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Promises and Vows

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It all started with Harry touching something he shouldn’t have in the attic of Grimmauld Place, the place that Mrs Weasley had ordered all cursed or dark items to be kept. You would think that after the whole search for Horcruxes and Katie Bell’s hospitalisation after touching a cursed necklace that Harry would know better than to put on the pretty bracelet that he found…

As soon as the cool platinum metal band circled his wrist, Harry knew he had made a bad decision. A terrible one really. What had once been a cuff bracelet, which was a bracelet with an opening, was now just a solid circle of metal that was wrapped around his wrist. It was only loose enough not to cut into his skin, but too tight to slide off his wrist. It was stuck.

“Shit!” He clawed at the bracelet trying to get it off to no avail. “Finite!” He tried the universal cancelling spell but still nothing changed. “Damn it.” He took a closer look at his new seeming permanent adornment. It was a wide bracelet about as thick as three of his fingers and on it was engraved the Black Family’s crest. Three ravens on the bottom half of the shield and on the top was a disembodied hand holding a wand. Under the shield was the family motto: Toujours Pur

Harry had barely started to trace the etching when he felt the tugging and nauseous sensation of a portkey activating. “Fuck.”


Harry landed heavily onto a soft surface, he bounced slightly and he was grateful for whatever he was for breaking his fall. He blinked a few times as he gathered his baring and found that he was in the bedroom of Grimmauld place that Sirius had kept Buckbeak...only there was no sign that the room had ever been host to the hippogriff.

“Excuse me?” A smooth cultured voice from behind him had Harry on guard. He rolled off the bed, it turned out that he had been deposited on a bed of all things which certainly explained his soft landing, to find a man in said bed.

“Er,” Harry didn’t know what to say. It didn’t help that the man in the bed was a few years older than him and was unfairly attractive. He had dark, almost pitch black, curly hair and dark eyes and yet his skin was as white as fresh fallen snow. His cheekbones were sharp and his nose was straight and strong. He was also shirtless and in bed, in the bed that Harry had just landed on.

“How did you manage to get through the wards of my house?” The man demanded to know, sitting up. The sheets pooled around his chest as he levelled his wand at Harry.

“Uh,” Harry couldn’t think. The pale expanse of the older man’s chest was terribly distracting. He had come to terms with the fact that he was gay, he and Ginny never got back together after the war, but he had also never come face to face or rather chest with someone as fit as this bloke.

“Oh great, you’re a simpleton.” A freaking rude fit bloke. Thankfully those harsh words brought Harry’s mind back into the present. He had put on a potentially cursed object which had then acted as a portkey. Maybe he was a simpleton.

“Look, I know this looks bad-”

“You appeared out of nowhere, breaking through some of the most powerful wards in the country, landed on my bed and then stared at me as if I was a particularly delicious piece of treacle tart.” The man said dryly. “But go on, explain to me how this isn’t as bad as it looks.”

“Er, sorry.” Harry wanted to die. His face felt as if it was on fire from how hard he was blushing and then he caught sight of the man’s wrist and all blood drained from his face. He was wearing a bracelet identical to the one that Harry was. “You have one too?” He blurted out raising his own wrist so that his one could be seen.

The man moved so fast Harry didn’t even have a chance to draw his wand from his boot, he still hadn’t gotten a wand holder and had taken to keeping it in his boot rather than his back pocket. Harry was knocked onto his back, the man loomed over him, pinning him down to the bed. Dark eyes glared down at him. Large hands had his own pinned above his head. Oh Merlin, if this had been any other situation Harry would be swooning.

“Where did you find that?” He asked slowly, his voice dark with an underlying threat.

“Ugh.” Harry struggled against the hold for a moment before glaring up at the man. “It was in my attic.” He replied honestly.

“Impossible.” His grip tightened around his wrists. “That is a Black family artefact.”

“I figured that from the crest.” Harry rolled his eyes before pausing. This man didn’t seem to recognize him which was weird as basically everyone and their estranged great aunt knew who Harry Potter The Man-Who-Vanquished was and yet there was no sign of recognition in this man’s face.

“I don’t think you understand just what exactly you have on your wrist.” He sneered at Harry. “These are a pair of betrothal bracelets.” He let go of one wrist to wave his bracelet in Harry’s face but put his hand back before he could try and struggle again. “My father has been searching for the other bracelet since I came of age.”

