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breaking desperation

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"We need to talk." 

Ningguang looks up from where she's watering the plants and arches an eyebrow, "About what?" 

Beidou looks sheepishly to both sides as if to check if anyone was listening–obviously, there wouldn't be anyone there, it was only them in Beidou's ridiculously large abode, "About something…  personal ." 

Ningguang stands up from her crouched position and gives the watering can one last tip before setting it down on the bench and leaning up to press a kiss on Beidou's cheek, "Would you like to go somewhere more private to discuss this  personal  matter?" 

Over the year that they had been married–albeit not by choice–the two had eventually grown incredibly fond of each other. What had started off as an awkwardly arranged marriage became two souls intertwined by their own choice.

Beidou's fin-like ears twitch as she nods, eyes dropping down to where Ningguang's extended her hand to her. She takes it gently and leads the two towards her bedchambers. 

The door shuts behind them and soon enough, they’re both sitting on the bed. Beidou looks a little nervous, biting her lips and not daring to look Ningguang in the eyes. Ningguang takes her hands and flips them over, massaging the inner part of Beidou’s wrists in the way that Ningguang knew would help her relax. 

“What’s this about, Beidou?” she asks, a soft tone to her voice, “Something bothering you?”

Beidou clears her throat and looks down in her lap. Ningguang thinks she looks like a little scolded puppy like this, “You can't be near me next week. At all." 

Ningguang's mind halts and she looks at Beidou with a frown, "Why not? Did I do something?" 

Beidou looks up from her lap and looks at Ningguang with utmost softness, "Of course, not," she breathes, leaning in to press a kiss to Ningguang's face, "It- it wouldn't be safe for you." 

Ningguang laughs-  laughs  and shakes her head, " What  wouldn't be safe for me, Beidou?  You ?" The idea of  Beidou  being a danger to Ningguang was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard.

Beidou nods, her face completely serious, "Yes," she confirms, "Me."

Ningguang's laughter dies down and from the looks on Beidou's face, she manages to figure out that she wasn't joking, "Why?" she asks incredulously, "You couldn't be a danger to me if you  tried , Beidou."

Beidou chews the inside of her cheek and rubs her thumbs over Ningguang's hands, "I could be." 

Ningguang shuffles closer and looks Beidou in the eyes, "Can you tell me why?"

Beidou's face turns a light shade of red as she looks away shyly, "It's embarrassing."

"My love," Ningguang coos, "Please tell me, I might be able to help."

Beidou sputters and the idea of Ningguang helping must've really shocked her as she retracts her hands into her own lap. " Gods , no- that is completely out of the question."

"Beidou," Ningguang huffs, "Can I know what this is about?"

Beidou mumbles something under her breath and Ningguang goes to tell her to speak louder but Beidou beats her to it, "Heat- I'm going into heat."

The room falls into a silence as Ningguang's mind works to register the words she had just heard– heat?

"I'm worried that I'll… do something to you and so I would like to ask you to stay away from me. No actually, I  order  you to stay away from me." 

Ningguang looks up at Beidou and laughs, "You can't keep me away for something that ridiculous–I don't care that you're going into heat, it doesn't bother me."

"It bothers  me ," Beidou huffs, "If I see you, I'll…"

Ningguang raises an eyebrow, "You'll…?"

Beidou looks down at her lap like a scolded puppy, "I'll hurt you." 

"What? With  sex ?" Ningguang can't contain her laughter, "You think you'll pounce on me?" Ningguang crawls onto all fours and pushes Beidou down by her chest. She straddles her lap and leans down so that she can whisper in Beidou's ear, "You'll tear all my clothes off and have your way with me? Is that what you're worried about, my captain?" 

She can hear the way Beidou swallows and Ningguang expects her to protest but Beidou's hands slip up to her waist, "Ningguang," she mutters, "Please listen to me."

"I am," Ningguang breathes out, "And I'm loving the idea of it."

"I'll be aggressive," Beidou huffs, "Violent–I'll hurt you and I won't know when to stop. It strips me of my very will, I can't help anything I do." 

Ningguang lets the thought roll over in her head and a small moan slips past her lips; the idea was so  enticing.  Ningguang sets her weight down on Beidou and her eyes widen when she feels something tense against her backside–Beidou was  hard .

"Ningguang," she gasps, hands tightening in her waist. Ningguang rolls her hips against Beidou's bulge and elicits a sharp groan out of her. 

"Captain," she purrs, cupping Beidou's face and rubbing her thumb over her cheek, "Let me help you." 

"If you want to stop, I won't," Beidou's face is a mixture of lust and concern, "I'll  use  you, I don't want that."

Ningguang grinds down on Beidou once more and  dear lord , "Fuck," she mutters, "Please do." 

