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Will was a very tolerant man. He indulged Diana in all her whims, whether it was wanting her meals served at a specific time or desiring an overly expensive high grade of tuna. Even when she would scratch at him or hiss and yowl in the middle of the night, he would still find her antics amusing. He was entirely capable of spoiling someone. However, he thought that perhaps he had spoiled Lion a little too much.

Lion was a bossy person, bold and commanding and ready to pinch him when Will didn’t indulge them. If Will was too rude for their liking, or didn’t want to wake up at a ‘decent hour’, or didn’t make the bed properly, or just if Lion was feeling mischievous… pinch. It had gotten to the point where his butt had begun to get sore some days - and Will wasn’t the one taking it up the ass.

And beyond that, Lion was like a naughty kitten that hadn’t learned proper rules of the house. They would sink their teeth into Will’s flesh, nibbling at his neck with enough force to leave marks and bruises. It was cute, of course… but it was happening a little bit too often for Will’s liking. He didn’t mind being marked up (and he didn’t mind being pinched that much), but the frequency was excessive at this point. So he had to do something.

At first, he’d tried speaking with Lion. Lion did have a calmer side that could be reasoned with and made to agree with the power of persuasion and the reminder of their ‘noble’ upbringing (more like a spoiled show cat, really). However, that had only made Lion huff and pout and cross their arms and ignore the matter entirely, their face slightly pink. The direct approach was, apparently, too embarrassing for them. It meant that they would have to discuss their ‘shameful’ and ‘indiscreet’ behavior, Will supposed.

If something like talking wouldn’t work, then Will could easily come up with other ideas. He considered merely wearing his coat more often. That would prevent Lion from doing more than cute kisses with the slightest scrape of teeth on his neck. But when it came to the bedroom, the coat had to come off. And so Will couldn’t merely use such measures. He had to discourage the bad behavior.

“...” He let out a long exhale and shook his head, disappointed in himself for not realizing the solution sooner. He was getting rusty in his retirement.

He stood up from the couch where he’d been pondering the situation. This caused Diana to hiss and sculk off, annoyed that her owner, who she had been leaning against, had suddenly abandoned her. Will chuckled quietly and murmured an apology to her, but it was too late. She settled down in the space between a bookshelf and the wall, wedging herself in with a huff and then proceeding to ignore Will entirely. She was a fierce little lady who wouldn’t listen without some sort of incentive.

“I heard Diana hissing.” Lion had been in the kitchen washing up, but they had finished and, hearing the noise, had come over to the living room to investigate.

Will nodded as he stretched. His muscles strained the fabric of the loose white shirt he was wearing. “Yeah. I stood up, but she was leaning on me.”

They laughed softly. “I see… You should be more considerate of a lady’s feelings. Aren’t you a gentleman?” As they spoke, they stepped closer to him.

“Haha, I can be,” Will admitted. “But only when I feel like it.”

“Hmm… I like you that way.”

Lion smiled and kissed his shoulder, their lips meeting the fabric of his shirt. Their mouth moved upwards, kissing bare skin next as they had to stand on tiptoe to reach him. There was a charm to how Lion was so much smaller, from the musculature of their body to their height being so, so much less than his. They were petite and slender and handsome in a way that made Will want to cherish them. They were adorable enough that Will couldn’t resist teasing them just a little bit.

He smirked. “If I’m the gentleman, then are you the ‘lady’ here? Or am I your butler, ‘young master’?”

One of Lion’s hands moved at the speed of light to pinch him as their teeth sunk into his skin. It wasn’t an unprecedented reaction - he really had let Lion get just a bit too spoiled. It was time to fix that.

“...Didn’t I tell you earlier that you should bite a little less?” Will scolded in a low tone.

He had caught Lion’s hand by the wrist with one hand, and with the other, he had gently yanked on Lion’s hair. It was all gathered up into a form that was so easy to tug and pull on, and he had a disobedient Lion to tame.

“Ha -” Lion looked up at him with wide eyes, their teeth still half-sunken into his skin. “Will, you said something rude. So you have to accept the consequences.” With that, they tried to bite deeper.

Will held back a groan and channeled his reaction into tugging on Lion’s ponytail instead. “And you’re doing something rude.”

“Don’t - ha - Will!” Lion glared at him. “Stop it.” Their cheeks were red, and they shifted a bit in place, as if that alone would be enough to remove the man’s grip.

“Why should I?” Will asked dispassionately, and tugged again. As he did, he watched their reaction carefully. “How else am I supposed to react?”

“Just… At least let go, then…” they muttered. “I’ll restrain myself properly, so…”

He shook his head, yanking again with one hand as he hugged them close with the other. “I don’t think you can.” He could feel a smirk tugging on his lips, and he didn’t bother to hide it.

Lion gritted their teeth and lifted their head. “Why not?”

