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The first five years after the war were probably the hardest recovery wise, both for Etheria and for the many victims of the war. Slowly though, things began to get better, especially for the residents of the Brightmoon Palace. It had taken years of therapy and support from each other, but the Best Friend Squad was slowly able to heal from the war and Horde Prime. Now, their biggest worries were much less drastic in retrospect.


Catra and Adora had taken the first three years after the war working on healing themselves and furthering their relationship, which had quickly blossomed into a beautiful relationship. In the fourth year after the war, Adora proposed to Catra, and the couple was married that summer.


It didn’t take long after their wedding for the couple to start talking about taking the next step, starting a family together, especially once Glimmer and Bow had twin girls of their own running around the castle. After doing some research, they learned that using She-Ra’s magic, they could conceive a baby together. Unfortunately, trying and successfully conceiving were two different things.


Over the next year and a half, Catra suffered three miscarriages from three different pregnancies, each more painful emotionally than the last. Only Glimmer, Bow, and Adora knew about them though, as they didn’t want to worry their friends or upset them with the tragic news. 


The couple was starting to think that Catra may be unable to carry a child to term, but were determined to try at least one more time before taking a different approach. Well, Catra wanted to try one more time, Adora had been ready to try something different after the second loss, but her wife didn’t want to give up.


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


Catra let out a shaky breath as she stared at the pregnancy test in her hand.




Normally, the sign would be exciting, and she would be racing to Adora to tell her the news, but seeing as this was her fourth go around, she was just scared of losing the kit before she made it a month. Slowly, she stood off the toilet lid she’d been perched on for the last fifteen minutes, awaiting the results, and she slowly made her way out of the bathroom and back into the connected bedroom- the room she’d been sharing with the love of her life for almost seven years now. 


Said love, Adora, was laying back in bed, reading a book that was clutched in one hand, and gently petting a napping Melog next to her with the other. However, her attention was shifted from her book to Catra once she heard the sound of her boots tapping across the floor, approaching their bed. Her smile faltered to worry when she saw the pregnancy test in Catra’s hand, “Well..?”


Catra’s ears flicked against her head, her smile fruitlessly hopeful. She sighed, “Positive.” She confirmed, setting the test down on the nightstand after showing Adora, before taking a seat next to her, “Taking bets on how long this one will last.”


“Hey, don’t talk like that.” Adora frowned, putting her book down and pulling Catra gently into her lap, her arms wrapping loosely around her waist. Melog offered an affectionate nudge to the brunette’s side, “For now, we’ll keep this between us until you make it to say, twelve weeks?”


“If I make it to twelve weeks.”


Catra .” Adora’s sudden firm tone sent chills down Catra’s spine, her shoulders tensing, “We can’t go into this assuming it’s going to end the same way. I know it’s hard, but we need to treat this like it’s going to go fine. Stressing yourself on the worst will only bring the worse outcomes.”


Sighing, Catra laid her head on her wife’s shoulder, closing her eyes, “Okay, okay… So twelve weeks, and then we’ll tell Sparkles and Bow?”


“Mhm! For now, we’ll keep it a secret, and take extra good care of you and the beautiful little kit you’re carrying. Okay?”


Nodding, the magicat looked at her lap, her cheeks turning a light shade of red. She gently intertwined her fingers with Adora’s, “I love you, dummy…”


“I love you too.” Adora pressed a kiss to her wife’s temple, “Tired? We can get into pajamas and take a nap if you want.”


Catra smiled again, “That sounds perfect right now.”


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


Six weeks had passed, and the couple were nearly in tears with worry as they stared at the pregnancy test on the nightstand. Catra had just taken it, and they were waiting nervously for the results, “W-What, what if it’s negative, Adora…?” 


The blonde took a deep breath, gently running her fingers through her partner’s hair, “We’ll just-.. have to wait and see, I guess…” 


With her ears flat against the sides of her head, Catra gripped onto Adora’s shoulders, burying her face in her wife’s shirt, “I can’t look at it…” 


Sighing, Adora waited the last few minutes for the result before gingerly lifting the test into her hands.




Adora slowly smiled and laughed, “It’s positive..!”


Flinching in surprise, Catra sat up, snatching the test from Adora and examined it herself. Slowly, a wide smile spread across her face as well, “It is… I… I’m halfway through the first trimester, Adora!” She laughed, tears running down her face at the accomplishment.  The two embraced, hope that this time might be different welling up inside them. 


