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Buzzcut Season | Bad Kids Go To Hell REWRITTEN

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Leaving him was harder than she had expected it to be and as hard as she tried, she kept coming back to him. She was laying in his arms, his fingers tracing her naked spine. Even after everything that had happened. Perhaps that made it even harder. She didn’t love him, she doubted if she ever had any other feelings then lust for him. Especially after she found out she wasn’t the only minor he was sleeping with.

Arya liked to call her ‘The waif’. The girl was in her fencing class. She never bothered learning her actual name.

“What is it, sweet girl?” Jaqen whispered against her skin, ghosting his lips along her neck.

Arya looked up from his shoulder. Truth is, everything was wrong in her life, her ‘relationship’ with Jaqen: a full grown men, five years her senior, was the least of worries . She never spoke about her personal life nor the things that were wrong in her life . Yet he always asked , she just never replied. Instead she let her lips do it for her. Lightly pecking her lips against his. He deepened the kiss.


She met him when she was fifteen, he was her fencing teacher: Syrio Forel’s assistant, fresh out of the ‘House of black and white’ , the number one fencing school in Braavos. He was five years older than her. It hadn’t stopped her from kissing him at sixteen. Even now, a full year later, he still had her wrapped around his little finger.

‘One last time’ she thought.

She slowly raised from her previous position to plant herself on top of him, and leaned down to whisper “This is the last time”

With that statement she kissed him and slipped her tongue inside his mouth. She swore she felt him smile against her lips.

They both knew it wasn’t.


Robb used to think he was a pretty smart guy. But now he couldn’t agree more with the people who called him an idiot.

Not only was he sleeping with his childhood best friend, who also happened to be a guy. He was starting to catch feelings for a damned nurse-student.

When he was younger he had been so sure of his sexuality. He thought he was straight until Theon wrapped his hand around his cock. After that he had so been sure that he was gay. Until Jeyne fucking Westerling came into his life, after his dumb-ass took a fall down the stairs and dislocated his shoulder.

Jeyne has helped him by putting the shoulder back in socket. He took her out for dinner as a thank you, which turned into a second date. And now he couldn’t get her out of his head.

Now he was just confused. And he didn’t like it.

He smiled when he felt Theon’s arm tighten around his waist. Waking up together was one of Robb’s favorite things about mornings. Being with Theon felt good. It always felt good. And his mother didn’t question it when Theon stayed over.

But being with Jeyne made him happy, warm and fuzzy inside. Theon made him question his sanity and if his dick still worked after they finished their daily activities. He hadn’t decided what feeling he preferred. It wasn’t like Theon and Robb were officially together. Neither of them were out yet. It was their own little secret.

Yet he still felt guilty.

It didn’t take long for Robb and Theon to get ready. After sharing a kiss they went downstairs to join the family for breakfast.

Mornings at the Stark house were hectic, that was lightly speaking. With seven mouths to feed, Catelyn had her hands full each and every morning. Even on the weekends.

“Oh, Robb just in time for breakfast. I made pancakes” she stated when Robb and Theon walked in to the dining room.

“Pancakes? On a Saturday?” Robb questioned. His mother only cooked pancakes on sunday. It was a rare occurrence for it to happen on a different day, unless Catelyn was really stressed or extremely happy. He couldn’t decide what she was now.

Or Gendry is joining us for breakfast. Catelyn has had a soft spot for him ever since Robb and Jon invited him over for dinner when they were fourteen . whenever he joins the Stark’s for breakfast, she would go all out with her cooking skills. It could also have to do with the fact that Gendry’s mother owned a bakery and he always brings Catelyn's favorite baked goods with him, whenever he comes to the Stark household.

His thoughts were interrupted, when he saw Jon coming downstairs with Gendry.

Of course he was right, he knew his mother to well.

‘Lucky bastard’ Robb thought as Jon and Gendry sat down at the dinner table in front of him.

Jon seemed to be the only Stark that was gifted with a fully normal functional relationship, with his girlfriend Ygritte.

