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2h. Interlude 2 - Part 3 - Angel's Delight

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Angel’s Delight
February 2269
Angel lay on her side next to Lucas and watched him as he slept. She rarely got the opportunity to observe him this way. Lucas was usually awake long before she was, but this morning Angel had managed to wake first. In sleep, the harsh, cruel lines that often marked his face had faded, making him appear gentler than he ever did when awake. Looking like this, he was incredibly handsome. He took Angel's breath away, and she didn't know whether she wanted to hold him and never let him go or wake him so that she could fuck his brains out. Angel snorted softly and shook her head. When it came to Lucas, she just couldn't get enough.
Angel was about to reach out to wake him so that he could make love to her when her stomach growled...loudly. Well, it wasn't surprising that she was starving, after last night's activities. The question was, was she so hungry that she would forego waking Lucas up? Then an idea began to form. Looking over at Lucas, Angel smiled. [Two birds with one stone.]
Moving very carefully off the bed, Angel slipped into her robe and headed towards the kitchen. She knew exactly what she and Lucas were going to have for breakfast. It was something that would allow her to indulge in three of her favorite things. Chocolate, fresh fruit... and Lucas.
Lucas sat up, resting his back against the headboard, eyeing the breakfast tray Angel had placed in front of him. He’d been woken by Angel a few moments before, but just as he had been about to show her just how 'up' and awake he was, she’d stopped him, announcing that she’d brought him breakfast in bed. [A good helping of Angel cake would have suited me fine,] thought Lucas. He’d decided to indulge Angel, but now he looked over the tray and its contents, he began to have second thoughts.
A large bowl of mixed fresh fruit--juicy orange wedges, fat grapes, apple chunks and large, luscious strawberries were laid out on the tray. All had been obtained from the black market which Lucas now controlled. Beside the bowl sat an antique fondue pot, which Lucas had bought for Angel. It was filled with thick melted chocolate, on a stand above a smaller burner that kept the rich liquid at the perfect melted consistency.
Lucas alternated between eyeing the 'breakfast' and looking at Angel. "Chocolate fondue? For breakfast? Angel honey, have you lost your mind?" He watched as Angel nodded eagerly, her eyes bright with excitement.
"Yes, for breakfast, Lucas." Angel paused to pick up a small silver spoon, her expression changing to seductive, as she said softly. "It will be unlike any breakfast you've had before; I promise you that, Lucas."
With a slow smile, Angel dipped the spoon into the chocolate then pulled it out. Without breaking eye contact, Lucas watched as Angel blew on the chocolate to cool it, then raised the spoon to her mouth. Her tongue emerged from between her moist lips to lick the chocolate gently and suggestively.
Lucas could feel himself stiffening in response, as Angel licked her lips, closed her eyes, and savored the chocolate. Then slowly, her eyes still closed, Angel opened her mouth and inserted the spoon, sucking it until all the chocolate was gone. Angel opened her eyes, slowly removing the spoon from her mouth and placing it back on the tray, all the time looking at him with those incredible blue eyes.
Lucas said nothing at first. [This is gonna be interestin',] he thought, as he saw the seductive expression on Angel's face. "Well, I'm a man who's always willing to try something once," he said.
Angel leaned forward and claimed Lucas' mouth in a deep, promise-filled kiss. When she broke free, she said huskily, "You'll enjoy every mouthful, Lucas, I guarantee that. I'll show you that this is much more enjoyable than ice-cream and apple pie for breakfast."
Lucas chuckled and pulled Angel against him, kissing her again briefly, before letting her straighten up, as he said with a lazy drawl, "Honey, I'm Southern, nothin' can beat apple pie and ice-cream for breakfast."
Angel snorted loudly, then gave Lucas another seductive smile, as she said confidently, "I think you'll change your mind about that, Mister!"
Lifting a hand Lucas waved it at the tray. "Go on love, do your thing."
He watched as Angel reached for one of the fondue forks and then a strawberry. As she sucked then ate the strawberry, Lucas knew already that he was going to enjoy this breakfast more than apple pie and ice-cream...or any other breakfast for that matter. He dipped a wedge of orange into the melted chocolate, raised it to his mouth and blew on it, cooling the chocolate before he offered the morsel to Angel. Lucas watched as she gently grasped the orange between her teeth, pulling it off the fondue fork and taking it slowly into her mouth, leaving a smear of chocolate on her lips.
His eyes were fixed on the traces of chocolate, and before she could lick it off, Lucas leaned forward saying, "Let me."