Beidou's eyes widen, " What ?"

"Use me," Ningguang smirks, "That's what you want isn't it? Fuck me 'till you're satisfied? Do it." 

"No." Beidou huffs and she seems to have had enough of Ningguang now as she rolls her over to the other side of the bed and hastily gets up, adjusting the fabric of her pants. Ningguang looks up at her with a frown. "This is the end of this discussion."

" Beidou -" 

Beidou is out of the door within the blink of an eye.




The bed is crowded with different blankets and duvets, built up around the edges like a nest on the sheets. Articles of Ningguang's clothing have also been scattered around, the scent of the woman surrounding Beidou as she lays curled up in the middle with her tail wrapped around her protectively. Beidou has one of Ningguang's shirts balled up and held against her face, Ningguang's intoxicating scent carrying along with every breath she takes.

The setup she has is the best she can but definitely doesn't help much. She's trying her best to just simply fall asleep but the throbbing between her legs just does not stop. She's left to writhe and squirm in her sheets, mind clouded in a haze and her muscles tensing painfully. She knows that there is one way to relieve her pain but that was the last thing she wanted to do, especially if it meant Ningguang could get hurt. 

Beidou's hips rock back and forth, her stiff cock rubbing up against her thigh in search of some sort of friction but it's just not enough to quell her desire. Small, quiet whimpers slip past her lips as she spends hours with the same burning ache simmering in her stomach, never-ending and unforgiving. She's thankful that Ningguang had listened to her-

The door opens and Beidou doesn't even have to look up to see who it was. After all, she lived with only one other person.

Faint footsteps make their way towards her bed and Beidou  growls , from the depths of her throat, and she hopes that it's enough to scare Ningguang away. It's not.

Ningguang sits down on the edge of the bed, mattress dipping under her weight and her hand comes up to rest on Beidou's thigh. Beidou tenses under her touch.

"Beidou," Ningguang calls quietly, concern clear in her voice, "You haven't come out of your room all day."

Beidou opens an eye and peers over to where Ningguang's sitting and  oh , Ningguang is wearing nothing but one of Beidou's very oversized shirts. It hangs nicely off of the curves of Ningguang's body and Beidou finds her eye raking over her figure, drinking in the sight. Ningguang seems to notice and a smirk grows on her face.

"You like what you see?" 

Beidou whimpers and shuffles further away from Ningguang, "Please leave, Ningguang. Please." 

Ningguang pouts and instead of listening, she climbs onto Beidou, pushing the pirate onto her back as she straddles her hips. Beidou's face is flushed a deep red and her hands tremble where they've got a tight grip on one of Ningguang's shirts. 

"Ningguang," she whispers, almost pleads, "I'm-"

Ningguang hushes her, "Let me help you, Beidou — you'll feel so much better afterwards." 

"I'll hurt you." Beidou doesn't know how she hasn't pounced on Ningguang yet but she's glad that her will hasn't completely disappeared. With a smile, Ningguang reaches over to the edge of the headboard where a piece of thick, sturdy rope is wrapped. She takes Beidou's hand and carefully loops the rope around her wrists, tightening it before pushing Beidou's hands above her head. She wraps another piece of rope between Beidou's wrists and the bar at the top of the headboard, ensuring that the pirate couldn't move her hands.

"You can't hurt me now," Ningguang hums, leaning down whilst grinding down onto Beidou's hip at the same time–Beidou was already so hard. "If hurting me wasn't a factor, would you fuck me?" 

Beidou swallows and closes her eyes but Ningguang lifts her chin up and Beidou knows that she wants her to look at her. Beidou manages a shallow nod.

"Yes," she breathes out, "I would."

"Would you fuck me right now, if I let you?" 

Beidou groans and her hips buck up into Ningguang's, " Yes ."

Ningguang's lips grow into a satisfied smile and she gives another roll of her hips, watching in fascination as Beidou's lips part. Beidou still doesn't seem convinced and so Ningguang climbs off of her, crawling down until she's settled nicely on her knees between Beidou's legs. She parts her thighs and a gentle hand comes to rest on Beidou's crotch. 

Beidou's breaths are laboured, her chest rising and falling as she watches Ningguang slowly peel back the layer that was her shorts and underwear. 

Ningguang's eyes widen as she takes the pirate's cock in her hand and  oh dear - was it larger than before? Could the heat have made it…? She wraps her fingers around it and swallows once she realises that her fingertips don't touch each other round the other side– fuck

"Ningguang," Beidou rasps, looking down at Ningguang with lidded eyes, "I- oh  fuck ." Beidou cuts herself off as Ningguang draws her hand down the length before going back up. She leans forward and kisses the tip, giving the slit a small lick before taking it into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around it whilst keeping eye contact with Beidou and she swears she can see the way Beidou's face darkens. 

