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a taste of divinity

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It has been seven sunrises in the heavenly realm since the human had been sacrificed to Beidou, and in those seven days, all of the woman’s actions puzzled the Dragon King of the Ocean.

Originally, Beidou had assumed that the actions were out of fear, or misplaced embarrassment, or even confusion at her new circumstances. Hu Tao certainly had not helped the matter, having dragged the poor woman’s soul straight to Morax before the rest of what made Ningguang… Ningguang could dissipate into that boundary between the realms. 

This was exactly why Beidou did not want any sacrifices made in her name. While there were certain gods out there that would love to feast on whatever essence that gets offered up to them, she had need for neither soul nor essence, much less the physical form of a woman in her early thirties.

Yet, Hu Tao had deemed the woman fit to continue her existence, in whatever manner said existence now implied, and now both Ningguang’s essence and soul were tethered to Beidou. Her soul, through the manipulations of Hu Tao and Morax, and her essence, by the sacrifice. Apparently it was the only method to prevent her physical body from being consumed by the in-between existence of the Dark Sea, yet…

Was marriage really necessary?

It wasn’t as if Morax could force it upon her— Beidou both stand and sat at the same level as the old dragon king, loath as she was of their roles, nor did she crave the human interaction that much with her role constantly putting her on battlefields both before, during, and after wars. She was a god of death, a patron of sailors, the Dragon King of the Ocean, and was intimately familiar with death and humanity’s many facets when facing it.

Even so, Ningguang’s reactions to her new life as the new bride to the god was unexpected.

The first three days she had been practically glued to the scrying pool in the main hall, having quickly learned how to operate the thing and using it to flick between the numerous landscapes of Liyue. At her request, Beidou had also moved a desk and chair to the side of the mirror, and provided her with an armful of blank scrolls and brushes. It hadn’t even taken a single day before every single scroll was filled with cramped chicken scratch, illegible not just due to its size and… messiness, but also for the shorthand that Ningguang had used. 

The woman could barely be coaxed to eat. There were no servants in Beidou’s court, not unless one counted the once-vanquished Haishan who guarded the entrance, so it was Beidou herself who had to figure out what humans ate in this day and age and thump it down on  her mountain of papers. As a god, Beidou’s requirement for sustenance was limited and more for the novelty of it, but Ningguang was still human enough that her body would deteriorate away without nourishment.

Three days of tireless working and recording and Beidou popping by to remind the woman to eat and rest, and Ningguang finally seemed to be able to put down the rock weighing on her chest and the mantle of Tianquan upon her shoulders.

It had been with great vindication that she hummed with satisfaction at the piles upon piles of scrolls that she had amassed, then summarily proceeded to shred into a snowstorm of flakes. Beidou nearly stopped her, because the heavenly court officials would surely have appreciated such meticulous record keeping even if it was only three days, but something stayed her hand.

She had to stop Ningguang from throwing it down through the scrying pool however, as the damn thing might accidentally twist the paper flakes into something more dangerous and cast hail down upon Liyue. Instead, she took Ningguang on a little trip, her calloused, human hand in her own scaled, clawed ones, to wander across the expanse of Liyue’s sky upon a cloud. It was from that vantage point that Ningguang scattered the finely shredded observations of the past three days, and it was a fine storm of paper indeed. Three days in the heavenly realm— to three years in the human realm. Perhaps it was mere coincidence that Ningguang had asked her of this at the time that coincided with the eve of her sacrifice, but when it came to the overly meticulous woman Beidou was highly skeptical.

The Dragon King of the Ocean would probably face some repercussions of having scattered paper made of the mulch of divine trees all over the human realm, but it had been Morax who had wedded Ningguang to her so the geezer had nothing to complain about. If Guizhong had still been alive though… then Beidou might have felt chastised.

The next four days the woman took to familiarize herself with Beidou’s domain, in that sometimes when the god returned to her home the woman would be sitting on the roof of a pavilion or wandering in the gardens. But most of all, the woman devoured the scrolls kept in the personal library Beidou had maintained throughout the millennia. Not with the same intensity as when she had been consumed by the goings-on in Liyue, but enough so that she would bring whatever had grabbed her attention to their shared meals and discuss with the god over tea, wine, and fruits. 

As it were, many of the books were ones that Beidou had collected herself, or some she even penned— although those were more commonly the maps and logs of sea travels. Although the god herself hadn’t gotten the chance to peruse all the books in her library, or the urge to, it was a delight to engage in discussions with the witty woman. It was then that Ningguang had jokingly called “captain” for the first time, a reference to her many ship logs and the tales of the Patron God of Sailors used to being a pirate captain herself, and Beidou had froze for a second.