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


Adora hummed softly to herself as she strolled through the gardens of Brightmoon, watching with a smile as Glimmer sat on a bench with her daughters, showing and telling them about the different flowers and their colors. She sighed, relaxing as she approached the girls, taking a seat next to Glimmer, “What’s going on over here?”


“Hi Auntie!!” Estelle squealed, reaching over from her mother’s lap to play with the cape attached to Adora’s dress that she’d let rest to her side so she wouldn’t sit on it, “Mommy’s teaching us da cowers of da fwowers!”


Adora chuckled, “Well that sounds like a lot of fun. Can you tell me what color this is?” She asked, pointing to a red rose.


“Wed!!” Estelle exclaimed proudly. Glimmer and Adora smiled, the queen offering words of praise while the latter clapped gently.


“You two are catching on so well. Galaxy, do you know what color that tulip is?” She asked, pointing so her daughter could see.


“Uhm, pa…pink?”


“Pink! Yes, perfect!” She smiled, giving both girls a kiss on the top of their heads, “Mommy is so proud of both of you.”


Estelle climbed her way over into Adora’s lap a moment later, engrossed in playing with her cape, “Where’s Auntie Kitty?” She asked, looking up at her aunt with wide, curious eyes that reminded the blonde of Bow every single time she looked at them.


“She’s- taking care of Melog right now, and you know she doesn’t feel good around all the plants, so you’ll see her once we head inside I’m sure.”


“Oooh, otay!” 


Noticing the hesitation, the queen looked at her friend, raising an eyebrow, silently asking if everything was alright. Before she could respond however, the magicat in question came rushing outside, “Adora!!” She called, clearly excited as she spotted and quickly approached the bench, “Guess what, guess what!?”


“W-What? Did I forget something again? It's not an anniversary is it? I'm sorry!" Adora asked, now alarmed, her body tense with panic. 


Catra scoffed, rolling her eyes, "No dummy! Twelve weeks! Today is twelve weeks!”


Adora’s eyes widened, smiling as tears brimmed her eyes.


Glimmer took a moment to put the pieces together, before gasping, “Wait- wait wait wait are you saying- Are you-”


Laughing, Catra nodded, “I just took three tests to confirm it!”


“Ooh, this is so exciting! I’m so happy for you two! We’ll have to plan parties in the upcoming months! I call planning the gender reveal!’ 


The couple laughed, the whole conversation nothing but confusion for the twins idly listening in, “Alright alright, sure thing, but we aren’t anywhere near that point yet. I don’t even know if I’m having one or a litter yet.”


“Well, we’ll take you for an ultrasound soon, okay?” Adora smiled, “You have another appointment coming up anyway.”


“So that’s where you two have been going when you refused to tell me!” Glimmer huffed.


“Sorry, Sparkles, but we weren’t sure we were gonna- you know, make it this far, so we wanted to get through the first trimester first before we got any hope up.”


Sighing in understanding, the queen nodded, “Okay okay, fair enough. After all you’ve been through I can understand why you’d want to do that.”


“Yeah…but, we’ve made it now, and I…I am exhausted from running out here…” Catra blushed, her ears falling against her head, an exhausted smile on her face. 


Adora chuckled, handing Estelle back to Glimmer before getting to her feet and wrapping her arms around her wife, “Well then let’s get you to bed. You should rest anyway after all that excitement.”


“Alright now, don’t get all caretaker on me!”


“You know that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Come on.” Adora nudged, guiding her partner back inside one waving goodbye to the other three still on the bench.


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


Catra nervously fidgeted with her fingers as she laid on the examination bed, waiting for her doctor to come in for her ultrasound. Adora sat by her, offering a warm smile, “This is huge, Catra. Your first real ultrasound!” The blonde giggled, taking her hand gently, “Excited?”


She nodded. “And nervous, Glimmer said that gel stuff feels weird and I know it’s gonna stick to my fur.”


“We’ll take a bath when we get home, don’t worry, love.” Adora teased, pecking her cheek and making her wife blush.


Their doctor, Althea, entered the room moments later, "Afternoon ladies, how are we doing today?"


"Much better than the last- few times." Catra replied, smiling when Adora gently took her hand.