“For one, the mark you left is already pretty dark,” Will pointed out. It was a deep, dark bruise, one that he was sure would last for at least a week. “So I don’t think you can make up for that easily.”

They gave him a thin smile. “Alright. And what would the next reason be?”

Will replied, with a deliberate slowness, “The next reason would be… Hm, let me think.”

That was a small lie, of course - Will had already settled on the reason. But the tension of the pause made Lion bite their lip very slightly and subtly, growing nervous as they tried to see what emotion lurked beneath Will’s composed, calm face. When he smirked, signaling that he was about to speak, Lion quickly composed their own face again, like they had been caught stealing a late snack and were trying to salvage something of a shameful situation.

“You like being punished,” he suddenly tugged on Lion’s hair once more, “so if I stop, you’ll just bite again so that I punish you more.”

“I… I don’t,” Lion protested. Their face was red, belying their denial. “You’re just making up reasons now.”

He shrugged and let go of their hair, hand falling down to his side. “Alright. What will you do now then?”

Will shifted his leg a bit. Lion was so close to him that just by moving his leg, he could rub against his partner’s crotch. Lion let out a quick breath that was on the verge of a hiss, their face growing redder by the second as they fidgeted. They would glance at his face and then their eyes would dart away, only for them to cautiously glance again. Will merely continued to hold them close and ‘fidget’ with his leg.

Lion pressed a soft kiss to Will’s neck. Will didn’t react in any way to it. Their lips lingered on his skin, to muffle their hot, noisy breaths. “Will…”

“Yeah?” he asked. “Is something wrong?”

“Of course something is,” they muttered. “You idiot.”

A crass insult from the precious, polite Successor. Though, more than the crass insult, the way they petulantly sunk their teeth into Will’s neck, nibbling on it aggressively, was truly unfitting for the Successor of the Ushiromiya family. It was enough of a contrast to make Will chuckle, even as he swiftly brought it to an end with a few harsh tugs on their ponytail.

Lion leaned on Will, shaking a bit. “You’ll pull my hair out.”

“I’m not using that much force.” Will sighed. The weight of Lion against him wasn’t too much, but it did make him want to sit back down.

He didn’t bother asking Lion as he sat back down, dragging them with him so that they were sitting on his lap. They let out a small yelp before adjusting to the position, resting their head on his shoulder with far more ease. As they shifted to get comfortable, Will could feel their erection rubbing against his leg, but he didn’t bother to comment on it. That could wait just a little bit.

“Ha… If you do, you’re finding a witch to fix it,” Lion huffed. “It would take ages for it to grow back, you know.”

“Right,” Will agreed, holding back laughter. “Are you done biting me now?”

Lion went still for a moment before biting him again. They were too stubborn for their own good, truly… Though it did make this more fun. Will liked this stubbornness. He wouldn’t have wanted some dainty, sheltered child without a single bit of force behind their words. That was nothing more than a toy. Lion was assertive and willful - a partner rather than a pet, even if Will felt as though he was taming them at the moment.

He yanked their hair again before putting his arms around their waist, his grip tight enough to hold them still. Lion blinked at him in surprise, wondering why he’d so suddenly switched tactics. Will chuckled and moved them across his lap, so that they could feel his erection alongside their own. The friction made Lion shudder.

“You can’t do that…” Their voice was weak, and it shook a bit as they spoke. Their face was flushed, and there was the slightest bit of sweat beading up on their face.

Will moved them so that their crotch was up against his knee and shifted them around on it. Both of them were still clothed, so there were several layers of fabric between them, but this sort of slow teasing combined with the earlier excitement of biting and hair-pulling was more than enough to engulf Lion’s mind. They squirmed just a bit before trying to restrain themself, their body becoming rigid and still as they narrowed their eyes, giving Will an angry glare.

“Really?” Lion said, sounding accusatory. “You’re just going to do this?”

“This is for the sake of my neck.” Will smirked, tilting his head to show off the flesh. His shirt slipped a bit, to emphasize the dark mark Lion had just left alongside other fading bruises. “You’re overdoing it a bit. So I thought I should do something that makes a strong impression.”

He shifted them again, and Lion groaned. “You’re a sadist.”

“So are you,” Will replied, unfazed.

The more he shifted Lion about, the more they seemed to be restraining themself from squirming on his lap. Good. They deserved to suffer just the smallest bit for all the suffering they’d put his poor neck through. …And, for that matter, all the pain they had put his ass through.

“At least let me take my pants off,” they demanded.

“Too much effort.” Will smiled wide enough that it crinkled his eyes a little. “After all the pinching and biting I’ve been through, my body needs to rest.”

Lion gritted their teeth. “You…”

Will started moving his knee back and forth in place, no longer bothering to move Lion themself. It was enough to simply keep them in place. The slow, steady rhythm merely resulted in Lion further gritting their teeth and glaring at Will, disobedient to the end. However, Will patiently continued with it. In a war of attrition, the first person to give in and try to put an end to it all was the loser. While Will was also aroused, and the temptation to give into Lion’s suggestion and take this in another direction was there, the desire to torment Lion was far more powerful. All Lion had was their usual stubbornness. As there was far less direction to that emotion, it was only natural that Will would ultimately be the victor.