“Then just tell me how to get it off and I’ll give it back.” Harry frowned. “I didn’t know what it was when I put it on.”

The man suddenly let go of Harry and sat on his hunches over Harry’s legs. He was laughing. It was humourless laughter and a chill went down his spine.

“There is no way to take it off.” The man stopped laughing to explain. “It is a betrothal bracelet. By putting it on, you have agreed to be my husband.”

“What?!” Harry was not ashamed to admit that he shrieked rather loudly at the news.

The man smirked and ran a hand through his curls. “May I know the name of my intended?”

“Fuck you!” Harry spat, he scrambled to get away from this clearly deranged man.

“How rude.”

“I was cleaning out my godfather’s old house’s attic when I was drawn to this bracelet.” Harry huffed as he rolled off the bed with a thump. He sat up so only his head was visible over the bed. “His name was Sirius Black and he was the last male heir of the Black family.” Harry told him. There was no point in lying. Harry had obviously ended up somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be, somehow linked to this man who didn’t recognise him. The truth would be his best bet at getting home.

“The last…?” He ignored the whisper and continued.

“I put the bracelet which I admit wasn’t the smartest thing to do seeing as a few years ago Mrs Weasley put all the cursed objects up in the attic but,” He shrugged and didn’t finish that sentence. “Anyway, it sealed around my wrist and wouldn’t come off and then it acted like a portkey and suddenly I’m here.”

“What year is it?” The man demanded to know.

Harry paled as he once more looked at the room he found himself in. The walls looked freshly painted and there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. “It isn’t two thousand and one is it?”

“No,” Dark eyes traced his features. “It is nineteen fifty.”




After a moment of silence the man spoke up again.

“I’ve been terribly rude.” He was sitting on the bed, his legs crossed. “My name is Orion Black, Heir Black.”

Harry blinked dumbly for a moment. This was Sirius’ dad, he was nothing like his Godfather had described and obviously wasn’t married to his cousin yet if he was wearing the betrothal bracelet and declaring that Harry was now his intended. Harry wondered whether he should tell him his name, then realised that there was no point not to. Heir Black already knew that he was apparently a time traveller.

“Harry Potter, last of my name.” He held out his hand, the one with the bracelet. “Nice to meet you.”

“Well, I could do worse.” Heir Black mused in good humour as he took his hand. Instead of shaking it like Harry expected, he used it to pull Harry back up onto the bed. He willingly went with the movement to avoid his arm being pulled out of its socket by the strong pull.

Harry suddenly found himself rather close to Orion’s face. His breath hitched at the closeness and the bastard had the gall to smirk at him.

“You want the bracelet off, yes?”

“You said it wasn’t possible.”

“The only way to get them off,” Orion continued as if Harry hadn’t spoken. “Is to complete the bond.”

“The bond?” Harry asked wearily leaning away slightly before the Knut dropped. “You mean if I marry you, the bracelet will come off?!”

“More or less.”

“Be more specific.” Harry narrowed his eyes at the non answer.

“It will turn into a wedding ring.” He admitted.

“How is that any better?!” Harry exclaimed. “I am somehow back in time and engaged to my Godfather’s father!”

“Oh? We will have a son? That is good news.” Orion looked thoughtful, “Although I’m not sure I agree with reusing that old name.”

“What?” Harry spluttered. “Two men can’t have a baby.”

“Of course they can.” Orion looked at Harry as if he was the crazy one. “We aren’t muggles.” As if that explained anything?! Merlin, Harry felt like tearing his hair out.

“Anyway, you had Sirius and Regulus with Walburga, so you can’t marry me. It would change the timeline!”

“Ugh, please no.” His nose wrinkled cutely. No! Bad Harry, do not think of him as cute! “I do not wish to marry my cousin, that is why I put on the bracelet in the first place.” He looked rather pleased with himself. “The other half was said to be lost for generations. And whilst wearing one half I couldn’t be married off to anyone who did not have the other bracelet.”

“Then how did you end up married to her in my timeline?” Harry demanded to know. 

“The only other way to get rid of the bracelet-”

“Hah, so there is another way!” Harry interrupted glaring at him. 

