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"Mr. Kinn, there has been a security breach in the main family's house. We were ordered to take you and Mr. Porsche to one of the safehouses."

Kinn doesn’t appreciate being woken up on a Saturday by one of his bodyguards when he is cuddling with Porsche in bed. His security personnel has explicit orders not to enter his room unless it’s an emergency, though, so he reluctantly extricates himself from Porsche’s asleep embrace and sits up on the bed.

“Has any threat been confirmed?” Kinn asks.

This is one of the bodyguards Porsche handpicked himself: Dan, a former cop. He has the decency to stand sideways so as not to be looking directly at Kinn and Porsche in bed, affording his bosses some privacy.

“Not in this building, sir. We’ve scanned the grounds, including all the rooms in the apartment. Except for this one,”

Kinn ponders the information in silence while Porsche starts to stir next to him. Since they’ve moved to their penthouse, Porsche has been sleeping like a baby. Kinn is grateful that he can provide Porsche with comfort and security after everything that went down. Porchay, now in college, has been living in his dorm room and he has his own bodyguard, trained by none other than his older brother.

Neither of them has had to worry about their own safety or their loved ones’ in months.

“We will be ready in ten minutes. How is Porchay?” Kinn makes sure to ask since he knows it’ll be the first thing Porsche asks once he’s awake.

“He is safe. We’ve taken him to a safe house along with your brothers and Mr. Korn, sir,” Dan promptly answers.

“Perfect. You can leave now. Have a car ready for us outside the emergency exit,” Kinn tells the bodyguard right as Porsche opens his eyes.

“What’s going on?” Porsche mumbles sleepily.

“I’ve already arranged that, sir. The car is waiting. Excuse me,” Dan offers a curt bow and then exits the room, closing the door behind softly.

“There has been a security breach of some kind. I’m not sure about the details, but I’ll ask to be filled in on our way to the safe house. Porchay is with my brothers and dad in a secure location,” Kinn gives Porsche all the information to ease any worries that might arise.

“Fuck. Really?” A slight crease forms between Porsche’s eyebrows. He sits up, mirroring Kinn then kisses Kinn’s bare shoulder in lieu of good morning.

In exchange, Kinn places a kiss on Porsche’s cheek.

“Come on, let’s get ready,” Kinn says, getting up from the bed.

“Ok, alright,” Porsche nods, yawning and rubbing the sleep of his eyes before he follows Kinn to the bathroom. 




Once in the car, already on the way to the nearest safe house, Porsche jumps in and asks for a full report on the situation before Kinn has a chance to,

Kinn doesn’t mind. He has resigned to the fact that Porsche, even though he isn’t Kinn’s bodyguard anymore, will always take on the responsibility for Kinn’s security, their security. 

“Are we positive the threat didn’t come from the inside?”

Kinn knows what Porsche is implying. Kinn’s uncle, Gun, has been less than happy with some current arrangements made by Kinn’s dad regarding the family’s casinos. Kinn, as usual, tries to stay out of it, but on more than one occasion, he has sat down with his dad and tried to work out a plan that would satisfy both parties. Korn is stubborn, though. Kinn still can’t get through to him on the matter.

“One hundred percent, sir. Everything indicates there’s some involvement from one of the minor clans and either the Italians or the Russians are also involved. We’re looking into it,” Arm informs them.

“Do you want to call Chay?” Kinn asks, signaling for Dan, at his other side, to hand him the burner phone.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Just to check in on him,” Porsche agrees, a little distracted as he skims through the report file on the tablet Arm handed to him earlier. “Who would be stupid enough to blow up your dad’s car in front of witnesses? And without even making sure he would be in it?”

“Someone who hasn’t thought their plan through,” Kinn says, calmly. This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to kill his father, brothers, or Kinn himself. It’s something he’s had to live with all his life. There’s no use getting riled up about it. Now, if someone threatens Porsche’s life, that’s another matter entirely.

“Here, call Chay. Make sure he’s not freaking out about all of this,” Kinn says, handing Porsche the burner and taking the tablet off his hands.




They’re taken to a different safe house due to security protocol.

This one is a sleek little apartment inconspicuously located in a quaint residential building in a suburban neighborhood.

Porsche and Kinn are left alone as soon as their guards do the usual sweep of the grounds. Dan is to be stationed outside the apartment door while Arm will be in the car outside, keeping an eye on whoever comes and goes out of the building.

Kinn isn’t worried. He is sure they’ll be back to their normal lives in the morning. It’s simply a precaution. He tells Porsche so when the latter keeps pacing around the room, speculating about who could be behind the attack.

“I should call Pete, make sure he’s somewhere secure,” Porsche says when he finally listens to Kinn and sits down on the couch by Kinn’s side.

“I’m sure Vegas took him to one of their safe houses as well. He wouldn’t risk Pete’s life. A threat to the major family is also a threat to the minor family. Well, at least most of the time it is,” Kinn says sarcastically.

“Are you suspicious of Gun?” Porsche asks, eyebrows raised as he stares at Kinn inquisitively.