His confidence wasn’t betrayed. After only a few minutes of the silent standoff, Lion started to rock back and forth. It was subtle, but as Will was paying close attention, it was impossible for him not to notice. He didn’t show any reaction to it, a lazy, smug smile still on his face and his leg still moving with the same painfully slow rhythm. Lion’s breath slowly grew more disordered, heavy and loud. Their face, too, slowly devolved from its facade of composure to one of lustful focus.

Will didn’t say a word when he stopped moving. Lion didn’t even notice, merely doubling their own efforts, so that they were obviously trying to get off by sliding back and forth on their partner’s lap, still fully clothed. It was mesmerizing to watch Lion giving in completely, their eyes slightly glazed over as they let any and all sounds fall from their mouth with no restraint or thought. Their precious hair was still in its ponytail, but some hair had fallen loose into their face, and they made no effort to tidy it.

He almost wished that he was one of the detectives that had been blessed with perfect memory. That way, whenever he wished, he could replay this moment inside his mind. He could go over every precious detail of how desperately Lion was grinding on him. He could forever remember the perfection of their trembling lips that let out soft moans, the beauty of their frustration, mindless motions. The pleasure of knowing that he was the cause of all of it combined with the vindictive joy of harmless vengeance.

Will’s arms had fallen to his side at some point, so that Lion could move freely. He absentmindedly patted their head, as though Lion was a kitten playing on his lap, and Lion leaned into the touch, moaning as they made a particularly grand movement along Will’s leg. They shuddered and went silent.

He belatedly realized that Lion had finished when he glanced down, wondering why Lion was so still and merely shaking and panting, only to see that their pants now had a wet spot that had seeped through to his own pants. He chuckled, amused at the sight, before remembering his own arousal. He tsked and bit the inside of his cheek.

By the time Lion’s breathing had returned to normal, their senses had fully returned, and they hid their blushing face in Will’s shoulder. They didn’t speak at first, which Will understood entirely. It was likely incredibly shameful for Lion to have acted in such a way, never mind that they wouldn’t have felt an ounce of shame if they had done it without Will’s goading. If they initiated something, it was with the utmost confidence and recklessness, but if it was something initiated by Will, then it was, to Lion, an entirely different situation. That, or Lion simply wasn’t self-aware. Either way, the contrast was cute.

“...I can feel you, you know,” Lion whispered into his ear. “Of course you’d end up wanting me after watching that…”

“And I’m going to assume you have a suggestion?” Will braced himself for whatever Lion was planning.

They smirked as they leaned back and placed a hand over the bulge in Will’s pants. “No suggestions.” Their hand made a large, slow circular motion. “I’ve learned my lesson, so it’s time for you to learn yours.”

Will had a horrible premonition. However, if Lion had well and truly made up their mind about something, it would take a miracle to change it.

They gently pinched. It came without warning, and Will’s only solace was the fabric of his pants serving as a buffer. Even with that mercy, he still let out a groan. It was painful and pleasurable, on top of being irritating due to the smugness Lion was emanating.

Lion laughed softly before standing up. They took a deep breath as they brushed back their hair and then leaned forward, placing their hands on Will’s knees for support as they kissed him. It was a light kiss, nothing more than a soft press of their lips to his.

“Next time you try to punish me, make sure you don’t leave yourself unsatisfied,” they murmured. “You can wait until tonight for me, can’t you?”

Will froze. His eyes widened. He hadn’t expected Lion to make such a move. As a result, he was entirely unprepared for it, and he had no time to try to capture Lion before they made a swift retreat, taking several large steps back with a wide, cruel smile. There was mischief sparkling in their eyes, and they stuck their tongue out at him before they fled. Will instinctively stood, wanting to chase them, but then they sighed and slumped back down. Chasing after Lion would only encourage them.

In a war of attrition, the first one to try to put an end to it was the loser. This war would prove to be far longer and far more difficult than any Will had fought before. So, in order to win… he would have to wait.

He sighed and tried to settle into the couch. His cock was hard enough that it ached slightly, begging for more stimulation now that Lion had teased it in such a merciless fashion. However, Lion was gone, and Will refused to just jerk himself off. That would lead to nothing but ridicule from Lion, and an immediate loss.

Diana hopped up onto the couch and then strutted onto Will’s lap before settling down on it. She had likely tired of her inferior resting spot, and thus had returned to reclaim her preferred perch.

Will gritted his teeth. He truly had a difficult fight ahead of him… but he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Lion wasn’t an ‘ideal’ lover, but they were real and present and loud and alive and both of them were in love. And that was far better than anything else.