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When Sasuke approached Naruto's face there was always a necessary stop, where the main focus was his beautiful, curly blond hair, a golden hue like liquid gold when the sunlight reflected and so soft because of the long but spiky length at the end.


There was something unhealthy about wanting to touch it uncontrollably, to feel the thin strands on his pale, slender fingertips.


Compulsively Sasuke had always showered attentions on him whenever he wanted to hug Naruto. 


After all, Sasuke was more about actions than words, and that kind of love was what Naruto appreciated most from his boyfriend.


Even if he didn't say anything he would drag him to his favorite places, without mediating anything beforehand, he was already doing things for him without him even realizing it. He only needed a touch, a look or a movement of his body to tell his so many things.


That's how strong their bond and their love was.


That's why when Sasuke started with his strange attitudes, more than usual, is when Naruto decided it was time to speak up.


"Sasuke, man, you should control yourself when you have my head around, Do you like my hair that much? You'd think you were obsessed." Naruto was only joking, really, he was only joking.


But when he noticed that Sasuke didn't respond and was only blushing slightly he knew something wasn't right there.


In between monosyllabic chatter and silence, where Naruto is the one asking questions and Sasuke just nodded and denied or dodged his face, Sasuke with a bit of reluctant attitude and embarrassment coloring his face said that he really liked his hair, actually, a lot.


"Your hair is fluffy and smells nice, like a girl's. And it feels soft and smooth when you finish bathing, similar to your wet mouth on my cock. That makes me horny, it's not my fault."


He was so blunt that day. Not mincing words, hell, Naruto never believed the joke was real.


Sasuke had grown up in a country and household where most people had dark hair, with no particular color that was different among the cumulus of monochromatic, dull people like him.


That's why when he first saw Naruto he thought it was so beautiful, it was the first thing that caught his eye and what made him stand out from the crowd.


Something that for Sasuke was a gift is that this boy came up and chose him over everyone else.


They spent so much time together that it was inevitable that Sasuke didn't want to touch that unruly hair that looked fluffy to the eye and as bright as a yellow rose amidst ugly black roses.


When the awkwardness and shyness had taken a back seat and he was close, close enough, he dared to pat him whenever Naruto did something right or was obedient and less impulsive.


Those pats soon turned to tousled, tousled pats that made his hair fluff up, as Kiba sometimes did when he was close to Naruto and their friendship went beyond the intimacy of personal space.


And then, they ended in comforting caresses, which were soft and made with love and sweetness.


Always from a considerable distance between the two, so that Naruto would not run away from his displays of affection or think that he went crazy, without wanting to make him uncomfortable.


Aside from the hair, what Sasuke liked was that when he gave Naruto cuddles, he smiled and was consequently happy, enjoying his warm touch and asking for more as he snuggled under his hand fully flushed.


That escalated at some point to something completely different, the previously innocent rubbing filled with a morbid and obscene feeling for Sasuke. 


Sure he liked Naruto's hair but there was something needy about wanting to bury his face in those blond curls as he imagined his embarrassed and happy face.


He had imagined it, the heat, the scent, the color, the texture, the length, the softness, the taste, the lightness and the way he could use that hair to make him feel pleasure.


He could pull it so that Naruto would scream during sex at the roughness with which he treated him, feeling the softness between his fingers that tickled his skin making him shiver, making a good and great contrast.


He could bury his face in his beloved's skull as he penetrated him hard from behind, inhaling hard on the natural scent that seeped through every blond thread, smothering him in a scent of sweat and perfume of some shampoo, exciting him that much more to make him reach orgasm.


He could grab it from there with both hands as he sucked his cock, massaging the scalp delicately and enjoying gentle swaying and saltwater-covered locks that glistened under the light of his apartment or by the fatuous fire of the sun streaming through the window.


Kissing the locks vehemently, one by one, to let Naruto know how beautiful he was with that beautiful magnificent ornament on his head. Similar to the halo of an angel.


The spiky, unruly, messy blonde hair gave a good picture of his face and framed his forehead perfectly. 


Oh, but there was something that for most Japanese, and also for Sasuke, was even more attractive and that incited him to sin; It was, simply, the nape of his neck.


That beautiful tanned nape of his neck, covered and almost hidden by his lover's hair. An elegant way to be seduced by Naruto, it was an absolute delight to see the angelic image every time he wore white or colored shirts, contrasting perfectly with his tanned skin and hair that moved back and forth.


There was no way Sasuke would look away from that lush, spiky blonde hair.


And before he could stop his fantasies or even think straight, he was already masturbating; Stroking his long, thick, hard piece of meat that was profusely dripping semen and pearly liquid all over his pants and hand, twitching his cock like an animal without a hint of shame. So many erotic images running through his head confused and fucked up from having such a precious boyfriend.


Discovering the good uses of controlling the pace and dominating him at his whim, with Naruto being subservient only to his cock, kneeling and begging.


Of course Sasuke wouldn't say that out of the blue, he flatly refused, it was private and he needed time so Naruto wouldn't look at him like a freak. 


It was just a clarification that he had some sort of fetish with his blonde hair and it set his mood on fire. That's all.


Naruto was open-minded, whatever his boyfriend liked wasn't weird.


Everyone has paraphilias or fetishes, and anyone who says they don't is lying. It's completely healthy and normal.


So with this revelation, Naruto and Sasuke entered a time of trust and communication. Waiting long enough for Sasuke to come and speak for himself, a difficult but achievable thing to do, and that's how they came to an agreement.


Sasuke could touch him as much as he wanted, it's not like Naruto minded being touched by his boyfriend or disliked it, on the contrary, he was happy that Sasuke was a little more free and aware of what he was doing.


Sasuke was such a gentleman, asking if he could touch him or waiting patiently for him to notice so they could both sit on a couch, and Sasuke would let him lay his head against his legs or wait for him to climb into his lap so he could bury his face in his neck and then touch both hands in his blond hair.


He could allow himself to simply run the brush through his short blonde strands, combing the noisy man's soft, untamed hair. Making him shiver with pleasure as he felt Sasuke's cool hand and pale delicate fingers against his neck, stroking his hair like a devoted lover. 


Consenting to grab a handful or tug his blond locks down when he misbehaved and producing a less than masculine squeal, so melodic it went straight to his cock. Delighting in the blush he hinted at and watching him bite his lower lip.


Even sometimes unconsciously he would just come and hug him to inhale his scent or play with the tresses between his fingers, twirling, pinching and tangling them.


Sasuke liked his hair so much and it made Naruto happy and confident of his own beauty, adoring it even more and actively caring for his mane so that he could be filled with affection.


It wasn't something completely that their relationship was based on his hair, not that.


But it was something, a piece of them and he understood his partner.


Then, one day, Naruto decided to give his a gift. A nice present to let Sasuke know that he was grateful for his trust to tell him something like that. 


A small keychain, almost a charm. With a lock of his own blonde hair wrapped in a cute orange ribbon that matched well.


A token of love.


To some it might be weird, but not to Naruto and Sasuke.


Though now Naruto had a hole in the back of his head, bald and hollow in a visible part that his friends sometimes teased him about every time they saw it.


He could only wait for him to grow up.


If there was anything he could do for Sasuke he would agree, even with a request something as nonsensical as....


"Would you let me stick my dick in your hair?"