For how the title rolled off of Ningguang’s tongue— Oh, Beidou wouldn’t have minded if the woman had chosen to moan it, or to scream the epithet into the air while Beidou—


Perhaps there was merit in Morax choosing to betroth Ningguang to her after all, as Beidou was certainly much more comfortable in her presence then she was at the beginning of it all.

Seven days in, and some distant corner of the human’s realm had once again erupted into war. One day in the heavenly realm equates to one year in the human realm, even though it wasn't as consistently linear with the death of the goddess of time. Suppose Liyue’s sacrifice of their most prestigious Tianquan had brought them seven years of peace, but war had snuck in through the cracks nonetheless.

And per usual, Beidou had been dispatched to deal with the fallout.

Instead of gently guiding lost ships home or tugging fallen sailors towards land with a lucky current, Beidou was dispatched to end the war with brutal efficiency— and to bring home the dead.

It was a thankless job, regardless of how much incense the people burned at her altars, or the foods offered in their little bowls and plates. Honestly, those offerings would better satisfy the twin gods of the hearth. Heavens know what Xiangling can do with a nice bowl of rice and some cleanly sliced fruit, even if Guoba tends to insist on their offerings including spice.

The war lasted half a year— barely a war with Beidou’s intervention. But it meant that by the time she was able to retire to her abode, a sprawling court of gardens and forests and humble courtyard in a deep sea cave in the heavenly realm illuminated by night pearls and sunlight caught with sigils and glass, night had fallen.

She was filthy, the stench of death and the dying seasoned by sea brine and despair, and Beidou wanted nothing more than to soak in one of the few springs hidden in the forest to rid herself of the smell.

But just as she had kicked off her boots— they were unsalvageable now, there was a pair of hands at her back, helping her ease off her armor and claymore with all the calmness of the world.

“Ningguang?” Beidou asked, “what are you doing at this hour?”

“Waiting for my partner to come home, of course.” This, she said so matter of factly, that it was as if they had been married for a decade and not a mere seven days. It also appeared that the woman had gone through the closet that Beidou had thrown together at the advice of her fellow gods. It had been done in a bit of a hurry, with her grabbing whatever she thought the woman might’ve liked, and instead led to what amounted to a full room of mismatched dresses, pants, tunics, armor, and the like.

The blue dress that the woman had donned though… that was one that Beidou recalled quite clearly. Yinxing had sighed when the Dragon King had looked to her old crew for guidance, the minor god of battlefield surgery then proceeded to kick Beidou out of her domain while she went and searched. Apparently the design had been originally born of the tailors and a few select government workers of Liyue, but when prodded for more Yinxing had already turned her gaze back towards the human realm.

Beidou sighed, but let out a satisfied huff when she finally got to roll her shoulders without the pauldrons and armor straps weighing her down. 

“Well, you might have to wait a bit longer. I’m going to go clean myself up before settling in for the night—”

“I’ll join you,” Ningguang said, a touch too quick and maybe a bit too eager. Beidou shot her an amused glance, even as she reached up to unstring the eyepatch around her right eye. It took a second for the scarred golden eye to adjust and focus in the lighting, but even at a second glance Ningguang seemed to be ready to join her.

“Very well, follow me.”

It had taken far more effort than she had anticipated to craft the warm springs in her abode, but having a ready and warm source of freshwater had proven itself useful many times over. Unfortunately said springs were a distance from the entrance, so Beidou had to scoop Ningguang into a carry to get there in any reasonable time. She had to shift the woman into a somewhat odd position so her scales and claws wouldn’t scrape against delicate, human skin, as at this point Beidou had been too fatigued to maintain a completely humanoid appearance. It had been only a day for Ningguang, or rather half a day, but Beidou had been flying from battlefield to battlefield for over six months.

It wasn’t as if the woman complained though, but was it really sanitary for her to tuck her face against Beidou’s dirty tunic like that…?

Even though Beidou had taken a more relaxing pace to the hot springs, the glitter of fake stars on the surface of the glass-like spring came into view within moments of her flight. 

Carefully letting Ningguang down near the false rock-mountains that dotted the gardens past the pavilion with the remnants of their last chess game, Beidou started stripping the stained clothing as soon as she no longer had an armful of circumstantial wife.

She knew it would be a hassle to clean up later, leaving a trail of dirty robes and pants and whatnot all the way to the springs, but she was tired and the water was beckoning.

It was a hassle to shrug off her pants with her tail now manifested and trailing behind her, so maybe she just tore it off. Her tunic met mutch the same fate, seeing as the long, branching horns now adorning her head would tangle them up needlessly anyhow and—

Hm. Perhaps it would’ve been easier to just change into a dragon and change back, because while Beidou’s survival was guaranteed, the same could not be said of the clothing. Too late now though, maybe next time?