She bobs her head up and down, her hand working away at what her mouth couldn't reach–which was  a lot . The longer she goes on for, the heavier Beidou's breaths are getting and soon, small moans slip out as well. 

Beidou's hips buck up into Ningguang's mouth and Ningguang looks up at her almost as if to encourage her. 

Ningguang picks her pace up and she can tell that Beidou's getting close from the way she's squirming and just as she's about to come- Ningguang lets the tip go with a pop, letting the length fall against Beidou's thighs as she pulls herself up. She licks her lips and gives Beidou a sultry look. 

"I'll let you come, if you do it inside of me." 

Beidou tugs against her restraints and she looks so  desperate , so raw and needy that it makes Ningguang's stomach flutter.

"Ningguang," Beidou rasps, "I can't- not inside." 

Ningguang raises a perfectly arched eyebrow and eyes Beidou. She wraps both of her hands around Beidou's length and begins slow, languid pumps up and down. 

"Why not? Are you scared?"

Beidou bites down on her bottom lip and her nails are digging into her own palm, "I won't- I wouldn't be able to stop-  ah- "

"Do you not want to fuck me, Beidou?" Ningguang's voice is low and seductive, gaining Beidou's attention. She feels satisfaction course through her with the way the pirate was looking at her as if she wanted to devour her. "Do you not want to breed me? Fuck me until I'm  full  with your cum?" Ningguang speeds up, "You know, you could tie me up in here and fuck me all you want, whenever you want–wouldn't that be convenient? Use me as your thing to get off, your own little cum slut, to make you feel better through this awful heat of yours."

"Ningguang," Beidou grits through her teeth, "Don't talk about yourself like that." 

"Why not?" Ningguang hums, leaning down to press a kiss to the tip of Beidou's cock, "What if I wanted that, Beidou? What if I told you I've fantasised countless times of being completely at your mercy–what would you say then?" 

" Ningguang ," Beidou whines, hips bucking up into Ningguang's hands and she can tell that she's close. "Please." 

"Is my baby close?" Ningguang coos, a pout to her lips, "Are you going to come?" 

" Yes ," Beidou gasps, hands straining against her restraints, "Please let me."

Ningguang hums and lets go of Beidou's cock, letting it fall onto her stomach just the second before Beidou finds her release. "Whoops," she says, "Were you close?" 

The headboard creaks and cracks with the force Beidou tugs at the ropes with–Ningguang's slightly worried that she'll break it.

"Ningguang," Beidou whines but it quickly turns into a growl, "Quit teasing me." Ningguang gives another shallow pump of her hand and Beidou pushes her hips into her touch, searching for more friction. 

Beidou's cock was bright red in her hand, swelled up and throbbing, and now that it was fully hard, it appeared so much bigger than it usually was. Normally, Ningguang wouldn't take Beidou's whole length anyway–the pirate had always been worried that it'd hurt Ningguang even though Ningguang insisted that she would be fine–and thus they'd put rings on the base to prevent it. But now, all that was going through Ningguang's head was the need to take it  all

She had never seen Beidou writhe and whine so much in her life, not even when Ningguang had teased and edged her for hours on end–her stamina and self-control had always been impeccable–but it seems that with her heat, Beidou really couldn't control herself. 

She's panting, tongue lolling out to the side as Ningguang edges her twice more, leaving her on the cusp of release as Beidou begs for her to let her come. Ningguang coos at her, whispering little promises of sweet release if Ningguang could get in on it too.

"Ning-  guang ." Beidou's eyes are closed and her wrists are bruised red with the force she's been tugging on her bonds with, " Please ,"   she sobs, "It hurts." 

The sentence seems to snap something within Ningguang as she immediately stops, much to Beidou's dismay, and crawls up her body to plant soft kisses on her face.

"My sweet captain," Ningguang hums, "Where does it hurt?"

Tears stream down Beidou's face and her legs are so tense that the muscles within them could snap, "Please let me come." 

Ningguang traces a finger over the line of Beidou's jaw, "Will you be a good girl and come inside me?" 

Beidou nods, seemingly having changed her mind, "I will- I will, please let me come inside you." 

Ningguang laughs quietly and shuffles so that she's sitting on Beidou's hips, the pirate's cock nestled neatly between her thighs, "Good, that's what I want to hear." 

Ningguang reaches down, wrapping slender fingers around Beidou's length as she guides it against her slit–she rocks her hips against it, grinding against Beidou's cock as they both give off strained sighs and grunts. It's not difficult with how wet she's grown. 

