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The Tutor's Protegee

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Chapter 2

Waking up…

My eyes open..everything is blurry,where am I ?

My head hurts, can’t be that big of a hangover,only had one glass of wine.

Then everything came into view and I found my self in a cold ,dank room. I try to get up but I discover there’s something clenched around my ankles and wrists, metal rusted shackles,that chafe my skin. My clothes gone and something else had been put on me, looks like some sort of night gown,it covers me fully but still…still cold.

I reach to touch my head, my hair is still there but I had been dyed red.

He steps in all dressed up in that outfits, the boots,apron,white one piece uniforms, he snaps the latex gloves as he looks over me. Dark circles under his eyes and what looked like a tell tale claw mark n his left cheek just under the eye.

"You’ve awoken, I’ve had to do some minor adjustments to ensure..that I am pleased…" he knelt before me attempting to reach out and cup my chin. In fright and anger I scooted back. "Don’t touch me!" I belted out at him.

"You did not object to my touch before, I noticed how your flesh such a touch." he chuckled and I tried to lunge at him,but the chains and shackles that held me down kept me from doing so as I jerked back to where I skulked at.

Again he reached out and tried to cup my chin, a wry grin growing over his face, I bent my head down,mouth opened wide to bite his hand. Lucky for this Tutor he pulled his hand back,just as teeth came together to snap at the air. “Now,now..we will have to fix this biting.. not very wise of you…” he stood “I am disappointed my star pupil would lash out after all I’ve taught you..” he scowled,”You’ll stay here and think about what you did..” then he stepped out of the room,locked the door and headed upstairs,more likely to go teach at his studio.

I didn’t want this! Hot tears stung and forced themselves from my ducts and down my cheeks, It didn’t matter if I yelled or rattle the chains,nobody would hear me.