"Well, I'm excited to find out how your little kitten is doing!" Althea smiled, taking a seat on the opposite side of the bed as Adora where the machines were, "Can you move your shirt up for me?"


Nodding, the brunette slid her red top up, letting it rest a little below her chest, revealing the nearly invisible baby bump that was just getting ready to start to try and form. The doctor took extra care as she gently applied the gel to her patient's abdomen. The magicat flinched slightly at the touch, but an assuring squeeze of Adora's hand was enough to help calm her down. 


Once Althea began to gently maneuver the device over Catra's belly, the patient couldn't help but to close her eyes. Part of her still didn't believe it was real, that her doctor would tell her something had happened and she was no longer pregnant. 


"Oh, Catra…" Adora whispered, "Look…" 


Opening an eye, the magicat glanced at the monitor, her eyes widening as her ears flicked up in surprise. 


"There they are…" Althea smiled, pointing to where the kitten was forming. 


Tears welled up in Catra's eyes, "That's…our baby?" 


"That's our baby…" Adora confirmed, kissing her cheek, tears running down her face. "When we learn the gender, can you give the information to Glimmer for us?"


"Of course, Princess." Althea nodded. She printed the ultrasound photos and slipped them in a folder before passing it to Catra, who took it gratefully, "Alright, make sure you take things easy and do the exercises I talked about with you, okay?"


"I will, thank you." Catra responded, letting Althea wipe the gel off her before pulling her shirt back down and letting Adora help her off the bed. 


The two spent the rest of the afternoon staring at the ultrasound photos, going between laughter and tears of joy at their accomplishment. 


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


Glimmer had a bright smile on her face as she finished setting up the ballroom with the Alliance, "Ooh, I'm so excited for them!" She exclaimed, finishing putting up some pink and blue streamers she'd twisted together. 


"Me too. After how hard they've been trying I'm so glad it's finally worked." Bow added, cradling Galaxy in one arm and setting the table they'd set up with the other, "Adora asked me the other day to help her paint the nursery next week so they can start decorating."


"Aww, that's sweet. I'll make sure to keep Catra company then." The queen smiled. Stepping back, she admired the ballroom, "This is perfect! Great job everyone!"


Perfuma smiled, cradling Estelle, "I can't wait for them to get here!"


"They should be here any moment. I know Catra's bump is really starting to show, so I'm sure Adora is really taking extra care with her." Scorpia chuckled. 


Like clockwork, the ballroom doors opened mere moments later, Adora walking in, holding Catra's hand with her free arm around her waist, "Wow, this place looks beautiful guys!" Adora complimented. 


"Of course it does." Glimmer smiled, pride and confidence in her tone.


"Just tell me where I can sit down." Catra said, prompting Scorpia to show her to a nearby rocking chair they'd brought in for her. 


"Better, love?" Adora asked once the magicat was in the chair. 


"Much…" she hummed in approval, placing a hand on her bump. 


Having decided that the party was a combined birth gender reveal and a baby shower, they spent the first hour letting Catra open gifts to use to decorate the nursery with and supplies to help start them off when the kitten was born. 


Adora sat next to her wife to organize the gifts once she'd opened them, wanting her to be relaxed and worry free as much as possible. She couldn't help but find it absolutely adorable when her wife fell in love with the tiny outfits Perfuma and Scorpia had made, even tearing up over the handmade gifts. 


Once all the gifts of clothes, toys, supplies, and decorations were opened, everyone sat at the table for lunch and a break before the reveal. 


Bow had insisted the reveal be through cutting the cake, knowing that poppers or popping balloons would hurt Catra's ears or scare her. 


So, to make it fun, Adora turned her sword to a small enough knife and let Catra cut it, revealing the blue cake inside. 


"Congratulations! The kitten's birth gender is a boy!" Glimmer announced, clapping her hands together. 


Adora and Catra smiled and intertwined their fingers together, "I can't wait to meet our little kitten…" Catra whispered, tears welling up in her eyes. 


"Me either baby." Adora replied, equally as tearful with pride and joy. 


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


Catra whimpered, clutching lightly at her eight month baby bump, "Where's Adora?!" She snapped, tears running down her face. 


"She'll be back soon, Catra. Just try and relax.." Glimmer tried to encourage, though worry plastered her face. Adora had left a few hours ago with Bow to pick up a few things for the nursery and for Catra as they prepared for the upcoming due date. 


