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ShoHolly Family Tree

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ShoHolly Family Tree

"Guys, I just realized something," Makki said all of a sudden.

The boys were in the middle of their stretches. Tesshi was searching for the music player and the President was doing whatever his job involved.

"What is it, Makki?" Shun asked, completely uninterested.

Makki took a deep breath before saying, "Tommy and Kira are my sons!"

Kira, who was helping Kakeru reach his toes, accidentally pushed Kakeru's back too hard out of surprise, causing the centre member to yelp in pain. Tommy, who was doing left-and-right stretches, fell to the side.

"Where the heck did you get that idea?!" Shun asked.

"Why am I your son?" Kira asked, straightening Kakeru's back. "And Tommy too?"

"Well, you see..." Makki said, beginning to explain. "How do I say this... I feel an emotional attachment to Tommy and Kira. It must be 'fatherly love'!"

"What?" Kira said, looking at Makki with disbelief.

"That sounds like something from a Shoujo manga," Tommy said.

"And what do you mean by 'emotional attachment'?" Kira asked.

"Ah, well," Makki began, "when Kakeru and I were stalking you, Kira, I just felt... like a dad worrying about his delinquent child, wanting to know what he's up to."

"'Delinquent child'?!" Kira repeated, irritated by the analogy.

"And we all know about Tommy living in an orphanage," Makki went on, ignoring Kira. "If I could, I'd want to adopt him as my son."

"I feel flattered, Makki," Tommy said, smiling, "but I'm too old to be your son. Maybe I could be your brother instead."

"Yeah, that's true," Makki said, "but really, you and Kira are my sons."

"Then, who's your wife?" Shun asked.

Makki's reply was just as shocking: "Kakeru, of course."

"Why me?!" Kakeru asked.

"Because," Makki said with a serious tone, taking Kakeru's hands into his, "if there is anyone I want to be with forever, it's you, Kakeru!"

"Makki..." Kakeri said, touched.

"And there's no way I'd marry Shun," Makki added.

"Well, I wouldn't marry you either," Shun retorted.

"So, who is Shun in our family tree?" Tommy asked.

"He is the grandfather," Makki answered, without missing a beat, "on Kakeru's side of the family because I don't want to be related to him either."

"Oh, yeah?" Shun said, glaring at Makki. "Then on your side of the family, you're parents are Shima and Ryu- the biggest jerks within ShoHolly inc!"

"What did you say?!" Makki asked, also glaring at Shun. "Well, you're married to Ran!"

And the two kept going on about who they marry and who they're related to while Kira and Tommy talk to their 'mother'.

"Mama?" Tommy asked Kakeru. "What's for lunch today?"

"Can we have ice cream for dessert, Mama?" Kira asked sweetly.

Kakeru looked at the younger two blankly before replying with a warm smile, "We're having ramen today, and yes, we can have ice cream too."

"Yay!" Tommy and Kira cheered.

Kakeru turned back to Makki and Shun. "Ah, why can't my husband get along with my dad," he said with a (fake) sad sigh.

"Hey, hey!" Tesshi said, finally returning to the stage with the music player. "Are you boys done with your stretches? We are begining now!"

The boys quickly scrambled into position.