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Steve was on detail in Miami when his rut hit.

He blamed the heatwave. Usually he had some warning before his rut started, but this one was just bam! Rut.

He couldn't just pack up and leave his Op, he'd been on this particular detail for five months tracking down a ring of dangerous criminals, and only the last three weeks he'd actually gotten anywhere. He'd followed them down to Miami, where the three ringleaders had rented a house in a quiet neighborhood. Steve had snuck inside one night to plant bugs, and he was currently holed up in a hotel nearby, listening in and awaiting their next move. They were planning their next robbery, a jewel heist, and the planning stage took weeks.

All the more evidence for Steve to gather, but he was waiting for them to make a move so he could arrest them in the act. He wanted to catch them red handed and make the charges stick. Steve was a good agent, and he wasn't about to let his Op slip just because his rut had arrived.

He mopped the sweat off his brow, and called his handler at the agency.

"Romanoff," Natasha said as she answered.

"Hey," Steve greeted. "They still have those rut issue omegas?"

Natasha was quiet a beat, then replied, "How are you, Natasha? Oh, I'm fine, Steve, thank you for asking."

Steve exhaled tiredly. "How are you, Natasha?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Oh, I'm fine," she replied. "I'm concerned about my top alpha agent."

"Well, your top alpha agent needs an omega, stat," Steve said. "Can you have the agency send one to my hotel? I just need to fuck and go."

"I'll put in the request," Natasha said. "Probably won't have one available until tomorrow."

Steve suppressed a groan. Tomorrow was a whole twenty-four hours away.

"Can you manage until then?" Natasha asked dryly.

"It's too risky to go pick someone up," Steve said. "And I can't bring a civilian back here. So, yes, I'll have to cope until you send an omega agent."

"I'll flag it as priority," she said.


"Anything else?"

"No," Steve said. "Oh, well, actually, can you have maintenance or someone check out my wire taps? I'm not sure I'm getting everything. I've looked at the connection but I think it's beyond my tech abilities."

"No problem," Natasha said, a faint tapping of keys in the background. "I'll have someone on it. Let me know if you need anything else, otherwise I'll await your next report."

"Copy that," Steve said. "'Bye."

"'Bye, Steve."

He ended the call, and inhaled deeply. Well, looked like it was just him and his right hand today. Tomorrow, he'd look forward to the Shield issued omega to curb his rut.



Natasha drummed her red manicured fingernails on her desk as she browsed Shield personnel files on her computer.

Steve was such a nuisance. If he'd put in a request for a Shield appointed omega earlier, like a normal human being, she could've had this organised. But Steve was Steve, he was always working, and he was impatient.

He was also a damn good agent so Natasha needed to make sure he wasn't distracted on the job.

All the Shield omegas were unavailable; already on jobs or taking time off. Natasha checked their calendars for availability and knew it would be too long to wait. She'd have to source an omega herself, even if it meant hiring an escort and getting them sworn in.

She put a pin on the omegas for now, and went to look at technician files. One of them could check Steve's lines remotely, make sure it was recording okay.

Available agents with the appropriate skillset were listed on her screen with their profiles, including their ID photos. As Natasha browsed, an agent caught her eye.

That young twink who was new to the agency. Barnes. He was an omega. A lightbulb lit up in Natasha's head, and she smiled.

She tapped on her screen, selecting Barnes. As she waited for the call to connect, Natasha filed one of her nails.

When the video call connected, a tab image showing Barnes sitting at his desk came up at the bottom of her screen.

"This is Agent Barnes in tech support, how may I help you?" he said. "Oh, hi, Natasha."

Natasha smiled at him. "Hello, Bucky. I might have a job for you. Pretty standard equipment check."

"Okay, sure," Bucky replied. "Have you got the log in details?"

"Let me ask you something first," Natasha said. "You don't mind working with alphas, right?"

"Nat," Bucky said flatly, "I'm gay. I love alphas, period."

Natasha chuckled. "I thought so. I just wanted to check."

"How come?"

"Well, instead of a remote job," she said, pitching her idea, "would you mind if I send you down to Miami to help out this dolt alpha with his... equipment?"

"Miami?" Bucky said, eyes widening.

"Yes." Natasha casually filed her nails. "Get you out of the office for a few days."

"A few days?" Bucky leaned in closer to the screen. "I'm interested."

"Good." She grinned. "He's a top agent. If he needs help with something just..." She waved her hand. "Do what he asks. Can you manage that?"

