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Bard's Song

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In a world far away

We may meet again

But now hear my song

About the dawn of the night

Let's sing the bards' song


Maglor looks up to the sky. It's nearly dawn but he can still see it.

Reminder of everything, giver of hope, the jewel that slipped from their hands with her ages ago.

(Sometimes he thinks he's going mad but when he sees this star he know he's not making everything up. He then knows his brothers were real, and that they will meet again.)

We will meet again, he reminds himself over and over.

But for now, it's only him and his voice.

He signs a song from long ago and hopes his family could hear him somehow.



There's only one song

Left in my mind

Tales of a brave man

Who lived far from here


In the cart that is taking them away from Shire forever, Frodo hears Bilbo sing of the Mariner. He joins in and remembers an evening in the Shire long ago.

"This, lad, is the song of Earendil the Mariner. It was the first song the Elves ever thought me."

"Uncle Bilbo, who's Earendil?"

"Well I guess I'll have to teach you history first."



Tomorrow will take us away

Far from home

No one will ever know our names

But the bards' songs will remain


Morwen envies her cousin. Rian lights up when writing her songs and they're somehow so full of life, like Rian herself. She knows torches of the orcs won't let these song sheets survive and if they somehow do, they'll be burned in the cold winter but who knows, one of them might.


"What are you singing, Isilme?"

Isilme smiles when she seer her older sister Silmarien.

"I found a really old paper in our library and this song was written on it."

"Really? Do you know who wrote it?"

"No, their name wasn't written."

"How tragic that one's creations shall live on but their name shall be forgotten."


No one should ask you for the name

Of the one

Who tells the story


Aragorn stopped his song and reached out for the hilt of his sword, hearing a noise.

"Calm down, young one." a musical voice said and it was so... magical that Aragorn could not help but listen to him. "I am no threat."

Aragorn studied the stranger. He wore a hooded, tattered cloak but Aragorn could see strands of silver hair and his green eyes looked old and weary. He didn't wear any armour nor did he carry any weapons.

"This is a dangerous land. Do you not have any weapon with you?" he asked.

Stranger laughed. "I have the deadliest weapon."

He then started to sing and Aragorn's vision changed to fire and death and his heart filled with fear. Before Aragorn could say anything else he asked, "May I join you?" Aragorn realised he couldn't say no and invited him to sit near the campfire.

"What brings you here?" Aragorn asked.

"I heard you singing the Tale ...of Tinuviel." he answered in a melancholic voice.

"I did not know lays such as this were known this far East. But I was indeed singing that for it gives me hope."

"That tale is well known to me. I daresay the one I know is more detailed than the one you were singing."

Aragorn grinned. "Then sing it for me and I shall compare."

He started to sing.

Sun went down and rose again before he was done.

"What do you think?" he asked when he was finally done.

"You were right. You surely are a renowned minstrel. Would you give me your name?"

But he was gone.