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Turning the Tables

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“You sure drenched me pretty well, Miss,” Marius chuckled, glancing at his wet reflection in the mirror upon returning to his bedroom.

“I’m so sorry, Marius!” Rosa groaned, clutching the sides of her face, her head hung in despair while the drenched t-shirt clung to the cuts of his firm body.

Upon her arrival at the Von Hagen residence, Rosa had been about to enter the home when Marius popped out from the shrubs and squirted her with a water gun. The temporary cool spray provided a relief from the scorching summertime heat blaring down upon them, yet she would never forget how the light in his eyes twinkled in amusement as he jogged away. Casting his head back to flash her an inviting glance almost as if he was daring her to follow pursuit. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Rosa broke into a trot after him, attempting to dodge the spritz of water from the gun that Marius would occasionally turn around and shoot her way.

“Ha, got you again, Miss!” Marius laughed, fully enjoying the amusement of the way Rosa would playfully roll her eyes each time she fell victim to his water gun antics.

“Oh, you’re not getting away with it this time,” Rosa retorted, her eyes darting around the property to search for something to aid her in the battle of water when her glance landed on the hose attached to the faucet on the side of the mansion. “Ah-ha! Perfect!”

Dashing over to the new weapon, Rosa hastily turned the spigot to release the fury of water; completely unaware of how high the had turned the pressure until-


Marius was drenched. Caught off -guard, the water gun fell from his hand and crashed to the ground while droplets of water dripped from his body. From head to toe, Marius was saturated from the intense velocity of the turned up hose. Mortified, Rosa had intertwined her fingers through his and began to usher him to his bedroom muttering under her breath something regarding getting him out of the wet clothing.

“Miss? You know I’m only teasing you, right?”

Marius’s voice snapped Rosa back into the present, reminding her and ensuring that she was very well aware that her boyfriend was very much present and dripping wet which accentuated each of the toned muscles hiding beneath his soaking attire.

“Do you really like what you see that much?” Marius hummed, aware of the way his girlfriend was ogling him. The way she was checking him out like he was a fine piece of candy was an incentive enough to rile her up even more. One glance at Rosa’s ‘sexy’ eyes was always enough to turn him on. He was determined to tempt her sensual side even more.

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to see their boyfriend when he…,” Rosa’s voice trailed off when the realization that Marius had just peeled off his shirt and tossed aside.

“You were saying?” Marius countered, provocatively tracing his hands down his sides until he reached the hem of his waistband.

Fighting to keep her drool at bay, Rosa was counting all the ways she wanted to lick her tongue over those washboard abs Marius had on display until she noticed his thumbs toying with his shorts. The dampness of the fabric clinging to the very predominant contour of his erection. His fingers encompassed the thickness between his legs he was longing for Rosa to touch, and gave a few hard pumps, stifling back a groan whilst he admired the way Rosa’s tongue ran along the lines of her lips.

Provoked by his teasing, Rosa shook off his hands and roughly stripped away at his clothing covering his waist. Wasting no time, she dropped to her knees to envelop Marius’s manhood into her mouth. Sliding up and down, Rosa kept her tongue pressed securely against him and would allow the random drop of salvia to drip onto the length of his penis.

“Ah, not bad. Not bad at all,” Marius hissed, clutching a fistful of Rosa’s hair urging her to bob at a more hustled pace.

Rosa adjusted her mouth to focus on the head of his erection and used her fingers to simultaneously jerk Marius’s shaft. Her spare hand lightly groped his testicles and alternated between pinching the soft skin of his sack.

Rosa smiled to herself when she heard the throaty desperate growl escape from Marius, and she furiously swirled her tongue while enhancing the pressure and speed of her movements with her mouth. His eyes disappeared into the back of his head as her focus and the warmth of her mouth turned toward the head of his penis. Her pace would heighten to bring Marius to the edge, only for her to slow down to draw out the anticipation of pleasure.

Slobbery, sloppy, and feverish were only a few of the adjectives that flooded Marius’s brain when he uttered a sensual groan as he felt the relief of his load spilling into Rosa’s mouth.

Lapping the remnants of Marius’s salty pre-cum, the heir grunted when Rosa put on a production by seductively tossing her head back to swallow every last drop of his seed. Bearing witness to his woman on her knees before him nearly sent him into an overdrive. The curls of her wild sex hair clung to the perspiration of her cheeks; her lips glistening from the aftermath of his release. Rosa was a sight unlike any other-Marius wanted her. Scratch that-he HAD to have her now.

“Why am I the only one naked right now?” Marius crooned his sweet inquiry while reaching down to tug his girlfriend to her feet.

The honey laced implication dripped into Rosa’s ear as his tongue danced along the nape of her neck. Marius’s kisses peppered the crevices of her skin, his tongue lapping at the beads of perspiration that poured from her during their frenzy.

“Because what woman wouldn’t want a hot naked wet man coming undone from her touch alone standing in front of her?”

With breaths sharp and labored from the jolts of pleasure coursing through the veins of his body, the sudden wetness of Rosa’s tongue encircled around the limp of his cock fanned the flames of desire from within the artist.

“I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long for round two,” Rosa murmured whilst delivering tantalizing and deliberate slow strokes to intentionally drive the man she loved to a near feral state.

Ignoring Marius’s groan when she broke away from their encounter, Rosa swiftly rose to her feet and raised her hand to stroke the side of her man’s cheek. The pad of her thumb circled small movements on his skin while her other hand was drawn to his chest. She lightly tapped Marius backwards, urging him to collapse onto the mattress of his bed behind them. Following Rosa’s cue, the heir allowed himself to fall onto his back, captivated by lust as Rosa then stripped her own sundress to the floor and left herself bare before his sight.

“Now it’s your turn to be the good boy,” Rosa crooned, straddling Marius’s face until she was settled right above his mouth. “Tease me. Touch me, Make me feel how you’re currently feeling.”

Her demand was met with not words, but instead a delightful intrusion; a warmth assaulting and caressing her folds by paying a very special attention to the sensitive bud of her womanhood.

The remainder of this hot summer day was spent with the couple mutually championing one another, turning the tables again and again until both were completely lost in an endless nirvana of bliss.