"How soon is soon?!" The brunette cried. 


The queen sighed. The further into her pregnancy she got, the more emotional and dependent she'd become on Adora, fear and anxiety consuming her when her wife wasn't around, "Soon. Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?"


"Pillows." Catra stated flatly, despite the literal fifteen pillows that coated the bed already. 


"Alright, I'll go get more supply to add to your nest." Glimmer giggled, before teleporting. She returned via teleportation moments later with five more pillows, adding them in free spaces to further create the circular form Catra had started. Initially, they'd planned to transfer her to the castle infirmary as they'd done for Glimmer, but being a magicat, Catra had other plans. None of them had any education on magicat culture, not even the brunette herself, but she'd explained weeks prior that she felt instinct to have the most natural birth possible, only her wife being present and giving them privacy in their bedroom. So everyone understood Catra's want for the nest of pillows, wanting a space she felt was safe for her and her baby, "Do you think this will be enough pillows for you?"


"For now, yes.." Catra replied. 


"Okay, then. I'll make sure to round up any extra I find just in case, 'kay?"


"Thank you, Sparkles.." The brunette smiled, wincing moments later, "There he is again.."


"Active little one isn't he?" 


"Yeah-" Catra took a deep breath. 


A few moments passed in silence before the bedroom door opened, Adora walking in carrying a few things, "Did you add to the nest?" She chuckled with a snort, setting the contents in her arms on the end of the bed. 


"Yes." Was all Catra said before changing the subject, "Lay down with me…"


"Of course, my love. Just let me put everything away okay?"


Though she grumbled, Catra gave a nod. 


"Where's Bow?" Glimmer asked. 


"Taking the stuff for the nursery to- well the nursery." 


"Gotcha. Well, I'll leave you guys to it. Call if you need me." The queen waved before teleporting. 


"What did you get?" Catra asked out of curiosity. 


"I got you some blankets we can put under us during labor so it'll make for an easy clean up. I also got a few things I think will bring a little extra comfort."


"You're too sweet…" The magicat smiled, blushing. She allowed Adora to move her gently as needed while the blankets were put in place underneath her. Afterwards, Adora changed into pajamas before crawling into bed next to her wife with the last blanket and bag of other items she'd gotten. She draped the blanket on top of them before handing the bag to her wife, who's ears perked up as she looked inside. 


Upon peeking in, she found a little scorpion and cat plushie, a few little fidget toys, and a few books, "Isn't this Scorpia's?" Catra asked, motioning to the scorpion. 


"Yeah, she told me to give it to you." Adora smiled. 


"Awe.." Catra blushed. She set the plushies next to her and left the rest of the items in the bag for now, before cuddling up to her wife, "Just a few more weeks…" 


"I can't wait.." The blonde hummed, caressing her wife's hair tenderly to help her relax. 


⋆ ★ ⚔ ★ ⋆


The moment Catra's water broke, she'd meowed and practically clawed at Adora to wake her. It was early in the morning, so the rest of the castle wasn't awake yet. Adora, however, was wide awake when she realized what was happening. She immediately shifted so Catra could sit between her legs, as per the brunette's request, and held her gently, "Okay baby… you got this…" she whispered, knowing all she could do was offer moral support. 


Surprisingly, Catra was able to remain relatively silent, only meowing in pain every so often, following Adora's encouragement to push once she'd dilated enough. 


The labor lasted almost two hours before Catra finally delivered the final push that birthed her kitten, who's cries brought their parents to tears of joy themselves. 


Adora lifted the baby, wrapping them in a blanket she'd set aside before passing them into Catra's arms. The magicat relaxed instantly, leaning back against her wife and cradling the kitten to calm them down. 


"He's got your hair color…" Catra whispered. 


"And everything else from you." Adora chuckled. 


The two admired the kitten, though their eyes widened when the baby opened their own, revealing the brilliant blue eyes they shared with Adora, "Seems as if there's one more trait of yours, and I'm so happy about it…" Catra smiled. She'd always loved Adora's eyes. 


"Have we got a name idea yet?" Adora finally asked. 


"Hm…" Catra stared at the baby for a few moments, before looking up at Adora, the two getting the same idea at the same time, the same name coming out of their mouths at the same time.