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Spiritual Realm Glitch

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“.... Gege, where are we?” Shanxin asks.


“Not home, that’s for sure!” A-gen laughs nervously. He puts a hand to his chin. “Something must’ve gone wrong with the transportation back to our original bodies. Xiaobai, Xiaohei, are you two okay?” He turns around to look.


“.... shit.”



“Xiaohei? Gege? Shanxin?” Xiaobai calls out standing in the midst of a barren desert. The sweltering heat already causes her to sweat profusely. Her surroundings have no sign of human life.


“Xiaohei! Gege! Shanxin!” She calls out again louder hoping for an answer, but to no avail. Only the gentle warm wind responds. 


Did the game mess up the logout and teleport her? She tries to open the game menu. Nothing. 


Before she can start to panic, she hears a quiet rumble of some sort of car in the distance. She turns towards the sound and saw a rapidly approaching speck of red. The dot grew to be a large red race car and on it was a man with firey hair, small circle shades, and a scar on his left cheek. The car curved and stopped abruptly, sending clouds of sand at Xiaobai. She waved away the sand with her hands and coughs.”


“How and why is a kid like you doing here?” The man asked.


“I don’t know?”


“Why is that a question?” She looks closer and noticed that the man has pointy ears like Diting.


“Are you a demon?”


“Yes, but don’t you know who I am?  Aren’t you scared?”


“No and no, I just want to get back together with my friends. Can you help please?”


“Get in the car and tell me what happened. Even a great demon like myself wouldn’t leave a kid to die of a heatstroke by themselves out here.” He opens the door for her to climb in.


“Thank you! I’m Xiaobai. You asked if I knew you like you’re famous, what’s your name?” She climbs in and sits in the seat behind him.


“Red Son. I’m sure you’ve heard of that before.” He begins driving towards the direction he came from.


“Oh! The Demon Bull King’s son!” He has a smug look on his face. “Must suck to not have a dad.” His look is replaced by an annoyed one.


“Kid, where are you from?”


“Quzhou city.”


Red Son visibly tenses up.






“.... Quzhou city doesn’t exist anymore.”



Xiaohei opens his eyes to see that he is… not home. He’s surrounded by a rich forest and the others are not with him.


“Did the logout fail?” He tries to open the menu. Nothing. He transforms to his cat form and releases a few heixiu to scout the area. He meets a troop of monkeys.


“Excuse me, where is this?” The monkeys look at each other, confused by his question.


“Flower Fruit Mountain, how do you not know? It’s not really a place you arrive to accidentally.” Flower Fruit Mountain? Even with some sort of weird spiritual realm glitch, landing in Sun Wukong’s home is strange…


“Well, that’s exactly what happened. Thanks!” He runs off to look around the area more. A few minutes pass and there’s no footsteps that could indicate to the others being there. He sighs, stopping and bringing back the heixiu.


Just as he thinks that no one is around, he hears footsteps nearby. He goes towards the sound. A young adult, maybe 20? He has a red bandana holding up spiky brown hair. His yellow jacket has what Xiaohei thinks is a monkey kid icon. He turns towards Xiaohei. Xiaohei cautiously steps back.


“AWWW IT’S A KITTY!!” The man says, running towards Xiaohei and picks him up. “I didn’t know there’s cats in Flower Fruit Mountain!” Xiaohei averts his gaze nervously, might as well play along for now. “I’m MK! You can be… Xiaohei! Because your fur is black!” Xiaohei laughs a little.


 “Wanna come with me to see the monkey king?” Xiaohei deadpans. What the hell is this guy saying? Not waiting for a vocal answer, MK starts running with the cat in his arms.


They eventually make it to a pond with a large waterfall. The entrance.


This fool. Xiaohei thinks. Must be one of those fanboy- Xiaohei gawks as MK opens the waterfall curtain casually. He jumps out of MK’s arms and walks around, still gawking. I am so going to brag to Xiaobai .


“Xiaohei, this way!” MK says, walking and pointing towards the exit of the small cave. It lead to a large open area with a small old fashioned house. He walks to the middle of the place.


Suddenly, something falls from the sky and lands in from of MK. The dust from the impact flows away, revealing…. The Monkey King.


Xiaohei, having never seen a picture of the actual Monkey King and only described to him from Xiaobai reading him Journey to the West, thinks of only one thing: Why isn’t he ugly


“MK! You’re….. Here………? What is that?”


“Uhh, a cat? Isn’t it cute?”


“MK, that is not a cat.”