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Held against you

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Ian and Lip were both coming back home in the stolen car Jimmy had given them earlier in the day. Lip was driving in silence while Ian was still mulling over the day. They had tried to find Ian’s biological father, and now that they had seen him, Ian couldn’t find in himself any feeling for his real dad, he was nothing more than a sperm donor for him. He couldn’t understand why Lip had thought it would be a good idea to find him; did he really think it would bring Ian happiness, that he needed a new and rich family? Ian loved his siblings, and despite the trash that were Frank and Monica, he didn’t regret anything. A police siren behind them startled him out of his pondering and he could instantly feel the dread rise inside of him. 


“For god’s sake, Lip! It’s the police! We’re fucked!”


“Ian, don’t panic. Everything’s ok, stay calm and let me deal with it.”


“How the fuck do you want me to stay calm? We’re in a fucking stolen car!”


How could Lip keep his cool? What if the car had been declared stolen and the police had recognized it? They were doomed. Ian wanted nothing more than to strangle Jimmy and Lip for having put them in this situation. This day had been a nightmare from the beginning to the end.


Lip had no other choice than to stop the car and wait for the police officer to reach his window. He was not crazy enough to try to make a run, and he was confident he could get them out of it. Jimmy had probably changed the license plate, there was no way the police could accuse them of anything. He could hear next to him Ian’s ragged breath and he wished Ian could, for once in his life, keep his cool and not arouse the suspicion of the police.


Upon hearing a knock on the window, Lip was forced to roll it down. They were blinded for a second by the flashlight directed to their face, and when the light was down, they could see in front of them a young police officer. He seemed to be in his mid twenties, and even in the darkness, Ian could see he had black hair under his cap and striking blue eyes. If he wasn’t so anxious, he would have probably drowned in those beautiful eyes.


“Good evening, officer, what’s the matter?”


Ian tried not to cringe upon hearing his brother’s condescending voice, now was not the time to be a smartass. 

“The car you are driving has been declared as stolen. License and registration, gentlemen, now!”


That was it, Ian could feel his heart sinking in his chest and he was so close to throwing up. A cold sweat was running along his back and his face was probably a shade of paper. He really hoped Lip would find a solution to save them, because if they were to be arrested, he was going to murder his so-called genious brother.


He watched Lip give his false driver license and waited with trepidation as the police officer checked it.


“You’re not fooling anyone with your shitty false driver license, smart boy. What about your registration?”


Ian waited with a bated breath for his brother to find the documents, he was now seconds away from losing consciousness.


“Uhm, sorry officer, I don’t have it. The car’s not mine, you see, it’s my friend’s car, and he forgot to give me the paper. I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding, my friend couldn’t have stolen this car”


Ian closed his eyes, despite his brother’s confident voice, he knew they were not going to make it through that easily. He could hear the police officer snort with derision and he felt like he could laugh too from disbelief. 


“That’s funny! Now you and your little boyfriend here are going to have to step out of the car. I’m arresting both of your asses. Let’s see if you change your tune down at the station.”


Lip and Ian shared a look. Ian’s eyes were wide open with fear and Lip put his finger on his lips to make him understand that he had to stay silent. Ian couldn’t help but roll his eyes, he was not stupid, he wasn’t a fucking snitch. 


“I don’t have all fucking night, boys! Get out of this car now!”






Mickey watched as the two young men got out of the car, the one who was driving the car seemed to be older than the other one and looked like a smug asshole. The younger one was adorable as fuck, with red bangs and freckles all over his baby face, giving him an innocent appearance. He didn’t look a day over 16, but Mickey felt an instant attraction that he couldn’t contain. He wanted to corrupt this kid, make him all dirty and depraved. He wanted to  make him moan obscenely. The thoughts made his cock twitch in his pants and he had to detach his gaze from the beautiful boy in front of him if he wanted to keep his sanity.