Beidou's tail, which Ningguang had forgotten about, curls up Ningguang's back and supports her, almost acting like a backrest–Ningguang leans into it and with the new angle that Beidou's cock has against her, she lets out a sigh. 

Eventually, Ningguang stops the movement of her hips and lifts herself up off of her thighs to line the tip up with her entrance, watching as Beidou's breath hitches.

A strained groan is followed by Beidou's worried words, "Are you sure? Don't hurt yourself, my light." 

Ningguang simply nods her head as she looks down where the tip is just past her entrance. She bites down on her bottom lip and sucks her breath in as she lowers herself down. She only gets halfway before she lets out a strangled moan. 

"Beidou," she whimpers, Beidou's cock wonderfully splitting her open, "You're so big." 

Even through her blissful, hazy state, Beidou warns her, "Please, be careful." 

Determined to prove Beidou's concerns wrong, she pushes down onto the rest of the length and she immediately regrets it as it  burns . Her hands find grip on Beidou's ripped stomach and she lets her head drop as a moan is ripped out of her. 

Beidou bucks her hips up and it doesn't help Ningguang's little problem. Her eyes screw shut and her nails dig into Beidou's skin, "Oh my god," she murmurs, muscles tensed. 

A shaky hand leaves Beidou's waist and settles on her own stomach, eyes widening as she feels a small bump. She looks down and-  fuck , she could see it through her stomach. Beidou seems to notice it as well as she gives off a half-laugh, half-moan. 

Ningguang whimpers as she adjusts herself on Beidou's cock, feeling the way it fills her, "Do you think it'll be even bigger once you breed me?" 

"Ningguang-" Beidou mutters, "You can't say things like that." 

Ningguang lifts herself up fractionally and pushes back down, breathy sighs leaving her lips as she begins doing it repeatedly, "Why not?" her voice is barely above a whisper, her movements growing bigger and bigger, "Afraid you won't be able to live up to my word? Don't worry, Captain," she pushes down to the base and grinds her hips down, whimpering softly, "I believe in you." 

"You're going to be the death of me," Beidou huffs, watching where she and Ningguang connect.

Ningguang's slow and languid pace continues on for some while before the feeling of Beidou inside of her becomes a little more familiar. Now, she rises off of her thighs until just the tip remains inside of her before pushing all the way down. After a few of those, enjoying the way Beidou reacted to it, she begins quickening her pace, her hands steadying herself on the curves of Beidou's abs. 

The two are panting, almost in sync, and they can each tell that they're both so close. Ningguang slams her hips down harder, digging her perfectly done nails into the skin of Beidou's abdomen and soon, she comes with a keen cry. Beidou doesn't seem to lag too far behind her as she throws her head back and spills herself into the woman–spurt after spurt fills her and after a while, Ningguang can already tell that it's a lot more than usual.

When Ningguang lifts herself off of Beidou's cock, she feels the way the pirate's cum slides down her thighs, coating them in whiteness. However, what she also discovers is that Beidou is  still  hard.

Her eyes flit up to Beidou's and the captain gives her an almost apologetic look, something along the lines of ' this is going to take a while. ' Ningguang sighs, reaching down between her legs and using two fingers to swipe up the cum dripping from her. She looks over to Beidou, eyes half-lidded and a curve to the corner of her lips as she drags the slick-covered fingers up across her stomach before parting her lips and placing the digits on her tongue. She closes her mouth around them and her stomach churns at the way Beidou's eyes are drowned in pure, unfiltered lust. 

Ningguang cleans her fingers up, making a show of running her tongue across them before giving Beidou a little giggle as she places her hands on Beidou's shoulders and arches her back into her. 

She hums, pressing a kiss to Beidou's jaw whilst simultaneously grinding against Beidou's length, "What should I do with you now?" 

The pirate doesn't give her a verbal response but instead, she growls and the next thing Ningguang can hear is the ripping of ropes.  Oh shit . Beidou's calloused hands dig into Ningguang's waist before she flips the two over–she pushes Ningguang down into the mattress before shoving her cock inside. Ningguang's eyes widen and a strangled grunt leaves her as Beidou hilts all the way to the base. 

" Beidou -" she gasps, back arching into her, "Oh my god."

Beidou regains a moment of clarity where she looks down at Ningguang with uttermost care, "Say 'Alcor' if it becomes too much, okay?" 

Ningguang gives her a nod, lips parted with anticipation.

Beidou sets a quick pace, slamming and thrusting into Ningguang with all of her might. The bed rocks underneath them and Ningguang cries out every time Beidou's hips meet the back of her thighs. 

Her hands clamber up and grip tightly onto Beidou's horns, tugging her head down as another guttural groan rips out from her. Ningguang has always known Beidou's horns were sensitive and so she basks in the growl that the pirate gives off when she gives them a tug. 