Kinn smiles softly, taking Porsche’s hand in his.

“No, baby. I’m not. I was just saying. You know there has always been tension between the two branches, but uncle wouldn’t go as far as trying to kill my father,” Kinn says while caressing the back of Porsche’s hand with his thumb.

He realizes this is the first time Porsche has dealt with a situation like this since he quit being Kinn’s bodyguard. Since he has accepted being at Kinn’s side as his partner and his business associate. Porchay is also in the equation now whereas he hadn’t been before. He and Kim have grown quite close. Both brothers are part of the family which puts a target on their backs. It’s only natural Porsche would feel this tense and worried.

“Ugh, I hate this so much. I was looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing day with you. Then tomorrow we were going to drive to the beach with Porchay and Kim and Tankhun…,” Porsche sighs, making himself small next to Kinn, resting his head on Kinn’s shoulder. 

“Is that what’s bothering you?” Kinn asks gently. He twines their fingers, resting both their hands on his thigh, then uses his other hand to stroke Porsche’s hair. 

Porsche sighs heavily, his grip on Kinn’s hand tightening. 

“Porsche, sweetheart, talk to me.” Kinn holds Porsche’s chin between his thumb and index and coaxes him to look at him.

Porsche can’t resist the gentle, caring way Kinn handles him when he’s stressed like this. It’s not that he wants to keep things from Kinn, but he doesn’t want to come off as dramatic. Kinn is as calm as ever, already used to the inherent danger that comes from being in the mafia. Porsche, on the other hand, is still getting used to it.

Before he speaks, Porsche scoots even closer to Kinn, so their arms and thighs are pressed up against one another’s. It works as an anchor and makes Porsche feel a little more grounded in reality, keeping him from getting swept away by his thoughts.

“I keep thinking, what if they’d come for Porchay? Or for one of your brothers or Pete?” Porsche confesses, his voice small and shaky. Then he seems alarmed all of a sudden by his own words. “Not that it isn’t bad enough that it’s your dad, that’s not what I meant…”

Kinn chuckles, playfully tugging on the hair at Porsche’s nap. “I know, don’t worry about it. I don’t expect you to care for my dad after the shit he pulled and yet you still respect him enough to allow him around your brother and everything.”

Porsche gives Kinn a small smile before he continues, “I would never forgive myself if something happened to Chay or you. You’re the two most important people in my life.”

Kinn’s chest tightens at the words. Hearing Porsche say that is bittersweet. The last thing he wants is for Porsche to experience pain for loving him.

“Nothing will happen to Chay or me. I promise you, Porsche,” Kinn says, firmly, staring Porsche in the eye. He means it even though it might be an impossible promise. He’s still going to do everything in his power to keep Porsche and his brother safe and to keep himself safe if that’s what Porsche needs from him.

Porsche knows as much. But at this moment, he chooses to believe in the promise and to believe in Kinn. It’s what he can do now to get out of this panic state he’s falling into.

“Thank you,” Porsche says before he pulls Kinn into a hug.

They stay in each other’s embrace for a while, until Kinn’s stomach growls loudly. Porsche smiles for the first time this morning, genuine and open as they pull away just enough to be able to look at each other.

“Want me to cook something?” Porsche offers.

“Yes, please. I’m starving,” Kinn says, pouting and rubbing his belly for effect.

“You’re adorable when you want me to feed you,” Porsche grins then places a peck on the tip of Kinn’s nose before getting up and sauntering over to the kitchen nook on the left. 

Kinn relaxes on the couch, one leg crossed over the other, watching Porsche move about in the kitchen, inspecting the fridge and cabinets, which are fully stocked with anything he might need. Kinn waits for Porsche to realize that and can’t help but laugh when Porsche turns around, hands on his hips.

“Do you have anything you need, honey?” Kinn asks, batting his lashes at Porsche.

“Yeah… How did our people even have time to go get groceries and put everything away so neatly?” Porsche asks, dumbfounded.

“The Theerapanyakuls are known for their efficiency,” Kinn winks.

Porsche rolls his eyes then turns back around to start cooking. Kinn’s fond smile lingers on.





They’re sitting side by side on the balcony, sharing a cigarette after eating. Most of the tension in Porsche’s shoulder has dissipated, but he has been talking very little, gaze lost on the view of the quiet streets beyond.

The small balcony is conveniently placed in the back of the building, not the front, and hidden behind tall trees. They can still see through the sparse foliage, but anyone who looked up would have a hard time distinguishing their figures.

“Porsche?” Kinn calls in an attempt to drag Porsche away from whatever he’s been thinking.

“Yeah?” Porsche’s head turns, and he blinks at Kinn.

"I'd like to try something new." 

"Oh? And what's that?" Porsche’s interest is instantly piqued. He knows this has to be about sex. Kinn isn’t much of an adventurer outside of bed. Besides, he could use the distraction and Kinn knows that as well.

"I've never had a prostate orgasm," Kinn says, deliberately impassive. 

