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The flame and her fate

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At Hikawa Shrine, Rei meditates in front of the sacred flame. Although Chaos is defeated and peace is assured on Earth and on the future Crystal Tokyo, Rei is still on her guard. She feels that evil will always return. Suddenly, Rei has a vision. She glimpses her fate.


In Crystal Tokyo, peace will be short-lived.

Chaos will return, more powerful than ever.

New enemies will appear and threaten humanity.

Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus will fight them to protect Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion and their daughter.

After many battles, the Sailor Guardians fall.

Their lives are in danger.

Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet take over while Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus recover from their injuries.

But their lives are still in danger.


As soon as the vision stops, Rei screams. Her grandfather, worried for her, enters the large room.

"I... I'm fine, Grandpa."

It was a lie. Rei doesn't want to alarm him. Rei doesn't want him to worry about her. For a destiny that Rei cannot prevent from happening.