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We'll Skip the Scenic Route

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The dimly lit bar was busy but not crowded, Geralt was relieved to find when he pulled the door open for Yennefer to enter. Stepping into the heat after walking through the drizzle and the chilly fall air it had brought with it was a relief. 

He’d taken work from the mechanic in town that needed a temporary extra hand while one of his workers was finishing up her maternity leave, and he’d just gotten his first paycheck. It had been a longstanding promise that he’d take Yen out on a proper date when he did, so there they were. 

The two of them were subletting a crappy, tiny apartment in town that they could only stay in for a month or three, and then they’d need to get a move on again. Geralt couldn’t say he’d regret leaving.

They were planning to keep moving for a while regardless, but even if they hadn’t this wouldn’t be where he’d want to take root with her.
Yennefer deserved more than a drafty one bedroom apartment with a shower that wouldn’t run hot half the time and a lingering sewage smell, and far more than a gray, unwelcoming town with small minded people and more parking lots than blades of grass.

It’d be a while before they could afford anything better though, and for now they’d had to settle.

At least the town had a decent place to drink.

Geralt wrapped an arm around Yennefer’s leather clad shoulders as they walked past chattering patrons over to the bar. She’d insisted on going out without a jacket despite being reminded that she was always cold and the weather had recently taken a turn for the worse.
Normally he might have gone out without his jacket as well, but he’d been glad he brought it when he could drape it over her shoulders when she’d started shivering as they walked. 

The floor near the old, wooden bar was sticky, the music they played was awful and the crowd was just on this side of too loud, but Geralt found he’d kind of liked the whole experience of going out. Besides, it’d be worth suffering through to make Yen smile, though to be fair he thought most things were.

“How about you make yourself useful and order us drinks while I go find a restroom,"

She stepped out from under his arm with a quick pat to his chest, and he nodded.

“Sounds like a plan, what do you want me to order you?”

Yennefer tutted at him quietly, amusement dancing in her eyes. “I really thought you’d have the brains to come up with that for yourself, pretty boy,” a delicate finger tapped his forehead. “better figure it out quick, you wouldn’t want to disappoint me,"


“God, she’s really mean to you, huh?” A voice piped up next to him.

“I know,” Geralt grinned as he leaned back against the bar and tilted his head to watch Yennefer walk away, “she’s pretty damn hot when she’s mean,"
When she’d disappeared into the crowd he turned to look at the woman next to him.
At the look on her face he frowned.

“Oh, you’re serious,"

“Yeah, I mean, she came across pretty abusive. You know you can tell me, right? You don’t need to be all macho about it just because you're a big, strong man,"

Geralt almost laughed in the redhead’s face. 

Even if he thought Yen was abusive he wouldn’t be hashing that out with a random woman he met only literal seconds ago in a seedy bar in a town he was dying to get out of again, thank you very much.

“It’s really nothing like that, but thank you for your concern,"

The woman huffed and crossed her arms, pouting childishly up at him. He supposed he understood why that whole act might work for her, with some men. She had a pretty face, and her arms lifted her already severely exposed breasts up to garner even more attention.
In another life he might have entertained her interest, maybe bought her a drink or two.

As it was, though, he mostly found her annoying. 

“I just watched her treat you like shit, so you can’t deny it. You don’t need to stay with her, you know? You deserve better,"

“I really don’t think I could even do better,”

The woman seemed to perk up at that, almost bouncing in place at what she apparently considered her opportunity. 

He was suddenly reminded of a child at her demeanor. 

Maybe he really didn’t understand why the routine worked, and other men were just fucking disgusting. 

“Oh but you most certainly can. I could show you, if you bought me a drink and took me home?”

She fluttered her eyelashes at him in a way he assumed she thought was attractive, but really just made him wonder if something had gotten in both of her eyes, somehow.

Everything about her remark rubbed him the wrong way. Not just the implication that she thought herself above Yennefer somehow, but also the fact that if he really had been in a shitty situation she’d use that trauma to her advantage to get in his pants.

