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Wrong Delivery

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The sun was already blazing in the midle of the day while Castiel was busy moving around in the kitchen, trying his best to make the perfect breakfast. 

He had been slaving over the stove all morning and had already baked muffin, toasted bread to a golden brown, poured fresh orange juice and was now busily frying up some eggs and bacon.

He was creating a big meal, one that he hoped would satisfy what he hoped was a big appetite.

When Cas was finally finished preparing everything he laid it all out on the kitchen table and the took a step back to inspect his work.

The food certainly looked delicious and he knew that it would definitely taste that way as well.

Turning, the alpha made his way upstairs to wake his young omega.


When dean awoke from his slumber it was to the smell of something extremely delicious seeping into Masters bedroom.

The young omega moaned then sat up in bed only to find himself wincing in pain.

God, he felt really sore and slightly weak. He blinked as he tried to remember if he had eaten or drank anything during his heat and briefly remembered Sam feeding him food. Dean paused and thought a bit. Or maybe it was Master? No, it couldn't have been. Sam was the one who always fed him people food and he could remember eating various tasty treats that only Sam had ever offered to him. Where was Sam?

Dean gasped when he suddenly realized where he had been sleeping. He was lying on a bed! Masters bed! The omega immediately moved quickly trying to quickly remove himself from his masters bed, successfully managing to fall ungracefully into an unattractive position on the floor.

The omega laid their for a while, half his naked body sprawled out on the floor while his legs remain tangled in the sheets on the bed. If anyone saw Dean maybe they would have laughed but to the distressed omega there wasn't anything he could find amusing about his predicament.

The distressed omegas heart was beating rapidly as he frantically tried to untangle himself. Dean nearly started crying when he finally broke free and quickly crawled over to his kennel.

Dean sighed while still breathing heavily when he was safely inside his kennel wondering to himself how he had gotten on masters bed.

Dean knew his place, and would never do anything to make master mad. Of course sleeping on the bed would upset master which might lead to punishment and he definitely didn't want master to punish him. So far Master hadn't exactly punished him for anything, but Dean wasn't going to push his luck.


The omega shrank back into his kennel trying to make himself smaller.

Hearing his masters approaching foot steps Dean suddenly thought about the messy bed and internally cursed himself for not making it before he had retreated to the safety of his kennel.

Stupid! Stupid! Master would surely know he was in the bed now, even if dean had no idea how he had gotten on it in the first place.

"Dean?" The omega gasped when his alphas face came into view.

"Why did you go back inside the kennel?" Alpha asked.

Deans only reply was to whimper.

Master sighed.

"Don't you remember me telling you its OK for you to be on the bed?"

Dean stared at Castiel, confusion painted all over his face. The omega could barely remember anything from his heat, it was all a series of blurred images in his mind, too jumbled for dean to make any sense of unless he thought really hard.

"Dean, I left you on the bed for a reason, I don't know why you went back to the kennel." Castiel shook his head.

Dean couldn't make sense from what his master was saying but he vaguely understood that master was basically saying that he was the one who had left him on the bed.

This was very confusing to the omega. The bed wasn't his place, he had his kennel unless Master had changed his mind about fucking him...did that happen. Had master fucked him?

"Come on out here dean." Master said. "I need to take you downstairs."

Dean smiled. This was at least familiar. He would go downstairs and wait for Sam then Castiel would leave for work. The omega didn't really understand why Alpha had allowed him to sleep on the bed but he did understand that this meant he wouldn't be punished since he hadn't actually done anything wrong.

Master at the moment didn't seem too displeased with him and that at least made Dean relieved.

When they were downstairs Dean was taken into the kitchen following Castiel and the scent of food. Dean enjoyed the scent but didn't wallow in it too much since he knew that his food never came with an additional delicious scent. No doubt Cas was leading him to his bowl which would be filled with omega feed.

He noticed all the various tasty looking food sitting on the table...mocking him. He didn't understand why Master had to expose him to such delicious food while dean was left to eat his omega feed on the floor. He knew thanks to Sam what various people food tasted like and it was always difficult to go from wolfing down  delicious chocolate pie then eating his omega feed. Eating real food had really opened deans eyes and had awakened him to just how bland and tasteless the food he had been made to eat all his life really was.

