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Midoriya clutched the pink envelope tightly to her chest. This was a horrible idea. Giving Katsuki a love letter was basically asking for heartbreak. She could count off three girls just this week who were rejected and it was only thursday. Katsuki was the most popular boy in school. He was handsome, athletic, charismatic, academically gifted, a classic teenage heartthrob. Everyone wanted to be him and girls were lining up to throw their virginity at him. 


There were plenty of rumors about a select few girls who he had chosen to sleep with and they definitely broke the rules of kiss and tell. They bragged about it and when Katsuki was asked about them he would shrug and pass it off as just blowing off steam. He had a small group of friends who he voluntarily spent time with and plenty of people who would try and get close with no luck. He was selective on who he chose to keep around and the only girlfriend ever reported lasted exactly a week before he tossed her aside with the reason that she annoyed him.


Midoriya knew that the best she could even hope for was the chance he might try to sleep with her and any girl would kill to have that chance but not her. She only wanted to tell him how she felt and that would be the end of it. She doesn't need him to accept her feelings, she doesn't want his lust. All she wants is for him to know. 


She talked it over with her best friend Ochako and she had told her to write a letter and put it in his locker but she knew that he got those often and would just throw it away. She wanted him to read it.


But now her letter was complete with her name on the bottom, sealed in a pink envelope and now shoved to the bottom of her bag because if she was going to give him a love letter it had to be in person. She had to hand it to him herself. But just how was she supposed to do that? It wasn’t hard to get him alone. It happens so often that she just needed to ask to see him alone and he would go. 


His buddies would laugh and go ahead of him and after he heard them out he would reject them and go on his way. That's just how the process went. But she would need to at least be able to talk to him then, even just to ask to see him alone. She had to get those words out and she didn't know if she could.


So here she was on day three of bringing the letter to school with her. She sat at her desk in her shirt and skirt uniform and her unruly curly green hair wrangled into a bun with a dozen bobby pins attempting to keep it out of her face, face buried in her arms on her desk. The bell had just rung for the ending of classes for the day and everyone was packing up. Katsuki was leaning against his desk talking to Kirishima about something and her heart was racing in anxiety. She watched as most of the students cleared out until it was just her and them. Her golden opportunity. She took a deep breath and reached into the pocket of her bag for the letter. 


She stood abruptly making her chair screech across the ground and both boys looked over at her. She bit her lip and looked at Katsuki who, for the first time ever, was looking at her. Kirishima looked between the two and laughed before clapping him on the shoulder and passing a “see you tomorrow.” over his shoulder. Then they were alone. The hallway was empty of chatter and the only sounds were from the cracked window that led to the courtyard with the last of the students leaving for the day. 


Katsuki watched her for a minute as she clutched her letter and trembled.


“You need something from me?” he asked in that deep voice of his. It was such a great voice with just the right amount of rasp to it. She took a deep breath and slowly made her way to him until she was finally standing in front of him. She knew he was watching her but he hadn't moved from his reclined position on the desk and she couldn't look at his eyes, maintaining her gaze at his shirt. 


“U-um..” she started her nerves making her voice tremble like her hands but she swallowed and brought her empty hand forward to clutch the front of her skirt. “I-I wanted t-to give you t-this.” she said and slightly raised the envelope. He didn't take it but raised his chin to show he was listening.


“I-I don’t n-need an answer o-or anything. I-I just w-wanted you t-to know.” she was trembling with nerves and her stomach was twisted with anxiety making her feel sick but her stubbornness was keeping her there. 


“So you wanted me to read it but you don't want a response?” he asked, tilting his head a little to try and catch her eyes but she stared resolutely at his collarbones.


“Yes.” she said with a nod. She was startled when he grabbed her wrist holding the letter and pulled her forward. She was forced to take those few steps forward until she was standing between his knees and his face was only inches from her. He was still taller than her, even reclined and slouching, that was so unfair. She was always on the short side but he was significantly taller than her. She attempted to lean back from him to gain some distance to think but he followed her and she was weak.


“Why don't you want a response?” he asked and she opened her mouth to respond but what could she even say? I don't want my heart broken? I don't want to sleep with you? Those were both out. What was she supposed to say?


“What if I say yes, huh?” he asked and she just shook her head.


“I-I don't want anything from you.” she said and finally his other hand that had been in his pocket til now was brought up to her chin and gently lifted with one finger until they were at eye level. She didn't think this far ahead. She was unprepared for something like this. This had veered off so far from the quick interaction she had signed up for. 


“Well maybe I want something from you.” he said and she squeaked, her eyes meeting his in surprise. He was so close! She watched his expression shift into a smirk and god damn was it sexy.


“There you are. Prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.” he tilted his head a bit closer as if he were going to kiss her and she flinched.