“Alright guys, turn around, face the car with your hands behind your back. And don’t try anything stupid, that would just aggravate your case.”


“Ok, listen sir, I think this is unnecessary. I promise you this is a misunderstanding.”


For god’s sake, this smart mouth was getting on Mickey’s nerves and he was probably going to be hard to crack. 


“Shut the fuck up. you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you.”


Mickey forced them to turn around and handcuffed them both before leading them toward his car. The younger boy was quivering when he handcuffed him and Mickey almost felt sorry for him. It was a shame to put such a cutie behind bars. He knew perfectly well what kind of thing could happen to someone with a face like that in prison. Things that he, himself, was craving to do. 


As soon as the two young men were situated in the back seats, Mickey climbed in the driver’s seat and turned his head around toward his captives. The red head was obviously scared and Mickey couldn’t help but to tease him.


“I’m bringing you to the police station. I advise you to wisen up and talk. Otherwise, you’ll be sent to big boy prison. And who knows what can happen to you there, sweet face”


“Don’t talk to my brother like that! Anyway, he can’t talk, he’s mute.”


“Shut up Lip! I can talk!”


Alright, so they were brothers and the older one was Lip, unlike in his false ass driver’s license. These two were dumb as fuck. It was going to be so easy to play with them.


“And what’s your name, Red?”


The younger boy blushed and pinched his lips. He looked away, refusing to look at him, it was just funny. Mickey sighed and feigned concern for their situation.


“Listen, Red. You should be a good boy and cooperate with me. Don’t listen to your smartass brother, he has no idea what’s awaiting for you if you keep on being stubborn.”


He could see the hesitation on the young man’s face and he knew he had won him over. 


“Don’t listen to him, Ian! They can’t do shit to us, they have no proof.”


“So your name is Ian, huh, it suits you well. My name is Mickey. I have a proposition for you, Ian. I’ll find us a nice spot somewhere. Then you and I get out of the car so we can talk, just the two of us, without your brother. Maybe we can come to an arrangement. What do you think?”


“What the fuck! No! Ian, don’t listen to him! And you! You’re not bringing my brother anywhere without me!”


“I’m not talking to you, assface! I’m talking to your brother. I’m sure he’s old enough to make his own decision, and doesn’t need you to babysit him. Right, Red? Think about it, I could set you both free if you cooperate with me.”


Mickey could see the resolution grow on Ian’s face and then he just nodded, much to Mickey’s satisfaction. He ignored the exasperated groans from Lip and started the car. He drove for a few minutes in the southside streets, until he entered a narrow and dark alley. It was calm and discreet, perfect for what he had in mind. He got out of the car quickly and opened Ian’s door to help him get out too, despite Lip’s protests.


“Ian! Don’t listen to him! That’s some bullshit!”


Mickey closed the door right in front of Lip’s face and it felt good not to hear the asshole’s voice anymore. Ian was next to him, silent and worried about what was going to happen to him.


Mickey led him toward the front of the car, the headlights were still alight, and he uncuffed Ian’s hands. He wanted the young boy to trust him, and let Mickey do what he yearned to do. 


“Alright, sweetie, if you’re good to me and agree to have some fun with me, I’ll let you and your brother free. Hm, is that ok with you?”


Ian gulped, he was not naive, he could perfectly understand what kind of fun the police officer was talking about. He could see the lust in his eyes from the beginning and he knew what he had to do to gain their freedom. He had to let Mickey fuck him. 


The thought was frightening but things could be worse. He was too scared to be sent to prison, Lip would never talk and neither would he, it was a southside rule. So he had to win their freedom in another way. He still could hear Lip’s screams, muffled by the car, but he was doing this for both of them. He hoped his brother would eventually understand it.


He took a huge breath and looked at Mickey in his eyes. He didn’t want to show how scared he was, he had never bottomed before and he was dreading the pain, but there was no way in hell he would let any complaint reach his lips.