“-Is to remove the lower arm it is attached to.” Orion continued with a raised eyebrow. “Something which my Grandfather has threatened to do if the other bracelet is not found soon.” 

“Oh.” Harry felt a little foolish and bad for jumping to the conclusion that Orion had lied to him. He had never seen a picture of Orion in the future and Sirius never said so, so he didn’t know whether he did or did not have his arm. 

“Oh, indeed.” Harry had a feeling that if it wasn’t for his Pureblood conditioning that Orion would have rolled his eyes at Harry. 

“I was a Gryffindor.” Harry blurted out. “Raised by muggles.” He looked Orion straight in the eye and spouted everything he could think of that would put the man off him or to let the man know what he was getting himself into if he was serious about marrying him. It seemed that there was no way out of this, Harry was lost in time, had already changed the timeline and well, if he was being honest he probably would have gone to a matchmaker in a few years time anyway. He couldn’t see himself settling for anyone he had gone to school with and unless the matchmaker or anyone else had told him about men being able to have children with each other he probably would have miserably married a woman. He could do worse than Orion Black for a spouse. “I’m a halfblood and my best friend was a muggleborn, and I don’t believe in blood purity. I think House Elves and all creatures should be treated with respect and-” 

A pair of soft lips cut him off. 

Harry stared stunned as Orion broke the kiss, his lips tingled. 

“I don’t care that you’re a halfblood.” He pressed his lips against Harry’s again. “It is admirable that you respect all creatures.” He kissed him again. “You can befriend all the muggleborn you like.” Another kiss. “As for being raised muggle, I’ll help you acclimatise to the wizarding world.” 

Harry’s head was spinning but he managed to pull himself together enough to grab Orion by his shoulders and give him a proper snog. 

Harry broke the kiss and licked his lips, Orion’s eyes followed the movement and he leant in to kiss Harry again but he stopped him. 

“Will you promise to care for our children?” Harry asked, panting slightly. “To never raise a hand or wand to them in anger.” 

“I vow on my magic, to care for our children, to never raise a hand or wand against them in anger.” There was a flash of light as magic accepted his vow. Harry's breath hitched, he hadn't expected him to swear on his magic! 

“Will you promise to never raise a hand or wand in anger against me?” Harry asked in almost a whisper. He did not want to be an abused spouse, but if he already agreed not to hurt their children then…his heart was beating so loudly in his chest he was sure that Orion could hear it. He felt as if he was in a dream.

“I vow on my magic, to never raise a hand or wand in anger against you.” Another flash of light. 

“Will you promise to care for our children, to never raise a hand or wand against them?” Orion asked him the same. 

“I vow on my magic, to care for our children, to never raise a hand or wand against them in anger.” Harry agreed easily and there was another flash of light as magic accepted his vow. 

“Will you promise to never raise a hand or wand in anger against me?”

“I vow on my magic, to never raise a hand or wand in anger against you.” He raised a trembling hand and cupped Orion’s face as another flash of light lit them up. 

“Will you, Harry Potter, take me to be your husband?” Was it just the low lighting or were Orion’s eyes tearing up?

“I do.” Harry laughed softly. “Will you, Orion Black, take me as your husband?” 

“I do.” Orion smiled softly and sealed their promises with a kiss

The light this time was blinding as Magic acknowledged their vows but luckily the two men had their eyes closed. 

Gently, Orion lowered Harry so he was on his back, under him. Harry laughed, breaking the kiss. 

“This position seems familiar.” He teased and reached up to stroke Orion’s face when he caught sight of his hand. “Oh.” 

“Hmm? What is it?” Orion pulled back. “Oh.” He stared at Harry’s hand and then raised his own hand. The bracelet was gone and just like Orion had said, there was now a ring on Harry’s and Orion’s respective finger. 

“I guess Magic accepted our marriage vows.” Harry said breathlessly. 

“Oh merlin,” Orion groaned. “My Mother is going to kill me for not having a proper wedding.” 

Harry just laughed. 

“It’s not funny Harry!” Orion whined, hiding his face in the junction of Harry’s neck. “She’s going to be a nightmare.” 

“It’s okay dear, I’ll protect you.” Harry teased and stroked his husband’s soft curls. Merlin, he was married, married and lost in time and yet at this precise moment? There was nowhere else he would rather be. 

The End.