“What's wrong, darlin? Do I scare you?” he asked, voice lower like they were sharing a secret. She took a second but shook her head, no. “Just nervous?” a small nod. “Why?” 


She thought for a second, unable to tear her eyes away from his gorgeous pure crimson orbs. 


“I-I I’ve n-n-never…” she trailed off and she could see the excitement shoot across his features.


“I’m your first?” he asked but he knew the answer. She looked away and her already blushing face got hotter. She felt like a tomato from how warm it felt. The hand that had been hovering under her chin moved to the back of her neck, finger tangling in her messy hair enough to knock it loose until her strands were flowing down her back and he was cradling her head.


“That’s more than fine. Just leave it to me.” he murmured and she could only squeak before his warm lips were pressed to hers. Her eyes closed on their own and she was stiff under his touch. He pulled her in until she was forced to move her hand to grip his white button down. 


He moved his lips against hers and used the hold in her hair to tilt her head to a more comfortable angle. She felt herself melting in his hold, that skilled mouth coaxing hers into motion. She shyly moved her lips against his, copying what he did and she felt him smirk. 


His lips parted enough for his tongue to graze her bottom lip and she gave a small gasp, enough for him to slip it through and gently pry her mouth open. With her mouth open and the pressure on the kiss deepening, she let a quiet moan leak out. Her hand was shaking against his chest as it opened to press her palm flat and the hand that had been holding her letter opened enough for the paper to fall to the floor. The small tap it made drowned out by the pounding of her heart. He broke apart for only a second to tilt the opposite way before his lips were meeting hers again and after a few minutes she was lost in it and her shyness faded. 


His right hand brought her free hand up to his neck and she naturally wrapped her arm around it leaving his hand free to splay over her tiny waist. Finally their lips broke with panting breaths, her emerald eyes only half open and glassy in lust. He brushed her hair off her cheek and then pulled her back in, eliciting a louder moan to escape.


He kissed her harder this time, deepening it almost immediately and she followed his lead. He had to hand it to her, she was a fast learner. He got her so lost in the kiss that she barely noticed when he sat fully back on the desk and pulled her in, guiding her smoothly until she was straddling his hips and he tugged her down to grind her core against his lap. She broke the kiss with a gasp at the friction. He didn't skip a beat, his lips mouth down to kiss and lick at her neck, nipping and sucking a mark against her throat just barely hidden by her collar. She was so absorbed in the feeling, something she had never felt before and it consumed her. Her whole world was reduced to Katsuki and how he made her feel. Her anxiety had taken a hike and the only thing in her gut was a warm coiling feeling. She panted as he marked up her neck, her other hand raising to card through his blonde locks. Her ample breasts pressed against him and her back arched from the hand pulling her by the waist. 


His mouth left her skin and their lips crashed back together consuming them completely. His left hand dropped down to her thigh and squeezed the thick flesh. His rough hands grazed her skin up, up, up until his hand disappeared in the fabric of her skirt. He grabbed her hip instead of squeezing her ass which is what he wanted but not now. He slowed his kiss, lessened the intensity until she started to come back down. He pressed chaste kisses to her mouth and cheeks before finally pulling back and looking into her foggy gaze, watching as she slowly regained her barings. 


“Hey, sweetheart.” he murmured, brushing his fingers down her temple and across her neck, gently retrieving her from her little vacation. “Come back, now.”


Finally that shine of alertness returned and she jolted in her position on his lap. Her eyes went wide seeing how close they were and her face went scarlett. She immediately released her arms from around his neck and the force in which she attempted to pull away would have sent her tumbling to the ground if he didn't have a hold of her.


“Easy there. You're just fine where you are.” he grinned at her cherry red cheeks and the way she squirmed in his lap. Now that he could really focus on her. She was quite gorgeous. Her figure was perfect and her big green eyes shined like gemstones. Her shyness was a part of her charm and the way she disappeared into the pleasure was so hot. He smirked as she attempted to hide her face in her hands.


“Hey, what’s your name?” he asked. She squeaked but managed to get out, “Midoriya Izuku.” 


“Izuku, huh? cute.” he grinned and pressed a kiss to the back of the hand, covering her face. She peaked past her fingers and he grinned.


“Go out with me.” he more commanded then asked and her jaw dropped.


“What?” she gasped and he just grinned wider.


“You heard me.”


“B-but..why?” her hands fell slightly in her shock.


“Because,” he quickly stole a kiss from her unguarded face. “I like you.”


“You don't even know me!” 


“That's what dating is for.” he nosed along her cheek. “So?” He pressed a kiss against her temple and met her eyes again.


“Are you going to dump me in a week?” she pouted and he laughed.


“Probably not.” 


It took another 20 minutes of badgering before she finally acquiesced and he walked her home.