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Hatching Soon

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"We have to agree on something," Dani chuckled as they looked through yet another list of baby names online. 

Gigi sat back on the bed and rubbed her hand over her big belly. She was due in a little over a month and they still hadn't agreed on a name. 

They also hadn't spent much time discussing one, being more excited to be having a baby and feeling like they still had plenty of time to prepare. However, Gigi's last trimester had snuck up on them quickly. So here they were, laying in bed reviewing baby names.  

"Ok, what about Sequoia?" Dani asked, looking back at her wife. 

"It's pretty, but no," Gigi replied, looking down at her belly. "What do you want your name to be?" she asked, gently rubbing her hand over her bump. 

"Maybe we should stick with a 'T' name," Dani suggested.

Gigi chuckled. "We have been calling her 'Baby T' for the last six months."

Dani smiled. She put her hand next to her wife's, feeling the baby kick. She looked up at Gigi who was now sitting back with her eyes closed. She bit her lip nervously.

"What is it, love?" Gigi asked, not opening her eyes. 

Dani laughed, she loved how well her wife knew her. "I was thinking… Maybe we could name her after my mom." 

Gigi opened her eyes and sat forward a little bit. She smiled, seeing the look on her wife's face. Sitting all the way up, Gigi cupped Dani's face. "I would love that."

"Yea?" Dani asked, looking down nervously. 

Gigi tilted her chin up so they were making eye contact. "Yes," she replied before leaning in and kissing her softly. 

"What about Talayeh Daria?" Dani suggested. 

"It's perfect." Gigi smiled, kissing her wife again. She chuckled, feeling the baby kicking. She took Dani's hand and placed it on her bump. "I think she approves." 


"Wait, is it actually a shower if they already have kids?" Tess asked. 

She, Shane, Alice, and Bette were sitting at the bar of Dana's planning. 

"I think it's called a sprinkle," Alice replied.

"But this is their first child," Bette said. "Plus Gigi didn't carry last time. And for that matter, hers and Nat's kids are older, they don't have any baby stuff."

"So, it is a shower?" Shane asked, trying to follow the conversation.  

"Yes," Bette replied, rolling her eyes, not understanding why this was so complicated. 

"Who's working on invites?" Shane asked.

"Me!" Alice exclaimed.

"Do you even know who you're inviting?" Bette asked. She had already started making a list of some people the couple would like to have, knowing them both well. 

"Maribel and Micah, Gigi's mom, maybe some of her work friends… and I guess her actual friends." Alice furrowed her brows, looking at her list. 

"Are you inviting Sophie and Finley?" Tess asked.

"Yes." "No."

Bette and Alice replied at the same time.

"Yes, I am," Alice said, looking at Bette.

"I don't think they should be here," Bette responded, looking around at her friends. 

"Al, you should really call Nat, she'll know who to invite and have everyone's information," Shane suggested.

Alice shot her a look. "I don't want to call Nat."

"Isn't she Gigi's best friend?" Tess asked, confused. "She should probably also be invited."

Alice rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine, I'll call Nat."

"Is having a surprise party for someone this late in their pregnancy a good idea?" Shane asked. 

"Will you relax, it will be fine!" Alice replied, writing something else down. 


"Hey, boss," Sam said as she knocked on the doorway of Dani's office. "I got the files you asked for."

"Thank you," Dani replied, getting up from her desk. 

Sam watched her go through the papers at her desk. "Are you excited?"

Dani paused, she looked at her confused at first, but then realized she was asking about the baby. Dani had been frantically preparing for her baby leave, which had caused her and Sam to work a lot of overtime. She had made several mental notes to make it up to her assistant. 

Dani smiled and nodded. "I am. There's so much to do to prep everyone for my time away, but I don't want to think about this place at all once Talayeh's here."

Sam nodded in reply, smiling widely. She was happy for her, she had gotten to know Gigi well and was excited for both of them.  

"I'm apologizing in advance for my dad. With me out, he will most likely be here more often," Dani added as she continued to move things around. 

"Hey, you," Gigi said, coming into the office.

"Hi," Dani replied, immediately walking toward her. "What are you doing here?" she asked, resting her hand on Gigi's stomach. 

"I had to finish some things up at the office and wanted to see if you were free for lunch," Gigi responded, leaning in and kissing her wife. 

Dani looked at her watch. "I could squeeze in a break. Sam, will you let my dad know I'll be out and that he can call if he needs something? Please specify I'm out with Gigi, he's less likely to bother me," she chuckled. 

"Hey, Sam," Gigi said, smiling as the other woman walked past her. 

"Hi, Gigi." She smiled back. "How are you feeling?"

"Eh, ok. Could be worse," she laughed lightly. "How are you?"

"Good, thank you. I'm excited for you both," Sam replied.


"Hi, babe," Dani said, walking into the condo.

"Hi," Gigi replied from the kitchen, mouth full.

