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When I Wake You Up

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As the bat entered Fort Salem air space Tally felt a surge of electricity. She would never tire of the feeling she got when she crossed over the forts wards. She felt herself unconsciously tug at that gold string, finding a quietness that meant her lover was surely fast asleep. A small smile fell over her face, nothing seemed better than the thought of sleeping beside the woman she’s sorely missed for the past six weeks.


After a hot shower and a preliminary debrief with the promise of a full one in the morning, her unit was set free to leave. All three women simply looked at each other before grinning and heading in separate directions, all towards a bed with a body already warming it.


Tally made her way around to the side entrance of the administrative building, making her way through it and into the back stairwell promptly hiking up two flights and through a back corridor, into the old biddies residence that now sat empty. She paused then, reaching along that gold thread again with an ease of practice. She pushed what could, in words, only be described as comfort and stillness through the bond. A technique she’d learned after one too many close calls that came after startling her lover awake.


As she slipped into the room she was greeted with a sight that had her pausing, a small smile tugging at her lips. There lay General Sarah Alder on her stomach, face buried into a pillow that was most definitely Tally’s. She looked like a work of art sleeping there, her back to Tally, the moonlight reflecting off her pale back of corded muscle. A growling moan from the bed startled Tally out of her staring. She reached through the bond once again, afraid her presence was what was disturbing her lovers sleep.


Oh. Oh.  It was a dream… That kind of dream.


It took only seconds for Tally’s intentions of sleep to morph into something far more lewd. It had been six weeks after all. She managed to strip herself in record time, mentally patting herself on the back for not tripping over her own feet in her excited haste. A devious grin fell over Tally’s face as she followed the dream down that golden cord. Making her way silently to the wardrobe to find one last thing she needed in the bottom drawer. Goosebumps raising on her legs as she brought the leather straps over her hips, buckling it in place. She paused only a moment in thought before grabbing what she knew to be her lovers favorite toy, sliding in firmly into place as she made her way to the bed.


She pushed all those perfectly practiced feelings down the bond to keep her conquest in her dreams as she slipped in the bed behind her. Pulling the sheet back softly, wiggling her body perfectly behind Sarah’s, conscious not to let her extra appendage go somewhere it shouldn’t, making sure it was exactly where she wanted it. Tally tangled their legs together smoothly letting her arm wrap around petite waist to place her hand firmly into her lovers sternum.


“Sarah” She exhaled softly, manipulating that gold thread to her will as her lips played with an ear. It was a testament to them finding the perfect formula for this that Sarah barely startled as she woke.


“Tally” Her voice was raspy with sleep and shot heat straight to Tally’s center as she ran her tongue along the lobe of Sarah’s ear. Sarah’s confusion not taking long to morph into unbridled want considering what her dreams had just consisted of.


“Hello lover” She rasped back before kissing behind her ear, the start of a trail of them down Sarah’s neck. “Tell me what you were dreaming about” A groan sounds from Sarah as she moves to completely bury her face in the pillow, hiding her blush from what she knew was her partners smug attitude. Tally only smiles nipping gently at her shoulder as her hand presses more firmly into Sarah’s sternum.


“Tal-” The name goes breathless on Sarah’s lips as she rocked her hips backwards into Tally’s finding the firmness that she’d strapped between her legs. A groan of a different sort rumbles deep in her chest as she rocks back more firmly. Tally nips at her shoulder again before placing a kiss into the skin and Sarah can feel the grin stretching across her lovers face.


“Feels like you know exactly what it was about” The older woman finally rasps out, unable to stop the repeated canting of her hips against Tally’s, rubbing herself along the silicone that rested firmly attached to the younger woman’s center. She could feel the grin grow across the skin of her shoulder as Tally let her hips move with Sarah’s, her hand trailing down from Sarah’s chest over her stomach down to the top of her thighs.


“Did you miss me?” Tally asks quietly, her lips still rubbing across her lovers shoulder blade as her hand nudges a thigh up, pushing Sarah’s knee closer to her chest, a choked gasp the only response she gets as she trails her hand back down her thigh, grazing lightly over Sarah’s center, a teasing touch meant only to ensure her lover was in fact as ready as Tally thought she was.


“Mm, you definitely missed me” She asks as her fingers graze over slick center, the woman beneath her groans again, louder this time, face pressing into the pillow again and canting her hips into a position Tally knows means the older woman is getting impatient. Tally feels the sharp roll of eyes along the length of that short gold cord at her smugness. Tally wastes no more time, positioning her silicone length exactly where it needs to be before grasping her lovers hips and pulling her back onto it.