Beidou's pace is unforgiving, focused solely on her own release as she pounds and pounds into Ningguang. The sounds of filthy slapping fill the room, along with Ningguang's mangled moans and groans.

If Ningguang looked down, she could see the way her stomach bulged every time Beidou thrust in. 

It's not long before Ningguang reaches her climax but even so, Beidou doesn't let up, even going as far as increasing her pace. With the overstimulation that strings in her stomach, she peaks again shortly after, legs trembling around Beidou's shoulders. She gasps and she writhes and it's only when Beidou comes that she gets a break. She feels the way Beidou spills into her, filling her up, and she whines–she already felt so full. 

"Fuck, Beidou," she mutters, hand over her stomach and her head thrown back into the pillows, "Archons, you're breeding me so well." 

That sentence seems to awaken something in Beidou as Ningguang is promptly flipped over. The remains of the ropes from before are tied around Ningguang's wrists and they're pinned to her lower back. Ningguang groans into the pillow as Beidou draws in again–only this time, the pirate really does fulfil Ningguang's wish of using her. Instead of pumping her cock into Ningguang, she grabs her by the waist and moves  her , rocking her hips back and forth along Beidou's cock. Ningguang doesn't realise what's happening until Beidou gives a heavy slap of her hand into Ningguang's ass. 

Ningguang moans and she feels a smile on her lips, "Fuck yes, Beidou,  use me ." 

Beidou gives another slap of her hand and Ningguang whimpers, "Oh  yes fuck  me." 

Forwards and backwards–Beidou moves Ningguang's hips back and forth and after a while, she speeds up. Ningguang revels in how Beidou's practically using her, using her body, to get off.

"Fuck," even with her face shoved in the pillow, Ningguang still manages to talk, "You're doing so well, fucking me so well, my captain." Beidou's hips buck and she speeds up, finally beginning to put some effort in too. "Aw yeah," Ningguang murmurs, nails digging into her own palms, "Are you going to come in me, Beidou? Fill my little hole up?" 

Beidou growls, a hand leaving Ningguang's waist to tangle in her hair–she shoves her head down into the sheets and mutters a quiet  shut up , before pounding into her.

Before long, Beidou peaks again, for the third time that night, and even more of her cum spills into Ningguang–the latter moans, driving her hips back onto Beidou so that not a single drop went to waste. The pirate seems to have other plans though, pulling out and watching as slick drips down Ningguang's slit, some of it landing on the sheets beneath. Beidou guides her tip to the bottom of Ningguang's cunt, gathering up all the cum she could before pushing it back into her. The woman whimpers, hands clenching as Beidou gives a few languid pumps. 

Ningguang hears Beidou murmur something and so she turns her head over her shoulder to ask her to repeat what she said.

Beidou clears her throat and pushes in, making sure that Ningguang didn't have the power to muster up any teasing comeback. "Thank you," she mutters, rubbing her hand over the reddened skin of Ningguang's ass as she draws out and pushes back in, "For letting me relieve myself." 

Ningguang laughs quietly and lets her head fall back onto the pillow, "You're not done already, are you?" 

"No," Beidou shakes her head, "Not at all." 

Ningguang sighs dreamily as Beidou pushes in again, hand still carefully kneading at the soft skin of Ningguang's behind, "Do you know how many times you have to come before you feel better?" 

Beidou bites her lip and shakes her head again, not that Ningguang could see, "I've never gone through a heat with someone else before but from the previous ones alone, about twenty times a day?" 

Ningguang's eyes widen and she chokes on nothing– twenty?!  She had expected something more like  five  or  ten , at most, but  twenty ? And wait- did Beidou say  a day

"How- how many days does it usually last?" 

Beidou hums in thought and she shuffles on her knees. She spreads Ningguang's legs apart, setting her thighs just to the side as she begins a slow, casual pace, sighing to herself. Ningguang can't help but whimper. 

"A week or two maybe? Usually one." 

At the thought, a choked whine escapes Ningguang and she clenches her fists,  twenty times a day? For a whole week?

"Are you- serious?" Ningguang chokes as Beidou's finger comes to circle her clit–her hips buck and her eyes roll into the back of her head briefly.

Beidou groans as she gives a particularly deep thrust, "Yeah- yeah, I mean, of course, you don't have to stay the entire time but…" she trails off and Ningguang can just feel the smirk that grows on Beidou's lips, "Didn't you offer to be tied up so I could use you whenever I pleased? What did you say again?" She gives a dramatic hum of thought before roughly pressing back in, "My own little cum slut? You know, I like the idea of that, being able to fuck and fill you whenever I want, it  does  sound convenient." Beidou sighs in relief as she silently comes again, hands digging into the flesh of Ningguang's ass. Overstimulation seems to have nothing on her as she continues her languid pace–Ningguang hadn't expected Beidou to actually  use  her but now that it was actually happening, Ningguang couldn't be more turned on. 