There was a strangled choking sound from behind her, but when she looked back, it was just Ningguang with one hand covering her mouth and her face quite red. Oh, did Beidou misjudge the new immortal’s heat resistance? Surely the spring wasn’t that warm…

With a final sigh of relief, Beidou ripped through her chest bindings with serrated claws, and eased herself into the water, letting out a satisfied hum as the heat ate away at the fatigue in her bones.

The sea was Beidou’s domain and therefore to some extent it can invigorate her, but there was a reason why she tailor made those springs for herself. Gently dragging a claw across the surface of the water, she drew up a slow current that wrapped her in its warm embrace, cleaning her of the build-up of grime.

Yet as smooth as Beidou’s entry into the water was, Ningguang’s could probably compete— slipping into the warm spring with naught but a ripple, and directly onto Beidou’s lap. 

“Hmm?” Beidou rumbled a query that formed their own little waves, blearily blinking open a single eye to question the woman who was similarly quite naked and currently straddling her.

And there it was, the scent that niggled at some far off, little remembered human past of hers. It seemed to accompany Ningguang whenever her face was flushed, but even as Beidou removed the possibilities of it being fear or embarrassment or shame, she didn’t seem any closer to finding the answer. It eluded her like an eel between reefs, but Beidou found that she doesn’t dislike the smell. Quite the contrary, she found it quite… pleasant.

Beidou swallowed.

The spring was tailored to her liking, temperature included, so logically she shouldn’t be feeling too warm, right?

The once-Tianquan hummed, gossamer white hair plastered to her shoulders and over the curve of her chest— where Beidou was very much trying to not stare at, and she lifted her hand to gently card through the hair at Beidou’s temple. Rivulets of water dripping down her arm and splashing false starlight across their forms, the twinkling night pearls oblivious to the curl of warmth growing somewhere low in Beidou’s abdomen.

“Was going to…” Ningguang muttered something under her breath, the end of her sentence tapering off into silence. Then, a sigh: “the state of your hair is rather deplorable, lay down and let me wash it.”

Not what Beidou had been expecting, but much of her focus had been devoted to the hand that had trailed too close to the base of her horn. She still let out a huff of amusement though, and slid down the water until Ningguang had to clamber up and straddle her hips instead of her thigh, and floating just enough with her tail curled around a submerged boulder as an anchor in the currents. 

“You realize that I am rather unable to reach your hair like this.” A dry statement, and a reasonably true one. Beidou bobbed her head back into the water and laughed, bubbles dancing their way up towards the surface and the distorted face of her wife.

Her wife. Huh.

She’s spent a near eternity without such a companion by her side that it took til now for it to sink in.

Beidou had a wife now— one from an arranged marriage, yes, but Ningguang was hers and she was Ningguang’s and the old moon elder had come himself to tie the red string around their fingers.


Yet all that reminiscing wasn’t enough when Ningguang slipped off, and tugged at gnarled brown hair.

“I get it I get it,” the god rolled her eyes, voice distorted by water and hidden mirth. 

She righted herself with a flick of her tail, clawed hands gripping Ningguang’s waist so she didn't accidentally fall off, and eased them both towards the edge of the spring. It didn’t require much effort to hoist Ningguang out of the water, water dripping off her form in a way that should be against all divine law, and with the white-haired woman settled, Beidou once again sunk down in the water with her back to the woman until all but her head was submerged in the warm spring.

Nimble fingers tugged at tangles and clumps, teasing the strands apart to join its free-floating brethren. The pads of her fingers were calloused, likely from her many years of holding a brush and other chores necessary for a human, even if she had been the Tianquan, and they scratched at her scalp in such a manner that Beidou wanted to melt into her touch. 

The tired god closed her eyes, and hummed in bliss.

The Tianquan was efficient in everything that she set her mind to, this Beidou had realized quite early on, so the slowing of her ministrations after what felt like forever and a second was rather evident near… Ah, it was the horns, wasn’t it?

“You can touch them, don’t worry.” They’re sensitive though, she didn’t say.

But that was enough for Ningguang to take a finger and trace a line from where the horn met the skull to the very tip. The god did her best to not shiver at the sensation, but it was a near thing. Perhaps she should’ve warned the woman after all.

Yet the words on her tongue never made it out of her mouth, as nothing prepared her for the abruptness in which Ningguang decided to change tactics and rub at the horns, just little circles to probably remove the grim, but—

Beidou tilted her head back and let out a stuttered sigh, pushing down a full body shudder when Ningguang used a nail to gently scrape at accumulated debris in the branch of a horn. As good as it felt, and Beidou was quite sure that she was overall reasonably clean now, she was going to do something she would end up regretting if the woman didn’t stop.

