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Okay, so, you may be wondering how a semi-Avenger and a former black widow assassin ended up in this situation. The situation being; locked in the trunk of an old beat-up Buick, which despite being a bit of a boat in terms of driving, was not really all that roomy in the trunk department. Although, she supposes trunks were not usually made to fit two full grown adults, so maybe she was being a bit judgmental.  

She’s getting ahead of herself though, because this story starts a little earlier. The mission was supposed to be a simple one, or as simple as any Avengeresqe mission could be. Running reconnaissance on a shady lab SHOULD have been simple, and for the most part, it had been. That was, of course, before she was distracted and completely spaced on the guard rotation, which ended up with her being caught off guard, and summarily captured, bound, and thrown into the back of said Buick.  

She was a lot of things, but she doesn’t think anyone has ever described Kate Bishop as unfocused. She was simply a very energetic person by nature, and absolutely loathed those missions where she was meant to just observe and take notes. It was boring, and she quickly found herself fidgeting and distracted by the inanest of things. Not that Yelena’s ass was inane, because that could not be further from the truth, and there she goes getting distracted again...  

Luckily for her, the tiny blonde assassin was just on the other end of her coms, and overheard the, admittedly weak, struggle that she put up against the guard. He caught her in a preoccupied state, okay?  

So, needless to say, she was relieved to hear the sounds of a fight taking place just outside the car she was trapped in for the past fifteen minutes. Yelena sure took her time climbing down from where she had been perched on a nearby rooftop that just happened to be in the sightline of her binoculars. She definitely wasn’t looking because she had a crush on her partner of the last six months or anything. That would be ridiculous...  

Kate heard the sounds outside taper off, and if she didn’t have duct tape over her mouth, she would’ve shouted to try and draw attention to where she was trapped. Instead, she had to settle for kicking against the trunk lid to make some noise, which apparently worked because she soon heard muffled footsteps making their way closer and the sound of a key sliding into the lock.  

“Is needing to rescue you going to become a regular thing, Kate Bishop?” Yelena questioned as the trunk lid popped open, revealing an unamused blonde with a brow lifted up in her direction. Which is something that she should definitely not find sexy... Damn her libido...  

The Russian sighed and shook her head, quickly reaching down to rip the tape off the brunette’s mouth, causing her to wince and hiss, because that hurt way more than they made it look in the movies.  

“Jesus... A little warning would be nice...” Kate complained, scrunching her face up to try and relieve the burning sensation that was left in the tape’s wake. The blonde rolled her eyes, her fingers grasping at the archer’s bicep to turn her so she could get to where her arms were taped behind her back, and that’s when their simple mission went from bad to worse.  

One of the guards that Yelena had thought she had knocked out, was, well, not as knocked out as she had thought. The result being, the Russian getting clocked in the side of the head with a pistol before either of them even realized he was awake. Kate let out a yelp of surprise, but that was quickly cut off into a wheeze as the blonde’s body slumped forward on top of her, clearly unconscious and dead weight, and cutting off her air supply rather quickly. It was only for a few seconds though, because no sooner had she dropped onto her, than the burly guard was grabbing the other woman’s legs and flipping her into the trunk beside her, closing the lid on them with a resounding clank.  

So, now that you’re all caught up on just how they ended up in this messed up situation in the first place, we can go right into how the hell she was planning to get them out of it. Now, Kate realizes that there are far worse situations they could’ve found themselves in, given the nature of their jobs, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t having a silent freak out over it anyway. Seriously, because if the trunk had felt small before, it was absolutely suffocating now with both of them trapped inside. Not to mention the fact that Yelena was most definitely going to kill her if they did manage to somehow get out of there.  

The brunette spent well over ten minutes contemplating the best course of action to get them out of the situation, and that was after she spent the first five trying and failing to rouse the Russian from her knocked out state. Not that she had a very good vantage to do that, since the blonde was behind her, and her hands were still bound behind her back while she faced in the opposite direction. Finally, she huffed out a frustrated breath and made the decision that she would need to try and call someone for help and being that she couldn’t exactly get to her own pockets, she was going to have to try and somehow maneuver her way into Yelena’s pants to retrieve her phone.  

It wasn’t exactly how she had imagined getting into the blonde’s pants, but desperate times called for desperate measures. So, with one last huff, she was scooching back and blindly groping, as best she could anyway, attempting to feel her way to the pocket that she knew held what she was searching for. Unfortunately, she only managed to find Yelena’s belt buckle, and while she had had quite a few fantasies involving undoing said belt buckle, now was definitely not the time for THAT.  

