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Batman, go grab your Robin... Wait, wrong Robin!

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In Tim’s defense, there was absolutely no way he could have predicted this.


Halloween in Gotham City: a promise of candy, costumes, parties, a Scarecrow attack, a visit by Calender Man, and a 50-50 chance that Joker or Harley joined in on the fun.


It was a promise that Batman and Robin were out and about, kicking butt and saving people, and Tim wanted a picture of it.


Sure, he could get a picture of them on any other night, but Tim specifically wanted to take a picture on Halloween for many reasons. For one, it was a guarantee that Tim was going to get a truly amazing shot with at least one explosion-slash-fire-slash-bomb in the background. Another reason was that Tim wanted to show off his Robin costume.


The Robin costume that Tim had painstakingly hand-sewn, drawing the exact pattern from his pictures of Jason and Dick as Robin, thrifting kevlar and zylon fibers, not to mention the utter pain that it was buying and modifying a grapple gun and shuriken to match Robin’s. It fit him perfectly, and matched Jason’s suit almost perfectly, if not for the fact that Tim was wearing thin skin-colored stocking pantyhose under the scaly shorts. There was no way that he was going out in Autumn with his legs bare to the freezing wind.


Of course, the one thing that Tim had completely forgotten to take into consideration when planning his costume is exactly how much he looks like the real Robin. Black hair, blue eyes, caucasian, and only an inch shorter than Jason.


If you were, say, not extremely familiar with Jason Todd or maybe slightly sleep-deprived, you couldn’t really tell the difference.


“Robin! What are you doing?” A very familiar growl came from behind him and nearly made Tim jump out of his skin.


Tim turned around and gaped at Batman who was standing very close to him, looming with his arms crossed. Tim looked around, but they were alone on the roof.


There was no way, right?




Oh my god, Batman was addressing Tim . Why in the world was Batman playing along with Tim’s costume?


Tim, a bit dumbly, raised his small jack-o-lantern bucket filled with candy and the Kit-Kat he was partway through unwrapping, “Halloween candy?” He squeaked out.


He had stopped on this roof to munch on some of his spoils of war, blood sugar starting to dip as it was well past midnight now. He had stowed his camera at the bottom of his candy bucket so to hide it from thieves and so he could look a little more like any other trick-or-treater staying up too late.


Batman frowned, “Where did you get that?”


Tim looked at him, baffled. “It’s… Halloween. I knocked on a door.”


“You shouldn’t take candy from strangers, Robin. I thought that I didn’t have to go over this with you. What if there’s fear gas in that?” Batman looked disapproving, which was a sentence Tim never thought he would think in terms of himself on the receiving end of.


“You just dropped Scarecrow off at GCPD,” Tim defended himself against Batman’s (admittedly valid) concern. “Crane didn’t even mess with this neighborhood, he was on the other side of the city.”


Did batman sigh… fondly? “Well, we’ll get Agent A to check it when we get back to the cave to be safe. Come along, now.”


Tim, very confused, obediently followed after the huge man in a kevlar bat costume. Why was Batman playing along with him? Where are they going? What is going on?


Batman pulled out his grapple and in a very quick sequence of events, pulled Tim to his side with one strong arm and jumped off the building.


Tim yelped and froze, panicked, but luckily for him, the way down into the alleyway was merely a second-long trip.


Batman dropped him off in front of the Batmobile. “Stay in the car, Robin. I’m going to tell Gordon we’re done for the night and then we’re heading back.”


He opened the door, and Tim, on the receiving end of Batman’s pointed look, quickly slid inside. The door slammed shut after him and Batman disappeared with his grapple.


Tim… doesn’t think Batman was playing along anymore.


Robin, the actual Jason Todd, stared at him from where he was also sitting in the back seat. “Who are you?”


“Uh… Tim?” Tim said, extremely concerned and confused as to where his night was going. “Am I getting kidnapped?”


“What?” Jason looked confused, which was just great because that meant that he didn’t know what was going on either.


“I was just trick-or-treating and then I sat down to eat my candy and Batman appeared and told me off and said I should stay in the batmobile and I didn’t know if I should argue cause he’s Batman so I did and now I don’t know what’s happening? Is this a kidnapping?” Tim babbled at Robin, the real actual Robin who was sitting just a foot away from and staring at him like he was insane. 