“Are you done yet?” Oh, that sounded raspy even to her own ears. At least she knew that her horns had never been too filthy to begin with, as rarely did she ever have to try to gore someone using them.

What she got instead was a hum in response, and once again a lapful of human. She hurriedly stabilized the woman again, as in her agitation she might have drawn up the current a touch too fierce for those unaccustomed to its force, only for toned thighs and calves to wrap firmly around her waist.

“Ningguang, what are you—” and all of a sudden there was a finger in her mouth. “Wha- are you doing?” 

“They’re pointy,” Ningguang said, her eyes focused on the insides of Beidou’s mouth, “I didn’t notice before, but your teeth are rather sharp, aren’t they?”

In lieu of a verbal response, Beidou released one hand and gestured at the branching horns atop her head. Comes with the package, she didn’t, or rather, couldn’t say.

“And your tongue too, is it normally forked?” 

Beidou didn’t have much room to shake her head, but she managed to do so somehow. 

Crimson eyes holding something Beidou couldn’t quite name met Beidou’s own as Ningguang leaned in, finger now tugging the inside of Beidou’s cheek, “show me how good you are at using it, won’t you?”

Her breath ghosted the side of Beidou’s cheek, and a momentary lapse of concentration brought a smattering of azure scales to the surface along the contours of her face. She tightened her claws on Ningguang’s waist, eliciting a widening of eyes and a slow smirk from the woman. 

“Well,” her wife purred through half-lidded eyes, “all Liyuens know of the Dragon King’s prowess on the battlefield, but where else can you show me that strength of yours?” 

There was a hand on Beidou’s stomach, a touch that wandered across the span of her abdomen and mapping out the scars that told stories of wars won and battles fought. The hand then trailed upward, paused, and finally moved up to curve around Beidou’s breast. A thumb rubbed a small circle on the inner side, and with a smirk, Ningguang flicked at the dusky erect nipple.

The Dragon King of the Ocean succeeded in suppressing the shudder, but not the hitch in her breath, nor the scales that surfaced along the line of her spine.

Beidou had never been the best with words, not even after all these eons, and definitely not with a finger tugging and prodding at her teeth and her tongue. However, she was quite adept at showing what she meant with actions, and it was with her action that her empty hand came up to catch the wrist of the finger still in her mouth. Pointed claws dug into porcelain skin, pricking but not drawing blood, and she drew the hand away from her face. Slowly, glacially, until the offending digit was out of her mouth.

Then she shifted her hold, so that instead of gripping the woman’s wrist she was grasping her hand, and lifted it slowly to her mouth. A slow, purposeful kiss, where her gaze never let slowly widening red eyes, and she turned the hand to trail her lips until it hit Ningguang’s wrist, the points of her teeth just barely grazing and the pulse beneath jumping rabbit-heart fast. A nip there, not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave a hint of red that she probed at with her tongue.

“Well,” Beidou rumbled, pulling Ningguang in close with the claws on her hip until they were nearly flush, and ignoring the sparks that danced down her spine when the woman gave her hardened nipple a vicious tweak at the action. There wasn’t much distance to close after that, but when Beidou leaned in, it was to the crook of Ningguang’s neck. She smelled like ink and glaze lilies and an aroma that had Beidou tightening her hands even farther. A gasp from the white-haired woman when Beidou nipped at the pale skin of her throat before pressing a kiss to the mark, and she smirked against her wife’s skin.

“Why don’t we find out?”

There was a pavilion in Beidou’s gardens, a small, comfortable thing bracketed by paths, imported bamboo, and false mountains. When Beidou doesn’t have guests over, the only reason she would wander over would be to play the guqin left in the pavilion, to chase away some of the silence that permeated this domain of hers, or to just take a moment to nap somewhere closer outside. 

It was a rather unconventional pavilion, in that Beidou had given Muzhen free reign while designing, with the only condition being that it would be a memento to their old life as humans, before they ascended. The once-shipwright of the Alcor took that as a challenge, and built the structure in such a way that it was incredibly reminiscent of the Alcor herself, with dragon-headed sloping roofs, railings like those of their ship, and planks and benches and altogether a clash with the surroundings but close enough to remind Beidou of home.

(Millenia spent as a god, and Beidou still considered the Alcor her home— even if time had dulled her memories of being the human pirate captain of a crew brave enough to sail monster-infested seas.)

The point was, as much as Ningguang was now an immortal to match, her divinity was new and her body hadn’t quite completely caught up with the changes. As such, for what Beidou wanted to do with the woman, it wouldn’t be wise to do so in a hot spring where the ground around it was rounded river stones and inlaid paths. Even if Ningguang could probably tolerate it, the acts that Beidou’s imagination had unlocked in the last little while would do the woman’s back no favors at all.