“What the hell are you doing?” The Russian suddenly grunted, causing the brunette to gasp and quickly pull her hand away from where it was still resting on the waistband of Yelena’s pants.  

“Christ, Yelena... I thought you were knocked out...” Kate hissed over the sound of the blonde groaning and adjusting her position behind her.  

“So, what? ...You decided to shoot your shot?” The Russian snarked back, and the brunette was incredibly grateful for the lack of light in the trunk, so she didn’t have to explain why her cheeks had flushed at the insinuation.  

“I was trying to find your phone, asshole...” She defended, rolling her eyes even though she knew the blonde couldn’t see her.  

“Well, next time maybe buy me a drink first...” Yelena chuckled, pressing against her back in a way that had her breath hitching in her chest, and she really hoped that the blonde wouldn’t realize how easily effected she was by something so simple. “It is the gentlewomanly thing to do, after all...” She continued, and then she was ripping off the tape that had Kate’s wrists bound together, finally freeing her.  

“I’ll be sure to remember that...” Kate huffed, pulling her arms around and rubbing at the, no doubt, reddened and sore flesh of her lower forearms. “Can we please call someone for help now?”  

“Yes, why don’t you?” The blonde asked, wrapping an arm around the archer and sliding her hand into her pocket to fish her phone out and hold it up in front of her. Kate grumbled, snatching the device from her hand. “I am a little busy bleeding back here...” Yelena grunted, shifting behind her once again as she typed out a text on her phone to the one person she knew would be able to get there in a quick fashion.  

“Wait, what? ...You’re bleeding?” Kate questioned, the Russian’s words finally resonating within her mind, and she quickly moved to turn over in the confined space. She barely managed the feat, and she may or may not have a bruise on her knee tomorrow from banging it so hard on the trunk lid in the process.  

The brunette turned the flashlight on her phone on as she got settled, holding it up so she could examine the damage done to Yelena’s head, earning her a glare as the light beamed right into the blonde’s eyes.  

“Ты такая заноза в заднице...” The Russian huffed, squinting and quickly pushing the light to the side and out of her eyes, her annoyance palpable. Kate wasn’t exactly sure what she had said, as the other woman tended to use her native language when she was frustrated or upset. The way it rolled off her tongue with the accent made it sound incredibly appealing to the archer though, whatever it was. She really should download a translating app for her phone...  

“Stop squirming and let me look...” The brunette demanded, taking Yelena’s chin with her free hand, holding her in place so she could get a better look at the cut that started just above her left eyebrow and extended down toward the outer corner of her eye. It was made even worse by the large lump and purple bruise that accompanied it, and it took all of her willpower not to grimace at the sight of it. “Do you have any cloth or gauze in one of your abundance of pockets?” Kate asked after a few moments of silence, mouth quirking up into a teasing grin, her eyes dropping down to meet green, and the look she was getting was enough to get her heart rate ticking up a few notches.  

“The pockets are useful, Kate Bishop... Because to answer your question, I do, in fact, have gauze in here...” The blonde defended her favorite garment, rolling her eyes as she unzipped a pocket near her hip and pulled out some gauze pads, shoving them into her hand.  

“I never said they weren’t useful... I simply made an observation that you seem to have a lot of them...” The archer retorted with a quiet chuckle, adjusting the light and shifting to press the gauze to the cut, hoping that the pressure would be enough to staunch the bleeding until they could get somewhere more appropriate for medical care. Yelena’s jaw clenched at the action, and if she was in pain, that was the only indication of it.  

Kate opened her mouth to continue, not a fan of silences in general, especially with the woman who was highly trained to read breathing and body language and would be sure to pick up on the effect their proximity had on her. Before she could get a word out, a loud thumping sound on the metal above them had her snapping her mouth closed and furrowing her brows. The Russian’s eyes met hers as the sound of the metal creaking rang out directly after, and then the hinges were snapping, and the trunk lid was flying off and across the road, and she was letting out a relieved breath at the red and blue blur that came swinging toward them, dropping down beside the car soundlessly.  

“You called spider boy?” Yelena grunted in disbelief, giving her an incredulous look. The archer smiled innocently, shrugging her shoulders as Peter walked closer and held out a hand to her.  

“I didn’t exactly hear you offering up a plan...” Kate pointed out, grabbing the blonde’s wrist and pulling her hand up to place on top of the gauze so she could get out of the cramped space as quickly as possible.  

“I have a head wound...” The Russian grumbled in irritation as the brunette took Peter’s hand and let him pull her out. She glanced around, taking in the guards that Yelena had probably knocked out earlier and were now covered in web to keep them from getting up if they woke, and the one giant one that had knocked her out, dangling precariously from a nearby light pole, obviously the handiwork of Spider-Man.  