“Look, you’re probably a wonderful girl and I know you mean well,” he lied, “but I’m fine, really. I’m not being abused, and I don’t need saving,"

At that he resolved to ignore her as best he could, turning to the bar and waiting for his chance to order their drinks. 

“I’m Triss," The woman offered, when she seemed to notice her line of communication was being nipped in the bud.

“Great,” was the only acknowledgement he gave her before addressing the bartender. 

As soon as he’d ordered he turned back to survey the crowd, trying to see if he could spot Yennefer yet, but before he had the chance to get a good look the girl -Triss, he supposed- had slid into the empty space in front of him.

“Won’t you even tell me your name?” She was pouting again, and he sighed.


“Well Geralt ,” it was difficult not to grit his teeth at the way she purred his name, “it’s my absolute pleasure to meet you," One of her hands landed on his elbow as she spoke.

“Please don’t touch me," 

For a second he was afraid he’d have to be firmer with her, but to his pleasant surprise she did as he told her and took a step back.

“I’m just trying to get to know you a little,” she said, “that’s not a crime, is it?” 

“Not a crime, maybe, but definitely a little pathetic," Geralt bit back a smile at the sound of Yennefer’s voice, “sorry, darling , but I’m not into sharing what’s mine,” 

Triss gasped and looked between them for a moment as if she was waiting for him to come to her defense. 

If he’d even had the intention to, it was quickly made impossible as Yennefer had breezed past the other woman and grabbed a handful of the front of his shirt to pull him down into a bruising kiss.

Under the dim lights of the bar, with the din of other patrons and a shitty pop song as background noise his hands found her hips to pull her closer, their unhappy audience quickly banished from his mind. 

Yennefer was clearly putting on a show, plastering herself against him as she kissed him, openmouthed, all teeth and tongue and possessive as could be.
All he could do was drag her impossibly closer and give her what she demanded without complaint. Not that he’d complain if he could, he couldn’t possibly care less about why she was kissing him like that, as long as she kept doing it. 


He wasn’t sure how long they’d stood there when someone clearing their throat loudly finally caught their attention and Yennefer pulled away with an obscene, slick noise.

The lights, as dim as they were, were disorienting for a moment as he tried to readjust to their surroundings.

It was the graying bartender that had interrupted them, and Geralt shifted uncomfortably under the man’s gaze for a moment as he tried to subtly reposition his jeans to hide his probably rather obvious arousal. Yennefer looked smug. 

“Sorry, kids, but I think you’ve made your point by now and I don’t want to get a health violation when you two start actually going at it on top of my bar," 

“Yep, understood," Geralt replied quickly. The man only replied with a wink and a nod towards their drinks.


With their glasses in hand the two of them miraculously found an empty table and sat. 

For a little while Yennefer sipped her beer in silence as she watched the other patrons going about their business, and Geralt did the same as he watched her instead.

It was still nearly impossible to believe she’d even said yes to coming with him, or that she wanted to stay with him on the trip when she could have easily just gone her own way as soon as he’d gotten her out of town and away from her father. Let alone the fact that she’d returned his feelings, and seemed as eager to be with him as he was with her. 

There’d been something about her from the very moment he’d first laid eyes on her, all righteous fury and a sharp tongue packaged in an oversized black sweater. 

Maybe it had been the inextinguishable fire behind her near violet eyes, or the way she’d challenged him at every turn in their conversation, or maybe it had just been how stupidly, ethereally pretty she’d looked appearing from the fog with her pitch black curls floating around her. 

Geralt wasn’t sure what had first attracted him to her, nor what had made him trust her with his melodramatic retelling of his tragic life story. He was sure, however, that from the very moment she’d first kissed him he’d never desire to kiss anyone else ever again.
From the second she allowed him into her life he knew no one would ever compare to her, she had become everything.

It had been a gut feeling then, but now as he watched her sharp eyes observing the crowd around them he knew it to be a fact.

“I can feel you staring at me, you know?” She spoke, without looking at him.

Geralt smiled, “That sounds like you’re assuming I was trying to be subtle about it," 

He watched as her eyes lit up with something fond and soft he was still surprised he could cause in her. 