"Having you tied up all prettily for me, waiting for me to breed you, wouldn't you like that, my dear?" 

Ningguang whimpers as she feels even more of Beidou's cum fill her and  fuck , she hadn't expected Beidou to retaliate. The pirate's words flit through her head and they make her mind swim–she doesn't even realise she's let out a moan until Beidou laughs gently.

"You seem to like that idea–who thought they would've sacrificed such a slut as a wife for me? You're so nice and warm, so perfect for me." Beidou's hand leaves Ningguang's clit and goes to press up on her stomach instead, grinning to herself at how she could feel her own cock bulge out, "I can feel myself through you, my light, that's how well you're taking." 

Ningguang moans at the pressure on her stomach and her hips buck against Beidou's cock inside of her.

"You're made for me," Beidou sighs. She presses on Ningguang's stomach once more and satisfaction washes over her with how the woman moans, soft and delicate. "So perfect, good girl." 

Beidou laughs and her hand goes to give a light slap on Ningguang's ass, "You were so mouthy earlier, had so much to say. Where did your words go, Ningguang?"

Beidou reaches over and grabs a pillow, carefully lifting Ningguang's hips up so that she could slot the pillow in just underneath her stomach. She adjusts Ningguang a little, making sure she's comfortable, before sighing to herself as she thrusts back in.

"I quite like you like this," she hums, "Can you stay on your stomach for a while?" Ningguang nods slightly and Beidou smiles, "Thank you, my wife. Would you like your hands free?" 

Another meek nod–Beidou quickly unknots the ropes around Ningguang's wrists and chucks them away, leaning down to press a soft kiss to the reddened skin. Ningguang groans as she moves her arms, sore from how long they've been tied behind her back. Her hands grab at the sheets above her.

Beidou's thrusts grow in speed and with every push in, Ningguang gives off a high-pitched moan–Beidou's fingers settle on her clit, rubbing tight circles on it and bringing Ningguang to climax two more times before Beidou herself comes. This continues on for what seems like ages, Ningguang having lost her sense of time, but all she knows is that Beidou comes at least another three times. Ningguang doesn't know how many times she's peaked but she's sure it's at least double the amount Beidou has. 

Ningguang's legs tremble and some unintelligible pleads of pleasure sift past her lips as Beidou slips out of Ningguang. From the eight rounds of cum she had been stuffed with, the majority of it drips down her thigh, staining the sheets below them. With a gentle hum, Beidou gathers up the mixture of sweat and cum running down Ningguang's slit and pushes it back into her. She glides her cock back into the used hole so that no more of it spills out. 

"Your cunt's so nice," Beidou groans, spitting onto her dick and giving a push, "I wonder what your other hole feels like." 

Ningguang's eyes widen and she weakly pushes herself up on her arms, "Beidou, no- not today." 

Beidou raises an eyebrow, "Not  today ?" She laughs and the sound of her amusement fills the room, "I didn't mean your ass, I meant your mouth but  'not   today' –I'll be looking forward to it." 

Ningguang groans in embarrassment as she sinks back into the sheets, "You're so annoying." 

Beidou grunts as she wraps her own fingers around the length of her dick and begins stroking herself, "Yeah- yeah, whatever." She bites the inside of her cheek and looks at the way Ningguang's got her ass up towards her and  fuck - she hadn't taken in the scene before her but now that she had the chance to, it was so hot–Ningguang on her stomach, plush thighs spread for her with her ass up in the air and Beidou's own cum filling her hole.

It doesn't take much for Beidou to come again, spilling all over Ningguang's ass and back. " Fuck ," she drawls out, eyes filled with lust as she watches herself cover Ningguang with her spend. 

Ningguang laughs and shakes her hips at her, "Did you just come on me?" 

"Thought it would look nice," Beidou mutters under her breath, hand still pumping away at her cock, "You look so hot covered in it." She stops for a moment before nudging Ningguang's hips, "Roll over." 

Ningguang obeys, shuffling so that she's looking up at Beidou, "I can't feel my legs, Beidou." 

Beidou bites on her bottom lip and squeezes her eyes shut as her hand pumps quickly up and down her shaft, "Good- good," she rasps out, voice strained with concentration, "Because we're barely- half way-  fi -nished-  oh fuck ." When she opens her eyes, a smile grows on her face as she watches Ningguang's stomach being painted with her cum too. "That's even better," she murmurs. 

"Are you just trying to cover me now?" Ningguang asks, amusement in her tone. She scoops some of the slick up with her finger and licks at it, moaning softly in seduction. "I think you're missing one place." 