Twin sighs of pleasure echo off the walls of the room as Tally gives the woman beneath her a moment to adjust to the intrusion. Another soft groan is Tally’s cue to move, pulling her hips away slowly before snapping them back in place. Sarah’s hand snakes down to Tally’s pulling it back up her torso to press back between her sternum as Tally set a quick but soft pace.


“Well, I certainly missed you” Tally husks her admiration into her lovers ear as she holds her firmly to her chest, the soft smacking of their hips echoing through the room. It doesn’t take long before the noises slipping from Sarah’s throat quickly become desperate, having already been worked up from her dream.


When Tally tries to move her hand back down between her thighs again Sarah stops her quickly, pressing her hand back to her sternum. It only takes Tally a moment to realize what it is Sarah wants. The past six weeks having left a void in both of their chests where that gold rope was anchored, the distance stretching it, making it impossible to feel each other. Tally blinked her second sight into place without even a stutter in the movement of her hips.


“Did you miss me, baby?” She asks again, her hand finding and caressing that gold rope tethered to her loves chest. The only response she gets is the stutter of Sarah’s hips as they try to keep moving with hers, her body overwhelmed by the sensations Tally is causing, another loud groan rumbling through her chest. Tally caresses the the rope again, nipping at Sarah’s ear, the pitched whine that escapes her love after the groan giving away the fact that theres only one thing left for Tally to do.


“Come for me, baby” She demands hotly into the shell of the older woman’s ear, grasping that gold cord tightly in her hand and giving it a soft tug. Sarah absolutely shatters against her, her entire body tensing stiff as Tally slows the cant of her hips, working the woman beneath her through her climax. She loosens the grip on the cord in her hand as she feels Sarah begin to go limp, blinking her second sight away as she softly begins to rub at her loves sternum again.


“I hate when you call me that” Sarah grumbles into the pillow, making Tally chuckle softly before she gently pulls her hips away from Sarah, leaving her lover to whimper at the emptiness.


“I think we both know thats a lie” Tally answers quietly as she quickly undoes the buckles holding the strap to her body, tossing it somewhere on the end of the bed once its free. She wraps herself tightly around the older woman again, placing her hand firmly back on her sternum as she slots herself back in place.


It's a lie’ She hears the unspoken words whispered down the bond like a dirty confession that Tally knows will never be acknowledged aloud.


“What about you?” Sarah asks softly, her words heavy with sleep. This time a groan rumbles its way through Tally’s chest as she pulls the woman in her arms as close as she could possibly could.


“I have everything I could possibly want right now” She tells her with a kiss to the shoulder blade beneath her.


“Sleep, baby” A sound that could only be described as a purr resounds through her loves chest and Tally smiles against the skin of her shoulder following the movements of the chest under her palm as they even and deepen, sleep taking hold, Tally following not long after.


Sarah jerked upright sometime in the early morning as the familiar cackle of farspeech echoed through her head, her bed companion groaning loudly at the jostling.


General Alder


“Yes” Her voice was far raspier than she intended causing another groan to sound from somewhere in the pillows. That rasp never failing to do things to Tally.


The Bellwether unit made an earlier transport, the briefing has been scheduled for 0800. Sarah smiled as the words echoed in her head, looking down at the redhead splayed out in her sheets, absently running a hand through flaming locks.


“Acknowledged” She replied in a tone that simply ended the conversation, feeling a hand snake up her back, tracing marks that were surely left there the night before. Before she had a moment to really process it happening, that hand pulled her from her shoulder until she was flat on her back in the bed. A pale thigh sliding over her to rest on the other side of her body and wet heat landing on her toro causing a groan to rumble through her chest.


Sarah spares a look at the clock on the bedside table as Tally bends over her pressing their foreheads together, red hair a curtain around their faces. Her nose rubs against Sarah’s for a minute before she brings their lips together, forever teasing Sarah.


“We don’t have time, my love” Sarah whispers when Tally pulls back only a breath away. A small laugh puffing out of the younger woman’s lips, it vibrated down her chest to where her center rested atop Sarahs stomach, it felt divine. Tally pecked her lips smoothly before a cheshire grin began stretching across her mouth as she moved to sit up astride her.


“And I haven’t had you beneath me in six weeks” Was her breathless reply as she swiveled her hips into her lovers torso, a needy moan slipping from the redheads lips. Sarah’s hands immediately found their way to Tally’s hips, thumbs slipping into the familiar dimples under where hip bones protruded like they were hand holds made just for her. The look of pure and unfiltered want in those brown eyes had Sarah willing to give Tally anything she asks for.


