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Physical Scar s :-

Before , becoming Twilight and then eventually Loid Forger ..... He was Just a little Boy . A carefree child .. Playing soilders , sleeping with his mother ....

His first ever Scar he got was when he felt down .

His knees were bleeding . He was bawling like a kid... His mother dressed the wound . Its disappeared after a few days .




Before becoming the Thorn Princess , Yor Forger néé Briar , was a good girl .A carefree and happy girl , a doting father and a mother who loved her . A brother who was her follower ...

Her first scar was when she cut her finger , while helping her mother to make  the stew ... , it disappeared a couple of days through ...







Sixteen and he joined the war , he got many  .... Scars .... And malnutrition.... Physical and emotional ones ...His entire body was full of scars , his back is scares ..... He feels so ugly .... .. his right eye was injured , several of comrades and friends dead ... ,


Some scars run deep , some aren't that much , head and neck injuries, and not just from penetrating wounds like bullets or shrapnel, but from blast and burn injuries.

Some might be from a slap or a beating and have faded and healed in time. Others were cuts from bayonets or shrapnel from bombs, that would never completely disappear. 

He always knew he was lucky , many of his comrades had lost limbs or lives.









She was only 12 ,  became full fledged assissan , She’d survived by sheer force of will. Nothing and nobody was going to take her little brother away from her, not after they’d lost their parents in War ... Westalis soilders entered her country .... Her parents were called for duty ...her mother as a nurse and father as a soilder .

She was trained for 2 whole years and was taken on group assassinations or in war . She killed from Back , behind the scene .

As Thorn Princess , she got many training with her boss, to killing a ring of traffickers, to the mass assassinations  .

To kill hundreds of soilders , to kill the warmongers who started the war ..To kill traitors , to kill their own politicians .

She got gunshots on her body , her butt , mass assassinations on Princess Lorelei.

She has a long scar that crossed from her ribs to her shoulder blades, about the bullet wound on her butt cheek, and the scar on her chest.

Those were the biggest ones, there were many smalls one .










As Twilight , he got many scars . His training days ( He still has nightmares about Sylvia. God she is brutal ) .

He becomes Greatest Westalis Spy .

It didn't meant , he was always 100 % sucessful or he was not caught ..the times he' d almost died . 

He till has the burn mark when he was caught he by A high Class Criminal . He was tortured . His things were burnt by hot iron rods .


A bullet mark on his right shoulder and another in his left upper back ....


He was caught and torture for information , multiple times .



His skin was peeled ...

Those were the biggest ones, there were many smalls one .He had a long scar that crossed from his hips to his shoulder blades, about the bullet wound on his left thigh and the scar on his back and chest ..






They haven seen each other scar .

They how dress up those for each other .  He dresses up her wounds when she comes back form her missions and she dresses his , when he comes form mission ..


They have seen it, while helping each other in bath .

They touch, the scars on each other bodies non romantically and non sexually ...

They never say and they never  ask about the scar ..

Its too painful to talk and remember ..

They just let each other , know that they are there for each other ..







Emotional Scars :-


War took away every one he cared about ...

His mother and friends , the croquette shop lady , his family ...

He reunites with his friends once again in war and then they are soon taken from him ..

He loose his childhood ..and his family .

He couldn't complete his Schooling . He had to work to feed himself

He still has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression— from war and from his Missions .

He is a victim of Psychological warfare

He still trauma.

He doubtless had his own trauma. He wasn’t as unshakeable as he seemed. 

He wouldn't admit it .

He was looking over his shoulder for some unknown  .

He nearly jump out of his skin at a sudden thunderstorm.

He always overthinks ..

He is always Anxious and Panicking. 


He looses himself.

The persona Twilight takes over him completely .

Twilight keeps him safe and secure .

He protects the boy who joined war at sixteen and lost everything .

He has thousand-yard stare.

Shell-shock was the only good description for some of what he experienced sometimes.

He still panicked at the sound of sirens .


He has paranoia ..

He still suffers alone with fatigue, tremor, confusion, nightmares , anxious.










She is changed Psychological as she starts killings ..

She loses her humanity .

She starts to enjoy it .

She loves it.  She doesn't know how to interact with others ....

She doesn't uses her brain to think ...

She only knows to follow orders ...


She doesn’t kill innocents, so she genuinely believes that the shopkeeper’s tasks for her are all for the sake of good, but again this isn’t emphasized as much as the fact that she clearly just likes it—she thinks in killing metaphors .

Her childhood had ended much too soon, and she had done everything she could to ensure that Yuri kept his intact .

She came home covered in blood. working long hours and dropping out of school early.



