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The Abyss

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FRANK: For weeks, I was beaming with pride. My boy was going to in a movie. To think, the name George Costanza could be up there with Clark Gable and Cary Grant. Finally, I get to watch it, and what do I see? MY SON, BEING MADE A FOOL OF BY A CHIMP!

GEORGE: Orangutan...

ESTELLE: Why can’t you be more like Lloyd Braun? You know he did that Abyss movie with James Cameron.

FRANK: James Cameron?

ESTELLE: You know, he did that nice movie about those blue space cats.

GEORGE: Ma, he wasn’t in the Abyss. He was in DeepStar Six, it was a knockoff.

ESTELLE: Well if he didn’t direct it why was RoboCop in it?

GEORGE: He wasn’t in it either, you’re thinking of Leviathan. And James Cameron didn’t direct RoboCop, he directed Terminator. Lloyd Braun was in DeepStar Six!

FRANK: I thought that was a Star Wars?

GEORGE: No, it - look, it was a cheap ripoff of The Abyss, it got terrible reviews-

KRAMER: I have to say George, I saw that movie on Mystery Science Theater 3000 a while back and I didn’t see RoboCop or Lloyd Braun in it.

GEORGE: That’s Lords of the Deep! DeepStar Six, it was directed by the guy who did Friday the 13th!

KRAMER: Oooh, Friday the 13th. You know that Michael Myers, he’s one tough cookie.