“Alright, do whatever you want with me.”


He saw the police officer advancing toward him with a predatory look and instinctively took a step behind but he was quickly stopped by the car hood. He watched with trepidation as the officer got so close to him that  there were only a few inches between them. Their chests were almost touching and he could feel the warmth emanating from the officer and his breath on his face. He needed all his willpower not to lower his gaze.


“You don’t need to be so frightened, sweetheart. I’ll take good care of ya, I promise you I’m gonna make you feel good. Just relax, everything’s gonna be fine. You made a good decision, only pain was waiting for you in prison, babyface.”


The way Mickey was talking to him could only be described as soft, and Ian was surprised when he realized that he liked that. The panic had subsided but his heart was still fluttering in his chest. He could read the sincerity in Mickey’s eyes and when Mickey leaned his face toward him, he didn’t turn his head, already enthralled by him.


Mickey kissed him delicately on the lips, it was soft and not forceful. Ian had never been kissed so sweetly on his lips, not even by Kash. He didn’t hate it and when he felt Mickey work his way to his neck, it just felt so good. Mickey was now licking and nibbling at his throat sensually, and he couldn’t contain his whimpers. Mickey applied more pressure with his kisses and he was now latching his mouth on Ian’s pulsing point, sucking on it, marking it. Their crotches were rubbing against each other and Ian could feel Mickey’s hard cock grinding against him. His own cock twitched and another moan reached past his lips.


Mickey groaned against him and finally released his throat. Ian could feel his skin throbbing with pain and pleasure and he knew Mickey just had marked him. 


“I like the sounds you make, baby. Can’t wait to make you scream my name.”


Ian had no time to recover when Mickey crashed their lips together. The kiss this time was fierce and hard. Mickey fisted Ian’s hair in his hand, the other hand grabbing his ass.


Ian opened his mouth under Mickey’s insistent tongue and felt it plunging into his mouth, licking around it. Their tongues swirling together made him moan and shiver. His cock was hardening quickly and his hips were rocking against Mickey to relieve the tension he was feeling in his pants. 


When Mickey stopped the kiss abruptly, they were both breathless and flustered. 


“You’re doing so good Ian, keep on making those sweet noises for me.”


Mickey lifted Ian’s shirt and he felt the cold air of the night hit his skin for a few seconds before Mickey latched his mouth on one of his nipples. He played with the pink nub with his tongue, swirling around it before sucking it in his mouth. He bit it delicately, his tongue still licking it fervently. Ian couldn’t stop whimpering, he was quivering from the pleasure and oversensitivity. Mickey left the hard and throbbing nipple to do the same thing to the other one. Ian felt like he could cry from the pleasurable pain. When Mickey finally let go of his nipples to kiss and nibble at his chest and stomach, the cold night air made his sensitive nipples throb even more.


Ian startled when he felt Mickey open his fly to get his hard cock out. He tried to cover his junk with his hands, ashamed of being so turned on against his will, but Mickey pushed his hands out of the way.


“Don’t hide from me, sweetheart, I know you like that, and I’ll make you feel even better.”


When Mickey engulfed his cock in his warm, wet mouth, the sensation was incredible. He sucked at it leisurely, swallowing more and more each time, until it was deeply lodged in the depth of Mickey’s throat. The tightness and the constriction felt amazing around his cock and when Mickey swallowed around it, Ian thought he was going to lose his mind. 


Mickey kept on bobbing his head eagerly, quickening the pace and Ian was moaning louder, completely gone with pleasure. He felt Mickey yank his pants down to his knees and force him to spread his legs while he kept on sucking his dick voraciously . He didn’t try to resist him and just let Mickey do whatever he desired. To his own shame, he whined when Mickey stopped his ministrations on his cock, it was feeling so fucking good.


“I know Red, but I won’t let you come this easily. Just stay still and relax for me, will you?”


