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‘Is it easier to pretend we never even happened Deb?’ Ava snapped angrily. This was the first time they had seen each other in months.

‘What are you even doing here?’ Deborah sighed exasperated, slamming her bag down on the sink top.

Ava flung her hands onto her hips. ‘Worried, someone will hear and know how badly you have treated me?’

Deborah’s eyes flashed a moment of sadness. Her emotions almost getting the best of her. ‘I asked why you are here, honey?’

‘You gave me that fucking writing credit, your special is nominated. I was invited, didn’t they tell you?’ Ava narrowed her eyes. ‘I’m confronting you in this toilet D, because you don’t want me to make a scene out there.’ Ava pointed at the door.

Deborah scoffed, ‘I didn’t think you’d come. I thought you would have the common sense to realise you are not needed here?’ she turned, using the liquid soap, she washed her hands. Hoping that Ava would take the hint and leave the room.

‘You always did like starting fights, what was it, Deb? Did I make your life more interesting? Stopped you having such a lonely existence?’ she needled unkindly.

Deborah sighed, clutching at the sink, she leant on her hands, and stared into the mirror. ‘Stop! You came in here…you started…are you sat at my table?’ Deborah hadn’t been at the awards venue long; she hadn’t even found her table yet to have been able to check.

‘Ha, yeah I am.’ Ava started laughing. ‘I am part of this…even if you want to ignore me.’

‘I don’t want to ignore you…do you understand, I was doing this all for you…I get nothing out of this.’ She wasn’t angry, she was resigned to the fact that Ava would never get it. ‘Can you be civil enough to get through tonight?’

Ava moved her hands off her hips, flinging them across her chest and crossing them. ‘I suppose so.’

‘Can you or not?’ Deborah spat out bitterly. ‘Yes, or no?’

‘Jeez D…yes, I can.’ Ava rolled her eyes.

‘If I win…’ Deborah tuned her head to face her. ‘If I win…you keep your mouth shut about all of this to the press, they will want to interview us.’ She was looking Ava up and down. She was dressed well; she had clearly made an effort and Deborah couldn’t help but smile. Her lips curled and she felt herself stand up straight, ‘Please…’ she was begging.

‘D…what do you take me for?’

‘Good, because it’s a private matter, not a professional one.’ Deborah explained.

‘And when they ask if Team Daniels and Vance are working on a new project?’ Ava smirked cheekily, wanting to lighten the moment between them, despite her own anger earlier.

Deborah smiled. ‘Team Vance and Daniels you mean?’ she laughed. ‘You can answer truthfully.’ Deborah stepped closer to Ava. They were now facing each other.

‘And that is?’ Ava let her arms fall to her side. She was blushing, the tips of her ears going pink.

‘Yes, we are.’ Deborah leant in close to Ava’s face. ‘No, it wasn’t easier to pretend…it was fucking awful…so yes…project number two is coming up…’ Deborah was almost whispering in Ava’s face. Ava looked at her stunned into silence. Eventually after a split second of confusion, Ava fluttered her eyelashes.


‘Don’t make me repeat myself, honey.’ Deborah walked back to the sink and grabbed her bag.

‘Let’s go to our table before we get caught in here…’

‘Deb, I…thank you…’ Ava looked at her warmly and grinned.

‘Don’t thank me, honey…I’m not the one who made the first move am I?’ she smirked playfully, before winking at her. She marched out the toilets and Ava followed quickly running to catch up with her, as she strode along the corridor to the event room.


‘Yes, honey…’

‘I missed you.’ Ava sadly stated.

‘Yeah, well that’s to be expected, I am fabulous.’ Deborah didn’t look at her, she just carried on walking.

‘You could say, you missed me?’ Ava teased. ‘That is the normal response to me saying, I missed you.’ She sounded annoyed.

‘Yeah, I could…’ Deborah, turned to her. A moment of reality hitting them both, Deborah’s eyes were tearing up and Ava went to reach out. Deborah on instinct pulled her hand away, but seeing Ava look so distraught, she moved it back to her side, allowing Ava to grab her right hand into hers.

‘Come along, it can’t start without us.’ Deborah said jokingly. ‘And I have heard rumours, we have won!’

Ava gasped. ‘How?’

‘I have friends…now come on.’ Deborah tugged at her hand and pulled Ava into the ceremony room. ‘There’s Jimmy, that must be us.’

‘Yes, it must be us.’ Ava smiled as she looked down, they had walked into the event hand in hand. Together, as one.