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The Moon's Truth

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“There were nights where the moon shone bright, and you took me by the hand to somewhere no one else could reach. You told me there was a whole kingdom to see, a kingdom just for you and me.

You would take me by the hand, and we would run far beyond where anyone else walked. We saw horrors and joy alike, you and me. We expanded our reach, and even the mountains I hid away in became ours.

You told me to be brave, and we snuck around like knights, although with less armor and far more stupidity. We got into everything, and at times, I’d find myself at a loss.

You told me I could rely on you, that if I needed something, you’d be there. Whenever I’d get scratched up, you’d heal me. 

There were moonlit nights where my blood spilled, and you took me gently in your arms, and healed me. There were moonlit nights where I was a fool, got myself scarred up, and you came to save me.

And there was a moonlit night where you were the one ripping my flesh apart. You carved me open with a hollow smile, and when I begged for help, for any mercy, you licked the blood from your nails and vomited all over my hopes. You left me for dead. You weren’t there for me.

So why, now, have you come back? 

It has been so long. So many nights have I spent in the moonlight alone, with the scars shining brightest under the lunar glow. I named my own unit Akatsuki for a reason.

Is this some sort of joke to you? Or are you only fulfilling your own selfish desire? You already started anew, dragged back into the mortal realm by Oogami. You got yourself a new life. Aren’t you happier with it? 

Is there something I’m missing here? Because if I am, go ahead, point it out and laugh at me. Put salt into the cuts you’ve reopened, laugh at me.

Could it be that your heart began beating again, that you truly feel alive? Is that what all this is? Did you bring these swords out to finish what you started, to drain me of all the blood in my body once in for all, or to prove you’ve come back to life?”

Keito licked his lips, his chest rising and falling with great effort. He glared into Rei’s eyes, feeling beads of sweat crawl down his spine and forehead. Keito wiped the sweat off his brows, massaging his temple and looking back at Rei. 

Nothing. He was giving him nothing. Rei’s eyes were searching him, and Keito couldn’t tell if he was already figured out or not. He couldn’t care, all he wanted was an answer. But instead Rei shifted his weight, the bright orange lights from the stage catching on his sweat-soaked hair and setting it aflame with light. 

“You told me to save my heart for someone who had one.” Keito choked out, his voice raspy and strained. It was hard for him to tell if that was from emotion or strain. 

Rei nodded, keeping a guarded expression. 

“Why won’t you answer me? Have you no heart?” Keito laughed, his vocal chords grinding against one another, all air that entered and exited his lungs feeling like poison. 

“What is a heart to a vampire but once a vital part of his body?” Rei’s grip on his sword loosened, and he threw it down beside his feet. “Beat it may not, yet it is still there… And in some tales, it is believed that stabbing it through is the true way to kill a vampire. And therefore, it may still be considered vital.”

Keito rolled his eyes, dropping his sword to the floor as well. “You choose now, of all times, to be cryptic? Can’t say I’m surprised.”

“If you wish for me to be more upfront, then lay your intentions on the table.”

“Are you really saying you don’t get what I’m saying?” Keito glanced around briefly. Koga was shouting excitedly across the stage, but it looked like he’d be occupied for a while. He was keeping Adonis and Souma busy, and Kaoru seemed to be having a friendly chat with Kuro. 

“With certainty, I can not say.”

Keito took a step forward, lowering his head. If he kept his voice low enough, nobody else would hear them. “You can’t tell me you forgot about that day. Because I sure haven’t.” Keito lowered his robe, exposing his shoulder. He glared at Rei, hoping he’d catch sight of the mark he was referring to. 

Rei hummed, trailing his finger over each little spot on Keito’s shoulder. “For each yesterday, there is a morrow. In my boyhood, I was much kinder, much gentler with you. ‘Twas but once I raised my hand to hurt you, though once is enough. Distrust breeds far faster than trust, and once it is settled in, that sort of feeling is hard to erase.”

Keito pushed Rei off him, getting his clothes back in order. “Get to the point.”

“...That day I remember. As I do my words.” Rei cupped Keito’s face, smiling. “In dreams, you disobeyed, but alas. Have you saved yourself in case blood coursed through the cold chambers of my heart once more?”

“It is much less saving, and more like waiting.” Keito grabbed Rei’s wrist and pulled it away from his face, but didn’t let go. 

“How many nights have you waited? How many moons have you watched pass with breath bated?”

“All of them.” Keito said simply. 

“All of them?”

“Yes. I am stubborn, as you know.”

