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Her Lighthouse

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Juliette turned the knob to the shower, wincing at the loud screech that echoed off the walls. She stepped into the cubicle and sighed as the hot water hit her skin. Rolling her shoulders, she ducked her head beneath the stream. Calliope’s approaching footsteps made her heart race. She was still far away, but Juliette’s heart hammered away in her chest.

Likewise, Cal was acutely aware of everything going on, the tiles were an interesting shade of gray she noticed. Whatever they were, this felt all too intimate all too soon. She chose her stall, leaving a buffer one between herself and Juliette.

A comfortable silence blanketed the room. After a couple of minutes however, Juliette felt a set of eyes looking at the top of her head. She stood up on her tiptoes to see over the wall and caught the tail end of Calliope’s gaze. She smiled to herself and leaned an arm on the wall to take the strain off her feet. She thought for a moment.

“What do you think that was back there on the road?” She asked. Calliope looked up, surprised. She regarded the other woman for a moment.

“Some sort of demon. Maybe an elemental.” She paused and looked down at her feet. “But monsters are definitely back in Savannah.” She looked up at Juliette once more. They held the eye contact for a moment before Cal broke it again. “What was up with your father? “

Juliette shifted her gaze down quickly. Her mind flashed back to the car. His eyes an unnatural shade of green looking angrily at them in the rearview mirror. She shook her head and sighed.
“I-I don’t know. He wasn’t himself.” She said quietly. Looking up, she noticed Calliope looking at her wearing a look of concern. She bit the inside of her cheek. “Can we talk about something else?” Cal nodded. There was a long pause.


“So,” A smile crept across her face. “The whole breaking and entering thing…” Juliette laughed as Calliope looked at her, glittering mirth in her eye. “Let’s talk about that.” She chuckled, looking at Juliette expectantly.

“I..never even broken a water glass.” She smiled and picked at her fingernails. “I don’t really know why I smashed that window, just…” She paused, looking meaningfully at Cal. Calliope tilted her head to the side. “It’s like when we’re together I what I feel like doing…” She trailed off at the end, looking away.

“Instead of what you’re expected to do.” Cal finished her sentence. She noticed Juliette look back at her, a small smile on her face.

Juliette nodded. “Exactly.”

Cal felt a warmth throughout her body that had nothing to do with the shower. A smile bloomed across her face. “I feel the same.” She said softly. Another pause, though this one felt more comfortable. Less loud and suffocating. Cal studied the vampire for a moment. “It’s like… like we’re connected. I’m not talking about the weird dreams. It’s more.”

Juliette smiled at this, and Cal noticed a blush make its way onto her face. She looked away quickly, feeling exposed emotionally. But this time, she found she didn’t mind it. Not when it makes Jules look at her like that. Not when she could bring that cute little smile to her face.

“I’m glad you feel it too.” Juliette said quietly. Joy burst in Cal’s chest and sentimental longing made its way up her throat. Her heart burned. She met Juliette’s eyes with a smile on her face.

As the water slowly turned cold, Calliope wondered if she could get lost in those eyes. Pale blue, like a summers day, and just as warm as one too. For a moment she let herself fall into those eyes. She could allow herself one selfish moment, one light in the turbulent sea of her life. It was something to hold onto. Her lighthouse, her lifeline, her Juliette.