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The captain’s loyal viewer

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He couldn’t believe this. 


Ajax couldn’t fucking believe this. 


His girlfriend of two whole years broke up with him because she found a single video of gay porn on his computer. What the hell was with that?! He was just experimenting, okay?


Well… that experimentation turned out to have some… surprising results for Ajax. 


It’s not his fault his dick liked it better when he watched two men having anal sex on screen! But, that’s besides the point. His girlfriend had left him, and his apartment. 


That night, Ajax had cried. Genuinely cried for the first time in years. When she found it and started yelling at him, he begged and pleaded for her to stay. 


More tears fell from his eyes as he shut them and remembered the events of what happened just an hour or two ago. 


“Darling, please- just wait, I- I can explain-!“ He said frantically, trying to keep up with the blonde haired woman as she started stomping around the apartment crying. 


“No! No, Ajax! You- I cant believe this! I thought you were one of the good ones, one free from all of- all of those types of people! Ugh!” She grabbed all of her stuff along the way and then left with a slam of the door. 


Gone. She was gone. And Ajax couldn’t handle the fact that he felt relief. 


Two months after his breakup, he sat in his bed, messing with his laptop that sat in his lap. He’d got off of his shift at his shitty cafe job an hour ago. 


At this point in time, Ajax was lonely. Really fucking lonely. Even if he didn’t necessarily miss his girlfriend as a person, he missed the attention, the presence of someone else in this awful apartment. 


He sighed as he scrolled through his Twitter feed. Then, raised an eyebrow at an ad. A site for lonely people? Ouch. 


Nevertheless, he clicked on it, wanting some entertainment and a distraction from his boredom and self pity. 


When the site loaded up, he was absolutely bombarded with thumbnails of men. Specifically, naked men. As he scrolled down with wide eyes and a flushed face he saw everything from a variety of trans men to cis men riding dildos, jerking off, teasing their chat… etc.


Everything. Though, most of them looked the same; subby bottom men fake moaning for all the older rich men in their chat to get their money. 


And frankly, that wasn’t exactly Ajax’s style so he was about click off the site, until he saw something different. 


The thumbnail of the stream was a tan, muscular man with long black hair and broad shoulders with scars and tattoos littering his torso. The description said: “Daddy taking care of you ;)” 


The title was a bit cringy in his opinion, but Ajax still clicked on the stream with a bit lip. Maybe this is what would help him out?


When the stream loaded up, a deep silky voice greeted him. “..Yeah? Want your daddy to fuck you as well? I bet my cock would feel so good in your little hole.” The man said as he jerked off his cock slowly. 


And holy shit, his dick was huge, much bigger than Ajax’s. And for what ever reason when the man called himself daddy, he felt his own cock twitch. 


Ajax looked towards the chat, which were full of messages like “please fuck me daddy” and comments on the man’s appearance.


The man on screen shifted a bit when a donation appeared on screen. 20 bucks, requesting for him to call them a “needy cockwhore.” Which he did. 


He groaned as he fondled his balls a bit. “Yeah, you’re daddy’s needy little cockwhore, aren’t you? I bet when I fuck you, you’ll still be begging for more, wouldn’t you?”  


Ajax whimpered, and his hand couldn’t help but go to his clothed bulge, palming his dick a little bit. How was he so attracted by this? 


“Mm.. have you guys stretched yourself open for my cock yet?” At that, Ajax bit his lip and hesitantly clicked the donate button and entered 15 dollars. 


He typed out his message on the screen and clicked send. 


Ajax was just… experimenting. Yeah. He just wanted to see if he actually liked this type of stuff. Yeah.. he definitely didn’t just want the man’s deep voice to react to his message. 


A robotic voice appeared on stream and read what he typed out. “I just joined the stream and I’m new to this sort of thing, I’m sorry that I didn’t finger myself for your cock, daddy.” 