“Ives said I was going to get in trouble if I wore my Robin costume for trick-or-treating but I didn’t think he meant that Batman was going to kidnap me! Is he mad at me? Am I in trouble for wearing a costume like yours? Wait, is this how he gets Robins? Did he just pick you up off the street too? I don’t want to be Robin! I don’t want to live in a cave!”


“Woah!” Jason quickly reached forward to shush him once his voice started warbling like he was about to start crying. “You’re not being kidnapped, you’re not in trouble, and you’re definitely not going to be Robin! It’s okay, kid, B must’ve been knocked too hard in the head tonight and thought you were me. Which, rude, can’t he even recognize his own Robin? Though, I have to give you points, that is a really good costume. Is that real kevlar?”


Tim sniffed, “The GCPD doesn’t dispose of their kevlar vests properly to NIJ standards. I got a lot of material from their garbage.”


“Good to know,” Jason replied. “Did your mom help you sew it?”


“No. My school has sewing lessons, and I made this as my final project.”


“Huh. Did you get an A?”


“Yeah,” Tim puffed up, proud. “And I modified my shuriken in Carpentry class! Mr. Gerome was really impressed, he said that I could make weapons professionally if I really practiced and went to school for it!”


“Wait, is that sharp?”


“Yes, why?”


Jason looked alarmed, “Kid, that’s an actual weapon.”


“I’m 11, I can carry a weapon,” Tim replied, wondering what the problem was.


“You’re a kid.”


“Didn’t you start being Robin at my age? And I think the first Robin was even younger than me.”


Jason considered that, “Touche. But I don’t like it, you could hurt yourself. As Robin, I am trained to fight.”


Tim sighed, “What if I promise not to touch it? And I put it away when I get home?”


Jason narrowed his eyes at him, “You’ll hand it over to an adult?”


“Fine,” Tim groaned, knowing that his dad would likely take it away from him. “I promise.”


Jason leaned back in his seat, happy. “Perfect.”


Tim waited for a beat, then another. “So… Should I leave or…?”


“Do you want to see the Batcave?” Jason gave him a mischievous smile. “You could just sit here and we can see how long it’ll take him to notice. I mean, he did tell you to stay in the batmobile.”


Tim perked up, “Cool!”


He looked at his candy bucket, “Hey, Robin, do you want some? I mean, you totally saved Gotham tonight, so you deserve it.”


Jason looked tempted but shook his head no, “Agent A has to check all my candy.”


“That sucks,” Tim sympathized. “Last time my dad checked my candy, he ate all of it.”


Before Jason could respond, Batman slid into the driver’s seat. 


And… didn’t acknowledge the second Robin in his car.


Tim shared a look with Jason and wondered if it was safe to have him behind the wheel.


“Hey B,” Jason piped up. “Do you think Agent A will let us watch ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ before we go to bed?”


Batman grunted, “It’s already past your curfew, lad. Besides, that’s a Christmas movie.”


“What about Coraline?” Tim asked.


Batman frowned, “If you think it’s not too scary, then we can watch it together tomorrow.”


Fascinating. No acknowledgment of the two Robin-shaped boys.


Jason snickered as Tim looked at him incredulously. At least the Autopilot button was blinking, that must mean that Batman wasn’t actually driving the car.


The Cave came into view surprisingly quickly, and Tim itched to figure out the exact route.


Tim exited the batmobile only a second after Batman, gaping at his surroundings. Is that a giant penny? Where did the dinosaur come from? Oh my god, that’s the batcomputer!


Tim jumped at the sound of several medical tools being dropped. 


An old butler, who must be Alfred Pennyworth aka Agent A, was staring straight at Tim. “Master Batman, that is not Robin.”


“What?!” Batman whirled on Tim, hands dropping from where he was about to take his cowl off. “Who are you?”


Jason appeared from behind the batmobile, “The poor trick-or-treater that you kidnapped thinking he was me. Tim has been a good sport about it though, even stayed in the batmobile like you told him to.”


Batman went still as he stared between Tim and Jason, looking horrified at himself.


“Hi,” Tim squeaked out from being stared at by so many people and waved awkwardly.


“Batman!” Alfred scolded his ward loudly making Jason cackle.