It had been with such a thought in mind that Beidou had suggested a change in environment, which Ningguang had agreed to with a raised brow and upturned lips. It was also at this point that Beidou looked Ningguang in the eyes, tone serious, and told her that should she wish to stop, to do something else instead, she would only need to say so.

For all that it appeared that Ningguang was really quite enjoying it all, Beidou didn’t know the woman’s boundaries, and seeing as they were bound together for life, she would like to know where they stand before crossing any boundaries that shouldn’t ever be touched.

Ningguang had agreed, but also rolled her eyes and said, “I think I would only want more out of you, my captain.” 

Beidou had then swallowed, mouth dry and eyes maybe a bit too drawn to the water glistening down the pale curve of Ningguang’s throat. With her wife’s agreement ringing in her ears and a low heat pooling low in her belly, she had reached down to more securely wrap Ningguang’s legs around her waist, and maybe her claw stayed on Ningguang’s plump ass to keep her stable— the other going around her upper back. In her embrace, the woman seemed so small. 

(Or perhaps that was because there was more of her dragon aspect leaking through, enlarging her frame and her bones, as it had been a tiring day and regardless of her physical condition the strain on her other reserves had been rather intensive.)

But their position rested Ningguang’s head on Beidou’s collarbone, the other woman’s arms curled around Beidou’s neck loosely while toying with her hair. At least, that’s where they started at first. The two of them dripped a trail over to the pavilion, and on a few separate occasions Beidou nearly dropped the woman because she was beginning to learn that her new wife was an absolute menace and had decided to within the safety of Beidou’s hold, lean back, curve her spine, and kiss the top of Beidou’s breast while her other hand went to knead the unoccupied one.

Beidou had honestly nearly tripped the first time, her knees nearly buckling and pinning the woman beneath her. There might have been a corner of her that wished she did, because the smirk Ningguang had gave her before she leaned down, wrapped her lips around the nipple and sucked, was going to make Beidou lose her fucking mind. It certainly made her steps faster though, even as her tail lashed across the stone pathways behind her and undoubtedly uprooting some plants here and there.

The pavilion came into view not a moment too soon, and it was with great relish that Beidou twisted around in a quick spin to swipe the remnants of their previous chess match across the wooden planks in scattered arcs of white and black, and unceremoniously dumped the now-shorter woman onto the table. 

Ningguang hissed at the sudden cold of the marble table, reaching up to loop her arms around Beidou’s neck again with a semi-annoyed, semi-amused huff. “Now now, is the Dragon King of the Ocean getting impatient?” 

Crimson eyes twinkled in the light, and Beidou leaned in, her claws coming up to rest over Ningguang’s hips— the space there just large enough for them to fit snugly into place, and met her wife’s lips halfway.

It was a bruising experience, and not what she expected for their first kiss, but Ningguang tasted as she smelled, and with an edge of something that Beidou imagined what ascension would taste. Slim fingers reached up to tangle in Beidou’s hair, bringing them ever closer, and the Tianquan’s legs once again wrapped tight against Beidou’s waist, pressing her heated core to the god’s abdomen. 

When they broke for air, it was a habitual thing for the white-haired woman, as she had yet to be used to the fact that her immortality came with benefits of not needing to breathe as often. When their lips crashed together again, pulled together like the moon to the tides and the stars a lost ship, there was more room to explore. 

The newly immortal woman had soft lips that melded perfectly to Beidou’s own. When Beidou’s claws, each one nearly large enough to span the woman’s entire abdomen from side to side, moved up— it was to graze her thumb over Ningguang’s nipple. She smoothed the softer pad of her thumb over it, careful not to dig in with a claw, but ultimately couldn’t resist teasing the pert nipple. Revenge for earlier, one could say. 

Ningguang gasped into their kiss, and the dragon god took the chance to lick her way into the other woman’s mouth, the forked end of her tongue tasting all that was Ningguang and flicking at the woman’s own. Beidou smirked against soft lips, breaking off to only come back to plant a kiss at the corner of her wife’s mouth. 

She didn’t stop playing with Ningguang’s nipple though, and found the woman’s reaction delightful enough to move her other hand up as well to join the first one.

A trail of peppered open-mouthed kisses, a little nip soothed over by a flick of her tongue at the pulse point right under the woman’s throat, and Ningguang finally let out a soft whimper. 

“You like it here, huh?” Beidou rumbled against the pale expanse of her lover’s neck, moving down to repeat the process and earning her another full body shudder. The hands tangled in her hair clenched, but made no move to try to pull Beidou away.

“Yes, my captain,” a hitch in her breath when Beidou nibbled at a particularly sensitive spot, then hoarsely: “Lower, please.”