“You couldn’t be subtle about anything to save your life, darling," 

Finally she turned to look at him, and having her eyes on him again felt like the relief to a craving he hadn’t even known he’d had. 

There must have been something in the way he was looking at her, because she smiled and put her drink down to focus her attention on him. 

Geralt nudged his foot against hers under the table.

“So, what’s a pretty city girl like you doing in a place like this, hm?” 

He’d never tire of her exasperated eyerolls, nor the way she still always ended up going along with his stupidity.

“My boyfriend dragged me out here,” she started, “but then some redhead harpy with her tits out seduced him and he left me here to fend for myself,"

“What an asshole,” Geralt shook his head as he kept his expression carefully in character, “There’s no way this other girl was worth letting you walk,"

“I don’t know, you should have seen her. Pretty as can be and all over my man," Yennefer shrugged. 

“I don’t need to have seen her to know there’s no chance you wouldn’t blow her out of the water. Not even a question about it," 

“Oh, to be honest I’m probably not much worse off without him anyway. He had a tiny cock and didn’t know how to use it either, so it’s not like he was doing much for me," 

Geralt laughed. “Shit, leaving a woman like you unsatisfied should be considered a fucking sin, baby," 

She leaned forward over the table, her fingers lightly dancing over his hand where it laid between them on the dark wood. “Maybe you could take me home later, show me what I’ve been missing out on with that loser?” Her voice was as teasingly light as her touch, “because you look like the kind of guy that could give a girl an actual night to remember," 

“If I ever say no to an offer like that I should be put down, really," 

At that Yennefer broke character and snorted with laughter. 

“I’m being so serious right now, Yen,” Geralt reiterated with a straight face, and it only served to make her laugh more. It made her nose crinkle, her cheeks dimple and her eyes light up, and fuck he loved her.

“I’m sure you are,” she spoke, when she had her breathing under control again. 


The crowd around them had thinned out over the hours that they sat and drank and talked. 

Somehow even after spending so much time in confined spaces while traveling together their conversation never seemed to run dry.
It surprised him, seeing how bad he was at talking to pretty much anyone else.

He was standing at the bar waiting for a last round of drinks, and watching Yennefer where she was sitting. 

It was hard not to watch her. She was utterly entrancing and all-consuming, and if he had the presence of mind to, he’d be considering whether he should be worried about how entirely lost she had him. 

As it was, the only thing that had him worried was that it seemed he wasn’t the only one enraptured by her.

He watched as a man approached their table.

It was nothing new, she was charming and hauntingly beautiful and she caught looks wherever she went. 

And sure, Geralt was a little possessive over her, who wouldn't be? He delighted in seeing the looks on other men’s faces when they realized she was with him

He kept a careful eye on the way the two interacted, because while he was well aware Yennefer was far from interested in entertaining anyone else’s advances he didn’t always trust other men to accept ‘no’ for an answer. 

“If he causes you kids any trouble you let me know, you hear that?” 

Geralt turned to the bartender with slight surprise when he spoke, noticing finally that the man had put their drinks down between them already. He’d apparently spotted the sleazebag approaching Yen as well.

“Oh, yeah, will do. Thank you," 


“No thanks,” he heard Yennefer say as he walked up to their table. 

“Oh come on, sugar! Why go out on a night like this, lookin’ as fine as you do, if you don’t intend to go home with someone?” 

Geralt rolled his eyes. If he wasn’t so fucking annoyed he’d be laughing at how dumb this man had to be if he thought a line like that would work on a girl like Yen. Or on any girl, really.

He rounded the table and put her drink down in front of her. 

“Maybe you’re just not her type, man," 

The guy looked up at him in surprise for a moment before the look turned to irritation. 

“Oh, and what would be her type then? Your albino-lookin' ass?” 

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask her," He lifted one shoulder in a half shrug as he dropped down in one of the free chairs. The man’s spluttering went ignored as Geralt turned to Yen instead. “I couldn’t help but buy you a drink, I think you must have put a spell on me or something because I am entirely bewitched by you," 

Yennefer looked at him for a few seconds before apparently deciding to play along. They had just practiced this routine, after all. 

