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Wow, Liv thinks, it’s been forever since I’ve been to a place like this. Probably since the Swing Set.


Coincidentally, she’s walking into the club in a similar manner; she’s wearing a dress that dips into her ample cleavage and shows off her curves, while Elliot is in a halfway-unbuttoned dress shirt and his fancy Italian suit pants. He has her hand gripped tightly in his as he leads her past the bouncer, nodding as they are let through. They’re undercover as a married couple, again, SVU and OCCB working together to bust a drug and sex trafficking ring. Liv had been hesitant when Elliot brought up going UC again; they still hadn’t moved past friends for now, but things had been progressing and she selfishly didn’t want him to lose himself all over again. When he mentioned he’d need her to be by his side, she agreed, knowing he meant more than just for show — he needed her for emotional balance and stability, too. 


They reach the bar, still hand in hand, and Elliot orders them two club sodas with lime, fooling those around them into thinking they’re drinking vodka sodas. Elliot drops her hand to take the glasses from the bartender and slides closer to her so he can whisper in her ear.


“Olivia. You, in that dress…you take my breath away.” 


She shivers against him, failing to appear unaffected by his words. “El, we’re working.”


“I know, I just wanted to tell you before the operation begins in case I don’t get the chance later. Words cannot begin to describe how beautiful you are tonight and every night.”


Liv blushes, then rolls her eyes. “Trying to get in my pants—er, dress, Detective?”


He chokes down a growl and replies, “And if I was?”


She ignores him, taking a sip of her drink, and turns her attention back to the club. They’re looking for a specific member of the trafficking ring who operates out of this club in hopes that they can catch him in the act and arrest him. 


She feels Elliot turn as well. “Stop surveilling, Liv, you look like a cop and anyone involved will notice. Try to relax and blend in; you’ll know when you see him.”


“And how might I do that?”


He has an idea. The club is playing bad rap music from the 2000s, and the dance floor is full of couples grinding against each other like teenagers. 


“Follow me,” he says. 


He takes her drink and leaves it with his on the bar so he can grab her hand again and lead her into the crowd. As they get deeper onto the dance floor, he turns and slides his other hand around her waist, bringing her back flat against his front. She’s glad it’s loud so he can’t hear her sharp intake of breath at the full body contact. What she forgets, though, is that he can feel it.


She feels his breath on her neck and her skin breaks out in goosebumps. “Relax, Liv. I got you.”


That’s the problem, dumbass, she thinks.


His hands on her waist keep her close, and he begins to move to the music, swaying her along with him. She squirms a little. “Elliot, is this really a good idea right now?”


“Does it not give you the vantage point of the entire club while appearing that you’re dancing with your adoring husband, and not calling attention to yourself as a cop?”


Damn, he has a point.


Elliot feels it the moment she relaxes more into him. The song changes to something slower, sexier, and his skin prickles. He’s not used to having her in such close contact, especially looking like that in her dress. It’s always been “look, don’t touch” between the two of them but finally, finally, that seems to be coming to an end. Olivia surprises him by stepping back even closer and starts swaying her hips in a circle against him, driving him wild. She looks back at him as she moves her arm back around his neck, catching his eye and smirking as she angles his head down toward her shoulder. 


“God, Liv, you smell good.” 


“Keep it in your pants Stabler, we’re on the job, remember?”


“You keep dancing on me like that and I’m going to have to excuse myself to take care of something in the bathroom.”


Olivia chuckles. “Poor Elliot, has it been that long?”


Is she teasing me? When did the tables turn in her favor?


He decides to retaliate. Taking one hand off her hips but still moving in time to the music, he moves her long hair out of the way and bites down where her shoulder meets her neck, then skims the underside of her breasts with his hand and rests it firmly on her stomach. 


“Two can play that game, Captain.”


He thinks he hears his name expelled within a breathy moan. 


So much for friends “for now,” Olivia thinks. 


She feels like she’s about to vibrate out of her skin. Elliot is teasing her, and making no moves to hide his growing arousal. They haven’t even kissed yet for Christ’s sake, yet she feels breathless just the same. She’s relishing the feel of the hard planes of his body against her, and is taunting him with her ass by paying extra attention to what she’s sure is not his belt buckle. She knows she’s in big trouble. 


They continue to grind like hormonal teenagers on the dance floor and get increasingly bold in where they each allow the other to touch, graze, or pinch. Liv is certain she’s going to have to trash the thong she’s wearing as it’s now completely ruined by her own arousal. She’s just grateful it’s easier to hide than Elliot’s hard-on — not exactly a professional look to take down a perp. 


Elliot knows they’re on borrowed time as the perp will make an appearance any minute. He slides his hands down Olivia’s torso and squeezes her hips as he leans down to whisper in her ear.


“Liv, I gotta tell ya, now that I’ve gotten you in my arms, felt your body against mine—it’s going to be incredibly difficult for me to let you go. Especially since I found out how good you taste…” He trails off in favor of pressing hot kisses into her neck. 


Olivia tries to regulate her breathing so her words don’t come out in a choke and turns around in his arms, looking up at him—dark brown eyes meeting dark blue eyes.


“So don't. You’ve been at an unfair exploratory advantage being behind me and I have every intention of living out my fantasy of running my hands over your hard chest and biting that defined muscle where your neck meets your shoulder, exactly where you bit me.”  


Now it’s Elliot’s turn to groan. “As soon as we get out of here, Benson…”


Elliot straightens in her arms and she knows he’s seen the perp. “Game on,” he says, and she feels him readjust himself to hide the evidence of his earlier arousal. They stay in place for a bit, Olivia turning back around in his arms so she can follow the perp’s movements, and they regroup and begin to implement their plan. She taps her wrist twice, signaling their squads through her high-tech bracelet (from Jet, of course) that the perp has been sighted. Olivia and Elliot are unarmed, so Bell, Jet, Fin, and Rollins sit ready to go in unmarked vehicles just outside the club. 


Olivia and Elliot slowly make their way toward the perp under the guise of dancing (Liv will have to hand it to Elliot, he was right about their disguise even if he had ulterior motives) and find the best vantage point to observe, but the perp goes behind the DJ booth into an unmarked door, obstructing their view. Liv separates from Elliot pretending to put her hair up, and presses the small mic button on the bracelet, speaking into it quietly. 


“Rollins and Fin, enter the club quietly through the back to not raise suspicions. Perp is in the room behind the DJ booth through the middle door. Bell and Jet, confirm you’re still good for backup.”


Her bracelet vibrates once in confirmation.  


Liv can feel Elliot’s heated stare from behind her but she ignores him and waits for Fin and Rollins to enter the club so that they can hand over the metaphorical baton. She sees Amanda first and nods once, letting her know their plan is still a go. Elliot, not having taken his eyes off of Olivia since the perp disappeared behind the door, takes her hand and leads her away from the dance floor toward the back door of the club so they can make a quick exit and avoid the imminent chaos of the takedown. 


Knowing he has just a sliver of time, he pushes Olivia into the hallway wall and covers her with his body, pushing his knee between hers. She doesn’t have time to react before he cradles her face in his large hands and smashes his lips against hers in a searing kiss. She whimpers and melts into him, stunned but eagerly returning the kiss.


He pulls back from her and smirks. 


“Just wanted you to know what it feels like when you take my breath away.”


Bastard, she thinks, holding back a smile as they walk out of the club.