Ian didn’t know what Mickey had in mind but he understood quickly when he saw Mickey suck on two of his fingers, spreading a generous amount of saliva on them, before he reached toward Ian’s ass.


Fuck, he felt like he was going to panic all over again, the sensation of the wet and cold fingers against his puckered hole made him startle and wake him up from his trance. He felt one of the fingers breach his hole and he was not prepared for the weird burning sensation. No one had ever touched him there, and he was not sure he liked it. 


“Shh, it’s ok Ian. It’ll only hurt for a little bit, but I promise you’ll like it soon enough. I’ll blow your mind, trust me.”


Mickey licked his cock from the base to the tip and then sucked lightly on the head, teasing the slit with his tongue and tasting the precum that had leaked. It helped Ian forget the burning sensation of the finger being pushed in and out of his ass, slowly and delicately. 


When Mickey pulled out the finger completely to push two of them inside his hole, he swallowed all of Ian’s cock and deepthroated it, making Ian shout. The fingers in his ass didn’t hurt as much, the burn was almost sweet. And when Mickey curled his fingers and touched something inside of him, it made him moan louder,stars flashing behind his eyelids. 


Mickey kept on jabbing at his sweet spot again and again, all the while sucking his dick ravenously. Everything was overwhelming, and if Mickey didn’t stop, he was going to explode inside his mouth. Mickey probably felt his impending orgasm upon seeing his quivering thighs and the tightness of his balls. He pulled out his fingers and squeezed the base of his cock with his other hand, keeping Ian’s orgasm at bay. Ian felt like he could cry from frustration. His cock was red and swollen, the veins were pulsating with his need to come.


“I’m not finished with you, what about my own fun?”


Mickey’s voice was hoarse and he was panting, it seemed like he enjoyed driving Ian wild. When Ian’s immediate need for orgasm subsided, Mickey stood up and turned Ian’s body around to bend him on the car hood. When Ian looked in front of him, his gaze fell on Lip’s wide eyes and he felt an incredible amount of shame rise inside of him. He looked away, he couldn’t stand to watch his brother’s shocked face upon seeing his baby brother being abused in front of him.


He heard Mickey unbuckle his belt and open his fly, and soon he felt the burn of a dick in the crack of his ass. He didn’t dare to turn his head to look at it, but he could feel the hardness and the girth of it. Mickey was rubbing the head of his cock on his hole to tease it, and he blushed and whined when he felt his own ass quivering and convulsing with want. His ass was feeling empty and was craving to be filled and ravaged. 


He heard Mickey spit on his cock and then on his hole and finally, Mickey sank his cock deep inside of him, all in one go until he bottomed out. Ian cried under the invasion and the pain, it felt like he was split in two. It was too much, Mickey’s cock was thick and he swore he could feel it pulsating against his inner walls. He tried to squirm away from it, but Mickey was holding his hips in a bruising grip; he knew his delicate skin was going to be marked for several days.


“Mm fuck, baby, your ass is so fucking tight! You’re doing so good for me.”


The praise made Ian’s heart flutter in his chest, and then Mickey pulled  his cock out slowly before he slammed it back inside hard and swift, he hit his prostate just perfectly, making Ian moan and beg for more.


“Yeah? You like that? You’re such a slut for my cock, aren’t you?”


He fucked Ian roughly on the car hood, and Ian could only take the railing, he kept on moaning and crying unabashedly. Mickey was nailing his prostate,  showing no mercy as his eyes rolled inside his head. He tried to muffle his cries by biting his arm but Mickey was having none of it. He yanked his head back with a fist in his hair, and Ian was forced to open his mouth to let out all of his filthy moans while he was being fucked good and hard. Mickey was grunting behind him from bliss and exertion.


“That’s it, Red, cry all you want but I’m not gonna let you go! Fuck yourself on my cock, come on!”