"Yes, sure," Bucky said.

"Even if the requests are a little unusual?"

Bucky screwed up his face in thought. "I guess it depends on the agent?"

Natasha knew she needed to dangle a better carrot. She put down her nail file and tapped on her keyboard. "I'm sending you over his limited profile, just so you can see his name, location, and what he looks like."

"Okay," Bucky said.

And then Natasha had the joy of watching his face morph from a normal expression to one of open mouthed shock.

Clearly, Bucky knew who Steve was. Probably had seen footage of him on Shield missions looking like a dashing action hero.

Natasha was immune to Steve's charms and rugged good looks, but she knew nearly everyone else wasn't.

"So?" she prompted. "Can I book you on the next flight to Miami, or would you rather stay in the office?"

"Book me in!" Bucky said. "I can leave right now!"

Natasha smiled. "Great. Sign out of your computer, and go pack a bag. I can have a car waiting for you downstairs."

"Thanks, Natasha!" he said excitedly, then signed off the call.

Natasha resumed filing her nails. "Don't thank me yet," she murmured.



Steve was in a bad mood.

It was hot, his rut was itching at him under his skin but no amount of jerking off alone followed by cold showers did much to help.

He'd suffered the whole day like this, alone, and having to listen in on criminals chatting and making terrible jokes. The day dragged, and Steve was irritable.

He took a break in the evening and went for a dip in the hotel's pool, swimming lengths angrily.

When he got out he was still brimming with energy and sexual frustration. Steve went back to his room, showered again, and considered ordering a Door Dash for some sex toys. It was either that or go out and find someone, because Steve couldn't take it much longer.

Then a knock came at his suite's door.

Steve wasn't expecting anyone tonight, unless it was room service again.

He pulled on a pair of clean shorts and quickly grabbed his handgun. Steve removed the external safety and crept on silent footsteps up to the door. Steve held his gun at the door, and put his eye to the spyhole.

A young man stood outside, probably mid twenties, wearing a white button down shirt and black pants. He was short, and pretty; clean shaven and with a stylish mop of brown hair.

Steve had no idea who he was. Someone at the hotel?

"Who is it?" Steve called out. He was in no mood to deal with anyone right now.

"Oh, uh," the young man stuttered nervously, "um, Natasha sent me."

Steve was pleasantly surprised to hear that. Natasha had managed to find him an omega.

Steve put the safety back on his gun, and tucked it into the back of his shorts. He unlocked the door and threw it open. "Well, about time," he said, and gestured for the younger man to come in. "Color of the day?"

The young man seemed at a loss for words, his eyes nailed to Steve's bare chest.

Steve had to clear his throat to prompt him.

"Uh, sorry," he muttered, and entered the room so Steve could shut the door. "It's, uh... oh, my God, I'm blanking. It's, um, green!"

Steve smirked. Agents were looking younger and younger these days. "So what's your name?" he asked.

"Barnes, sir," the young man replied.

"Just call me Steve. What's your first name?"

"Oh, it's Bucky." He smiled shyly, adjusting the strap of the black messenger bag on his shoulder. "So, um... where did you want me to start?"

"If you go into the bedroom," Steve instructed, pointing to where it was, "I'll grab some water."

"Sure," Bucky said, then walked away to find the bedroom.

Steve watched him go. He had a cute butt. Steve could definitely work with that.

He put the deadbolt onto the suite's door, and went into the kitchen to fetch water bottles from the fridge.

When he got into the bedroom, Bucky was standing there looking awkward and unsure what he was supposed to be doing.

Steve didn't mind an inexperienced agent. He could show him the ropes.

He set down the water bottles on the nightstand. "Take off your clothes," he instructed.

Bucky blinked at him. "I'm sorry?"

"Take off your clothes," Steve repeated. He took the gun from his shorts, checking the safety was still on, then stashed it in the nightstand drawer.

Bucky watched him do this, eyes wide. Then his eyes went even wider watching Steve remove his shorts.

"Oh, my God," Bucky murmured, his eyes nailed to Steve's dick.

Steve was already half hard, had been half hard all day and he just wanted to get started. "Problem?" he asked.

Bucky shook his head, and dropped his bag to the floor. "No, no problem," he said, finger flying over his shirt buttons. "Just, um, I... wow, is what I wanna say."

Steve smirked. "Clothes off. Get on the bed."

