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Sugar Daddy Asami

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Asami swore as Suoh gruffly handed a bouquet of flowers to Kirishima and mumbled “Will you go out with me Kei?” Fuck! He lost the bet!

One week ago, he had foolishly commented Suoh was too oblivious to notice Kirishima’s longing looks and it was pathetic for Kirishima to hold out hope for someone so unaware. Kirishima had snapped back that he at least had someone he wanted to spend his life with. This argument led to a bet to see who would end up dating first: Kirishima or Asami. If Asami won, Kirishima would never be able to nag him about his dating life or finding someone to settle down with. If Kirishima won, Asami would have to let his best friends sign him up for different dating websites.

Instead of responding to Suoh’s question, Kei looked at Asami with an arrogant smirk. Asami wanted to groan aloud, but any sign of weakness would be used against him. Who knew what kind of shitty dating websites Kirishima would use to find him a partner?



Kirishima The-Fucking-Worst-Asshole-In-The-World Kei had set him up on a blind date from a fucking Sugar Daddy Website!!! Why on Earth would he do that?!?!

Asami wanted to punch his secretary and long-time friend in the face. He was seething when he heard about where Kirishima had found him a date.

Asami had no interest in finding a goddamn greedy slut who was ready to bend over for money and wanted to be shown off like a trophy wife. Asami wanted a submissive who would bend over willingly, not one that needed to be bribed. He had indulged in strip clubs and such over the years, but they were always reputable places where the workers were willing. But for a romantic relationship, he wanted someone who could entertain him outside the bedroom and hold a conversation with him.

He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with some simpering fool like Sudo Shuu. He wanted someone genuine who didn’t care who he was nor the number of yen signs he had to his name.

Regardless, a deal was a deal, so Asami texted Kirishima for the details about his blind date. He wasn’t even given any information about his date aside from the fact Kirishima had found them on a Sugar Daddy website.


It had been two weeks since Kirishima had set him up with Takaba Akihito and Asami couldn’t be happier.

Asami had arrived at the coffee shop early and ordered himself a shot of expresso while he waited for his Greedy Doom Date. He had initially wanted to run out before meeting his date, but he had seen a gorgeous blond sitting by himself.

Asami had brazenly taken the seat across from the blond and began a conversation—something that never would have happened under normal circumstances. He had been so irritated and nervous about meeting his blind date, Asami had decided to try and find himself a partner before Kirishima did.

The blond had been shy and alluring, something Asami hadn’t anticipated would arouse him so much.

He had been so wrapped up in his conversation with the blond, that he was surprised to receive a text from Kirishima about his date. Asami had opened his text messages, about to tell Kirishima to cancel when he was given a picture of the gorgeous blond across the table from him.

Who would have guessed that the same date he didn’t want to meet would be the same blond he had chosen to sit with.


A few months had passed since Asami began dating Akihito. He had initially worried that Akihito was only interested in his money, but after several dates where Akihito fought Asami for the bill, despite barely breaking even, put a stop to those fears.

Because Akihito had no desire to mooch off of him, Asami willingly pulled out his card for date nights. He was more than eager to spend money on the blond, especially when he realized how much Akihito struggled financially.

He had no problem being Akihito’s Sugar Daddy, and he discovered he was extremely fond of Akihito calling him “Daddy” in bed. Although Asami had been part of the BDSM community for years, he had always preferred the honorifics “Sir” or “Master.” But hearing Akihito whimper “Daddy” in the heat of the moment turned him on in a way he couldn’t even explain.


Asami stood gallantly as if he was a medieval knight before his subjects, ready to receive his rewards and medals from war instead of a Dom about to collar his sugar baby.

To Asami, collaring a submissive was more important than marriage. It meant that he had truly found his match in every way. It had been years since Akihito had moved into his penthouse apartment and finally turned Asami’s place into a home.

As Akihito kneeled at his feet, his eyes shining with love and adoration for Asami, he felt like he was going to say something stupid.

Who would have guessed Kirishima Kei had planned to set him up with Suoh’s first cousin, using a Sugar Daddy website and ridiculous bet as a hoax to get him to agree to date Akihito.

Asami wanted his relationship to be out of the news and media, especially because he was collaring Akihito, so the ceremony was small. Both Akihito and Asami had agreed only two guests maximum, because not everyone was accepting of the BDSM lifestyle. Asami had chosen Kirishima and Suoh because his two best friends had seen him through everything and had plotted to get him together with Akihito. Naturally, Akihito had asked Kou and Takato to show up because those two had supported him the entire time.

Takato and Kou were the first to attend a BDSM munch with him and encouraged him to learn as much as possible. Akihito had been nervous to come out to his friends as a submissive until Tatako had proclaimed that he had met the Domme of his dreams. His fears melted away and they had agreed to help Akihito explore his submissive side.


Kirishima smirked as Suoh helped him undress. The two had been going steady for years before Asami had made a comment about Suoh being oblivious.

Kirishima had purposefully said that he had set Asami up on a Sugar Daddy website to keep his expectations low. He knew that Asami would expect someone simpering for money and only viewing him as a walking bank account. As a result, he wouldn’t expect someone as kind-hearted or as loving as Akihito.

Although Akihito didn’t want any handouts or pity, the young man was struggling to get by on his own. He had refused help from his parents, Suoh, his aunt and uncle, friends, and anyone who offered. Takaba Akihito was so stubborn that he would go into debt before asking for help.

In all honesty, Suoh and Kirishima had planned to set up Asami and Akihito for a long time, but after seeing Akihito nearly lose his apartment due to lack of money, they decided to speed up the process.

They both smiled because they knew their plan to get Akihito and Asami together was perfect.


As Asami cuddled up with his precious Akihito he realized he didn’t care how he met Akihito, as long as the blond was his forever.