“I’m aware... We should probably get it looked at...” Kate responded, turning back to help the blonde climb out of the trunk too. Yelena, surprisingly, accepted the help without question, grasping her forearm tightly as she stood up, swaying a bit on the spot and shaking her head.  

“Do not be ridiculous, Kate Bishop... I am perfectly fine...” The Russian stated, blinking her eyes dazedly for a few seconds before seemingly getting her bearings and straightening up.  

“Well, you don’t look perfectly fine...” The archer shot back, brows furrowed in concern as she held onto the other woman to make sure she didn’t fall over. Yelena lifted her uninjured brow up at her, giving her a pointed look, and she realized what she had said. “I mean, not like that... I just mean you look concussed, smart ass...” Kate continued, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment.  

“Uh... Do you want me to take your girlfriend to the hospital, Kate?” Peter asked, obviously picking up on the palpable chemistry that was always there between her and Yelena, that tension that drove her crazy on a regular basis. She and Peter were newer friends, only interacting occasionally for Avengers business, so how was he to know that they were just partners/friends. Much to her chagrin...  

“She’s not...” The archer started, eyes widening slightly as she side-eyed Yelena in her peripheral, expecting her to shoot down the idea entirely, but she just huffed and blinked in confusion. “I mean... We’re not...”  

“I am fine spider boy... I think we can make it home from here without any further assistance...” The blonde interjected, cutting off what was sure to be an embarrassing ramble on her part. The Russian swayed once more as she finished talking, leaning into her side for support.  

“It’s Spider-Man...” Peter mumbled quietly, looking to Kate for reassurance that it was okay for him to go.  

“We’re good, Pete... Thanks for coming...” Kate stated, her voice sounding a lot more confident than she was actually feeling. Peter finally nodded, looking at Yelena one last time before turning and shooting a web at a nearby building, swinging off just as quickly as he had appeared to save them.  

Getting back to their apartment took a lot longer than anticipated, due to the blonde being slumped against her side and entirely unhelpful for much of the trip. She should’ve just ordered a cab...  

And yes, she did say their apartment, because despite having her own place, Yelena spent the majority of her time at Kate’s. The first month of their partnership she would show up randomly, always climbing in through her window and staying for days at a time. Eventually, she just kind of got used to the other woman being around all the time and had even given her a key to the place. Yelena still liked to use the window sometimes.  

Needless to say, by the time they did make it back to the apartment, Kate was damn near exhausted from having to lug her partner around for so long, and she nearly cried when she set eyes on the stairs leading up to the loft where the bedroom and bathroom were. Yelena grunting against her shoulder was enough to get her moving once more though, taking each step slowly and methodically until they finally reached the top and she practically collapsed onto the bed with the other woman with a long sigh of relief.  

“Do you think you can get situated in bed by yourself while I go get the first aid kit?” The brunette asked, turning her head to the side to find half lucid green eyes peering back at her curiously.  

“Of course, I can...” Yelena retorted stubbornly, wincing and holding a hand to her head as she turned onto her back, releasing the arm that was trapped beneath her weight. Kate sighed, pulling her arm free and moved to stand back up, her legs feeling like jelly beneath her as she ambled to the bathroom, stripping off her suit as she went.  

She tried to take as little time as possible away from the other woman, quickly washing up and changing into her pajamas before grabbing the first aid kit from beneath the sink and heading back into the bedroom. She was wholly unprepared for Yelena being stripped down to nothing but a sports bra and girl boxers, laid out on top of the comforter with her arms and legs spread out as if just doing that much was enough to have exhausted her.  

With her head injury, it probably had, and that was what had Kate shaking her head to get her bearings, kicking the black tactical suit out of the way as she crossed the room and perched onto the bed beside the blonde. Yelena turned her head as the bed jostled a little under her, blearily blinking her eyes open and sending her a small smile that made her stomach flutter.  

“How are you feeling?” The archer asked, letting out a shaky breath as she opened the kit up and set it on the bedside table, pulling out the small bottle of saline and a few gauze to clean the cut. Yelena hummed quietly, moving her hand to rest on Kate’s knee as she leaned forward and set to work.  

“My head hurts...” She finally murmured her answer, and Kate couldn’t help but snort out a little laugh. She patted the cut dry, satisfied that she had disinfected it enough before pulling out the butterfly stitches.  