He saw the man’s dick twitch and dribbled another bud of pre-cum at his donation. It oddly made him feel giddy that the man liked what he said. “Oh? Well you better start now, baby. Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you when he starts fucking you.” 


Yeah, if Ajax wasn’t making an account he definitely was now.


He signed up, and then went back to the man’s stream. He looked at the man’s username. “the_captainn.” And then his eyes went back to the man, who was now showing off collars and leashes, presumably for a significant other. 


“I bet you would look so good in these, my little pets being carried around by leash.. you’d all look so good, so obedient for daddy..” The captain’s dick was now resting on his thigh, dribbling pre-cum onto it.


Slowly, Ajax took his now hard cock out and started stroking it, moaning quietly at the sight of the man on his screen. 


When he typed out a message in the chat bar, he did so with one hand. And when he saw the captain read it out loud, he flushed from embarrassment. 


“Hmm? ‘Wanna be your pet so badly, daddy.’ What do you mean, blue? You already are.” He said it in a tone that made it look like he said something obvious. 


The most high pitched, embarrassing noice of pleasure left Ajax’s lips. He didn’t know why, but right now, his mindset felt different, almost submissive. Distantly, he thought about why he liked it so much. 


He typed another quick message in chat, jerking off his dick faster now. Once again, the man responded to it. 


Ajax watched as the captain put down the collars he was observing and took his dick back in his hand as he read the chat. 


The man thumbed over his tip, which made him groan quietly. “You’re welcome baby, I’m glad you like being daddy’s pet.” He said, responding to Ajax’s thank you. 


For some reason, Ajax couldn’t help but think how much he would love being this man’s lover in bed, his pet. 


And when Ajax actually whimpered out the word daddy out loud, his hand shot to his mouth in surprise, briefly pausing in his ministrations.


Though, he continued when the man kept talking again. “Oh, baby you’re so tight. Love the feeling of you on my cock.” 


Again, he typed out a “thank you daddy, I love your cock.” 


Ajax then sent a five dollar tip, asking the man to call him his good little boy.  “Aw, blue. You’re such a good little boy for your daddy. Taking my cock so well.”


He threw his head back and let out a loud whine as his cock twitched and started shooting out cum. His hands worked fast, stroking his dick furiously as he tried to ride out his embarrassingly fast orgasm.


Fuck, were his daddy issues so bad to the point where he came at someone calling him a good little boy? It appears so. 


His mind was buzzing and full of static, and when he came down from his high his face flushed from embarrassment at what was still playing on his computer. 


With his clean hand Ajax shut the laptop shut and put his now limp dick away, walking towards his bathroom in shame. 


How could he just jerk off to what made him lose his girlfriend? No- this was worse than that. He had just jerked off to a hot man praising him. 


…was he gay? He didn’t want to be gay, he couldn’t be gay!  He had a girlfriend for crying out loud! Well.. had a girlfriend.


Maybe he was gay? Ajax groaned as he washed his hands and grabbed a new pair of boxers. 


He put the red boxers on and threw the black ones in the washing machine and then stood in his kitchen, contemplating whether he should have an existential crisis about this or not. 


Maybe even wondering about that is an existential crisis on its own. 


Perhaps he could wallow in self pity as he chugs a bottle of vodka-? No. He had work in the morning. 


Ajax dreads the moment he will have to change into a shitty uniform to go to his shitty cafe job and make shitty drinks for shitty people. Ugh his life is so shitty. 


With another groan he walks back into his bedroom and instead of tucking himself into bed, he first put his laptop where he couldn’t see it from his bed and then flopped on his bed with a sigh. 




One, two, three pumps of vanilla syrup. How could someone have this much in their coffee? It was practically a milkshake now. 


He put the coffee in, and then the ice, blending it all up in the blender. “Order for…” he looked at the name he had written on the cup. “Order for Nina!” He placed the cup on the counter. 


Who the hell orders frozen coffee in the middle of fall in Russia? Psychopaths. 