Porsche maintains his face as neutral and as soft as possible despite being slightly surprised and turned on.

"Well, I don't get to fuck you as often as I’d like," Porsche teases, taking a drag of the cigarette and then passing it back to Kinn.

"And why is that, huh?" Kinn cocks an eyebrow, accepting the cigarette from Porsche.

Porsche gives an exaggerated sigh. "Fine, I admit I can't get enough of your cock..That’s why."

Kinn laughs, eyebrows shooting up, clearly surprised at Porsche’s candidness. It was a pleasant surprise to learn Porsche has a mouth on him whenever they fuck and he’s been letting go of his inhibitions when it comes to sex talk more quickly than Kinn ever anticipated. 

“So what do you say?” Kinn asks. He lets out the smoke he’s been holding, looking sexy as fuck as he does so.

Porsche is ready to give Kinn any kind of orgasm he wants. 

They have at least an entire afternoon and the night to explore whatever kinks Kinn wants to try attempting to keep Porsche distracted, and Porsche is more than willing to go along with the idea.

“Do you even have to ask?” Porsche smirks, biting down on his lower lip for effect as he gives Kinn a once-over.

Kinn, noticing it, spreads his legs further apart, in his best cocky mafia boss stance, cigarette dangling from his lips. Porsche’s dick makes itself very much known, hardening in his pants as Kinn tilts his head back enough to expose his neck, adam’s apple prominent. Then he fetches the cigarette from his lips with his fingers and blows the smoke out before he glances at Porsche from the corner of his eye.

“You don’t need to seduce me. I’m already head over heels for you,” Porsche says trying to sound unaffected but his throat is suddenly dry and he has to shift on his seat the more his boner grows.

“You started it,” Kinn says, gaze settling on Porsche’s lips.

“Fair enough,” Porsche shrugs.

“You gonna fuck me now?” Kinn asks in that nonchalant, sexy way only he can, and that always drives Porsche crazy; like it’s a given that he’s got Porsche, the hottest bartender turned bodyguard turned his boyfriend, in his bed every night, which couldn’t be farther away from how Kinn feels. He considers himself an incredibly lucky guy.

Porsche smiles, a wicked one, then gets up, unceremoniously adjusting his junk (Kinn’s eyes follow the movements, his own dick twitching in interest at the sight). 

“Follow me, big boy,” Porsche says, already walking into the house.

Kinn chuckles, throwing the remnants of the cigarette inside the glass they’ve been using as an ashtray, and promptly stands up to follow after Porsche.

Porsche wasn’t lying when he said he didn’t get to fuck Kinn as often as he wishes, but he also can’t deny he likes how special that makes it feel when he does get to fuck Kinn.

The bedroom is small but the bed is king-sized and comfortable, and the sheets are fresh and mint-scented. But when they fall together onto the bed, Porsche on top straddling Kinn, he suddenly misses their bed. He has kind of become addicted to returning to their place every night and making love to Kinn there. They’ve turned that fancy penthouse into a warm, loving home; their small piece of heaven and Porsche wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“What are you thinking about?” Kinn asks, his hands caressing Porsche’s sides under his shirt.

“You. Bouncing on my dick,” Porsche lies, smirking at Kinn whose cheeks have turned red. He pinches Porsche’s side and Porsche yelps, wiggling against Kinn’s crotch.

“You need to stop being such a little shit or I won’t let you anywhere near my ass,” Kinn says, going for serious but the way his eyes sparkle and the corners of his lips slightly pull up betrays his amusement.

“Oh, you want me to fight you for it? I can do that,” Porsche says before he uses both of his hands to grab Kinn’s wrists and pin him down on the mattress. He presses his thighs on either side of Kinn as well, intent on giving him no chance of escape.

Kinn is full-on smirking now, then he licks his lips suggestively, glancing down at where their bodies are connected. Porsche is sitting right on Kinn’s dick and he can feel how hard Kinn has gotten since Porsche has been on top, but he won’t give in so easily.

“I’m not gonna fight you. I meant what I said. I want your cock inside me.” Kinn is staring at Porsche in that way that always makes Porsche feel so seen, and like he’s the only person Kinn has ever looked at.

“Fuck, Kinn. Fine, okay. Just-- Give me a minute.” 

Porsche stumbles out of the bed after giving Kinn’s lips a quick peck, then disappears into the bathroom.

Kinn takes the opportunity to get rid of his shirt and belt, but leaves his trousers on in case Porsche wants to take those off himself. He knows how much Porsche enjoys doing these small things whenever they have sex like undressing Kinn and rolling a condom onto Kinn’s erection whenever they need one.

Porsche is back in less than a minute with a bottle of lube which he tosses towards Kinn. He catches it and is surprised when Porsche walks past the bed and opens the wardrobe opposite the bed. 

“What are you doing?” Kinn asks.

“Looking for something I packed…,” Porsche trails off as he continues rummaging through the overnight bag he brought from home. “Here it is,” he mumbles to himself after a moment.

“What is it?” Kinn asks.