"Okay!" Bucky threw off his clothes, revealing a slender, lithe body without blemish or scar.

Steve had plenty of scars, he wore each one proudly. His skin was tan from the sun and he had some freckles too.

Bucky clambered onto the bed. "Um, where...?" he asked, on his hands and knees.

"Get on your front," Steve ordered, approaching the bed.

Bucky flopped down on his front, and yelped in surprise when Steve grabbed his ankles and dragged him closer. Bucky slid across Egyptian cotton sheets, and let out a quiet, "Oof!"

Steve spread the young omega's legs out so he could step between them. He had planned to dive right in, but looking down he realised Bucky wasn't in heat. Steve had been so distracted with his rut that he hadn't even noticed the lack of heat smell.

"Huh," he said, perplexed. "You're not in heat?"

"Um, no?" Bucky said, looking over his shoulder at Steve. "I get wet pretty fast, if you tease me a little?"

Steve could work with that. "Let's put you to the test," he said, lowering one hand so he could start teasing Bucky and getting him going.

Steve knew what he was doing, and soon had Bucky moaning and writhing on the bed. He felt on his fingers when Bucky's slick started sliding out, and Steve used that to ease the way as he pressed in first two then three fingers, pushing them slowly in and out to mimic the slide of a cock.

"You like that, omega?" he teased, fucking Bucky with his fingers.

"Oh, yes," Bucky gasped, hands scrunching up the bedsheets. "Oh, that's good. Oh, I'm gonna come!"

"Not yet, you won't," Steve said, removing his fingers. "You're staying right on that edge while I fuck you."

"Nnng," Bucky groaned in pleasure. "Please!" He wriggled his butt enticingly.

Steve placed one hand on the small of Bucky's back, holding him still. With his other hand he guided his cock to Bucky's slick wet opening, and pressed the blunt tip of his cock in.

Bucky whimpered prettily as Steve slowly pushed his cock inside, and Steve let out a happy groan. He pushed his hips forward, slowly sinking his cock deeper into that slick, tight piece of heaven.

Finally, he could rut.

Steve put both hands on Bucky's hips, easily fitting under Steve's big hands like they were made to be there. Steve held onto Bucky's hips as he began thrusting, slow and deep, dragging his cock slowly in and out. He was building up, getting a feel for Bucky's body and what he liked.

Bucky was sobbing and groaning into the sheets, shouting out, "Yes! Yes!"

Steve was enjoying this. He decided to pick up the pace, see how much Bucky could handle when Steve was clapping those firm cheeks at break neck speed.

Steve pounded the omega like a steady jackhammer, while Bucky's grunts and groans were muffled in the mattress.

Steve reached a hand out, getting a firm grip on Bucky's hair. He pulled the omega's head up. "I can't hear you, omega."

Bucky groaned open mouthed, the sounds punched out of him with each thrust from Steve's hips. "Oh! My! God!" he shouted, groaning in pleasure.

"That's more like it," Steve praised.

"What about... the neighbors?" Bucky mewled, rocking back and forth on the bed as Steve pounded into him.

"Let them hear what a good time you're having," Steve growled, thrusting furiously.

"I am!" Bucky cried. "I... oh, I'm coming!" he gasped, a moment before his body tensed and his orgasm was forcefully wrung from him. "Oh, God, yes!"

"Brace yourself, kid," Steve warned, "because I'm just getting started."

"Oh, my God," Bucky repeated.



Bucky had never done a job quite like this before.

But, hey. He wasn't complaining. Free trip to Miami? Yes, please. It beat sitting in the tech basement of Shield.

And then he'd come to the hotel Agent Romanoff had given him clearance for, gone up to the right room, only to be greeted at the door by an absolutely stunning and half naked alpha male specimen.

Bucky had seen footage and photos of Special Agent Steve Rogers, a Shield legend, but never up close and certainly not this naked.

And things only got better from there when Steve asked him to go into the bedroom, and instead of doing work Bucky was asked to get naked too.

Yes, please, a thousand times yes.

They had a lot of sex. Steve was clearly in a rut, and wanted to go all night. Bucky was absolutely worn out, a bit stiff and sore, but it was all so worth it. He felt like he'd had fifty orgasms, run a marathon, and flown to the moon and back.

They snoozed in the bed together, and Bucky also discovered that Special Agent Steve Rogers was a cuddler. Bucky didn't mind it. Being aggressively spooned by such a large and strong alpha was like being enveloped by a weighted blanket. With the added addition of sated alpha pheromones that left Bucky in a happy state himself.