She smiled and leaned towards him subtly. “Well aren’t you just a flatterer?” 

“I’m only telling the truth, you’re ethereal. I’d offer you the sun and stars if I could, but a beer will have to do for now,"

It was strange, saying these things out loud after he’d thought them so often without the courage to speak them. Even if it was just as a joke to mess with this stranger it felt like a bit of a relief to let the fondness stacking high and heavy behind his teeth escape. 

“Well you sure know how to make a girl feel special,” she flirted, touching his hand lightly. 

“I could do much, much more to make you feel special,” he vowed, “how about you let me take you home and I can show you?” 

“I don’t take promises like that lightly, darling, are you sure?” 

“More than I've ever been about anything,”

“Then yes, I’d like that, let’s finish these drinks and I’ll be all ready to go," 

“Perfect,” he muttered, leaning in to press a slow, showy kiss to her lips. 

“Really, him? This fucking freak over me?” the man huffed from where he’d been quietly watching them so far. 

Geralt would have been happy to let the man rant and rave if it meant he could keep kissing her, but Yen tensed up and pulled back.

Ever since he’d opened up to her about what he’d been through with some of his foster families she’d become fiercely protective over him when it came to disrespectful strangers. 

It was flattering, when it wasn’t getting in the way of him getting to hold her. 

“Oh will you just shut your fucking mouth?” She snapped, turning to the man, “I’m perfectly capable of deciding who I do and do not sleep with, thank you very much. And even if this was some shitty, misogynistic little pissing contest between the two of you, you’ve lost. Move on like the man you wish you were without hurling insults like a damn child," 

The sleazebag recoiled like she might as well have punched him in the balls. 

When Geralt looked at her he was faced with the avenging goddess she’d reminded him of when they’d first met, and somehow his already overwhelming adoration for her just grew more. 

She was also just incredibly hot when putting douchebags in their place. 

Without giving the man a chance to respond she picked up her drink and motioned for Geralt to do the same.

“Hurry up, I think I’m about ready for you to take me home," 

He didn’t need to be told twice. 

Geralt stared the still stunned man dead in the eyes as he threw back his last beer of the night and waited for Yen to do the same before getting up.

His jacket had hung over the back of her chair for most of the night, and when she stood he draped it over her shoulders before wrapping his arm around her over the leather to tuck her into his side. 

“Let’s get out of here,” 

She nodded and he turned to wave a quick goodbye to their bartender to indicate it had all gone without too much trouble. 

Right before they reached the door he noticed her making eye contact with someone and when he followed her gaze he found the redhead he’d spoken to before. When Yennefer turned her gaze from the woman back to him she looked very fucking pleased with herself. 

She pressed closer to his side as he led her back into the seemingly never ending cold pattering of the rain.


The walk to their temporary apartment wasn’t a long one, but halfway there the rain turned from an annoying drizzle to a heavy shower. 

A laughing Yennefer dragged him along by his hand, first in the direction of home and then, when it became apparent that that was a longer way than she’d be willing to get soaked on, she changed paths towards a small overhang over a storefront. 

For a moment they stood looking at each other, both breathing heavy from running, their contrasting hair a grayscale in its own right as it hung wet and limp past their faces. 

His eyes roamed over her as the streetlight right in front of the store they were using for shelter formed the backlight to her silhouette. Her chest heaved under her wet top as she caught her breath, her lips were dark and shiny with the rainwater, and her eyes were wide and alive

When his gaze made its way back up to her face he caught her glancing down to his mouth before her eyes crossed his, just for a second before they crashed into each other. 

Her lips were cold and rain-slick and insistent against his and all he could do was give until he had no more to offer.

His hands gripped her hips tightly as she pushed up on her tiptoes where she stood between his feet, pressing the whole length of her body against him gloriously. 

Her fingers gripping at his stubbled cheeks to hold him close were cold, and he wrapped his arms around her and tried his best to kiss some of his warmth back into her. 

