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I swear to love you

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*A/n - this does contain a sex scene or as much as one as I'm willing to write anyway so if you wish to skip ahead please do so!*

Erin Maguire (Nee Quinn) was having the time of her life. For the first time in over sixteen months her cancer was stable, her now husband was doing absolutely splendid and she was currently having a lovely time sipping cocktails with her husband. She was a little aprehensive though for during her honeymoon they had yet to get to the actual honeymooning part. Not through lack of James trying however because if it were up to him they would never leave the hotel room. No, it was Erin that was putting off the inevitable due to fear. She had absolutely no clue what she was doing and she was scared to let James down. She was also scared about how James would feel about her when she was naked. She had after all had her breasts removed due to cancer and she felt kind of ugly. When she had explained that to Michelle who had laughed. She said James would bed her even if she had no hair and a leg missing. Erin had blushed deeply at that.
Still, she wanted nothing more than for James to in Michelle's words - blow her brains out - so with that in mind she decided that tonight would be the night.

They had gone out for some fancy meal near the London Eye and had stumbled back to their hotel room where they barely caught a breath before they were on each other again. They stumbled into the room as Erin grabbed James's coat to steady herself. Suddenly she found the ground beneath her to be rather soft as they fell back onto the bed. James made quick work of shedding their coats and Erin made quick work of his pants. When James got to her blouse however Erin Stiffened. James, who noticed her discomfort stopped
"What's wrong?" he asked gently. Erin gulped
"N-nothing... keep going" she insisted. James cocked his head and climbed off her, he sat down next to her and stared into her eyes.
"Erin please tell me what's wrong" he begged. Erin felt her heart break, she didn't want to hurt his feeling with her own insecurities.
"Okay... it's not you, it's me-" James laughed.
"If you're going to break up with me on our honeymoon I think a lot of our family will be pissed" Erin laughed
"No, you idiot! Look I just... I struggle with intimacy and like my sex drive since the treatment" she admitted softly. After a moment the quiet became too much and Erin started rambling.
"I get it, even Michelle told me it's stupid because I obviously want to sleep with you and she said if given the choice you would fuck me in the middle of Derry-" James scoffed. Erin looked up perplexed, James narrowed if eyes.
"Okay first off the only action my cousin has got in the past year is with herself so ignore whatever advice she gives you. Secondly, it's nice to know you feel the chemistry too but I am a gentleman. I would at least ask your permission before we gave the whole of Derry a show!" he said indignantly. Erin laughed lightly and James looked down at her with nothing but love in his eyes. He leant forward and kissed her lightly
"And thirdly I love you, Erin, I will wait for you to feel comfortable with us being intimate. I love you for more than your body which you should probably know does weird and wonderful things to me, like seriously that delightful red dress you wore yesterday. Well, let's just say if I told you what I wanted to do to you then you may ask for a divorce." Erin blushed purple, not many people knew how crass James could actually be.
"But It's our honeymoon! People expect us to ya know... do stuff" James grinned wickedly.
"Oh Erin dear if they want tales of our sordid sexual affair then we can make one up, aren't you a writer? Get creative love" at the word love Erin could feel her heart getting tighter and her insides turned to mush.
"You're incorrigible" she laughed. James grinned and leant back
"Only for you dear but seriously screw them, they wouldn't believe us if we told them the truth anyway and besides..." he leant towards her, a devilish grin on his face.
"You're mine forever now dear and as far as I'm concerned the only ones that need to know about our sexual history is us and ya know.. a doctor in case we do something wrong and you break me in half or something which i have been told is impossible but I'm sure they've never met anyone as wild as you," he said with a wink. Erin shook her head
"I love you" she whispered. James grinned
"I love you too" Erin grinned and kissed him again, only this time she also climbed on top of him, sitting just above his waist. He grinned and placed his hands on her hips to steady her. She bit his lip and relished the sound he made. Underneath her, she could feel his boxers getting tighter and could feel James becoming more and more frenzied. Suddenly James pulled away
"Erin love, as much I would want to go further I think we both know that we should wait a little while longer, at least until we are sure that you feel completely comfortable." Erin smiled impishly and climbed off her husband. He grinned at her, kissed her then ran to the bathroom where he spent the next twenty minutes. Erin spent the twenty minutes getting ready for bed and trying to calm down.

The next night the pair found themselves in a similar position only this time Mrs Maquire was ready and well... if they spent the rest of the holiday locked in their hotel room then that wasn't anyone business but their own,