“Pardon?” she feigned ignorance, “I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“Lower, Beidou— please I’m getting—” She didn’t quite get the opportunity to finish her sentence, because Beidou had listened. Briefly coming back up for another kiss, as she really couldn’t get over the taste that Ningguang had to offer, she ducked down and replaced the motions of one of her thumbs with her mouth instead.

Or at least, that’s what she had aimed to do, but the table was too low and Beidou didn’t want to make herself uncomfortable. Therefore, it was with an irritated hum that she hoisted Ningguang up, walked two steps to the side, and sat her down on the wooden railings instead. Those were tall enough, as Muzhen had jokingly designed them the same height as those on the Alcor— as in tall as fuck because there were too many kids running around the ship and Beidou didn’t want any of them to accidentally fall overboard.

Satisfied with their new position, Beidou lowered her head to first nose at the top of Ningguang’s breast, the soft flesh warm and pliant even as the woman’s legs wrapped tighter around her waist. She huffed the ghost of a breath over the nipple, then curiously flicked her tongue out at it. 

Having endured being teased by her claws for so long, the poor thing was already rather sensitive, and when Beidou finally, finally decided to stop teasing the woman and wrapped her lips around the pert nipple, Ningguang let out a soft mewl of sound.
That — was music to her ears, and the Dragon King of the Ocean resolved to find out how many different sounds she could get Ningguang to make before the night was over. Judging by how the Tianquan was trying to grind against her stomach, liquid that was decidedly not from the spring dripping down Beidou’s thigh, the prospects were looking quite nice. So she moved back a touch, just enough to relieve the pressure and distance the nipple from her mouth, and bared a toothed grin at Ningguang.

Ningguang, who was rather red in the face and who was biting her own lip to keep from making another sound.

Oh, that wouldn’t do at all.

Even as she continued to fondle and tease Ningguang’s other breast, she ran her tongue over the dusky areola of the one right before her. Her wife had asked her how good she was with a forked tongue? Well, even if there will be better demonstrations later, Beidou was able to tease her by avoiding the nipple entirely while caressing the area around with the twin tines of her tongue. 

Which earned her a well warranted tug at her hair, before one of the hands untangled and—


It appeared that even in this desperate state, her wife remembered how sensitive her horns were. It took a significant amount of effort for Beidou to not gasp at the sensation, and she quickly repaid it with a little nip to the pebbled nipple. A sharp inhale of breath, the hand on her horn spasming for all of a second, and Ningguang tightened her grip with a vengeance.

This time, Beidou couldn’t quite hold back the whine building in her throat, which was followed by the new immortal’s smug declaration of “ now won’t you go lower?”

Tired gears clicked into place in Beidou’s mind, what might’ve been a bad decision in other cases suddenly a gleaming prospect for the present. 

Ningguang had an extremely slim waist, something that Beidou had noticed in the past days of living together and intimately more in the past few hours, a slim waist and a plump rear, the perfect shape for her claws to grip and squeeze and hoist her into the air. 

A bit of maneuvering once the woman realized what Beidou was doing, and suddenly there were long, pale legs resting over Beidou’s shoulder and Ningguang’s core, glistening and dripping and tantalizing close. If there wasn’t somewhere high enough to put Ningguang down, then Beidou would just have to hold her up herself.

Unfortunately, this gave Ningguang all the more access to her branching horns, which the woman immediately took advantage of— gripping onto the higher prongs loosely in what could’ve been an intimidating fashion if not for the rivulets of sweat running down the beautiful curve of her face and between the gulley of her breasts. Beidou licked her lips, tamping down the urge that wanted her to lap up those droplets, and instead focused on the soft expanse of Ningguang’s thighs right around her head.

Her hands were rather occupied, so she would have to make do with tongue, mouth and teeth instead.

Bringing Ningguang a bit closer, she kissed the soft skin of Ningguang’s inner thigh. If the woman’s phoenix thigh tattoo had stretched to the inner side as well, then Beidou would’ve liked to follow the trail up with kisses and licks, but alas, it was on her outer thigh and was thus out of her reach. 

Another kiss to the inside of one thigh, and she turned her head enough to draw a line along the other, closer and closer to her wife’s glistening folds accompanied by the sounds of her breath hitching whenever Beidou lingered on a particularly sensitive spot. And then she was close enough to flick out her tongue and taste— she pressed another kiss against the skin right beside it instead and hazarding a glance up to where the Tianquan’s back was arched, her head down, and breathing erratic. 

Strands of luminous white hair framed the woman’s face, the red blush on her face a beautiful color that Beidou would imprint into her memories for forever after. Noticing that Beidou had stopped, lashes the color of freshly fallen snow flickered fully open from where they were half-lidded to reveal that gorgeous shade of crimson. 