And Ian complied, he rocked his hips back, meeting Mickey’s each time he pounded into his ass. He was giving as much as he was taking, chasing his orgasm at a blistering pace. He was teetering over the edge, and a brush from Mickey’s hand on his dripping cock was enough to let the orgasm crash over him. He came with a long and deep moan, his dick pulsating cum all over the car hood, riding the waves of pleasure while Mickey continued to jerk him off. 


Ian’s ass convulsed around Mickey’s cock, sending him over the edge in a mind-blowing orgasm. He shot his load deep inside Ian’s ass, filling it to the brim, fucking the cum deeper inside him. Mickey wanted Ian to be feeling him for days after this. When he pulled out his spent cock, he watched, amazed and breathless, as his cum oozed out from Ian’s used and loosened hole. Ian was still slouched on the car hood, trying to recover from the best orgasm of his life. His heart was pounding madly in his chest and he couldn’t care less about his naked ass in the cold night air. 


In the car, Lip heard Ian moaning and making noises like he’s never heard before in his life and the car started rocking. He looked up and what he saw through the windshield was mesmerizing. Something hit his gut, dark and twisted. Guilt found him swiftly as he realized the sight before him was  hot as fuck. Ian was getting railed within an inch of his life, moaning like a porn star. Lip had never heard anything so arousing in his entire existence  and to his own shame, he felt his cock throbbing and hardening in his pants. 


But he kept watching, enraptured by the expression on his baby brother’s face. Ian was clearly enjoying being fucked so roughly and Lip felt an intense, insane jealousy. He wished he was the one fucking his brother and making him moan so lewdly. He was now panting, his hips rocking up into the air. He needed friction to relieve the pressure, so he scooted forward and thrusted up against the backseat of the cop car and he came in his pants at the sight of Ian’s sinful expression.



Ian felt Mickey taking him delicately in his arm to force him to face him, and helped him get dressed. He kissed him delicately one last time on his lips. 


“You ok, Red?”


Ian nodded silently, but now that he was not basking in the afterglow anymore, he felt the shame overwhelming him and he couldn’t wait to go home, to his family and to try to forget this wild night.


“Ok, let’s get your brother out.” 


Oh my god, Lip! Ian had completely forgotten about him and he was now mortified at the idea of seeing his brother after what had just happened. Lip had probably seen and heard everything and Ian wanted nothing more than for the earth to swallow him so he didn’t have to face him.


He raised his head when he heard Mickey laughing with obvious disbelief. 


“Holy fuck, man, did you really come in your pants? Watching your little brother get railed? That’s fucked up!”


Upon hearing this, Ian looked down toward his brother’s crotch and indeed, it was stained, and the way Lip was avoiding his gaze was proof enough that what Mickey said was true. Ian was speechless, the thought of Lip coming in his pants while watching him being violated was disturbing and crazy. He didn’t think he could look his brother in his eyes ever again. He had no idea how he was going to deal with this knowledge.


“I think it’s obvious that neither of you will talk about what happened tonight, right? I’m letting you go, you’re lucky I’m not gonna  arrest you. I’m gonna radio in and say I found the car abandoned where we left it so I gotta go back there. You can walk home from here.  If you talk, I will take great pleasure in reminding you that Ian came on my cock and you came on watching it, so be smart and shut up.”


The two brothers nodded, still refusing to acknowledge the other one. Lip was too ashamed of what happened to him in the car, his sinful act and impure thoughts toward his own brother. He didn’t take Mickey’s threat lightly and knew he needed to walk away.


Mickey watched them leave, each one with their head cast down and several awkward feet between them. He fucking loved wreck Ian’s tight ass and he could feel his cock stir in his pants just thinking about it. He knew once with Ian was not enough, he was already craving more and couldn't wait to see him again. 


How could he get close to him, though? Maybe he could use Ian’s insecurity about his pervy brother and protect him in exchange for unfettered access to his ass. With a satisfied smirk, Mickey left the alley to finish his job, he still had a low-level cover up to take care of.