“Quite, quite.” Rei nodded, eyes wandering to Keito’s lips. “I, too, waited. I thought that to my grave, your heart would never wave. And in scarring you, I’ve scarred me too.”

“My heart?” Keito did his best to keep his cool, intensely aware that a bead of sweat was crawling down his spine. He was too aware of how close Rei was, how there was sweat on his face too. They were both very sweaty. Right, he had to fight back. He coughed, continuing. “I thought it was your heart that needed saving.”

Rei raised both of his hands defensively despite Keito having made no move to harm him. “Now, now, we both know it was much more complicated than that…”

“No, we don’t know. You know, and you’re pretending we both know. You’ve always been like this.” 

Rei’s expression shifted to his poker face, eyes glazing over and his lips perking up immodestly. “Look to the mirror, then look at me. After that, do you find it so hard to see?”

“Why are you speaking in riddles now? I don’t get it, you know.”

“I have tact, as a matter of fact.” Rei chuckled, changing tones on him. “...To be straightforward would be hasty of me. Even if I had access to an abattoir, I doubt I would be able to collect all the guts needed to do such a thing.”

“There is no reason for you to not be straightforward. You’re just trying to annoy me.”

“No, no, it was not my intent. Though that is a plus side, I suppose.”

“You hopeless bastard. You find this funny, don’t you? Just speak clearly.”

“When it comes to being direct, it seems I am inept. My deepest apologies.”

“You’re not sorry.” Keito stuck his fingers into the O-ring on Rei’s neck and yanked, pulling him even closer. His fire faded and he was left entranced, staring into Rei’s eyes. He was supposed to be saying something, using his spine for once. He was supposed to be strong, yelling with force. Getting something. But those eyes, they were so close, Rei’s breath was so close, he could taste it. 

It felt like Rei had reached down his throat, grabbed his backhone, and crushed it. Something like that. Breathing was hard, moving was impossible, and speaking wasn’t even a thought for a good, long moment. Rei raised an eyebrow, looking down at where Keito had grabbed him. That was enough to give Keito the small amount of rage he needed to come back to life. 

“Be direct.” Keito nearly growled, earning a strangled noise from Rei with how hard he pulled this time.

Lips on his. 
Lips on his and a tongue in his mouth. 
Was this getting what he asked for?

A hand in his hair.
A hand in his hair and a hand on his hips. 
Who was he to fight?

Teeth biting his lip. 
Teeth grazing his tongue.
What was he doing?

More tongue.
So much tongue, and his tongue too. 
Where was this going?

There was no air.
He needed air, but maybe it was better stolen. 
When would he come up to breathe?

So much hunger.
Hunger for more, he needed it.
Why was he pulling Rei in for more?

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
Satisfaction like no other, and he needed more.
How was he going to survive?

“God damn?”

Keito stopped dead, leaving his mouth wide open and hands firmly plastered in Rei’s hair. Rei kept going, immodest and unconcerned, saliva and sweat plastering them together. Both hands were on Keito’s hips now, so neither could pretend none of this happened. 

“God FUCKING damn?!” 

Rei slowed, begrudgingly, giving Keito the chance to peer over his shoulder. 

“Relax, relax~ If you keep saying stuff like that, they might take it as encouragement. That’d be gross~” Kaoru was rubbing Koga’s shoulders, almost like he was ready to hold him back. Or at least try. 

“The fuck? They know everyone can see ‘em, right? I mean, shit?!”

Rei grabbed Keito by the ring and pulled him along, waving to his unit as he walked by. “Apologies, apologies. Allow me to fix that.”

Keito sputtered, only keeping up to stop himself from choking. He ducked his head, avoiding eye contact. Could Kanzaki stop looking at him? Could Kiryuu stop looking at him? Could Oogami stop looking at him? Could Hakaze stop looking at him? Could Otogari stop looking at him? 

Could Rei stop looking at him like he was going to eat him alive? In front of everyone? The way he paused in the doorframe was mortifying. Terrible. Keito knocked Rei’s hand off him, walking forward himself.

Rei chuckled, leaning over to breathe down Keito’s neck. “Was I direct enough for you?”

Oh god. Keito could feel Rei’s hair, his breath, his teeth all on him. He nodded, keeping his mouth firmly shut. 

“Good, good.” Rei smacked Keito on the ass, then squeezed. “I think we should head back to my room, no? I intend on doing the explaining with my body.”

Keito gulped. Rei always took an unnecessarily long time to explain himself, didn’t he? This was going to be a long day. Who was he kidding, he’d be lucky to get out of there alive before the moon shone down upon them both. 

But maybe he wanted that.