After a few regretfully short moments she pulled back slightly, just enough to breathe and look at him without leaving the circle of his arms. 

“God, that bitch from the bar should see you now, all wrecked and desperate,” She whispered.

He was sure he looked like a fucking disaster, his wet hair a tangled mess, his pupils blown with his desire for her, his lips swollen and sleek with the rain and her spit- but she was looking at him with wonder.
There was something not unlike a high to seeing the possessiveness she felt over him, hearing it in her voice. He’d never been on the receiving end of something like that before her, and it was addictive.

“Only ever by you, for you,” He murmured into the sliver of space between them, as he reached up and took one of her hands, pressing a kiss to her palm before guiding her down. 

She breathed out heavily when he brushed her hand over his erection. 

You , Yen,” he reiterated, their breath mingling between them, “not her, not anyone else, only you,” 

She increased the pressure of her palm against him slightly and he groaned.

“You have been mine, as I have been yours, from the moment I first laid eyes on you,”  

A shiver ran through him at her words, though he wasn’t sure if it was her possessiveness or his own that caused it. 

Before he had the chance to explore that particular question she pressed impossibly closer to him, banishing all coherent thought from his mind. 

If he’d been bothered by the cold before he was now fast approaching the other end of the spectrum, with Yennefer heating him from the inside out.

She leaned up, her lips brushing against his ever so lightly when she spoke.

“When I say run, we run,” 

Between her hand still on his crotch, her hot breath washing over him, and her voice being near silent he had some trouble comprehending what she was trying to say.



As soon as she’d spoken the word she’d taken off, sprinting through the heavy rain in the direction of their apartment. 

It took a few seconds for his brain to catch up but then he barked out a laugh and peeled off after her.


Right before they reached the building he caught her, his arms winding around her middle from behind. He trailed his lips up over the rain-slick skin of her neck towards her ear as she struggled halfheartedly in his hold. 

“Got you,” He whispered.

They were both already completely soaked to the bone and once again out of breath, a few more seconds outside wouldn’t make anything worse than it already was. 


Eventually they managed to make the last bit of the walk.

Yennefer was fumbling with the key to the front door and Geralt was trying his absolute best to distract her, his chest pressed up against her back and his hands roaming over her curves from behind her.

When she finally got the door open she turned in his hold and they stumbled over the threshold together, still all breathless laughter and wandering hands as Geralt backed Yen up towards the stairs. 

“Careful-” he chuckled as she almost tripped over the first step in her hurry, “careful, don’t break your neck,” 

Yennefer huffed at him before sticking her tongue out and turning around to run up the apartment’s stairwell towards their front door and actual privacy. Geralt watched her go with a grin for a moment before following after her.


“So,” he spoke, as he shut and locked the door behind him, “wanna take a gamble on the shower actually running hot?” 

Yennefer had already flicked on the little bedside lamp and shut the curtains, and Geralt watched as she made her way towards the tiny bathroom, swaying her hips as she went. 

“That depends, darling. Were you planning on joining me?” 

He watched the light in the bathroom switch on and wash into the hall. 

With a smile he pulled his wet shirt over his head and tossed it over the back of a chair, as he followed the sound of the pipes groaning and the water slowly starting to run. 

He leaned his shoulder against the doorpost as he took a moment to take in the sight that greeted him. Yennefer had ditched her jeans and top, only her panties left on as she leaned over the sink towards the mirror to inspect her carefully shaped eyebrows. 

“I can’t believe you’re real sometimes, you know that?” He murmured as he pushed away from the door opening and walked up behind her. 

Her eyes met his in the mirror as he trailed his fingertips over her cold, bare arms lightly, leaving goosebumps in their wake. 

Yennefer’s eyes didn’t leave his as she stood up straighter so more of their skin met. 

“You’re a fucking dream,” one of his hands trailed a path from her arm to her chest, “a fucking goddess ,” 

He watched as her eyes left his to watch his hand palming her breast in their mirror image, felt her breath stocking in her chest under her skin. 