It seemed Steve's rut had broken, which meant he probably needed a few hours to catch up on sleep.

Bucky hoped he'd want to pick it up again later if and when his rut restarted. But in the meantime, he was too wired to sleep and needed something to do.

He left Steve snoring, and went to have a quick shower. Then he dressed in shorts and took his tech bag through to the suite.

Steve had a surveillance Op set up in the lounge. Bucky had only been briefed on checking the wire tap lines, so he unpacked his laptop and headset in order to do that, and run a standard check on Steve's equipment.

If a bug had been knocked or run out of battery, it would need replacing, but sometimes it was the signal on Shield's end. Bucky's job was figuring out what the problem was.

He was in the middle of a diagnostics run when Steve wandered into the room, butt naked, huge dick swinging.

Bucky couldn't help but stare.

"What are you doing out of bed?" Steve yawned. "I want to rut."

"Um," Bucky said, and gestured to his laptop. "Should I finish this check first? Or leave it running while we... go back to bed?"

Steve approached the table, hands on slim hips as he looked at the laptop, then at Bucky.

Bucky's eyes dropped to Steve's dick because, damn, that was a fine piece of cock.

"Wait, what?" Steve said, looking confused. "How are you... What are you even doing?"

"Checking the wire tap," Bucky said. "Natasha said you wanted the signal checked?"

"Yes, but..." Steve raised both hands in a helpless gesture. "How do you have clearance to do that? Does Shield train the omegas now?"

Bucky frowned in confusion. "No? I'm tech support. I work in the basement with the other techs."

"You... Oh," Steve said, a horrified expression on his face. "Oh, shit. I thought you were..."

"You thought I was a Shield issued omega?" Bucky finished, then chuckled. "Sorry to disappoint you."

"Disappoint...?" Steve blinked at him. "Are you kidding? That was the best rut I've ever had. I wanted to do another one, but now I can't because you're not my appointed omega."

"Well... I am your appointed tech support?" Bucky said, not willing to let this opportunity slip away. "I have orders to do whatever it is you need me to do."

"Seriously?" Steve said. "And you're fine with that?"

Bucky's eyes dropped to Steve's dick once more, and he arched one eyebrow. "I'm fine with that. I can leave this check running while we resume rutting?"

"Huh," Steve said, then smiled. "Great! After you." He gestured toward the bedroom, and he smacked Bucky's ass when he walked past.

Bucky yelped happily.




Four days later, Natasha had heard neither hide nor hair from Agent Rogers, or Agent Barnes.

She sipped her chai latte at her desk, and figured she'd better check in with Steve. This time she would do a video call.

She opened a call tab on her screen and dialled Steve. The line rang for quite a while, and she waited.

What was keeping Steve?

Finally, he answered, his head and shoulders coming into view on the screen. His hair was mussed up, and he had a pink flush in his cheeks.

"Nat, hey," he greeted, sounding more cheerful than a few days ago. "Everything alright?"

"Hello, yes," she replied, "everything's fine. I got your report last night. Your line's are working smoothly, and surveillance is going ahead without a hitch, correct?"

"Well, yes, actually..." Steve cleared his throat, glancing off to the side as he prepared to lie. (Natasha knew his tells.) "I may need some more testing done," Steve said. "On the equipment, and stuff. You know. Lots of testing."

"Oh?" Natasha said, managing not to smile. "And does your tech support agent think he can manage the duties?"

On camera, Steve's eyes looked somewhere specific in the room, like he was looking at someone else. "He does, yes," Steve answered. "If that's alright with you?"

"Oh, it's fine with me," Natasha said. "Make sure you keep on top of the surveillance, Steve."

"Oh, I am," he said. "I'm always on top of everything. Goodbye, Nat."

He signed off lightning fast.

Natasha shook her head to herself and smiled. Then she took out her personal cell phone and made a call to her favorite field agent and girlfriend.

"Guess what," she said when Sharon answered. "I think I just made a perfect match!"

"You and your matching!" Sharon chuckled on the line. "Who was it this time?"

"Rogers and Barnes," Natasha said. "Has a nice ring to it."

"Well, if they want the title of number one power couple at Shield," Sharon teased, "they'll have to fight us for it."

"Oh, they'd never beat us," Natasha said. "But they may come in a close second."