentarily for a breath, whispered, "Goddamn it, you're beautiful, Angel."

Chay's cheeks were flushed ans still stained from his tears. Kim's hand cradled his head, finger tips stroking through his hair while his thumb wiped away a stray tear.

Kim leaned back in to accept the invitation that Chay's lips held-

"Sorry, I forgot my phone. I will just be a sec-" Gun's sentence died off as he witnessed the scene in front of him. "I'm sorry! I didn't um- well- that is-bye!"

Gun grabbed what must have been his said forgotten phone on the counter and ran out of there."

Kim and Chay turned to each other, Chay's legs and arms still snaked around Kim but a bit more loosely after the interruption.

"So...." Kim started.

"So..." Chay repeated.

"What are you doing for the rest of the day?" Kim settled on.

"Mmm, I was supposed to watch a drama with Khun later," Chay started.

"Ahh," Kim tried to hide his disappointment.

Chay grinned, "But I am sure he would understand if I rescheduled, this once...eventually."

Chay ran his hand through Kim's hair, gently tucking a stray hair back in place. Kim back at him as he held his whole world in his hands.

"I have to close up. But if you stick around, afterwards we can go somewhere. Dinner, my apartment, I don't care. Will...will you stay?" Kim swallowed nervously but looked at Chay hopefully.

Chay smiled and quickly pecked Kim on the lips.

"Sure. I"ll stay."