Yuri got a good education, and grew up into a fine young man. Her sacrifice had been worth it,


Only thing that , then , keeps her going is her brother .



Now its her husband and daughter .







Once , the walls felt down ....

They know their emotional scars , then know mental scars .

They never talk about the Scars .

They knew more about each other, and they knew that their marriage was real.

They know eachother identity .

They know what other went through ..


When one is in pain , the other holds ...

Loid is paranoid and Anxious ... She hugs him ... Tells him , he is not alone ..

Both are scared of thunder ....

They cuddle together ...


When one wakes up from nightmare , the other hold each other , rubbing the back , soothing each other ....

Kissing each other ...

Wiping each other tears ....







At first , They just doesn't want to admit that. They are attached to each other it's just that they are unaware of that.



Soon the walls broke ..

A bond was forgered.

A bond came to form ..

A bond became real ....

A bond came to form for a lifetime ..



With little to no effort, she managed to throw him off-balance, snatched away all the sharpened edges he had taken years to Master ..


And in the process, had softened his heart and made him re-learn the meaning of trust, affection, courage.  And love. She gave him protection ..




She killed Twilight ,

She made him loid ...


He changed her.

He made her fall in love ..

He gave her reason to live .

A person to protect .

He gave her a family .


His Sweet lies , poisoned her heart ..

His Sweet truth , penetrates her heart  .

Twilight was used to lies. Lying was his life, and he was one of the biggest liars of all.


He didn't care much about it. Everyone lied at some point.


She lied too .


But there was something about her lover , his tone, his words, his actions that made him see the genuine behind those sentences.


Like the time when one of his targets threatened to kill those her , and his response of never letting that happen sounded so... real.



Or when he took a bullet for her ...



He was truly protecting those he cared about.



He killed Thorn Princess


He made her Yor Forger .



Two bodies full of scars are moaning , on the bed .

The secrets have crumbled .....


The taste of his tongue on hers, to imagine her body covered from head to toe with his invisible prints . The invisible Scars —- those thoughts brought a raw sense of animalistic delight upon him , seeking the warmth of her skin that rivals the radiating warmth of her kindness and compassion ..


He touches , kisses and licks her scar.  


Feeling of her soft, yet calloused hands secured in-between his fingers.,  her ring finger still has the genrade pin , which he used to symbolize the beginning of their 'marriage'.


To have , passionate kisses. and Fleeting touches turned to making love and it was from then on that Twilight learned possessiveness.


He bit on the patch of skin on her body between his lips before licking the reddened skin.


When it comes to Yor, he would merge his soul with hers if he could.  "Hmmmmm , AAAHHHHHHHH , hhhh , haaaaa....hhhhggggg...... Loid," Yor moaned beneath him, her skin glistening in sweat, "more. I want more."


With her , he doesn't feels ugly .. his Scars don't make him ugly .      With him , she doesn't feels ugly , her scars don't make her ugly .


His grip tightened around her supple flesh. He thrust harder into her.

He touches her scars ..

She runs her hand, all over his scars ...

She leaves tender kisses all over them ..


. Deeper. Unprotected and without barriers, leaving his mark ... outside and inside of her.


She wants to change her scars ..   She knows she can't remove all , but he will try anyway


He wants to change her scars ..

He knows he can't remove all , but he will try anyway...


Once they were finished and satisfied , Twilight reached out and caught his wife's hand when she sat up and was about to climb off the bed . He tries to pull her back .  "Where do you think you're going?" he muttered groggily from his side of the bed with a lazy, lopsided smile. His Twilight smile .

She hits him on chest for that smile ..




" I got a mission "

" When ? "

"Morning "

Twilight pulled her back into bed and wrapped his arms around her.  "You can do that tomorrow," he whispered into her ear, "for now, we sleep."  Yor giggled.

"You never let me leave  or atleast wear clothes to cover immediately after we…you know…" .

" I love your soul , your body and your scars "


"Anya's right," Yor muttered, "you are such a softie." 

"You have yourself to blame for that."  Yor didn't respond but he heard her content sigh as she snuggled herself closer to him.

With her , he doesn't feels ugly .. his Scars don't make him ugly .


With him , she doesn't feels ugly , her scars don't make her ugly .

His lips stretched into a smile.  "I'm yours, Loid," Yor said quietly, "always."

I know," Twilight replied, intertwining their hand together, "but it never hurts to mark what's yours."


May be , a future will come ..


Where Anya will be happy and never cry...


A place where they were just themselves with their children and no emotional or physical scars left to heal from.



No war , no trauma ..



All children and adults , everyone will be free from scars ..

May be ...