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I was just the me to your you (and I liked being that)

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"You're gonna look like a dad in one of those cheesy slice of life movies if you keep sighing like that." Ranpo points out, setting down the emptied boxes as he makes his way towards his husband, who's hands are settled on his hips and indeed sighing happily like the dad in a cheesy slice of life movie.

Edgar turns to look at Ranpo, still smiling fondly. "Well, if we had told our past selves that we would be married and moving in together sometime in the future, old you would laugh." 

Ranpo smiles, bright and sweet in a way that makes Edgar's heart flutter involuntarily. Despite having seen that same smile countless of times, he couldn't help but fall harder everytime.

The same smile taking place whenever Ranpo solves a new case, when Edgar shows up at the agency with an armful of snacks, that same smile when Edgar finally confessed his love, that same smile when they said the first 'I love you's, that same smile when both of them vowed to be together 'till death does them part, that same smile when they finally found a place they could call home.

That same smile that was always for Edgar and Edgar only.

More than he wanted to admit, Edgar Allan Poe was genuinely, incredibly and ridiculously very whipped for Ranpo.

No doubt.

"And old you would turn into a tomato and stutter like "N-n-n-n-no!" Ranpo teases, over the years, Ranpo has grown accustomed to teasing Edgar about his timid personality when they were younger. Not that he minds, though. Edgar thinks that the sly grin Ranpo offers everytime he teases him is quite adorable.

He chuckles softly. "Touchè, I really can't bring myself to deny that I was a mere coward back then, huh?" Edgar hadn't meant it to sound self-loathing, the slight panic immediately settling in when Ranpo's grin morphs into genuine concern.

"What? No you weren't. You were brave enough to challenge the greatest detective of all time, I don't find that cowardly." Ranpo denies. Despite his rushed tone, the sweetness that came with Ranpo's words of affirmation made Edgar feel special nonetheless.

Edgar looks at his husband lovingly. "That's an honor to be heard coming from you, my love."

Ranpo's cheeks grow a rosy pink--in which Edgar had to hold off on kissing him right then and there--then that smile is back, and Edgar feels his heartbeat quicken.

 "Your aura is radiating incredibly sappy energy right now, Ed." he snickers, walking over to Edgar.

"Mhm, I wonder why." Edgar smiles, putting his hands on his lover's waist and leaning down to rest his forehead against Ranpo's.

At that moment, Karl returns from the kitchen, knocking over the radio sitting on the table. The radio turns on--coincidence or not--and a slow, romantic melody starts to fill the room.

The timing couldn't have been more clichè. Edgar suddenly feels like he's living in a romance novel.

"Well would you look at that," Ranpo smirks, amusement coating his words. "even the universe--or, specifically, Karl-- agrees that you are a big sap and seems to be on your side."

"This is all intentional, my dear. I've created an elaborate plan to lead us to this moment and have myself an oppurtunity to ask you for a dance." Edgar says smoothly, Ranpo's smirk dissolves into a flustered expression, to his amusement.

Ranpo regains his composure, eventually. He smiles again, the remnants of a blush still plastered on his face. "I would be delighted to." Ranpo hooks his arms around Edgar's neck.

Hands still planted on his lover's hips, Edgar comes to the realization of how intimate this moment is, despite the height difference between them, their faces are a mere milimeter apart, their bodies swaying rhythmically with the music.

Its insanely romantic, to the point where Edgar starts to wonder if this is still reality, the surreal feeling of being this close to his lover suffocates him in all the best ways.

He finds himself sighing in content, he wraps his arms around Ranpo's torso and pulls the man closer to himself, holding him like a treasured gem. Neither of them feeling the need to break the silence, choosing to relish this glorious moment entirely.

They dance, slow and peaceful as the sun goes down, the orange glimmer of sunlight peering out from the windows. Every minute, every second seems to last longer in each other's arms, the walls of their newly shared apartment bearing witness to their love.

If there's any place Edgar could truly call his home, it would be Ranpo, he muses.

He thought that the comfort in which isolating himself brought was enough to get him through life, it was easy enough to shut himself out of the world and live in his own fantasies, it was easy enough to be alone.

But the darkness that engulfed him before brightened the moment Ranpo came into his life, whether he knew it or not.

Starting off as rivals, he thought it would stay that way to the very end, the anger and the need for vengeance grew heavier when the detective had defeated him right when he thought he was doing best.

In the six years Edgar spent planning his revenge, he never thought that there would come a time where he falls for the detective he used to resent.