Lucas reached up to pull Angel’s head forward, until their mouths were a fraction apart. He could feel her shaking with desire as her mouth parted invitingly, and he closed the gap. His tongue licked along her lips, until he’d cleaned every trace of chocolate. Lucas smiled inwardly when Angel moaned, and he claimed her mouth in a deep kiss.
Lucas finally broke away, but retained the hold he had on Angel's face, as he said a little breathlessly. "You know something, love? I've had enough fruit for one day..." He dropped his hand between them and untied the belt of Angel's robe. Parting it, he slid his hand inside and caressed the soft skin of Angel's belly. Lucas continued, in a sexy whisper, "How about just the chocolate?"
He watched as Angel's mouth curved into a playful grin. Her tone was teasing, as she said, "I think you mean just chocolate, you, and me, don't you?"
Lucas shook his head in amusement, then placed the breakfast tray on the nightstand and turned down the heat under the chocolate mix, before turning back to Angel. Caressing her cheek, Lucas asked with a drawl, "Chocolate covered foreplay is exactly what you had in mind from the start, wasn't it, darlin?"
Angel broke into a grin, and admitted, "Yes, that’s exactly what I had planned."
Lucas laughed, and moved quickly, grabbing hold of her arms. He flipped her onto her back, pinning her beneath him, his mouth grinding against hers in a frenzied kiss. As their lips remained locked, Lucas was all too aware of his contact with Angel's warm, naked body. Lucas could feel the heat radiating from her body, and the smell of her assailing his nostrils, heightening his own arousal The desire to take her there and then was almost overwhelming, but Lucas fought the urge.
Finally, he tore his mouth from Angel's, both of them gulping for much needed air. Lucas shifted his position so that he was lying beside her. For a moment, their eyes locked, then Lucas reached over to the nightstand and picked up the spoon, dipped it into the chocolate and scooped up a generous helping. Slowly, Lucas tipped the spoon and began to drip the rich liquid over Angel's breasts.
Angel whimpered, as Lucas lowered his mouth her nipple, cleaning off the chocolate. Without lifting his head, Lucas moved his mouth across to her other breast, licking clean the trail of chocolate he’d dripped in the valley between her breasts. Finally, he reached her other nipple and repeated the process of licking the chocolate from it.
When Lucas had finally finished with Angel's breasts, he moved to the other parts of her body. Angel remained still as he spread chocolate over the flat plane of her stomach. She writhed beneath him as he licked and kissed the chocolate from her belly, working his tongue in little circles, until he reached her navel. Small gasps of pleasure escaped Angel's lips as Lucas dipped his tongue into the hollow of her navel and lapped up the pool of chocolate that had gathered there.
Only when she could no longer feel Lucas' mouth did Angel open her eyes. Her breath caught as Lucas raked his eyes over her body, coming to rest on her neat V of dark curls, before raising his eyes to her face.
"You know what I want now, don't you, love?" Angel felt Lucas move his hand down to her thigh, his meaning obvious. Without hesitation, she parted her legs. Her hips arched off the bed as he spread chocolate over her inner thighs, then slowly dripped several drops onto her clitoris. The feel of the warm liquid almost sent Angel over the edge into a spontaneous orgasm, but Lucas pulled her back by blowing cool air over the area. He lowered his head to suck the chocolate off her inner thigh. Angel bit her lip, refusing to give into a moan of pleasure. By the time Lucas had worked his way from one thigh to the other, alternating between sucking, nibbling and licking the soft flesh, Angel was unable to hold back and she moaned loudly, "Oh, gods! Yes, yes, yes!"
Lucas started by flicking his tongue lightly over her clit then sucked on the swollen nub. Angel’s whimpers and moans got louder, and all thought vanished as Angel was enveloped by pleasure. He worked his way around her until he’d removed all traces of the chocolate. Then slowly, he moved his tongue inside her, working it in and out to stimulate her even more.
Angel growled, "Please have mercy, Lucas!"
And Lucas did. Withdrawing his tongue, he moved his mouth back to Angel's aching clit and sucked on it, while he moved his tongue over and around it in skilled movements. She felt him slide a finger deep inside her, moving it around to match the movements of his tongue. Finally, Angel climaxed, her hips lifting high off the bed as she grasped the bedclothes tightly, crying out Lucas' name as she came.
Moving up to lie beside Angel, Lucas kissed her shoulder, waiting patiently as she panted for breath. When her body and breathing were finally under control, she turned to him with a satisfied grin.
Lucas leaned forward and kissed her briefly, before saying, "You look like the cat that got the cream."
Angel's smile widened, and she said, "No one services like you do, Lucas."