Jon only stayed at the Starks on the weekends, as his mother and Robb’s aunt: Lyanna Stark worked weekends out of town. Jon and him had thrown one of the most epic parties when his aunt had been out of town for work. however they had been caught the next morning by Jon’s father: Rhaegar Targaryen. To this day Lyanna didn’t trust his cousin enough to stay home alone.

Robb didn’t know much about his sisters relationships, but judging by the fact that Sansa still blushed at sex scenes in movies, he knew for a fact that she wasn’t getting any action, even now as she was seated next to Margaery Martell. Sansa pretty much always spotted a blush on her cheeks. He had seen enough evidence in Arya’s gym bag and the fresh love bites she seem to have every Saturday morning to know that she was. Probably even more than Robb himself. But Arya came back in a worse mood every time.

His little brothers: Robb and Rickon seemed to both have complicated relationships as well.

Robb didn’t even knew which Reed, Bran was into, and he had seen Rickon kiss Shireen Baratheon goodnight just to sneak out to no doubt shag Lyanna Mormont. He had even caught them making out against his car once.

Robb swore his family had been cursed by the old gods.

Complicated relationships definitely ran in his family. At least he could relate to his siblings.

Robb wished he could relate to Jon thought, but that was unfortunately not the case.

He still hadn’t figured out how to tell Theon about Jeyne, and he knew at some point he had to. It was better to just rip the bandaid off and get it over with.

Yet as he saw Theon interacting with his family, maybe he’d wait just a little bit longer.

“Where’s Arya?” Catelyn questioned. Arya was the only one who hadn’t joined the family for breakfast yet. Robb heard her come home late last night, but he wasn’t about to snitch on his little sister.

“Probably still sleeping” he heard Sansa say.

“Well could somebody wake her up?” Catelyn sneered, irritation lacing her voice as she dumped a fresh batch of pancake dough into a pan.


“On it” Gendry stated, already on his way upstairs

Gendry befriended Arya trough Robb and Jon. Gendry was probably even closer to Arya then he was with Robb and Jon.

He was usually the one to wake her up when he joined the family for breakfast. He didn’t mind waking Arya up, especially when she was wearing her usual sleeping attire. He knew it was wrong thinking about her that way, he tried to suppress his thoughts as much as possible. But most of the time she was just so irresistible.

The sound of dog paws scratching against the bedroom door took him out of his thoughts. Nymeria, Arya’s dog already sensed he was here, so when he opened the door she came launching at him, her tail wagging wildly and her tongue licking at his face. It didn’t wake Arya up.

He let out a sigh as Nymeria started calming down, now on her way out the door to head downstairs, no doubt following the scent of Catelyn's freshly baked breakfast. As he looked up he was greeted by sight that made him swallow hard.

‘God, she’s beautiful’ he thought as he took the sight of her in. The pillow that she was laying on hid her hands where her head was buried in, dark brown hair, curled and splayed on the white fabric or her pillow. Her long hair hid her face but he knew she was pouting her lips. She always slightly pouted in her sleep.

She was laying down on her stomach, on smooth leg up at an angle and the other straight down. He caught sight of the white laced panties from the position she was laying in, the sheets kicked down to her feet, and her (well actually his) shirt bunched up slightly so her ass was exposed to the morning air. He could look at this all day, too bad he had to wake her up. The closer he got the more he had to fight his growing arousal.

Slowly he reached out his hand and placed in on her shoulder. “Arya, wake up. Breakfast is ready” he exclaimed. His hand slightly rubbing her shoulder.

She stirred in her sleep and a groan escaped her mouth, the sound went straight to his cock. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the sunlight that escaped the curtains of her window.

“Hey” she mumbled, her voice raspy from her sleep.

“Good morning” he replied a small smile forming on his lips.

“Did you sleep well?” He added as she sat up, her shirt (still his) slipped back down her thighs hiding her from his prying eyes.