“Don’t stop,” the woman breathed, “Beidou, don’t stop please my captain don’t stop I— I need you— ” Even as her legs shook from where they were hooked around Beidou’s shoulders, ankles crossed behind a broad, scarred back, she weakly tried to tug the dragon’s head closer to her core. When that failed, she tried to bring herself closer by pulling on Beidou’s horns, but even as sensitive as they were, Beidou was more than strong enough to keep the distance despite the arcs of lightning that seemed to travel down her spine.

But it would be in bad manners to make Ningguang wait too long, wouldn’t it? So the captain smiled, full of pointed teeth and forked tongue, and demurred with a rumbled “as my lady wishes.” But she wanted to make sure that this was what Ningguang wanted, first, that she wouldn’t back out once the woman sees what was in store for her. 

Over the years, Beidou has answered many prayers in her name and heard even more. However, there were instances where when she took a look at who was calling, it was to the sight of humans screaming her name in ecstasy during their sexual adventures. Usually sailors. And sailors have plenty of creativity to go around, enough that Beidou would probably borrow some ideas later on for her own enjoyment. One thing human sailors didn’t have though, was a long, forked tongue.

Long enough that when Beidou stuck out the entire length for Ningguang to see, she felt the thighs around her head quiver. When she was about to pull away and ask out of concern, it was instead to a stronger tug on her horns, and Ningguang opening her legs that much wider, inviting Beidou in along with all that she had to offer.

How could she refuse?

Slowly, glacially, Beidou lowered Ningguang, brought her closer, large claws holding the curve of her ass until when she gently tilted her head back the once-captain finally flicked her tongue out to taste the milky fluid slowly dripping from Ningguang’s folds.

And with that single taste, suddenly Beidou hungered for more. 

She ran the long flat of her tongue over Ningguang’s folds, from entrance to clit, and lapped at the edges and crevices to search out every last drop. As much as Beidou loved how she tasted, what she savored were the moans that each lick would draw out of the woman.

“Beidou, don’t stop,” she would whine, whenever Beidou would slowly drag her tongue over both folds simultaneously, the valley of her tongue skimming their tops.

“My captain, faster, faster—” would be stuttered out in hitched breaths, when Beidou would flick her tongue at Ningguang’s clit, a steady rhythm punctuated by once again going down to drag her tongue along the folds instead.

In her belly, the warmth coiled like a slumbaring ember fanned into flames, and Beidou could feel her own fluids dripping down, tracing what would be glistening trails down her legs. But, Ningguang was her priority.

She doesn’t know how long must’ve passed, time was but a suggestion marked by Ninggguang’s gasps and moans and occasional cry when Beidou finds a spot that she liked. She memorized those spots, for current and future reference. 

It was instinct that let her know that Ningguang was close, at the precipice of tipping and her grip ever so tight on Beidou’s horns. “ I’m so close, Beidou, please let me—”

Beidou drew back her tongue to lick her lips, and when the Tianquan grew frustrated at the sudden lack of contact, she tried to reach down herself to provide the release she was seeking. Unfortunately for her, the advantages of being in her semi-draconic form was the presence of a long, muscular tail, long enough for Beidou to wind it up Ningguang’s leg, her skin soft against the dragon king’s scales, and curl around the woman’s wrist, stopping her. 

“Now, be a good girl and let me do the finishing,” she murmured, ghosting a breath over the woman’s clit. She kissed the little bud, then pursed her lips around it and gave it a little suck, another flick of her tongue, and Ningguang finally came.

Her legs tightened like a vise around Beidou’s head, shivers wracked her frame, and when the dragon chanced a look up it was to the Tianquan’s upturned face, beautiful and flushed, and the barest hint of tears gathering at the corner of her eyes.

And if not for the isolation of Beidou’s realm, her wife’s yells would surely have been heard throughout all of Teyvat.

Yet even as Ningguang struggled to regain her breath, Beidou went in for more. 

Before, she had merely run her tongue across the surface, tracing folds and flicking at the bud, and it was with the combined prior stimulation that she had come. This time, Beidou dipped her tongue in between those lower lips, the walls warm and moist and welcoming her entrance.

“My captain, what are you— hnnng—” A jolt, one that ended with a sharp intake, when Beidou drew her tongue back to flick at the sensitized clit again. She plunged her tongue back in right after, a bit deeper, a bit narrower.

She pulled out again, but not fully this time, and went back in. The walls of Ningguang’s vagina were warm, and nearly pliant, but she could feel the squeeze whenever the woman would jolt with another moaned “Beidou, yes,” on her lips. This only drove Beidou to go faster, deeper, her tongue reaching further in and curling back within that warm, muscular expanse.