"Your face," Beidou says in a trance as she watches Ningguang lick her fingers clean. "Oh please," Beidou leans forward and presses a kiss to her cheek, "Let me fuck your face." 

Ningguang cups her jaw and gives her a peck on the lips, "Fuck it?" she hums, "Have your way with me? Who am I to say no to my captain?" She lets out a giggle before pushing Beidou away by her shoulders and slipping down so that she's sitting on her knees on the floor. Beidou quickly shuffles so that she's sitting on the edge of the bed and quickly grabs the back of Ningguang's head. 

Ningguang tuts at her, "Patience, Beidou." 

The pirate huffs, taking her cock in her hand and slapping it a few times against Ningguang's cheek. Ningguang scowls, embarrassment rising in her chest as Beidou rubs the tip against her lips. She goes to protest but Beidou cuts her off.

"I came inside you like you asked," she muses, "Now let me do this, okay?" 

Ningguang narrows her eyes at her but stands back, sitting down on her thighs obediently. 

Beidou smirks, "Good girl." 

Ningguang rolls her eyes but she doesn't have time to bite back before Beidou opens her mouth and slots her cock in. Ningguang's eyes widen and she chokes as the length hits the back of her throat. 

"Shh, shh," Beidou hushes her, tangling her fingers in Ningguang's pristinely white hair, "Come on, you can take all of me." 

Ningguang grabs onto Beidou's thighs, her nails digging into the tanned skin as Beidou pushes in and out. She tries to breathe through her nose but it's all too much as Beidou sheathes herself all the way in. There's a loud groan before Beidou pulls back out, pressing back in just that bit tougher. Ningguang chokes and moans around the length in her mouth but she simply closes her eyes and deals with it because she knows that Beidou would come sooner or later.

The pirate thrusts quicker and quicker, rougher and rougher and it has Ningguang moaning around her cock. Eventually, she comes, emptying herself for the eleventh time down Ningguang's throat. Instead of pulling out, Beidou continues, fucking her throat until it's sore and raw and tears stream down the side of Ningguang's face. She bucks and fucks and not long after, she feels herself come close again. Just as she's about to peak, she pulls out and wraps her hand around the length, pumping in quick, short strokes as she bursts all over Ningguang's face. 

Ningguang can't do anything but gag and cough as she feels warm liquid coat her cheeks and nose and when she opens her eyes, Beidou looks at her in absolute lust. 

She's grabbed by the chin and forced to look up, locking eyes with Beidou as a thumb pries her lips open. There's still cum in her mouth, not having swallowed it yet and Beidou's eyes zero in on it.

"Fuck, Ningguang," she breathes, "Your pretty little mouth was so nice to use." 

Ningguang's face bursts into flames, her chest heaving up and down along with her panting as she looks up at Beidou–it's like this that she realises how submissive she's become, letting Beidou fuck her face like that, her skin covered in cum, her lips parted for the pirate to see every last bit of her. It doesn't help that she's sitting on her knees, thighs spread apart and slick seeping onto the floor.

Ningguang tries to muster up a scowl but all she does is moan as her head drops between her shoulders. Beidou's hand lets her and soon she feels herself being picked up and placed down onto the bed. 

Beidou leans down to whisper in her ear, "I'm not done with you." 

She sits up on her knees and she takes Ningguang's hips in her hands, lifting them up until she can bury her face between Ningguang's legs–the woman gasps, her neck straining a little in the awkward position but when Beidou licks at her, she finds that she doesn't mind.

Her forked tongue laps up at the slick that's built up there over the afternoon before dipping into Ningguang's entrance. Ningguang's hips buck up into Beidou's face, loving the way the pirate's tongue curled inside of her but missing the stimulation on her clit. It doesn't last for long though as Beidou slips her tongue out and replaces it with her fingers, using one hand to hold Ningguang up. However, instead of going back to lick at her clit, Beidou presses soft kisses to her thighs, starting from the knee all the way to where she's pumping her fingers in and out. Ningguang's moans are light and breathy as she threads the sheets beneath her between her fingers–she rocks her hips into Beidou's fingers with each thrust in and she finds herself on a steady climb to a climax. 

Beidou's kissing her thighs, biting down softly and leaving marks and bruises in their wake. What Ningguang doesn't expect is Beidou's teeth nipping at the pale expanse of her skin. She gasps, a quiet groan slipping past her lips as Beidou gently bites her again.

"Beidou," she whimpers as she feels the pirate's fangs dig in, "Fuck." 

Beidou stops for a moment and breathes heavily, "Can I bite you?" 

Ningguang's panting and her mind is hazy but even then, she says yes, nodding her head fervently, "Please." 