“Yeah” she replied before a yawn escaped her lips, stretching her arms above her head. The movement caused her breast to stand out, he tried to stare. Ignoring the new marks on her neck. He tried to tell himself it didn’t bother him.

For a second as their eyes met, his breath got stuck in his throat. Despite the sleep still evident on her face, she looked ethereal. And it stung that it wasn’t his marks on her throat.

He ignored the feeling as she got out of bed and quickly gave him a hug, before pulling a hoodie over her head. He didn’t recognize the piece of clothing.

It was all forgotten when she gave him a smile.

Gods, she was going to be the death of him.

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Shireen was the sweetest girl Rickon ever met and he felt the need to protect her from the world, he liked sweet girls, but he also liked feisty ones. Really Rickon likes all type of girls.

Lyanna had pushed him down, undressed him and rode him like a cowboy rides a bull on a rodeo before he could even comprehend on what was happening.

Shireen kept him calm , like a cup of Chamomile tea, she helped him focus. Lyanna was als wild as Rickon himself, she kept him grounded and held him down when necessary.

‘Should I tell her’ Rickon thought as he played with the ends of her hair, it felt soft in his hands. Just like Shireen herself: soft. Everything about Shireen Baratheon was soft, her skin, her hair even her personality. He liked that most about her.

He suspected that she knew, but he knew Shireen well and even if she knew, she would never confront him about it.

Lyanna knew, it hadn’t been enough to stop either of them.

Rickon decided he needed both of them.

He needs Lyanna to take his frustrations and rage (which Rickon had a lot of) out on someone. Lyanna was perfect for that, she enjoyed it even.

He needs Shireen to keep him soft, human. To prevent him from going absolutely mad.

He wants them to share him, but how was he going to suggest that? It’s not something he could just bring up, like a ‘the weather is great’ conversation. He needs to be strategic about this.

He couldn’t afford to lose either of them.

Nor could he bare to hurt either of them, he didn’t think he could take it.

It already hurt lying to them. He absolutely hated lying to them.

“Rickon” a gentle voice spoke out

“Yeah” he replied

“Are you still with Myrcella?” Shireen questions him.

He had hooked up with Myrcella to get Shireen out of his head. It had worked for a little while, but he grew bored of her quickly.

“No, haven’t been for a while now” he responded

“Good” he heard her say. ‘Good’ he hadn’t expected that.

“Yeah, good” he replied

A comfortable silence grew between them. Shireen often showed signs of jealousy. He had overheard her complain about Myrcella to Lyanna before.

She would never tell him that though. Shireen was a shy girl and as much as Rickon liked that about her, it also frustrated him to no end. He could flirt with her all he wanted, but she would never respond to it. That’s why they weren’t together, even though he had already admitted his feelings towards her.

“ Why do you ask?” He asked. “ Plan on breaking my heart, Baratheon?”

“Maybe” Shireen replied. Rickon didn’t know how to feel about that.


Bran started smoking when he turned fourteen, his best friends: Meera and Jojen Reed introduced when he was recovering from his accident. It had been to take the edge of first, just to help him relax a little bit.

One joint quickly turned into two, and now Bran hardly went a day without it.

Honestly Bran didn’t see it as a problem, the smoking at least. However he did have a problem to the things he would feel when he got high. Specifically having to do with the fact that whenever he got high, he didn’t know which Reed he was the most attracted to.

It started with just a slip in his mind of ‘Jojen is attractive’ to ‘I need Jojen to fuck me but I don’t know how to say it’

That at the time being, hadn’t even been the worst part, until Meera began joining their smoking sessions, and she had in her high-like daze kissed him on the mouth.Now every time he lit up a joint, there where only two things Bran could think about. Jojen with the least amount of clothing he could imagine and Meera’s lips.

Really Bran didn’t think it could get any worse. Until today.

It started of like a regular Friday morning, he had woken up went downstairs ate breakfast with his family, gone to school and lit up a joint on his way back home. In Bran’s mind it had even been a very good day, he had gotten a text from Jojen asking if he could hang out tonight. Bran had said yes, unknowingly signing up for his death.