Porsche turns around and the last thing Kinn expected to see him holding was a sparkly, purple dildo.

“Oh, hell no,” Kinn shakes his head. He has never used a dildo in his life. He didn’t agree to this. Porsche’s cock is one thing, it’s special, it’s Porsche’s cock. He isn’t about to have some dick-shaped piece of rubber up in his ass.

Porsche laughs openly, threateningly, walking towards the bed and wielding the toy like a weapon. He thinks Kinn’s reaction is funny, which makes Kinn even more annoyed. When he suggested Porsche give him a prostate orgasm he didn’t imagine anything like this.

“Come on, baby. It’s just if I get tired. You know I don’t have your prowess.”

Kinn shakes his head, crossing his arms over his chest like a stubborn child. “Absolutely not. I want to come from your cock, not this… this thing .”

Porsche chuckles, climbing onto the bed and sitting back on his heels in front of Kinn. He doesn’t try anything with the toy, though, simply settles it onto the bed by his side. He can tell Kinn is nervous about this and he doesn’t want to push too hard if this turns out to be a hard limit.

“Haven’t you used toys before?” Porsche asks, tilting his head. Ah, he’s asking a genuine question. Kinn relaxes a bit as he realizes Porsche isn’t teasing him anymore, so he uncrosses his arms, and allows himself to relax.

“Of course I have. On others, not on myself,” Kinn hates how embarrassed he sounds as he confesses. He’s usually the confident one regarding sex, but now he feels like an inexperienced teenager.

“That’s fine. I understand. You’re not used to bottoming and you haven’t explored this side of your sexuality, yet. I didn’t bring it with the intention to fuck you with it. I remembered I packed it because I thought we might wanna have fun with it,” Porsche shrugs then places a hand on Kinn’s knee. “If you’re not ready, we don’t have to use it, okay?”

Kinn nods, more relieved now that Porsche has clarified he isn’t judging Kinn for not wanting to use the dildo.

“When did you buy it? We usually buy these things together,” Kinn eyes the dildo. It looks like one of those that vibrate. It also looks silly with all the glitter, but he also can’t help but imagine fucking Porsche with it. It would definitely look prettier with Porsche’s cute asshole stretched around it.

“I was out with Pete one day and we stopped by this sex shop at the mall. Vegas is into some really kinky shit, did you know?” Porsche leans in with a wicked little smile on his lips.

“Ew, gross. Please spare me the details.” Kinn makes a face that prompts laughter out of Porsche.

“Alright, are we doing this or not? My dick is getting soft,” Porsche pouts, pointing to his crotch.

“When did you become so horny? Where is my sweet, innocent boyfriend?” Kinn asks, spreading his legs and sliding his body further down so he can accommodate Porsche between them.

“Hm, are you sure you ever had a boyfriend like that? I’ve always been a whore.”

Kinn gives an exaggerated gasp and Porsche smiles at him before leaning forward to kiss Kinn on the lips. 

The kiss starts gentle and sweet. Porsche takes his time dragging his lips tentatively over Kinn’s and Kinn lets him take the lead. He wants Porsche to know he’s the one in control. Kinn is at his mercy and Porsche can do anything he wants with him. They have their safe words and everything, but by this point, there is little they don’t know about each other’s limits; which lines not to cross.

Porsche is the one to deepen the kiss, his hands coming up to Kinn’s face to cradle it as his tongue slides past Kinn’s parted lips. Porsche licks the upper front row of Kinn’s teeth menacingly then Kinn is the one invading Porsche’s mouth with his tongue.

The kiss turns messy and desperate fast. Soon, Porsche’s body is draped all over Kinn’s as they grind their hips together, their cocks filling up with each press and each brush of their clothed crotches against one another.

Kinn’s body temperature is rising fast as he feels Porsche's muscular body move on top of his, claiming and needy. Porsche moans into their kiss when Kinn sucks on his tongue and Kinn can’t keep his hands to himself, holding onto Porsche’s hips to keep him in place while he bucks his own up, rutting against Porsche until he feels pre-cum already soaking the front of his jeans.

“W-wait, Kinn. Slow the fuck down,” Porsche laughs against Kinn’s mouth, biting on Kinn’s lower lip when he seeks Porsche’s lips again. “I’m the one calling the shots, aren’t I?”

Kinn, dazed and beyond aroused, says, “Dunno about that.” 

Porsche rolls his eyes, pulling away from Kinn and sitting up again. His ass is right back on top of Kinn’s dick and it’s painful. Kinn wants to buck his hips up and make himself come already. He doesn’t even know how he got this worked up so fast, but it happens often whenever he is with Porsche.

“Be patient,” Porsche says, wagging his pointer finger at Kinn as if he were scolding him.

“You’re having too much fun with this,” Kinn gives Porsche a pointed look but without any real heat behind it then he wills himself to cool down a bit.

“You’re right, I am. But wasn’t that what you wanted?” Porsche gives Kinn a coy look, then leans forward again to give Kinn a quick kiss on the forehead. “Now let’s get you naked, big boy.”

