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Melt the Ice

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The second Colin's door closes behind them, their lips are crashing together and Colin's hands are gripping Pete's waist.

They stumble down the hall to the bedroom. Pete's hand grips Colin's hair roughly as they hit the bed.

“Take your clothes off,” Colin pants.

“Subtle,” Pete chuckles. He undresses quickly, carelessly dropping his shorts and t shirt on the floor.

“Just lay back on the bed, okay? I'm gonna try my best to make you feel better,” Colin smirks.

“Okay,” Pete says, and lays back onto the pillow.


Colin slowly climbs up onto Pete, straddling his hips and leaning down to kiss him.

He kisses Pete slowly and deeply, gently parting his lips and brushing his tongue against Pete's.

Pete moans softly into Colin's mouth, and Colin's hands run up and down Pete's sides.

His skin is soft and warm, and so, so inviting; it takes all of Colin's self-control to keep the slow pace he's set and not ravish Pete right then.


Colin moves down to Pete's jawline, kissing softly along it and down to his neck. He takes a bit of skin in his mouth and bites gingerly, testing the waters.

When Pete groans, he bites harder.


Colin kisses down Pete's chest and pulls his boxers down, revealing his already hard cock.

He slowly takes it in his hand, pumping up and down and bending down to lick the tip.

Pete's hand rushes to Colin's hair the moment his lips touch his dick. Colin swirls his tongue around it slowly, licking his tongue down the shaft and sucking gently.

Pete grunts, “Fuck, Col...”


Colin begins to move faster, moving his mouth up and down around Pete's throbbing erection.

Pete whimpers loudly, begging for more.

“Colin, ah, oh god... Fuck, babe,” he pants. “Wait, wait, fuck me! Please, please fuck me. I want to come with you inside of me.”

Colin stops and looks up, smirking. “I can do that,” he purrs.


Pete pulls his shorts the rest of the way off, throwing them across the room.

Colin stumbles to the nightstand, trying to take his pants off with one hand and find their bottle of lube with the other.

While Colin is pulling his socks off, Pete is fingering himself in preparation.

He moans as he pushes his fingers into himself, eyes closed in pleasure. He opens them to find Colin staring, mouth agape.

Pete blushes.

“God, that's hot...” Colin breathes. He climbs up onto the bed, sitting between Pete's legs. “Keep going.”

He watches Pete continue to finger himself, enraptured and extremely turned on. Eventually, he can't take it anymore and leans down to kiss Pete, shoving his tongue into Pete's mouth.

Colin applies some lube, shivering in anticipation, and pushes himself into Pete.

Pete shudders, vocalizing loudly. “Ah, babe, yes...”

Colin thrusts slowly, closing his eyes and pushing Pete's thighs back to move in deeper.

He bites his lip, growling, “Fuck... You like that, baby? You like that?”

“Yes, oh god yes, I like it!” Pete cries.

Colin wraps a hand around Pete's cock and begins stroking him again, and Pete grips the sheets.

He thinks he's going to bite a hole right through his lip. Colin knows just how to drive him wild.


Colin moves a little faster now, and Pete can feel his climax approaching.

Pete whimpers as he gets closer and closer to the edge, and Colin leans down to kiss him. He keeps stroking and thrusting, and just as their tongues meet, Pete feels the electric fire rush through his veins as he booms into orgasm.

He moans loudly into Colin's mouth.


Another minute of thrusting and Colin is near his edge. He bites Pete's bottom lip, causing him to cry out.

“I'm gonna come, oh god, Pete...” he growls, and with one more buck of his hips, he finishes into Pete.


They stay there, a panting mess of tangled limbs, for a moment, and then Colin rolls off of Pete.

Pete immediately scoots closer to Colin, nuzzling his head into his neck.

“I love you,” he says, still trying to catch his breath.

“I love you too,” Colin whispers. “Are you feeling any better?”

“Much better.”