“Not surprising considering you got whacked with a pistol... I’ll give you some Tylenol when I’m done here...” Kate replied quietly, carefully placing the closures on the cut, trying not to press too hard on the blonde’s bruised temple. “All done... Let me go grab the pills and some water and then you should try to rest...” She continued, gathering up the trash and moving to climb out of the bed when she was stopped by fingers clasping around her wrist.  

“Kate Bishop?” Yelena mumbled, turning her head and looking up at her in a way that had the brunette stopping her ascent and dropping back down onto the bed, brow lifted up in question. “Why did your friend think we are a couple?” She asked, and Kate immediately felt her cheeks flush once again, letting out a long exhale as she thought about how best to answer the question. Honesty was always the best policy, she supposed, and the Russian probably wouldn’t even remember this conversation anyway, so really, what did she have to lose?  

“Oh, I don’t know... Maybe because we’re partners, or that we basically live together. Or it could be that we’re constantly flirting through our ridiculous banter, or that I’ve been wanting to kiss you for an annoyingly long time, and pretty much everyone is aware of it except for you...” The brunette rushed out, her face consistently becoming a little redder with each word until she finally trailed off with a relieved huff. Wow, that was actually incredibly freeing... Why hadn’t she done that sooner?  

“Huh... I suppose I can see how spider boy would be confused then...” Yelena replied, her face incredibly cute as she scrunched it up in thought. Kate sighed to herself, not sure what response she was expecting to come of her rant, but it was clearly more than what she had just gotten.  

“Yeah...” The archer breathed out, moving once again to go grab the Tylenol, but she was once again stopped as the blonde grabbed her wrist, this time tugging hard enough to have her falling on top of the other woman with a surprised yelp.  

“You are so funny, Kate Bishop... You tell me you want to kiss me and then just get up and leave?” The Russian questioned as she lifted herself up, using her arms to hover over the other woman.  

“Well, you didn’t exactly say you wanted to kiss me back...” The brunette defended, tilting her head to the side in confusion when Yelena just grinned up at her cheekily.  

“You think I climb into the window of just anyone?” The blonde asked, amusement evident in her tone, and Kate couldn’t help but lift a brow up at that, because, yes, she has seen Yelena climb into several windows of people she didn’t know in the past six months. “Do not answer that... The point is, that I only kept climbing into yours, because for some reason I couldn’t get the annoying, заноза в заднице archer, who just so happens to be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen out of my head...”  

Kate couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Yelena was saying what she thought she was saying, right?  

“Really?” The brunette asked, biting down on her bottom lip to try and contain the enormous smile that was threatening to break out on her face.  

“заноза в заднице, yes, Kate Bishop...” Yelena chuckled, reaching up to cup her cheek gently, brushing her thumb along her jawline in a way that had her whole being melting into a puddle. “I have very much been wanting to kiss you for an annoyingly long time as w—”  

That was all the confirmation that Kate needed, not even letting the blonde finish before leaning down to capture her lips in a kiss that was making her head spin because she had been dreaming about it for so long and she couldn’t believe it was actually happening. The Russian let out a huff of surprise, but quickly recovered, nipping at her bottom lip and then sucking it playfully between her own, and the brunette was incapable of keeping her body from reacting to the stimulation, moaning quietly into the other woman’s mouth as she pressed closer.  

“Ah...” Yelena pulled back with a little wince, breaking the kiss and making Kate realize she may have gotten a little overzealous in her exuberance to finally kiss the other woman.  

“Shit, sorry...” Kate chuckled, pushing back up to put some space between them. The blonde grinned through her semi-pained expression, leaning up to peck her lips gently once more before collapsing back onto the pillow with a sigh. “To be continued... Sometime when you’re not concussed, preferably...” The brunette continued, as she rolled off the Russian and stood up.  

It only took her a few minutes to grab a few Tylenol and a glass of water from downstairs, but by the time she made it back to the bedroom, the blonde was already snoring quietly, not even bothering to get under the covers. Since she would have to wake the other woman in a few hours to check on her anyway, she just set them on the bedside table and settled down on the opposite side of the bed, grabbing her phone to set an alarm.  

Kate decided that she would download a translation app after all, curious as to what the blonde had called her in her native language twice tonight. She tapped the app when it finished downloading, glad that it had a voice feature, because she would definitely not be able to type out what the hell the other woman had said but could certainly remember how it sounded in that thick Russian accent that she loved so much.  

“Zanoza v zadnitse...” The archer stated, probably murdering the pronunciation, but trying her best nonetheless, and the result she got had her scoffing and snapping her head over to look at the peacefully slumbering blonde beside her. “I am not a pain in the ass!”