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The Essential Sentinel

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What is an "essential" episode? It's an episode that has contributed something so significant to the fandom that it ought to be required viewing. It's an episode that would be recommended to a new fans in order for them to understand why TS is so special, and why it generates such loyalty. It's an episode beloved by old fans—one that's worth seeing over again; either to laugh out loud, sniffle or roll our eyes. It's an episode that lasted only 40 minutes, but can be discussed for years.

So, how did we decide on these? Each episode will include many, and sometimes all, of these elements:
Ø It explains sentinels; either the senses or the mythology
Ø It's a great example of sentinel powers or pitfalls
Ø It provides backstory for the characters; it makes them three-dimensional
Ø It introduces memorable, influential villains or minor characters
Ø It advances the relationship between the major characters
Ø It provided memorable sound bytes
Ø It's the source of a lot of fanfic; in other words it's captured the imagination of our writers

We settled on 25 episodes. Considering there were only 64 made, that's a pretty good percentage of memorable, significant story-telling. We hope you enjoy this as much as we have.