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boobies? what boobies?

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Kara's eyes are glazed over, and she's completely abandoned her pizza. A rare thing to happen. It only happens when she has to go on supergirl duty...or she's horny.

Lena chews a bite of her cheesy, ooey gooey pizza, pepperoni. Eyeing her girlfriend suspiciously. “You’re staring at my breasts a bit there, darling.” She chuckles. "And I think you've got a bit of drool on your lip." She chuckles and nibbles another bite.

Kara's head snaps up so fast Lena is sure she would she'd have hurt it if she were human. "W-What?" She laughs nervously, avoiding eye contact, self-consciously wiping her lip. She ran a hand through her hair, blushing bright red. "N-no I wasn't, what even are boobs!" She stuttered. 

"You literally have them sitting on your chest." Lena points to the aforementioned boobs.  

"No...those are...those other stomachs! How do you think I eat so much?" Lena would believe that, for sure!

"Right..." Lena drawled. "Like I'd actually believe that." Lena snorts. "Why don't you just admit it. I'm literally your girlfriend. You can stare as much as you'd like." She reassured. "Just so long as no one catches you in the act, ya know. Like I did, just now." 

Kara whined. "I'm sorry, babe. It's just, they're right there! And-And your cleavage-" She groans and cuts herself off, gestures to Lena's boobies (as Kara likes to call them) with her slice of meat lovers pizza. "How in the world can you expect me not to look?!" Kara rips a bite out with her teeth and chews it, she moans at the taste, pizza is delicious!

"It's alright, darling. I stare sometimes too. I think everyone does." She laughed. And she stared at her girlfriends arms, those big biceps...anyway.

"Well, they better not be staring at your boobies." Lena snorted at the childish word for her breasts. "They are mine and mine alone to ogle." She pouted.

"Of course. Because if they did, you'd use your heat vision on them, correct?"

"Nooo, no, no, no. I'd drop kick them into the sun." And she will. Well, okay, not really. She'd just do something, something...well she doesn't really know yet.

"Right, right. Sorry, I stand corrected."

Kara sighs and places a hand on her stomach, feeling full, finally. She had twenty four slices of pizza! (Lena only ate about two, how in the name of Rao is that in the least bit filling, Kara will never know.)

But twenty four slices was almost too much for even her! They had ordered ten boxes, just in case. Now they'll have leftovers for breakfast! Cold pizza is the absolute best thing to eat in the morning. She will stand by that fact with her very life.

"Are you done, darling?" Putting her plate with her unfinished crusts on it on the coffee table.

Kara takes a sip of her Coke, the straw making that noise when you finish your drink. And burps, Kara blushed, then covered her mouth. "'scuse me. And yeah I'm stuffed. Can you believe that?"

"I'll call the media." Lena jokes.