Kinn chuckles at the new nickname. Porsche called him that earlier but Kinn didn’t really think it would be a thing . He doesn’t mind being Porsche’s big boy, though.

Porsche is swift as he undresses Kinn, not wasting a lot of time. Soon, Kinn’s trousers and underwear are discarded somewhere on the floor. Kinn’s cock is leaking pre-cum, curved thick and heavy onto his stomach.

Much to Kinn’s disappointment, Porsche ignores it completely, so to keep himself distracted Kinn offers to undress Porsche in return.

Unlike Porsche, Kinn takes his time doing it. He sits up and helps Porsche take off his t-shirt, pulling it over his head, then throwing it aside. Then Kinn gets Porsche on his lap again and kisses his way down Porsche’s neck, chest and stomach, enjoying the way Porsche’s muscles tense up and relax under Kinn’s attention, as well as the little sighs Porsche keeps letting out.

Porsche cards his fingers through Kinn’s hair, head thrown back as he revels in the way Kinn so expertly touches and kisses him, playing Porsche like that violin of his. Though Porsche is more special. He doesn’t think Kinn has touched that violin in weeks, but he always makes sure he touches Porsche, pleases him, and gives him all the attention he needs.

Kinn successfully makes Porsche forget about all of his worries, his fears, and anxieties. All that exists at this moment is the two of them and Kinn worshiping Porsche’s body as if he were a god.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Kinn whispers right before he licks a long, wet stripe across Porsche’s lower belly, right above the waistband of his jeans. 

Porsche shivers and drops his head forward to look down at Kinn through his fringe.

“Kinn, please,” Porsche didn’t count on being the one begging today but damn it, Kinn is an expert at making him fall apart in the sweetest, most delicious ways.

“Are you eager to be inside of me? To stuff me full of your cock?” Kinn’s filthy words travel straight to Porsche’s dick straining inside his pants.

“Yes, I really, really am. Hurry up,” Porsche orders a little impatiently.

“Do you think you can make me come from just your cock?” Kinn asks as he unbuttons and unzips Porsche’s jeans.

“Pretty sure I can, yeah,” Porsche answers confidently even though he feels his knees go weak once Kinn pulls off his jeans and realizes he isn’t wearing any underwear. Again.

“Porsche, you naughty boy,” Kinn tuts, tilting his head back to look up at Porsche looking down at him.

Your naughty boy,” Porsche corrects.

Kinn lets out a low, primal sound in the back of his throat, wrapping his arms around Porsche’s middle before he sweeps Porsche off his feet and lays him on his back on the bed. 

Porsche recovers from the surprise quickly enough to help Kinn pull his jeans down. But before he can process anything else, the warmth of Kinn’s mouth is enveloping his cockhead and sucking on it hard enough that Porsche’s eyes roll to the back of his head. 

For a moment, Porsche thinks he’s coming, but then Kinn stops sucking, and uses his tongue to coat Porsche’s dick in saliva. Porsche realizes the heaviness in his balls is still very much there. He hasn’t embarrassed himself. Yet.

“Fucking hell, Kinn,” Porsche curses, digging his fingers into his hair and pulling while Kinn gives him the roughest but best head he has ever gotten.

Kinn is usually quite gentle whenever he sucks Porsche off, but this time he’s not holding back. He takes Porsche all the in, relaxing his throat and allowing Porsche to nestle inside his mouth like he is nothing but a cock sleeve, made to accommodate Porsche’s thickness.

Both of Kinn’s hands travel up Porsche’s torso, exploring, possessive. He grabs Porsche’s pecs, digs his nails into them, making Porsche arch his back and involuntarily thrust into the heat of Kinn’s mouth. Porsche is ready to mumble an apology, hips stilling when Kinn digs his nails into Porsche’s flesh again, even harder this time.

“Kinn, what the f--,” Porsche starts but then he realizes Kinn is asking Porsche to do it again; to fuck into Kinn’s mouth. Oh, shit, Kinn is insane. He is going to drive Porsche insane.

Kinn waits for Porsche to get the hint, massaging Porsche’s pecs to suit the sting his nails left behind, breathing calmly through his nose.

Kinn has learned to love giving head after he met Porsche. He wasn’t really into it before, but after the first time he got to wrap his lips around Porsche’s pretty cock, he started to enjoy it. So when Porsche finally bucks his hips up, the soft head of his dick hitting the back of Kinn’s throat, Kinn keens, the vibrations traveling up Porsche's length and causing his hips to stutter at the next thrust.

Kinn takes a deep breath, and inhales the clean scent of Porsche’s crotch, with only an underlying layer of musk. Porsche keeps his pubic hair trimmed short so it barely tickles Kinn's nose when he takes Porsche inside his mouth like this. And as Porsche fucks his mouth, grabbing a fistful of Kinn’s hair for better aim, Kinn closes his eyes and lets Porsche use him, mind clear of any thought. All he can focus on is the way his body responds to Porsche.