The man who caused his demise in all those years, became the man who pulled Edgar out of the pit hole he buried himself into.

He thinks he'd have to be a complete idiot to be able to hate someone like Ranpo ever again.

Because here, holding the man in his arms, he feels the safest. As if they had been stuck in a novel where death is the only thing that could break them apart.

Edgar never thought that one simple dance would be everything he'd ever dare to ask for.

Eventually, the song comes to an end. Edgar feels a pang of disappointment as silence fills the room once again. He wished the moment could last longer, just a second more.

He slowly opens his eyes to see emerald green irises peering out from long eyelashes, Edgar thinks, for the millionth time, that Ranpo is the most ethereal human being he's ever seen.

Throwing out the last fragments of his self-preservation--which, to be frank, never really existed--he leans down to press his lips against the other's, having decided that words could not be enough to convey how much this moment means to him, Ranpo's breath hitches for a second, before melting in Edgar's embrace.

Call him a sap, or a lovesick fool, or what Lucy would call 'down bad', but he pours every last bit of the words I love you into the kiss, Ranpo's lips are soft against his and he thinks his knees might just give up right then and there.

Ranpo breaks the kiss, both of them panting feverishly from the lack of air. Edgar takes a moment to look at his lover's expression, flushed cheeks and kiss bruised lips seeming to embed itself on Edgar's mind.

"You know, I liked you better when you were all shy and nervous," Ranpo says, voice uncharacteristically quiet and reserved, but Edgar chuckles nonetheless; the confession being all too familiar to him, a reminiscing card his dear Ranpo always pulled.

"Well, sorry to disappoint, love."

"You and your stupid nicknames."

Edgar makes a mock expression of hurt. "What? You don't like them? I'm only calling you what you are to me, my dear."" he says, barely restraining the smirk forming on his lips, to which Ranpo only hits him in the chest. 

"Will you stop-"


The new voice startles both of them, instinctively turning around to see the intruder. Yosano stands in the doorway, carrying a box labeled Office Supplies in her arms, expression a barely restrained amusement poorly disguised as disgust.

Edgar chokes on air, words just sitting in the back of his throat. 

Ranpo, on the other hand, runs towards Yosano to hide behind her back, yelling indecipherable sentences of how 'Edgar is being a disgusting sap.' in which Yosano replies with an amused 'You had it coming.' to Ranpo's dismay.

"I-I didn't know you were coming, Yosano-san." Edgar says, finally managing to regain his already broken composure.

"You should've told me you had an appointment for being disgustingly in love today so I could come in later."


"I'm only here to drop this off, so you can go back to..whatever you're doing. Also, piece of advice? Lock your door next time."


The door slams shut, cutting Edgar off. Ranpo looks at the door with a betrayed face, as if it had been the reason for all his suffering.

After a few moments, Ranpo turns around and picks up the half-empty box sitting by the couch, he puts it aside and plops down the couch tiredly.

Unironically, it reminds Edgar of how a child would act after getting scolded by their parents, except Ranpo is not a child, and instead a full grown adult.

He muses that thought for a moment, before going towards his husband who's face is still--cutely--snuggled in the pile of pillows.

"C'mon, dear, we have to empty out some of the boxes before night." Edgar murmurs softly, while he would very much be delighted to join Ranpo in the couch, they do have to finish unpacking some stuff, 'else Karl might be raccoon and mess some things up.

 " 'M tired," he murmurs, turning around to make grabby hands at Edgar through half-lidded eyes, inviting him in. "hug?"

He had no choice but to oblige, smiling lovingly at his lover. Having done this countless of times, he maneuvers his body to rest his chest against Ranpo's back, getting comfortable in his position.

"Karl ate one of your chips, you know." he mutters, resting his head on Ranpo's.

Ranpo yawns--cutely--tiredly. "I'll get him back tomorrow.." he says, words slurring every syllable. They stay quiet for a while, 'till the sounds of crickets start echoing from outside like nature's own instrument.

Edgar sighs in contentment, feeling his lover's heartbeat grow more even and his breathing start to deepen. This, he thinks, is everything he could ever ask for.

Having the love of his life held safely in his arms.

He looks around their apartment with half-lidded eyes, the events of this day suddenly taking a toll on his energy. Slowly, he closes his eyes, subconciously muttering a soft 'I love you' before drifting back to sleep.

Under the light of the setting sun, caged in the walls they would share for the rest of their lives, they fall asleep in each other's arms, feeling as safe as they could ever be.