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Risks and Chances

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“Can we do it again?” he pants, raspy. She chuckled, “We are doing it, aren’t we?”

She rode him a little faster and made them both groan out. They were having sex for a while already, so she really didn’t get him immediately. The room is hot and filled with their moans and groans and sighs. Their bodies are flushed and they can’t seem to find an end. Which, don’t get them wrong, neither really wants.

“I meant what we did the other day,” he adds, pleadingly. “With handcuffs?” She wrinkles her nose because she’s not too eager to do that again. Maybe they could use only a scarf this time. Those cuffs really scratched her wrists.

“No... I mean,” he clears his throat. It’s pretty difficult to speak it out, especially when she’s driving him insane while riding him like crazy. He chickens out, so he doesn’t keep voicing his wish, instead grabs her hips more firm to help her keep up the pace she set herself. They both moan again. They’re so in sync it always astounded him.

It’s more than often that they don’t have to say much about how to get each other hot and bothered, and finding their pleasure with the other. They felt drawn to each other right from the start when they met. Of course, special wishes are to be voiced out. But for the smallest things, they’re so good with each other without words. Like kissing harder or softer. Sucking, licking, groping. The other often seems to just know. They just fit.

After a little while, she can’t help but ask, “Do what again?” She doesn’t particularly know why she wants to know now, but something about his pleading look nags at her mind. It must be important to him.

And she wants to know, also to let him know he at least can ask for anything, even if they don’t do everything. Like, the role play thing, which just didn’t appeal to her in the context at the time.

Since they started sleeping together, they shared a lot of wishes in the bedroom with each other. She doesn’t know why, but she feels so completely comfortable with him she’s not too shy to voice anything. She wasn’t ever, but with him it’s still different. He makes her feel so incredibly safe, she just doesn’t have any restricts asking him about anything she ever wanted to try.

And slowly, very slowly, because we are still speaking about this adorable dork named Sergio, he opens up to her, too, and voices his desires. So she’s eager to find out what he liked too much the other day, which he wants to repeat.

“I mean...” He stops to groan again, because she started more like cycling on his cock while excitedly awaiting his answer and he feels her pulsing around him. “I mean without a condom,” he finally rasps out and admits what he really wants right now.

She’s surprised, and her eyebrows shoot up. She didn’t expect that. Again. Don’t get her wrong, it felt special, hot and forbidden because of the risk they took of her getting pregnant. After all, it’s the only protection they use.

“Oh,” she breathes out after a few seconds. “We don’t have to, if you don’t feel comfortable. I just...” He back-paddles a little, although she can clearly hear he still wants to do it. Without a condom. Another time. She can’t grasp it yet.

“I mean, it was good... Like really good...” She finally exhales, “But it’s also a risk, so I’m not sure about it.” She just wants to be honest. He nods. Then rubs her clitoris. She throws her head back while groaning again. He absolutely loves the sounds she’s making.

No. Not loves. The sounds she makes are hot. But love isn’t allowed. He scolds himself in his thoughts. He circles her clit harder to distract them both, even though she doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind. Her groans are getting longer. Which always indicates her orgasm’s getting closer. He wishes he could feel her coming around his cock once more without a barrier.

Before he can think about it, he adds, “I controlled it last time. I promise I can do it again.” She’s not convinced, although she looks him deeply in the eyes again. Of course she’s not stupid, but just like the last time, she trusts him enough to want to go for it, if with anyone, then with him. “I just... It was so hot feeling you around me coming undone without a barrier,” he finally voices out why exactly he wants to go for it another time.

“Oh gosh,” she exhales, shivers and finally stops her movements. Why does he have to be so sexy and turn her even more on just by saying such things? Never were only words such an aphrodisiac for her. It must be him. Which is a problem considering their arrangement. But she can worry about that later.

“Okay,” she finally, finally agrees, including a slow nod, and he sighs in happiness. It did, after all, feel pretty amazing for her, too.

She gets on her knees more so he can slip out of her. He grabs the rubber and pulls it off his still very hard and pulsing member. He sighs. It really feels thrilling just to think about her sinking back on him.

And she doesn’t waste too much time. Well, she inspects him. He’s beautiful, as beautiful as a cock can be, and especially with nothing on him. She loves the prominent veins. His slit, where she can see pre-cum glistening. She could look at him for hours. She can’t kid anyone, not even herself anymore. But as soon as he sits straight up again, she sinks down on him.

“I trust you,” she repeats like the first time they did it unprotected. He vigorously nods his head. She has a little feeling he would agree to anything at this point, but then again it’s Sergio, she do can trust him.

So she rides him again at a fast pace. They grope each other softly and roughly, depending on where their hands land. He kneads her breasts with one hand, the other slightly slaps her buttocks. He’s such an ass guy, she realized, not late after starting this thing with him. She’s always been conscious of her ass, but he appreciates it so much, she just could feel good about her ass. Malen smirks. She does love that.

No, wait. No love. This is not what this is about. But it feels like it when she’s riding him and kissing him like they’re an actual couple making love, not having sex. Especially without protection. Fuck. She gasps into his mouth. This won’t do. She stops yet again.

He opens his eyes and looks a little disappointed at her because he thinks they are done with the unprotected part. He leans a little back, but before he can voice out to get another condom, she kisses him again. She just can’t refuse, although it’s really not good for her heart. But he just looked irresistible.