“Ah, Kinn, your mouth always feels so good. I’m so close,” Porsche says, a little breathless, his hips stilling for a moment as his cock rests heavily on Kinn’s tongue.

Kinn tells Porsche to go ahead and come in his mouth, forgetting for a second that his mouth is full of cock. All it comes out are muffled, incoherent noises.

Suddenly, Porsche pulls at Kinn’s hair, sliding his dick out of Kinn’s mouth with a loud, lewd ‘pop’.

“What did you say, love?” Porsche asks, transfixed by Kinn’s red, abused lips, the saliva trickling down his chin; his flushed cheeks. 

“I said, come in my mouth,” Kinn repeats, voice slightly hoarse.

“I was planning on coming in your ass, though.”

“You can do that too. Fill me up on both sides. How does that sound, baby?”

“When you put it like that…”

Kinn doesn’t need to sell it. Porsche is already halfway gone, his cock throbbing painfully. 

He wastes no time in sliding it past Kinn’s lips again. He doesn’t bottom out this time, thrusting shallowly into Kinn’s wet heat. Kinn hollows out his cheeks and wraps his lips so prettily around Porsche’s dick that Porsche lasts about a minute before he’s spilling his seed into Kinn’s mouth. Porsche has the presence of mind to pull his dick out enough that Kinn wouldn’t choke on the cum flooding his mouth.

Not that he needed to worry. Kinn swallows every last drop, not gagging once, then circles Porsche’s dick with his tongue to catch any last remnants of cum before he lets go of Porsche.

“That felt so good,” Porsche sighs, arms falling on the bed on either side of him. Kinn crawls half on top of Porsche, nuzzling against his neck. 

“Yeah? Glad I could make you feel good, baby,” Kinn whispers against Porsche’s skin, then plants a kiss right under his ear, making Porsche shiver. “But we’re not done yet,” Kinn adds. 

“Give me a minute,” Porsche asks, but Kinn can feel his dick already filling up again against Kinn’s thigh.

“I can get started, don’t worry,” Kinn says before he’s pulling himself up and kneeling on the bed.

Finding the small bottle of lube, Kinn uncaps it and pours a generous amount of it on his fingers. 

“Are you going to prep yourself?” Porsche asks, looking at Kinn with curiosity.

“Yep. Wanna watch?

Porsche nods, hauling himself up on his elbows. 

Kinn grabs one of the pillows and places it under his hips before he settles back against the headboard, legs spread open to offer Porsche a perfect view of his ass.

“Shit, Kinn. I’m never ready to see you like this. You’re a fucking vision,” Porsche praises, his cock filling up a little more at the sight of Kinn spread out for him like that.

Kinn looks almost shy as he reaches down his body with both hands, he uses one to spread his asscheeks apart even more, and with the lubed-up finger, he starts teasing his hole.

“How do you want me, Porsche?” Kinn asks, pressing the digit of his middle finger against his entrance before he continues, “Properly stretched out or still tight enough that I feel the burn when you enter me?”

Porsche needs to remember to close his mouth, jaw having dropped as he watched Kinn. It takes a while for him to come back to his senses and process the question to form a reply.

“The latter,” Porsche manages, eyes never leaving Kinn even as his dick starts to throb painfully. He’s fully hard again and it’s going to take everything he has in him not to jump on Kinn and fuck him in the next few seconds.

“You want me… ah, tight, huh?” Kinn’s breath hitches, voice caught in his throat as he slides the first finger inside. He doesn’t wait, making it all the way past the second knuckle before he starts fucking it in and out of his twitching hole.

It feels foreign as it always does. Kinn isn’t used to the stretch, the intrusion of it. But he enjoys having Porsche’s eyes on him, watching his every move, getting aroused by it.

Kinn’s dick starts to leak again as he inserts a second finger. He doesn’t think he’ll last long once Porsche starts fucking him, but it doesn’t matter. Porsche can probably keep going for a while after having come and that’s what Kinn needs, to keep Porsche’s mind and body occupied. And as a bonus, he gets to be full of Porsche’s cock, which is never a downside.

“How am I doing, baby?” Kinn asks, pumping the two fingers in and out of his hole, feeling his insides loosen up the more he does it. It’s still not big enough to accommodate Porsche’s girth but it doesn’t really matter. Kinn will welcome the stretch, the slight discomfort until it goes away and is replaced by pleasure.

“So well, Kinn. You’re incredible. Wish you could see yourself,” Porsche says.

“Come here,” Kinn beckons, stretching a hand towards Porsche.

Porsche leans forward and takes the hand Kinn is offering him, allowing Kinn to guide him until he’s kneeling in front of Kinn. 

“I’m ready for you,” Kinn says, sliding his fingers out. The empty feeling is more unpleasant than anything else.

They make quick work of coating Porsche’s cock with some lube, then Kinn is on all fours - it’d make it easier for Porsche to slide into him without it hurting too much, and it gives him plenty of room to work out the best angle to pound Kinn until he comes untouched.

“On all fours for me. What an obedient boy,” Porsche says, smacking Kinn across the ass.