The flames in Beidou’s belly were now a roaring fire, licking up her limbs, leaving them trembling as she pumped her tongue in and out of Ningguang at a gradually increasing tempo. The sounds that were coming from below were rather obscene, but those that came from Ningguang’s own tongue were heavenly even as they repeatedly rasped Beidou’s name and title.

Against the scales that speckled her back, Beidou could feel Ningguang’s toes dig in as they curled, and before her, the sensation of those warm walls constricting even farther against her tongue. At that depth, with a final curl of her tongue, Ningguang once again fell apart with a scream to the heavens. Should those draconic horns of hers be anything less than divine, they surely would’ve shattered under the woman’s grip.

One more, Beidou decided, lowering Ningguang just a touch to plant a gentle kiss on her pelvis. One more, tonight at least, for the woman who gave her first three days as an immortal to the nation that decided her as a sacrifice was better than her as a leader. 

And this time, Beidou would be able to put together what she learned from both previous times.

Or, she would— had both of her hands not already been occupied with Ningguang’s gorgeous ass and keeping the woman stable. What a conundrum.

Beidou blinked, oh, that would do.

Even as she unwound her tail from Ningguang’s arm, letting her grab hold of Beidou’s horns as she panted from the high and exertion of coming off another orgasm, shuddering, Beidou brought her back to once again lick her way into those folds. “Beidou, hnn, should it not be your tur— ah!” While shaking her head wasn’t quite feasible in this position, not with Ningguang hanging onto her horns for her dear, immortal life, Beidou answered with a deeper thrust of her tongue, now curling at exactly the spot that she knew Ningguang liked.

And when her long tail, with that branched taper at the end, approached, Beidou looked up for permission. Permission that was summarily granted when Ningguang gave her a nod, a weak smile, and a quirked brow as if asking if that was the extent of what Beidou could do.

Far from it, actually, but they weren’t exactly starting small and Beidou would like to leave some surprise for next time. And the time after, and the time after that.

Despite her former status as a human all those millennia ago, Beidou had long since adjusted to occasionally having draconian features, or being a full-out dragon. And Beidou being who she was, made sure that she knew each inch of her limbs like the back of her hand.

Which was exactly the reason why she could so quickly reach up to flick a pert nipple with the tail tip, then winding around the breast to give it a good squeeze. 

“My captain,” Ningguang gasped, trying once again to rock her core closer to Beidou’s face, legs and lips open and inviting. She moaned when the god smoothed the flat of her tail tip over the sensitive bud, and Beidou drew back her tail after giving another good squeeze. Her lover whined at the loss of contact, but Beidou knew that her eyes followed as the tail lowered, dipped, and curved over her thighs to where it hovered.

There was fluid drawing a trail down the dragon king’s chin, and her own breast was splattered from where Ningguang’s essence had dripped. It didn’t deter her from picking up her tempo, and when Ningguang was all gasps and hitched breaths, scraped the tip of the engorged clit with her tail.

Ningguang practically yanked on Beidou’s horns as she threw back her head in a soundless howl, fingers curled into claws and toes digging into Beidou’s back, but she hadn’t come yet, so Beidou continued.

Thrust, lick, flick, repeat, except the flicks were irregular and adding on more and more pressure as she worked her way in.

“Beidou, my captain, love, please, my captain —” her words broken into chopped fragments, it was a final simultaneous curl of her tongue and flick of her tail that brought Ningguang up and over her final climax.

Even as the woman shuddered, leaning quite heavily on Beidou’s horns and nearly curled up over her head not unlike a sedated cat, Beidou lapped gently at the last of the fluids escaping Ningguang’s folds. When done, she licked her lips, and tried to glance up. Seeing nothing but the smooth expanse of Ningguang’s abdomen that glistened with sweat, she murmured, “are you ok, love?”

A pause, a chuckle. “Yes, thank you for asking,” she said.

Then, “careful, I’m going to put you down now.”

A tired and content hum. 

Slowly, she lowered the woman who she was now forever tied to, giving her a tender kiss on the lips on the way down. Once Ningguang was once again seated on the table, Beidou gathered her up again in a bridal carry, leaning the woman’s head against her shoulder. Yes, there was still a tense coil in her own abdomen waiting for release, but she’ll just deal with it later. 

Today, long as it has been, Beidou had gotten a taste of her wife in more ways than one, and her mind was content.

“Looks like you do know how to use that tongue of yours,” Ningguang murmured, nestled safely in her wife’s arms, “but next time I will treat you first, understand?”

Beidou chuckled, a rumble that shook her bones and the very frame of the woman she was carrying. Under the false ceiling-sky of Beidou’s domain, its expanse dotted by glowing night pearls, Beidou smiled at the white-haired woman, an indescribable fondness beating in her heart. “As the lady commands,” she said, and when Ningguang reached out to swat at her, just laughed again.