They had decided to meet up at Bran’s house, his parents were gone for their weekly date night, a nice dinner this time. His siblings were all gone. Theon and Robb had gone for a night out the pub, Sansa had decided to have a girls night over at Margaery Tyrell’s house, Rickon had gone out with Shireen Baratheon and Arya.. well he didn’t really know where Arya was, but she wasn’t home.

Around 8:30 Jojen and Meera had arrived at his place, they were now in the backyard to prevent the house from smelling.

He didn’t really know how he ended up with Meera on his lap, nor how her tongue ended up down his throat. Jojen had warned him once about Meera and how she liked to get very affectionate whilst stoned.

Meera had kissed Bran before so it didn’t really surprise him that much. What did surprise him was the second pair of lips that he felt on his neck.

He had ignored it at first, not really comprehending that it in fact were a pair of lips, until he felt a tongue. It was slightly at first, but now it was straight up sucking on his skin and he knew it would leave marks.

He broke away from Meera’s lips so he could figure out exactly what has happening.

It was Jojen.

Bran decided from that moment on, the he was utterly fucked.


Sansa decided that Margaery always smelt good. She didn’t have a signature scent but if Sansa had to chose one she liked the most it would be the smell of roses.

The smell of roses suited Margaery. Roses always reminded her of her best friend. Really pretty much anything reminded her of Margaery, she rarely left her mind. Sansa hadn’t figured out why, but she was always there.

She was laying down on Margaery's bedroom floor. Her parents were out for dinner, they would be home late so Sansa had decided to have a girls night with Margaery.

Now Margaery was painting Sansa’s nails a bright red ‘to match her hair’ she had said.

Sansa felt the most comfortable around Margaery, and nights like this were the type of nights Sansa really cherished.

She could talk about anything with Margaery, from boys to complaints about her family. She could talk about things like that with her other friends, but with Margaery it felt special.

“Sansa?” Margaery broke the silence between them.

“Hmm?” Sansa replied

“How are things between you and Joffrey?” The question threw her of guard. Sansa discussed a lot with Margaery, her relationship with Joffrey however was really spoken about.

Sansa really liked Joffrey, she really did. But lately things hadn’t been going to well between them. Joffrey was a great guy, sweet and totally understanding. He recently started questioning about the friendship between her and Margaery and Sansa wasn’t sure how she had felt about that.

“Honestly?” Sansa vocalized and looked up from her nails, to look Margaery in the eyes

“You can always be honest with me” Margaery responded and reached out left hand to brush against Sansa’s cheek.

“It’s going great really” she sighed and looked down at her nails again.

“Sansa” she heard.

“Yeah?” She responded.

“Look at me” Margaery requested. Sansa did as she was told. “I’ve known you for so long, I can tell when your not telling me the truth, the full truth at least”

It didn’t surprise Sansa. Margaery could read Sansa like an open book. “If he’s hurting you, please tell me. We could do something about it”

Now that had surprised Sansa. Joffrey wasn’t perfect he had his flaws. But he had never put a hand on her. “Gods no” Sansa told.

“I just feel like our relationship isn’t going anywhere, that’s all. I mean we’ve been together since we were fourteen. It’s just…” Sansa didn’t finish the sentence, she didn’t really know what has been going on between her and Joffrey.

“It’s getting boring, isn’t it?” Margaery said, as if knowing what the answer already was. She was right though, she always was.

It stayed silent between them after that for a while. After Margaery had finished painting Sansa’s nails, it was already quite late.

“You can stay over if you want?” Margaery had suggested. “You can borrow some clothes of mine”

“Sure” Sansa replied.

Now Sansa was lying beside her, Margaery already fast asleep. Sansa couldn’t sleep that night. What was really going on between her and Joffrey? Was she really bored of their relationship? She had always thought that Joffrey was the one, and they would be together forever, get married, have children. She wasn’t so sure of that anymore.

She didn’t fall asleep until Margaery wrapped her arms around her waist.

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