Dani chuckled, approaching the counter. "Are you dipping Oreos in cheese?"

"No," Gigi replied with a light laugh, taking another bite. 

"Right," Dani responded. She walked behind her wife, kissing her cheek and wrapping her arms around her. 

"Want a bite?" Gigi offered, lifting a cookie.

"I'm good." Dani laughed again. "But I'm glad you're enjoying it. Sorry I missed dinner," Dani added, kissing her wife's shoulder before heading to the fridge. 

"I know you have a lot going on right now," Gigi replied in understanding. "I'm glad we got to have lunch together."

"Me too." Dani smiled as she placed leftovers on the counter and grabbed a fork. Dani's phone buzzed and she sighed, pulling it out of her pocket.

"What could they possibly need from you? You just got home," Gigi said, finishing another bite. 

Dani chuckled looking up at her wife. "It's Nat. She wants to make sure we're still up for going to Dana's tomorrow."

"Yea, I think so," Gigi replied, taking another bite. "Although, I don't know how much fun I will be."

"You're always fun," Dani responded with a wink. 

Gigi rolled her eyes. "You're sweet. But I can't stay on my feet too long or drink, I'm sure I'll be a hoot at Dana's," she chuckled. 


Dani opened the door to Dana's, letting Gigi walk in first. Within a few seconds of coming through the door, the dimmer lights became brighter and they heard 'Surprise!' being yelled at them.

"Oh my god," Gigi laughed. She turned to Dani who was shaking her head. "Did you know about this?" 

"No," Dani chuckled, surprise on her face. 

"I just told Dani to get you here, she didn't know why," Nat said, coming over to hug her best friend. "This is for both of you," she added, hugging Dani. 

Alice made her way over to the couple. "Come on, come on. Come in, sit down. We have food to eat and gifts to open." 

Gigi pulled the shirt from the gift bag and laughed. Reading 'Pregosaurus' and seeing a pregnant T-Rex with a heart on the front. 

"I know getting you shirts like that has been Dani's thing," Nat started with a chuckle. "But I had to buy it as soon as I saw it."

"It's perfect." Dani smiled, looking between the shirt and Nat. 

They continued to open gifts, Dani and Gigi alternating who opened what. The kids were enjoying being the ones to move things from one pile to the other. Eli handed them gifts to open while Olive moved things they had already opened to the other side. 

Once they had opened all the gifts, they started to mingle. 


"Hey," Sophie said, approaching Dani. "Congratulations."

"Thanks," Dani replied with a smile, looking across the room at her wife.

Dani and Sophie stood there awkwardly for a few minutes. They were finally at a place where they could at least be friendly and cordial with one another, but they weren't friends. 

"You ever think about how this could have been us?" Sophie asked, sipping her drink. 

She sighed, looking back at Sophie. "No, I don't. I don't know why you would even ask that."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it," Sophie said, putting her hand up. "I'm glad you're happy. I just… Sometimes I think about the life that we planned… You have all that now."

Dani gave her a sad smile. "Gigi makes me happier than I've ever been. And I'm sorry if that's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. I love our life, our family… I wouldn't change anything."

Sophie nodded, finishing the drink in her hand.

"Hey, Sophie." Gigi smiled, walking up behind Dani. She rested her hand gently on her wife's lower back as she joined them. 

"Hey, Gigi," Sophie replied. "You look great."

Dani shifted her gaze between the two women, feeling a little uncomfortable. Gigi could sense her nerves and gave her a gentle squeeze. 

"Well, I'll let you two get back to enjoy your party," Sophie said before nodding at the couple and walking away. 

"You ok?" Gigi asked once Sophie was out of earshot. 

Dani took in a deep breath and smiled, facing her wife. "Yea, I'm good. I do not want this to be about her. This is about us," Dani replied, resting her forehead against Gigi's. "Us and Talayeh and our family."

Gigi nodded, a smile playing on her lips. "I love you."

"I love you too."

When they got home, Dani carried everything inside and left it in Talayeh's room for them to go through and put away later. 

When she was done, she joined Gigi on the couch, book in hand. She sat down and kissed her wife, then ran her hand over her belly. 

"Ok, baby girl, tonight's book is Goodnight Moon," Dani said to Gigi's belly. She had been reading the baby a story every night in preparation for her arrival for the last few months and it had become their favorite part of the day. 

Gigi ran her fingers through her wife's hair with one hand, while the other drew soft circles on her stomach while she listened to Dani read.

She sighed happily, taking in the moment and reflecting on the day. She was so grateful for their friends and this time together. And she couldn't wait for their baby to arrive. She knew it would be here before they both knew it, her pregnancy was proof of that. It was both going faster than she expected and taking forever at the same time. 

Dani placed a soft kiss on Gigi's stomach before looking up at her wife. She blew her a kiss as well, then continued reading. 

Gigi closed her eyes, feeling warmth in her chest. This was the perfect way to end the day.