“Take what you need” The rasp from her lovers lips had set Tally’s hips back in motion, grinding herself into the firm abs beneath her. Tally’s head falls back almost simultaneously when Sarah slides a hand up her body to play with the younger woman’s nipples. The movement of Tally’s hips getting jerkier the longer she goes, whimpers escaping plump lips every so often. Sarah waits until the tone of those whimpers start to err on the edge of desperate, then she starts to move her own body, rocking it languidly into Tally’s. The whimpers stop and turn into a loud keen that echos loud off the walls in to room. Sarah removes her hand from the younger woman’s breast up to her throat, fingers sliding in place right under her jaw and holding firmly.


“Take it, my love”And Tally did, her hips moving with wild abandon before another deep groan rumbled though her entire being before she pressed her center so firmly into Sarah’s stomach it pushed all the breath out her lungs. That didn’t stop Sarah from guiding her through the orgasm, both hands back on her hips, moving her though it slowly before Tally collapsed back into her, face diving into the crook of Sarah’s neck, a chuckle escaping her lips.


“Good goddess, I missed you” She takes a few more breathes before she comes back up, kissing Sarah hotly before she presses her forehead to Sarah’s, a hand coming up to rest on Sarah’s sternum.  Like opening a faucet, they open the bond between them completely, an indulgence they rarely allow. They lay there for long moments encompassed in the warmth of a mutual love, respect and need. An unfiltered want and passion thrumming through them like it has it’s very own heart beat. The ache of being away pulsing through them as if it was a physical pain being eased out by their closeness.  They eventually choke the flow back to their usual trickle the remorse for the rush mutual.


Tally sits back up with a grin, still astride her lover as she swivels her hips again. The wet sound it emits borders on obscene and has Tally’s dimples sinking firmly into her cheeks. She takes a finger and draws it through the slick on Sarah’s torso before bringing it to the older woman lips. Sarah’s doesn’t hesitate to suck the digit into her mouth, watching as Tally’s eyes close as she swirls her tongue around the finger in her mouth. Tally swivels her hips again.


“You should get in the shower” She groans out the suggestion as she slumps on the mattress. Sarah glances at the clock again and hums in affirmation as she moves from the bed, pressing a kiss to Tally’s temple before she goes.


Sarah’s back is to the shower door when she hears Tally enter and hands slip around her waist, kisses pressing into that same love marked shoulder.


“We don’t have time, my love” She repeats herself, which she realizes is useless as Tally pushes her into the cold tile, dropping to her knees before the older woman.


“What are you doing?” Sarah rasps again as Tally starts placing soft kisses across her hips. Tally rests her chin right above the curls at the apex of her thighs, her brown eyes so full of want they’re nearly black.


“Taking what I need” Sarah only see’s the smirks for a quick second before Tally’s focus is drawn to whats directly in front of her. She grabs Sarah’s left leg swiftly, bringing her thigh to rest on her shoulder as her face dives right into Sarah’s center.


Tally takes absolutely no time before she absolutely feasts on the wetness before her. She does exactly what she said she was going to do and she takes as Sarah’s head falls back against the tile, her breathless moans echoing through the shower. It takes absolutely no time at all, it never usually does, especially when its been this long since Tally’s mouth has been on her. Sarah’s leg shakes, the thigh thrown haphazardly over Tally’s shoulder clench’s, pulling the redhead further into her, nearly smothering her against her wet heat as her orgasm rips though her. Tally licks her though the after shocks with the attentiveness of a long time lover, only rising when she knows Sarah is too tender for any more.


Tally kisses up her body lazily before ending at her mouth and Sarah can feel the smug smile pressed against her lips. She lets the younger woman kiss her just a few moments longer, enjoying the slide of their tongues as she tastes only herself on her lovers lips.  She spins them quickly, Tally laughing as her back is now pressed into the tile, already warmed by her lover.


“But General, I thought we didn’t have time” Tally teases with another cheshire grin, a laugh falling from those beautifully kiss swollen lips. Sarah hooks a hand beneath a knee, wrapping it firmly around her torso.


“I’m the General Sarah fucking Alder, I can do whatever I want” She says in her best commanding voice. Tally’s echoing laugh is cut off abruptly when Sarah bites her shoulder. Following Tally’s lead of skipping right to the point, she swiftly enters hers with three fingers. The moan that echos the bathroom is borderline work and has Sarah chucking as she sets a quick pace, Tally’s head dropping to her shoulder.


A fleeting mutual thought tumbles down that gold cord, how could this ever possibly be enough?


When they finally make it to the war room, all of fifteen minutes late, the look on Petra Bellwethers face when she notices both of their wet hair makes Sarah being late for the first time in decades all the more worth it.