Ajax was about to go to the back to chill out for a bit but then, he heard someone ringing the bell near the cash register. He scanned the area to see if any of his coworkers would deal with it. And as it turns out, he was the only one even remotely close to the register. 


Cursing under his breath, he made his way back and looked up to see a very tall, tanned skin man with a long black ponytail resting on his shoulder and a medical mask. 


The man was so tall that his face would be in his chest if they were closer together. 


“A-ah! Um.. what could I get for you sir?” Gods, why was he stuttering? He never stutters! The man only chuckled at it. “Hm.. one large black coffee and a slice of milk cake.” 


The man’s voice was deep, and rough. Ajax couldn’t help but it feel oddly familiar. But that didn’t matter, what mattered was what the man had ordered, and the fact that Ajax really, really liked the man’s voice. 


He blushed while he watched the man enter his payment in and then got onto making his coffee. 


Ajax poured the coffee into a large cup, put the lid on and looked to the side for the- oh. He forgot to ask for the name. 


Embarrassed, he walked outside of the counter towards where the man was waiting. “Ah- um, I apologize sir but, what is your name? I’m sorry- I just forgot to ask and-” the ginger was interrupted by the man’s laugh. 


“My name is Capitano.” Ajax paused. Where had he heard that before? Whatever, he needs to give this man his order. 


Ajax smiled, “Thank you, your order will be ready very soon.” And then he went behind the counter, wrote the name “Capitano” on the cup, and put a slice of milk cake in a small box. 


“Order for Capitano!“ He yelled out as he placed down the box and coffee. The man grabbed it and then went on his way. 


The ginger sighed. How could he be so attracted to a guy he just met? This wasn’t doing anything good for his argument that’s he’s straight. 



Capitano watched as a cute red head made coffee from where he was standing in line. The way the man’s eyebrows furrowed his eyebrows in frustration and thought when the syrup pump, the way he bit his plump lips in concentration. 


All of these traits were absolutely adorable to Capitano. 


When the man called out an order for a person, Capitano noticed how the man tried to sneak off towards the back to have a break. 


Amused, he ringed the bell. Why would he let such a good catch leave his grasp? The man looked around before sighing and hurrying over to the register. 


Then, the man’s face flushed a deep red when he looked up at him. Capitano’s eyes darted to the top of the apron, where a name tag was. “Ajax.” 


A cute name for a cute man. 


He had many, many freckles, and a bit of chub in his face. And if you looked hard enough, you could see a couple of faded scars. 


Now call him creepy all you want but, even when Capitano was waiting for his drink he stood off to the side of the counter, he watched the man work. He watched the way his muscles flexed when he did something specific, and the way his ass moved when he walked.


This cafe had a cute worker and comfortable chairs, now all it needed to have was good coffee and food for Capitano to settle this place into his new routine.


And oh, he was even more delighted when he saw the cute ginger hesitantly walk over to him and ask for his name.


He couldn’t help but answer in a teasing tone. Seeing such a strong looking man becoming embarrassed at the mere presence of him was doing wonders for him. 


Once Ajax gave Capitano his order he went on his way after he took a sip of his coffee. It wasn’t the best he has had, but the ginger makes all the money worth it. 


Maybe he’ll come here again tomorrow, or maybe the next week. As long as he gets to see shy little Ajax again. 


But once he gets home, he knows he’ll just strip down and sit in front of a camera for a few hours. At least his streaming schedule wasn’t more than twice a week. If it was, he probably wouldn’t have any sleep in his system. And he’s a fan of getting his beauty rest.




Once Ajax had gotten out of work and rode the bus home, he unlocked the door to his apartment, closed it and then flopped onto his couch.


So tiring. 


He had to deal with little girls asking for cups of just whip cream, middle aged women saying their orders were wrong and children attempting to go behind the counter. 


At least he saw that hot guy. Ajax bit his lip at the thought of him. His tight shirt that was under his unbuttoned coat that showed off his pectorals.. his height.. his hands.. oh gods, his hands were ginormous. 