Lucas laughed, "I know, darlin..." He grinned before adding, "Now how about you do a bit of servicin’ yourself?" He moved her hand down until it reached his swollen cock. Angel stroked her hand up and down until Lucas groaned, then sitting up, she placed her hand on his chest and pushed him onto his back. With cat-like grace, she moved to kneel between his legs. Angel then coated his erection with generous helpings of chocolate, taking her time to spread the rich liquid over every inch of his cock with the back of the spoon. Finally satisfied, she placed the spoon on the bedside table and sat back to admire her work with hungry eyes.
Leaning forward, she flicked her tongue lightly over the head of Lucas' cock, cleaning a little of the chocolate from it. As her tongue touched his skin, she heard him inhale sharply. Smiling to herself, she began her slow, torturous assault, not once taking his hard member into her mouth, as she meticulously cleaned the chocolate off him, until Lucas was groaning with pleasure.
Angel opened her lips, closing them around his shaft. Slowly, she took more of him into her mouth until he was fully enclosed. Lucas' moans became louder as she sucked and licked, pulling him closer to release. But before he came, she released his cock and straightened up, only to meet two dark hazel eyes watching her.
"Angel..." Lucas' tone was laced with warning. She smiled and shifted to straddle his hips, shushing him as she looked down at him. Surprisingly, Lucas remained quiet. Angel leaned over to dip her finger into the pot of chocolate, then moved her hand to spread the chocolate across his lips. She leaned forward and traced her tongue along his mouth, licking away the chocolate before pushing her tongue between his lips into the warm haven of his mouth. As their tongues met, she lowered herself onto his cock, until he was completely buried inside her.
Angel began to move up and down in slow, rhythmic movements. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, as Lucas reached up his hands to cup her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples between his fingers. Then, without warning, Angel felt her position changing. Lucas held her firmly around her waist, and with a lightning-fast move, never withdrawing from inside her, he flipped her onto her back.
Without resistance, Angel let him position himself between her spread legs, then he straightened slightly to hook his arms behind her knees. As he began to lean forward, he pushed Angel's legs back towards her shoulders and moved deeper inside her. In this position, Angel was unable to move, leaving Lucas totally in control.
Lucas straightened his arms, bracing himself. He kept up a slow rhythm, drawing their lovemaking out for as long as possible. Then his thrusts became harder and faster as he drove them on, before he lowered his head to kiss her. It was a plundering, conquering kiss, that left Angel breathless.
Angel gripped the sheets tightly, and cried out against his mouth, as he bit down on her lip then released her mouth. Lucas' name was torn from her by an orgasm that almost hurt in its intensity. With another thrust Lucas came, a cry of release joining Angel's scream, as he filled her with his seed. He didn't stop thrusting until he’d completely emptied himself inside her.
Lucas moved his arms from behind Angel's knees, and as her jelly filled legs fell either side of him, he collapsed. Pulling her into his arms, he withdrew and lay beside her. For a long time, neither of them spoke, staying still, as she lay with her head on his shoulder and arm draped over his chest.
Lucas finally broke the silence. "Angel-face, any time you want a chocolate fondue, you won't hear any complaints from me."
Angel laughed, and turned her head to look at him, placing a quick kiss on his shoulder before she spoke. "Actually, I was just thinking that next time we might try it the Southern way, with apple pie and ice cream." She could feel Lucas' chest vibrate with laughter. Angel gave him a naughty grin. "Just as long as you're up for it, Lucas."
Lucas snorted and moved suddenly, pinning her beneath him. "I'll make you pay for that comment later!"
Angel smiled in return and lifted her hand to stroke his cheek as she said mischievously, "Oh, I certainly hope so!"
Lucas shook his head, before he claimed her mouth in a brief bruising kiss. "Angel, you're one of a kind."
Wrinkling her nose Angel looked down at herself, slick with sweat and sticky from the remnants of chocolate, and said, "I could use a shower."
Lucas ran a hand over her stomach and grinned. "Very sticky. A shower sounds like a good idea..." He paused to give Angel a wicked smile. "I think this is where I get to punish you for that comment, and to show you I'm always up for it."
"That is not..." Angel's protest was cut off, as Lucas, with startling speed, jumped off the bed and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder with ease. As she dangled over his shoulder, Angel's attention was drawn like a magnet to the round, firm flesh of his butt.
Lucas remained unmoving as he questioned her challengingly, "What were you gonna say, Angel?"
Angel gave into the temptation and grabbed his firm ass in her hands, as she asked, "Did I ever tell you that you have the most spectacular, sexiest ass I ever laid my hands and eyes on?"
Lucas roared with laughter and continued into the bathroom, with Angel's hands never leaving his butt.