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Only love is not enough

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A week has passed since Dani was arrested. Gigi knew that Dani was released the next morning, she tried to call the young woman, but her phone was unavailable. Today was Saturday, Gigi dialed the number again and again unavailable.

- Fuck… That was all she could say…

And again there was irrational longing inside, as if a deep wound that does not heal in any way. After her divorce from Nat, Gigi tried her best to avoid such feelings, but she wasn't sure if feelings were a choice at all. She was older than Dani, she had children, marriage, divorce and a couple of years of psychotherapy behind her, so may be love is irrational, but Gi knew well that any healthy relationship is built according to certain rules. And Dani violated this rules and violated them rudely.

Still lying in bed, the realtor looked at her watch, 10 a.m. The children were at Nat's today, so the whole day belonged to her alone, but tomorrow Olive had a game, and she definitely had to be there to support her growing up and already slightly prickly daughter. And it is very desirable that she managed to focus on her daughter, and not on the dark brown eyes, sharp facial features, gorgeous body, damn...She need to try do something today and clarify situation... Gigi's head and mind suggested that it was time to move on, but the whole body literally rebelled and resisted. The fingers seemed to feel the elastic muscles of the back now, the whole body was asking for Dani's hands, the lips were passionately hungry for kisses. The only person who could help her find the young CEO was Micah. Gi picked up the phone and dialed Nat's number.

- Hi, Nat, I'm fine, but I need help. It's been a week, and I haven't heard from Dani, maybe you can give me Micah's number, I think he may know where she is.

- Hi, I'm really sorry that you haven't heard from her yet, how are you?

- It seems like I haven't been in this mess for a long time, but tomorrow I want to be in good mood on Olive's game, so if it's not difficult for you, can you give me his number? I need to find her and try to talk.

- Okay, I'll send it now, and I still have your teapot and pretty good tea, you can come in the evening and put the kids to bed, and we can talk if you need.

- Thank you for taking care, I'll call you lately about my evening plans.

After a few seconds, the phone vibrated, a message came from Nat ... It's better to write to him, but the desire to clarify the situation prevailed and she dialed the number…
30 minutes later, in a comfortable white shirt and jeans, she was already on her way to Dani's family house in Ojai. Micah wasn't sure if Dani was there, since he himself hadn't talked to her after a not very successful visit to Dana's. But that was the only place he thought she might be. 5 hours of driving there and back, and Dani may not be at home or she may not open ... Gigi firmly decided that she would definitely walk a little in the mountains and try to find a semblance of balance there.

After checking the address again, Gi pressed the bell. After waiting a couple of minutes, Gigi realized that the idea seemed to have failed and, exhaling deeply, she began to return to the car. But then the gate opened behind her, and she drove into the territory of the house. When the realtor got almost to the porch, she stopped the car and got out. It seemed to her that the woman standing on the porch, barely resembling Dani, if not for the familiar sweatpants and a Stanford T-shirt, Gi wouldn't have recognized her.

And immediately there was an image of Dani that she met for the first time when she was with her father. But even then her strength and the ability to command the room were obvious, but now… Gigi's insides became empty, her head seemed to turn off, she began to run and silently embraced the girl, Dani did not resist, the young woman slowly and very timidly raised her hands and also hugged. After a while, Gigi wanted to pull away and look into Dani’s eyes, but Dani was afraid to look.

-You're the only person I have... I'm sorry... – Dani said very quietly.

Gigi lifted Dani’s chin up, looked into her eyes and asked with warm smile.

- I suppose in such a luxurious house with a view of the mountains surely is a good tea? - Gi smiled slightly.

- Only if my father have - still quietly answered Dani - let's go look in the kitchen…

- I realized, that there is no hope on you in terms of tea, when I helped you move. Grinned Gigi, gently touching Dani's foreheads with her own.

In the kitchen she found good tea and a teapot. Dani sat quietly at the table and watched Gigi make tea. As soon as she saw the face of her beloved in the cell in front of the gate, everything what she thought was important suddenly ceased to exist: the feeling of shame for the arrest in front of Gigi's family, anger at her father, pressure in proses of manage the company, everything faded into the background. She could not understand and get used to this feeling of another world when she found herself in this woman orbit. After 20 minutes, they were sitting opposite each other, each with a cup of good tea. Dani was quietly drinking hot tea, still with her head down.
- I'm so comfortable with the fact that you're just around – Gigi began…
This quiet, calm voice and the meaning of what the realtor said stunned Dani. She raised her head and saw the same warm eyes. Gi reached out and stroked Dani's cheek.
- This feeling cannot be described in words, when you find yourself next to your person, the world becomes colored with her and black and white without.
Gigi saw that Dani wanted to answer, but at first she could not be heard, her voice was as if hoarse. It looks like Dani hasn't spoken to anyone all week.

- Do you really want me to still be with you after the arrest?
All Gigi's thoughts were always written on her face. The surprise at Dani's words, and then the realization of the reason for the silence of the other woman, were reflected in the raised eyebrows and slightly moist eyes.
- I hope you remember that if you don't push me away, then I will always hold you? Gi asked

- Yes, but I wasn't sure if it extended to me after being arrested in front of your whole family.…

- Okay, let's try to clarify something… I thought that you and I were getting something real, and when the officer took you away, my pain was almost physical. My whole family really liked you and at first they were worried only about you, but as you remained silent, they began to worry about me. I have never been able to hide my condition and since meeting you, they have seen their beloved and very joyful and happy Gigi. This week, no matter how hard I tried, it was obvious to everyone, both my family and my children, that I was very upset and devastated. And Dani, if you care about me, then you should have called and said that you alive, maybe need time, but you eat and stay hydrated - joked Gi.
Now Dani was surprised.

- I thought that first of all you would be angry, you would want to find out what I feel, what I would do, but I have only emptiness, and there are no answers…Dani's shoulders began to tremble slightly, it was obvious that she was resisting with all her might. Gigi got up, walked over, took her hands. Maybe we'll lie down, I'll just hug you, and we'll talk a little later.

In Dani's bedroom, realtor took the place of a big spoon, kissed Dani on the top of her head… And she started humming the song that she usually sing Eli while putting him to bed. Soon Gi realized that Dani had fallen asleep. It was 4 pm, she got up, looked tenderly at her girlfriend and went out on the terrace to call Nat.

- Hi, I'm with Dani at her house in Ojai and I won't be able to put the kids to bed tonight, but we'll definitely meet tomorrow at Olive's game.

- Okay, do I need to take a seat for Dani as well?

- I don't think, she's really feel bad right now, but I'll clarify it tomorrow.

- Remember Dani is lucky to have you, you know how to take care and heal emotional wounds like no one else, but Dani needs to learn, not only to manage the company, but also to interact with a partner.

- Yeee... you're totally right psy professor, I hope that today we will come to something. Give Eli and Olive a kiss for me.

- Of course, I'll see you tomorrow.

Looking up, Gi saw the mountains, she was lucky she met a stunning, charming, bright, with a great sense of humor girlfriend, but at the same time…Gigi exhaled.. For their relationship to work, there is a long road ahead. She went back to Dani and set the alarm to wake up in a couple of hours, since she definitely had to go home at 8 p.m.