“Now, don’t get too mouthy,” Kinn warns, hiding his smile behind his forearm.

Porsche chuckles, well aware that Kinn loves it when he’s mouthy.

“Relax for me, Kinn. Don’t want it to hurt,” Porsche says, tone gentle. He caresses up and down Kinn’s back, coaxing him to relax. He knows Kinn trusts him, loves him. He knows Kinn wants this, but Porsche still feels like it’s his responsibility to make this as pleasurable as possible for his boyfriend.

Porsche wraps a hand around the base of his cock, spreads Kinn open with the other one, then positions the head against Kinn’s entrance.

Kinn backs up against Porsche, showing a little bit of impatience but Porsche still takes his time to tease Kinn a bit, rubbing the tip against his hole. It flutters at the touch like it’s asking to be taken by Porsche’s cock.

Porsche’s self-control snaps when a low, but drawn-out moan leaves Kinn at the first press of Porsche’s cock. Porsche keeps pressing forward slowly but steadily, only stopping when he’s halfway inside Porsche.

“You take cock so well, baby. You should do it more often. How does it feel?” Porsche checks in.

Kinn remembers to breathe, the stretch uncomfortable since he only used two fingers to prep himself, but not exactly painful. 

“I feel good. You can move,” Kinn says, sounding bossy even when he’s asking and not demanding.

Porsche loves it, though. He won’t deny Kinn anything and the opposite is just as true.

Porsche starts to move, his dick throbbing madly the more he fucks into Kinn’s tight hole. It feels as good as Porsche remembered from the last time they did this. Kinn’s insides practically suck Porsche’s dick in as he goes deeper each time until he finally bottoms out and Kinn rewards him by clenching around Porsche’s cock until Porsche needs to beg him to stop.

“Don’t wanna come too soon,” Porsche says, giving one of Kinn’s asscheeks a good squeeze.

“Right. You need to make me come first. Come on, baby, put your back into it.”

Porsche doesn’t know if it’s a challenge but it reads like one. He slaps Kinn’s ass for good measure, grinning satisfied when Kinn curses low under his breath, body jolting slightly. He clenches around Porsche’s dick again, right before Porsche pulls almost all the way out and slams into Kinn again.

This time he works out an angle, brushing against Kinn’s prostate a few times, as indicated by the way Kinn moans loudly this time and his knees buck slightly.

“Let’s get you on your back, I wanna see your face,” Porsche says after a few more thrusts. 

“Alright, whatever you want.”

Kinn looks fucked out already. As he lies on his back, spreading his legs to accommodate Porsche between them, Porsche takes a good look at Kinn’s pale body, flushed from his face down to his chest. His nipples are hard, and his cock, although not as hard as it was before, standing at half-mast, is still as glorious as ever and Porsche almost feels sad he can’t touch it yet. Or put it in his mouth.

“Porsche, focus,” Kinn says, a hint of amusement in his voice, snapping his fingers in front of Porsche’s face.

“Right, right, Sorry.”

“You really love my cock, so much, huh? I might fuck you after this.”

“That is if you have energy after I’m done with you,” Porsche counterpoints then drives into Kinn in one smooth movement.

“Ahh, fuck,” Kinn breathes out, legs spread even wider, hips rising from the bed to meet Porsche’s thrusts.

Porsche holds onto Kinn’s calves as he rams into him, picking a pace that he can withhold for long enough to have Kinn writhing and grunting under him each time Porsche’s cock drags against his walls, fucks his tight hole open and loose.

Kinn loves the feeling of having Porsche inside of him more than he would ever admit, loves the way Porsche looks so concentrated as he fucks him, intent on giving Kinn the pleasure he promised him. 

“Kinn, Kinn..” Porsche moans Kinn's name in tandem with his thrusts, and as if summoned, Kinn wraps his legs around Porsche’s middle, pulling him closer until their lower bodies, sweaty and hot are pressed against one another.

“Just a little bit more, baby. I feel like I’m so close.”

Kinn holds Porsche’s face between his hands and kisses him, all teeth and desperation, and when Porsche angles his hips in just the right way to meet Kinn’s sweet spot over and over, Kinn starts to see stars behind his eyelids.

“You gonna come for me, big boy? Gonna come on my cock?” Porsche taunts, his mouth so impossibly close to Kinn’s, Kinn’s next inhale must carry Porsche’s breath into his lungs.

Kinn wants to be like this forever. Full of Porsche. In every way known and unknown to man. He doesn’t want to be just Kinn again, he wants to carry a part of Porsche with him wherever he goes.

“So close, Porsche. Feels so good, baby. You’re so fucking amazing to me,” Kinn says in between pants, the heat coiling in his lower stomach too much for him to bare. He feels like he’s going to explode at any second, but at the same time, his orgasm feels impossibly out of reach.

