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dress me up, use me

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It's entirely by accident that Hinata learns how much Oikawa likes being treated like a pretty sex toy, to be used only for Hinata's pleasure. 

They're in the middle of a particularly intense round of sex, Hinata riding Oikawa's cock like he's a champion bullrider, when it happens.

"I'm really close," Hinata pants and his voice is thick and heavy in Oikawa's ears. Hot, but like the normal amount of hot.

And then:

"Oh! Yes, right there, don't move!" Hinata cries out the order, his thighs flexing under Oikawa's hands as he starts fucking himself at a particular angle on Oikawa's dick and moaning, low and deep. 

Something starts going off in Oikawa's brain, a shiver of pleasure running down his spine. Yeah, Hinata's ass is tight and warm and amazing, but this goes beyond it. It's a full body experience, like being submerged in comfortably warm water.

"Ah, please!" Hinata puts his hands on Oikawa's shoulders, pinning him in place as he rides Oikawa for all he's worth. His shoulders are thick from his efforts and his veins are visible and full on his forearms. A drop of sweat traces down his heavy pecs and drips onto Oikawa's stomach, and Hinata, out of nowhere, says,

"Just–just don't come yet, don't come yet, please let me just–" he pants, pausing like he can't figure out the right word. "Just let me use you, I'm so close, I-"

Oikawa hears the words "use you," and the full body warmth around him crests instantly into a high noon sunshine heat, and Oikawa comes so hard inside Hinata that even his toes are shaking.

The warmth of his cum filling Hinata's ass has Oikawa down for the count. He definitely can't get his thoughts together for at least a full minute. By the time he comes down from his out of this world orgasm high, Hinata is slowing his pace.

He grins as he grinds his hips on Oikawa's already softening dick one last time and slides off gently. Some of Oikawa's cum drips down the inside of his thighs.

"I'm sorry," Oikawa says, his voice still thick from the intensity of his orgasm.

"Nah, that was hot as heck," Hinata says, lazily jerking himself off as he hovers over Oikawa's stomach. "You really started blushing! Was it something I did?"

Oikawa feels bad that he just had a mind altering orgasm and Hinata is still chasing his release, but Hinata looks at him with his cute, curious eyes and Oikawa figures he at least owes Hinata the truth: "You, uh, mentioned… using me."

Even just saying it out loud has Oikawa's cock perking up against Hinata's ass again. 

Hinata hums, his hand still working over his own dick. His voice is low, rough. Excited. "So you want to stay still and look pretty while I take my pleasure from you?" 

Oikawa nods, suddenly unable to form words as an image blossoms in his mind. He imagines doing his make up, putting on pretty lingerie and lying so still and perfect for Hinata, imagines Hinata sweating and flushed as he fucks himself on Oikawa's dick, and how Hinata would murmur something like I have the prettiest sex toy, don't I? 

"My beautiful boyfriend," Hinata says, his hips brushing against Oikawa's sensitive, slowly filling cock again and again. "You really want to be my favorite dildo, don't you?"

Those words rip a whine from deep inside Oikawa's chest and he nods. He can't get fully hard yet, but, wow, he's close. And, by the way Hinata is frantically jerking himself off, he is absolutely turned on by this whole conversation too.

Oikawa is light headed at the realization. "Use me, Shouyou," Oikawa says, and is rewarded with Hinata grunting and coming, spilling copious amounts across Oikawa's stomach. A little trail of cum starts sliding down his hips. 

"Hmm," Hinata says, looking thoughtfully at the scene spread out before him. "I'd better clean up my toy."

Yeah, somehow Oikawa is completely hard again and more than a little in love. He wonders, in the back of his mind, if he should be upset to watch Hinata go and grab a wet rag to clean him up instead of just getting a tissue to do it himself, but the next thing he knows, Hinata is wiping him up so sweetly that it was worth waiting.

"Nice and clean," Hinata says. He glances at Oikawa's hard cock and pauses again, like he's having a thought and doesn't know exactly how to express it. Oikawa's dick is heavy and warm. He knows Hinata must want to touch him. Instead, Hinata says, "Time to put it away."

When Oikawa realizes Hinata isn't going to touch him because sex toys don't need to be touched, he feels a rush unlike anything he's ever felt before. 

Heat rises in his cheeks, across his chest, even his legs are warm with it. He's so hard he's dripping precum, and he's not sure he can open his mouth without begging Hinata to use him again and again until he can't get hard again.

Hinata catches his eye and smirks like he can read his mind, and Oikawa has a second, delightful thought: oh, I'm in trouble.