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The Wolf Awakens

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Slowly but surely, John Henry “Doc” Holliday awoke from his slumber. His body lay still, for the most part, the only movement its rhythmic rise and fall, and the flaring of his nostrils as he breathed, grass disturbed with each warm breath. He dare not move further for fear of waking the others, though his tail twitched out of reflex.

He’d taken to sleeping as a wolf – for he was most assuredly a wolf, and not a dog, as much as he let Alice call him otherwise. It was one of few perks to being a vampire, he found, though an unexpected one. Comparisons to the werewolf had been common, for understandable reasons, though a werewolf’s lupine form stood on only two legs, whereas he, rugged and wild if he did say so himself, truly resembled the creature found within the wilderness. Arguably more so than the beings named after them.

He got in not a small number of bar fights on account of this entirely justified argument.

Finally, he slowly lifted his head up, taking in the sight before his eyes.

His daughter was balanced on his back, sprawled in such a way that he wondered how in the world it was possible she could ever be comfortable in such a position. Nevertheless, she was asleep. And given how rare a sight that was, he was hesitant to disturb her.

Wynonna was between his front paws, wearing just enough for the imagination to run wild if it so wished. But his attention was drawn to her pale cheeks, which he knew to be soft and warm against his fingers, when he had them. Many a plague she'd had to endure, poisons that he would have undertaken himself as a replacement in a heartbeat. Asleep - none of it seemed to matter, like the scars from her waking nightmares could be forgotten if only for a brief time. A fighter if ever he knew one.

Waverly had chosen his side as a convenient pillow, one that he’d been assured was extremely soft, though he would not admit to it being so to many others. But he was glad he could provide such comfort.

Nicole was giving them a hug from behind, as to be expected for a couple in matrimonial bliss, though considerately innocent enough for the situation.

Jeremy - now Jeremy, evidently requiring that close contact he so clearly desired but could not ever realistically attain, resigned himself with being back-to-back with the great wolf.

The only one not using him as a makeshift sleeping apparatus was Rachel, who was dozing nearby. It was not a lack of affection that influenced her decision, far from it. In fact it was merely her own way of showing the connection she had with them all. Close enough for security, but not touching. And that was how she liked it.

That’s when the car came into view.

He’d heard it since waking up – his sense of hearing far surpassing that of the average human or revenant, demon or angel. The vehicle came to a halt some way away, the occupant still unsure. He knew who it was of course before he got out of the car; the scent of Damon’s perfume when visiting Jeremy was strong enough even as a human, let alone as a wolf with multiple heightened senses.

Damon nervously gave him a thumbs up, and he offered a small nod of politeness in return. Evidently, the man was still processing the situation he’d found himself a part of in the process of dating and becoming Jeremy’s boyfriend. Love had a strange way of sneaking into the heart and convincing the mind to let go of reservations fuelled by disbelief and the most unusual of circumstances, no matter how unreal they might seem to those less familiar with a world of demons.

Damon had taken it rather well, all things considered.

He got back in the car, having gawked at the scene his eyes had fallen upon for a short but noticeable amount of time, and turned into the homestead.

He watched him for a little while longer, reasons not without a little bit of teasing, for the young man probably didn’t have much experience with being stared at by the glow of red eyes. Finally he put his head back down on his paw, Wynonna stirring briefly as he curled his snout close to her hair.

Tranquillity once again blanketed the air around the pile of humans, vampires, and half angels. But it wouldn’t do to keep Damon waiting.

Without barely an indication he was aware he was doing it – though of course he absolutely was – the wolf’s tail smacked Jeremy awake.