What if he can’t come from just getting fucked by Porsche? He knows Porsche wouldn’t mind, he isn’t a prideful man, but Kinn wants it so badly. And if anything, Kinn is a resilient man. He won’t give up this easily,

“Porsche, fuck me harder ,” Kinn orders, using the commanding tone of voice he reserves for moments where he needs to establish his authority as head of the family or for when Porsche is being a brat in bed. 

“I might come too if I… ah, go any harder,” Porsche does his best to keep fucking Kinn as he speaks, but his hips stutter a few times. He almost loses the grip he has on Kinn.

“I wanna ride you,” Kinn says. Porsche nods, sliding out of Kinn, ever the good boy. It’s cute how, even though he’s the one topping, Porsche is ready to do anything Kinn tells him to. He always wants to be good for Kinn.

“Thank you, baby,” Kinn makes sure to show Porsche his appreciation, kissing him on the cheek before they reverse their positions.

Kinn can count on one hand how many times he’s found himself bouncing on Porsche’s cock, putting all his muscles and years of disciplined training at the gym to good use while riding his boyfriend. He watches as Porsche unravels right in front of him like the most beautiful sight, not even the most renowned painters could ever dream to replicate.

When he feels his legs getting tired but his climax fast approaching, Kinn reduces his movements to a slow but steady grind that has Porsche’s cock pressing deliciously against his prostate with every precise twist and turn of Kinn’s hips.

The stimulation is overwhelming, constant, and unlike anything Kinn has ever felt.

“Fuck, Porsche, I’m coming,” Kinn announces right before his orgasm hits him full force.

His neglected cock, standing at half-mast, is leaking nonstop like an open faucet, making a mess of Porsche’s stomach. Porsche’s grip on Kinn’s hips tightens as Kinn rides out one of the longest orgasms of his life, gyrating his hips to grind down on Porsche, still buried to the hilt in his ass.

“So fucking handsome. My big, perfect boy. My Kinn,” Porsche says, voice laced with adoration and love.

“All yours,” Kinn mumbles, feeling the strain on his muscles for the first time this afternoon.

“Think you can take a little more?” Porsche asks, bucking up tentatively into Kinn’s heat.

Kinn feels like his entire body is made of static, every touch of Porsche, every slight twitch of his cock inside him, sending waves of unbearable, painful pleasure through Kinn’s body. But he still doesn’t feel as satiated as he knows he can feel. So he confidently replies, “Yes. Keep going, fuck me.”

Porsche doesn’t need to be told twice. He flips them both until he’s kneeling in front of Kinn, then he slides inside again and fucks Kinn harder, faster, deeper than before. Every time Porsche’s cock grazes against Kinn’s prostate he feels like he’s coming all over again, and even though it hurts a little, it still feels fucking incredible.

Kinn only wraps a hand around his cock, giving it a few tugs when Porsche looks close to his own climax.

Porsche’s body tenses up right before he comes, hips stilling, his cock sheathed perfectly inside of Kinn, balls pressed against Kinn’s ass. Kinn’s orgasm follows suit, dick shooting the little amount of spent he still has left in him while Porsche spills inside Kinn’s ass. 

Before Porsche can collapse on top of him, Kinn pulls him towards his chest, tilting Porsche’s chin up so he can kiss him languidly. He doesn’t mind the mess between their bodies or the cum leaking from Kinn’s hole, they just keep making out until the sun has almost completely set on the horizon, casting long shadows on the small bedroom.

Once the come has cooled down enough to make Kinn feel uncomfortable and gross, he gets up from the bed, ignoring Porsche’s whine, and goes to prepare a damp towel to clean himself and Porsche up.

Back in bed, clean and warm, with Porsche curled up against his chest, already dozing off, Kinn feels content, sated and happy.

“How’s that brain of yours? Still working full time?” Kinn asks, keeping his voice low just in case Porsche has fallen asleep. He doesn’t want to wake him up if he has.

“I have zero thoughts, so mission accomplished.”

Kinn can’t see Porsche’s smile, but he can feel it against his skin.

“Good. You can always count on me, baby.”

“I know I can. I’m so lucky,” Porsche wriggles contentedly, rubbing his cheek against Kinn’s nipple. Kinn smiles to himself.

“So am I.”

Kinn fetches a cigarette from the pack he left at the bedside table next to his gun, lights it up, and takes a long drag.

“We should quit smoking, you know? It isn’t good for our health,” Porsche mumbles sleepily.

“Porchay said the same thing the other day. He said we’re too old to be smoking, that we should take care of ourselves better.”

Porsche is smiling again, but he’s quickly drifting off to sleep so Kinn doesn’t say anything else. He focuses on finishing the cigarette, enjoying the weight of Porsche’s body on him. 

Before he finishes smoking, his burner phone lights up with a text.

[ARM] : Sir, we have the all-clear to take you and Mr. Porsche back to your house.

[KINN] : We will stay until tomorrow morning. You can send a car at around 9.

[ARM]: Copy, sir.

Kinn reads the message and then turns off the phone. After he finishes the cigarette, he leaves a kiss on top of Porsche’s hair and closes his eyes, letting Porsche’s rhythmic breathing lull him to sleep.