Beidou groans and goes back to nipping softly at the flesh, taking her time to do so. Ningguang is so close to coming undone under Beidou's touch and she simply needs a little push–and so Beidou indulges her. After all that teasing, Beidou finally sinks her canines into Ningguang's thigh and they break the skin. Ningguang lets out a cry of pain and pleasure as she finally tips over, legs trembling and shaking over Beidou's shoulders. Her hands fist in the sheets she's holding and she can't help the way her hips buck up against Beidou's fingers. 

The pirate continues to suck, lapping up the drops of blood that run out of her wound. Once Ningguang comes down from her high, Beidou sets her down on the bed again and wraps her arms around her, pressing sweet kisses to the exposed skin of her collarbone.

"Are you okay?" she murmurs, "Did it hurt?" 

"It hurt," Ningguang whispers, carding her fingers through Beidou's hair, "So good." 

Beidou laughs quietly and pulls her head up from Ningguang's neck, "I'll do it more often then." 

Ningguang sighs and nods, "You're welcome to." She leans forward and captures Beidou's lips in her, parting her lips just slightly to let the pirate's tongue in. The kiss is slow and unhurried, filled with the passion that was missing before. When they pull away, Ningguang noticed how Beidou's cock rests against her stomach–still hard. She groans. 

"You still want more?" 

Beidou grins and gives her a peck on the lips, "Always." Beidou leans back, sitting on her knees as she guides one of Ningguang's legs up to her chest. She takes her cock in her free hand and lines herself up with Ningguang's red and puffy hole before pushing back in. Ningguang's back arches and she moans sweetly as Beidou pumps into her. She sets a quick pace, clearly intending simply on getting herself off once more–and she does. Not soon after, Beidou spills into her again and with the next push in, some of her cum seeps out the sides. 

That is what happens for the next few hours, Beidou's repetitive thrusts, coming with a grunt before simply continuing. She has Ningguang in every position: on her side with her leg on Beidou's shoulder, with Ningguang on top, Ningguang's legs pressed tightly to her chest as she lays on her back, Ningguang bent over the edge of the bed–it was all a blur.

Soon enough, Beidou tires herself out, slipping out of Ningguang with a squelch and watching in satisfaction as her cum flows out of her red, used hole. 

Ningguang herself has seen better days, incoherent and unintelligible mumbles slipping out of her slips as she lies on the bed unmoving except from her trembling thighs. She feels  used , having done nothing but take and take and  take  Beidou's cock for hours, being filled over and over again. Her ass, chest and stomach are all covered in cum and she feels the way it drips down her and onto the sheets below–she's an absolute mess. 

Her thighs ache and she simply cannot feel her hips from the repetitive pounding but it all aches  so good

"Beidou," she manages to murmur, eyes closed and eyebrows quirked up, "Beidou…"

Beidou thinks she looks divine like this, like an offering from the gods above her, with her hair dishevelled and eyes glazed over. Beidou's back is covered in open scratch marks, some of them leaking blood but she doesn't mind, not when it was Ningguang's doing.

Beidou stands up beside the bed, slipping one arm around Ningguang's upper back whilst the other one wraps around the back of her knees. She lifts her up, pressing her close to her chest as she waddles over–her dick was… a bit sore–to the bathroom. She sets Ningguang down in the bath, still pliable in her hands and reaches over to start the water. Ningguang flinches slightly at the temperature and Beidou hastily fixes it, turning the heat up. 

Once the bath is full, Beidou sighs a breath of relief at the way Ningguang seems to relax, letting her head drop onto the back of the basin.

Beidou leans over and presses a kiss to her cheek and as she goes to pull away, Ningguang weakly holds onto her arm and whispers quietly. 

"Get in with me."

Beidou sighs as she slips into the bath herself, the water around her splashing over the sides as she moves to accommodate her tail. In the water, she almost feels most comfortable, moving around the large tub as she wished. She slithers up next to Ningguang and wraps her up in her arms, pressing soothing kisses to the top of her head.

"How are you feeling?" 

"Tired," Ningguang mumbles, leaning into Beidou's touch, "And sore." 

Beidou laughs quietly and sighs, a hand coming to rub circles on Ningguang's hips, "I'm sorry," she murmurs, another kiss planted on Ningguang's temple, "I couldn't help it." 

Ningguang shakes her head, "Don't be, it was my idea and- I liked it." 

Beidou hums, "That's good because I'm not letting you in my room for the rest of the week." 

Ningguang looks up at her with a glare, "You can't do that! I need to help you!" 

"No you don't," she chides, "You  want  to help me." 

"Same thing," the woman scoffs, "You'll realise you need me after a while." 

The pirate rolls her eyes and laughs, "I'll think about it."