Malen finally gets off him, crawling up the bed to bend on her hands and knees. She halfway turns her head and smirks at his flabbergasted face. She knows he likes this position, too.

“Come and fuck me,” she rasps out. She also knows he likes when she uses such words in the bedroom. It’s a turn on for both of them. He groans once again.

“Malen... Are you sure?” She nods fast. Sergio doesn’t need more confirmation and almost jumps on her. He roams his hands over her backside. He really is into her backside as well. Fuck, who is he kidding? He’s into all of her. He fucking is into her. Shit. This will not end well for him and his heart.

She bucks her hips back into his hard cock, which makes him come back to the present. He reaches around, fumbling with her breasts again, reaching down with one hand to find her clit again. He rubs it in small circles.

Her movements become more erratic by the minute and before they both know it, he slips into her again in one smooth slide. At least they didn’t pretend this time they wouldn’t slip up. She’s so fucking tight and he hits spots very deeply in this position. They once again groan simultaneously.

She starts fucking herself on him when he’s not really moving at first. She needs the friction so much. She’s so close because of his hands but also of his mouth, kissing her shoulders.

“Do not stop, I beg you,” she groans loudly. It’s getting difficult for him to hold back, but she keeps thrusting and telling him not to stop. He can feel she’s getting closer and closer. This angle is so fucking incredible. “Yes, yes, yes...” They both let slip over and over again.

He bends more over her, which makes him thrust even deeper and he feels her tightening more. “Malen, I have to...” He starts, but is interrupted when she almost hits her head with his, throwing it back, glaring at him. “Don’t you dare to stop now,” she just pants and he can’t say no to her, not in this state.

So he keeps thrusting and rubbing her clit while desperately trying to hold back and not explode inside her, like she asked him to. It would be not what they had agreed to, not to mention a bad idea after all. But they both just keep going back and forth and it feels too fucking amazing to think about any consequences or rules or even heartbreak at this moment.

When she squeezes her walls, consciously or unconsciously, he doesn’t know, around him again, he can’t keep it, groans out loud while letting go. He really, really tries to pull out, but she sneaked her hand on his ass to hold him in place.

She feels his orgasm in her, his sperms filling her up and the warmth spreading in her finally takes her over the edge, too. She groans very loudly and deeply. Even squirts a little bit, which happens rather rarely to her. Fuck, this was so good.

She already regrets having agreed. It would always be difficult going back to use condoms again now. She should have known after the first time. Or maybe even before the first time. After all, it’s Sergio, and it makes it a thousandth times more special with him. He’s her confident, her best friend, even her friend with benefits. But she also is deeply, madly in love with him.

In the back of her mind, she also knows this wasn’t a good idea to not let him go as he tried, in respective of being reproductive. She really does. But the feeling of him coming inside her was just fucking worth it. She just has to get contraception in the morning, she thinks, when they both slump forward onto the bed, spent.

“I’m sorry, Malen,” he lets out after falling next to her and she can hear his remorse. She knows he means it, because she made him swear she can trust him. He feels like he betrayed that trust. But she still does, because it wasn’t really on him.

“It was my fault. I’m the one to be sorry,” she says. “I hope I didn’t push you too far, doing something you didn’t want.” She just realized she might have disregarded him, because they really didn’t give their consent for him coming inside her. All they talked about was getting a little fun out of it, but not to finish like this.

He chuckles. She sighs in relief.

Fuck Malen... I would have never asked for this, because I thought it would go too far, but coming inside you?” He just ends with a happy sigh and a smile on his lips. He looks very content, so she relaxes again. She doesn’t know why it’s such a turn on for him, but she figures it’s not about planting his seed inside her or some other middle-aged bullshit. It’s reaching the peak together like this. It definitely is for her.

“It was the last time, though!” She says vehemently. He quickly looks into her eyes, asking silently, so she elaborates.

“We can’t keep doing it unprotected. The risk is too high. Especially since we obviously both can’t control our behavior while having mind blowing sex,” she smiles remorseful. If they’d be a couple, they could talk about other contraception methods which would allow them not to use a condom. But this? Their casual arrangement? No. It’s too personal to go there, too close to making love, so they have to keep using condoms.

“Mind blowing, eh?” He smirks after having frowned for a while. He doesn’t want to go down this road more if she doesn’t want to. He’s not ready to confess he’d love to have a couple talk with her, because he would have to tell her he wants to fully go in, probably even tell her he loves her. And he can’t risk losing her. Not after she stated the rules right from the beginning, which especially included no relationship. That’s how they became friends with benefits. Despite him wanting so much more. But he takes what he gets.

“Shut up,” she slaps his shoulder slightly, then nuzzles it with her nose. She loves the ‘after-sex-staying in bed and cuddling’ times just as much as she loves the sex itself. She almost slips a ‘love you’ or something similar, because she’s so happy right now like so often in these after glowing moments. But she can’t, because she doesn’t know if he feels even a tiny bit the same and she can’t lose him. Although she made the rules, and it’s still not a good idea to get into a relationship with him from work perspective, she kinda hates herself for it now. Maybe she would know if she means as much to him as he does to her. But that ship has sailed a long time ago. It’s not as easy anymore. So she stays silent and takes what she gets.

They both think the same at the same time ‘I’m so fucked.’