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fell in love with the sound of the birds

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"Jeez, that was a hard one," Felicity moans, rubbing her sore wrists. Laurel gives her a curious look, even though she can't see it, and lets out a gentle chuckle. She kneels down and gets to work on the leg restraints, and when she looks back up at Felicity, the recent captive is smiling, too.

"You think it's all uphill from here?" Felicity poses, and Laurel shakes her head before remembering Felicity is still blindfolded; the fabric had been bonded to her hair - it'll be a feat getting it off her without committing sacrilege.

"Every one of them we catch is just a spider in a massive web of villainy, Felicity. We'll be lucky if he leads us to another."

"Oh, you have no optimism!"

"Says the girl who just spent eight hours kidnapped and tied to a chair."

"Well, my knight in a spectacular black body suit has shown up to rescue me, so I think we made it out okay."

Laurel laughs, pressing a kiss to Felicity's bare, and slightly skinned, knee, before moving her hand onto the chair between Felicity's legs, pushing herself up, and leaning in for a kiss.

"You know what, I think you're right..."