Big and veiny, and could easily choke the life out of him. 


He whimpered quietly, and then looked towards his rising problem in his pants. Maybe that one streamer will be online? It doesn’t hurt to check.


Ajax got up from where he was on the couch and walked into his bedroom, taking his laptop from where he practically threw it the night before and dragged himself into bed along with said computer. 


He opened it up, logged in and his laptop loaded up on the same exact screen he was on last night. The same exact livestream, only paused. 


His dick twitched at the paused frame of the man’s cock. 


Ajax clicked on the man’s profile. Thank god he was streaming now. The title was “Praising my puppies.” He clicked on the livestream. 


Then, he was greeted with the wonderful silky voice of the captain. “Who’s my good dog? You are, yes you are. My good puppies, taking my cock so well.” The captain said in a tone usually reserved for dogs as he rubbed his cock. 


Unlike last time, Ajax didn’t hesitate to start jerking himself off to the man. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and put it in his mouth, bitting it and revealing his abs. 


He unzipped his pants, pulled them down slightly and pulled his leaking dick out. 


While he was rubbing himself off, he sent a quick five dollar donation with the other hand. Once it appeared on screen, the captain laughed. “I’m glad to see my good little boy is back.” 


Ajax whimpered, but the sound was muffled from the shirt. This time, he typed in chat. Briefly, he debated whether to call him daddy or master. 


He watched as the thrusted into his hand before leaning forward slightly and reading the message out loud. “Hmm? “You’re so much bigger than me, daddy.” Aw. My little puppy likes how big I am.. are you talking about my cock or how big I am in general? Do you like the fact that daddy towers over you?” 


Despite knowing that the captain couldn’t see him, Ajax nodded. The man looked huge, somehow, it turned him on. 

The captain groaned on the screen, growling something under his breath. Gods, was he about to cum? Ajax really wanted to see how the man looked while orgasming. Would he breath faster than normal? Would his muscles flex involuntarily? 


He moaned softly at the sight of the captain. “Fuck- gonna cum… gonna cum inside you.. yeah, gonna cum inside my cute little puppies.” The man said while more pre-cum dripped into his hand. 


Ajax wants to lick the pre-cum off of the captain’s tip and hand. He wonders what it would taste like. Probably salty. He’d still lick it off without any doubts. 


The captain came, his big cock shooting ropes of cum all over his hand and the towel he placed on the floor with a groan. 


Watching the sight, Ajax started jerking off faster while sending another 10 dollar donation and the same robotic voice read it on screen. “I love the way you look while coming, daddy.” 


The captain laughed shakily at this. “Thank you baby, I’m glad my pet likes me so much. Though, I think you look better while coming. I bet you’d whine and squirm like a good boy..” He panted, his now limp dick resting on his thigh. 


Almost as to prove his point, Ajax came with a muffled high pitched whine and a couple bucks of his hips. 


With a shaky hand Ajax closed his computer and let go of the shirt in his mouth. How did watching that man make him cum so easily? 


Fuck, maybe he was gay. 


Whatever he was, he needed to wash his hands now. 


After Ajax took a shower, ate a bit and changed his clothes, he sat down on his couch. Ajax scrolled through his phone for a while, checking things such as his Instagram, Twitter etc.. 


While he did this, two notifications caught his attention. One from his email, and one from his reminders. 


The reminder said to go to the gym, which he made a mental note to go to tomorrow. 


When he opened his email, he was surprised to see a certain someone emailing him. 


From: thecaptainn


Hello, babyblue. I found your email from your donation recipes. I’m very glad that you like my stream enough to toon in lately and send as much donations as you have. And if I’m honest, you’ve caught my attention. I emailed you today to tell you that I am starting private sessions where I video call you personally. 


Would you be interested? If so, please respond. I would love to speak my baby one on one. 



    - Humble regards, the captain