Pressed up against her as he was, he was entirely overtaken by her. Her skin slowly thawing against his, her chest heaving under his palm, her smell- always her smell- invading his senses and driving him delirious. 

Geralt nuzzled his face into her hair, though his eyes remained on the image of them as he trailed his other hand down to the lacy band of her panties, his fingers just nudging under the fabric. The breath she let out was slightly shaky. 

“I want to worship you, like the deity you are,” he whispered, “my beautiful, irresistible Yen,” 

At that she whimpered , and his hips bucked forward against her ass without his permission at the sound. 

The fingers of his one hand slid further down her front to tease light circles over her sensitive nub as the other found her nipple, and for a moment she watched, entranced, as her hips chased after his hand in turn.

The spell was broken regretfully quickly by the pipes groaning loudly in complaint behind them again and Yennefer reluctantly pulled out of his hold. 

“Shower,” she whispered huskily, “before we’ve wasted our chance at warm water,” 


The shower didn’t have an actual cabin so much as just a drain in the floor and a curtain across the entire length of the bathroom. It meant they couldn’t leave anything out in the room when they showered because everything got soaked, but it also meant that they had enough space to jump in together.

They seemed to have gotten lucky with the water that day, and Geralt felt the cold that had leached into his bones seep out. 

That may be in part, if not mostly, because of Yennefer’s hands slowly working a lather of soap over his skin.
He’d done the same for her, devotedly and single mindedly washed her skin and hair and bathed her in wandering touches. 

Her fingers skimmed over the patchwork of scars on his chest and arms he’d collected over the years.

Sometimes, when they lay in bed together, she’d pick a scar she was particularly interested in and trace it lightly with her fingertips or her lips, always careful and comforting and silent in her exploration.
If he was feeling up for it he’d settle comfortably and pull her closer, and quietly recount how he’d acquired it, embellishing some of the more boring stories and toning down the traumatic ones. 

Now she just softly brushed over them as she washed his skin. 

It was hard not to laugh at the memory of how bizarre the woman at the bar’s assumption about her ‘abuse’ had been, really. No one had ever been quite so gentle with him.

Silently Yennefer washed the soap off of her hands and reached for the cheap bottle of shampoo he’d gotten for himself.
He smiled as she stared up at him for a moment, a defiant look on her face as she refused to tell him to get down so she could reach his hair.
They’d been through that routine before. 

It was the easiest thing in the world to just submit to it and kneel on the tiles in front of her feet with his back to her, allowing her to work slender fingers through his wet tangle of hair. 

She was gentle as she worked out the knots the wind and her hands had made before, and it was tempting to tell her he was fine and he could handle some pain. He was trying to allow himself some more soft, gentle things in life however, some comfort he hadn’t really ever been given before and that was still hard to accept, sometimes. 

This was nice though, and he let himself settle into the feeling of her nails running over his scalp.

By the time she stepped away to make space for him under the stream of water so he could rinse off he felt boneless and slightly unwilling to get up off the floor. 

At some point he’d apparently closed his eyes, and when he opened them he found her looming over him, intimidatingly beautiful with her endless wet skin on display. 

“Up,” She demanded quietly, her eyes burning through him. 

Geralt could only do as he was told, though he took his time, allowing his lips to trail a path up her skin as he climbed to his feet. 

He took a moment to look at Yen when he stood in front of her again, admiring the sight of her wet hair framing her face as she gently pushed him so he’d be under the shower’s spray. The shower curtain and the steam coming off of the hot water dulled the bright bathroom light some but did nothing of the sort to dull her beauty. 

It was impossible not to kiss her, to tug her into the water with him again so he could keep her close, to let his hands wander over her smooth skin and gentle curves, to- 

She inconspicuously repositioned herself to create space for him between her thighs as his hand found its path between them, his fingers teasingly light as they brushed over hot, sensitive skin. 

Her quiet whimpers against his lips were all the motivation Geralt needed to increase his pressure on her, nudging her legs even further apart with his knee as he worked one finger and then another into her carefully. 
Yennefer’s chest slid against his, soap and hot water and silky skin making it impossible for him to think of anything other than her.

While the shower rinsed him of the lather she’d worked into his skin her soft gasps turned to breathy moans as he worked her diligently and dedicatedly towards her peak.

His lips shifted focus away from her mouth to suck bruises into her neck and shoulder, the possessiveness he’d felt over her clawing at his chest from the inside and begging to mark her perfect body so no other man would dare approach her ever again. 

He knew she’d complain about the marks in the morning, call him an ‘animalistic fucking prick’ and then he’d catch her running her fingers over the bruises with a fond smile whenever she didn’t think he was looking- they’d done it all before.

Slowly he was starting to realize that she was hypocritical to even pretend to be bothered by his possessiveness anyway. She was as bad as he was, if not worse.
Neither of them was keen on the idea of sharing .

As he mouthed at her shoulder she tilted her face against his temple, her breathy gasps sounding directly into his ear as her lips brushed against its shell.
He knew her noises were genuine, though the closeness and showiness of it were definitely entirely for his benefit. 

It had the intended effect of spurring him on, the movements of his hand speeding up against her as her moans rose in pitch, until she tensed against him and her breathing stocked in her throat, her core tight around his fingers and her hips rocking after his hand of their own accord for a few long moments before she sagged limply against his chest.

Geralt freed his hand from between them so he could hold her up with one arm while turning off the shower with the other.

For a little while he just held her to give her a chance to gather herself, but when she started shivering in his arms and yet made no move to leave the shower he lifted her up and carried her out himself, grabbing a towel on his way. 


He was careful when he laid her down on the mattress on pallets in the corner of the living room of the tiny studio apartment that served as their bed. 

Yennefer smiled up at him, laying there wrapped up in her towel as he quickly went to turn the bathroom light off and gather her clothes off the floor, knowing how much she hated the mess deep down.

By the time he walked back out she was sitting at the edge of the mattress, still fully nude and drying her hair. 

Shit, she was much, much too good for this crappy place, the contradiction between her and the apartment was an almost comical antithesis. 

He was pulled from his thoughts by her towel hitting his chest, and he scrambled to catch it. 

“Really, Yen?” 

“Go on, dry yourself off,” she told him, “I’ll not have you soaking the bed,” 

He rolled his eyes but did as she’d commanded. 


Her eyes followed him as he tossed the towel over the chair he’d dumped his shirt on before. 

“Almost,” she said, “come here,” 

He could only smile and make his way over to the bed as she blinked up at him lazily.

At his approach Yennefer shifted back onto the mattress, laying herself against the pillows and beckoning for him as he crawled on after her. 

She spread her legs to make space for him to settle between them, leaning over her on his elbows and looking down at her as she smiled.

“Hey there,” 

He smiled back at her as he replied, “Hello, gorgeous. You come here often?” 

At her eyeroll and the way she seemed to be gearing up to give him a piece of her mind he quickly leaned down to kiss her. 
That fairly effectively shut her up, her arms coming up to wrap around him and hold him close as their lips fit together and his hips lay solidly in the cradle of hers. 

It was only seconds later that she broke away from him to yawn, and he laughed as he dropped his forehead down into the crook of her neck, trying his best to keep most of his weight on his arms so as to not crush her underneath him. 

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “c’mon, I’m fine, get back here,” 

Geralt snorted before pushing himself back up to look down at her, the look on her face an odd mix of defiance and sleepiness. 

“Nah, get some rest, it’s been a long day.” 

Her hips pushed up against his definitely still interested manhood, and he groaned before shaking his head. 

“You’ve been-” another yawn, “ready to go ever since I kissed you in the bar, it’d be unfair to-” 

“I’ll still want you in the morning, Yen. It’s okay, sleep first.” 

“Fine,” she huffed, and her arms tightened around him, “but in the morning you’re all mine,” 

He smiled as he rolled them over so he could pull her onto his chest instead, and she went without complaint.

“That’s no hardship,” he whispered as he ran gentle fingers through her damp hair, “I’m always all yours,”