Dean crawled over to his empty red bowl expecting Castiel to open the cupboard to retrieve the bag filled with omega feed.

Dean was left surprised and confused when master didn't do that and instead came over to dean when he noticed where the omega had gone.

"Dean I want you to come sit at the table." Castiel stooped down to Deans level to speak to him smiling warmly at the pet.

Dean stared at him confused, unable to understand what was happening, wondering if he had heard Master right.

"I know this must be confusing for you but I have some things to explain to you and I want you to sit around the table and eat with my while I explain.

Master wanted him to the same food as him? This felt odd. It wasn't completely new to him since Sam treated him like this when master was gone but he had his suspicions that what Sam was doing actually was without Castiels knowledge since master only fed him omega feed in the morning.

And now master was treating him this way...why? And where was Sam, shouldn't he have arrived by now?

"C'mon Dean." Castiel said as he stood and gestured for dean to follow him back to where the food was laid out.

Dean followed and soon he was pulling himself up into one of the chairs while Castiel sat down next to him.

The omega stared longingly at the food before him, hesitant to eat even though master had said the food was also for him.

Dean looked over at Cas an unsure look on his face. But Castiel simply nodded the gesture to the food prompting Dean to hesitantly reach for a muffin.

It took a painfully long time for Dean to bring the muffin to his mouth, and when it finally reached there dean took a very small bite before finally swallowing. He glanced at his master to see his reaction but Castiel didn't look upset or anything despite deans fear. Confident that the food wasn't some cruel joke and Cas wasn't going to choke him for eating any of it Dean took a bigger bite out of his muffin, this time thoroughly enjoying and appreciate how heavenly it tasted.

Dean was reaching for another muffin when Castiel began speaking to him.

"Dean, I don't want to hide this from you so I'm just going to tell you this first...."

Dean stared at his master while eating his Muffin, listening and waiting for the alpha to continue.

"Sam's not coming back." Castiel said.

Dean gasped and the muffin fell from his hands falling unto the table before them.

The omega stared at the alpha, a look of hurt and confusion quickly taking over his face. Sam wasn't coming back?

"I know this must be shocking for you.." Castiel said watching as dean picked back up the half eaten muffin and held it in his hands, looking down at it while the scent of sadness filled the air.

"And I know this must be hard for you as well...." Castiel was saying. "But you don't need Sam anymore... Sam was..."

Dean began to zone out while Castiel spoke. Sam wasn't coming back? Why? Did he not want to be friends with dean anymore? Was it something Dean said or did? Did Sam hate him now." The omega felt tears welling up in his eyes. If Sam wasn't coming back anymore why didn't he even come say good bye?

The Kitchen, the table, the floor suddenly disappeared and suddenly Dean found himself in the middle if a white room.

Dean could feel himself being pulled by numerous people, several different hands holding in to his small body, pulling him back, trying to take him with them. Dean screamed and struggled trying to free himself from their tight grasp reaching out towards someone in the distance.

Don't leave me.

"What was that?"

Dean blinked, felt wetness on his cheeks and glanced around him taking in his surroundings. What just happened?

He noticed Master staring at him seemingly confused and giving dean a look that said he probably just noticed that Dean had began to cry.

Dean quickly wiped the tears from his eyes noticing that Cas was still staring at him curiously.

"Dean...did you just...did you just say something? Castiel asked.

Dean blinked. Had he? He didn't recall saying anything out loud.

Castiel stared for a bit longer making dean squirm under his gaze before he looked away, shaking his head slightly, probably dismissing whatever he thought he had heard.

The alpha began speaking again while dean once again was lost in his own thoughts.

He had lost someone...again.

Sam had said he was his friend. He had said that he would always be there for Dean but then he had left dean without so much as a goodbye. Dean felt heartbroken. He was starting to really love Sam, just as much as he loved Master. Sam had done so much for him. He had fed him, cleaned him, spoken to him...and most of all he had made Dean feel almost human.

Why would he just leave Dean like that? Was it all just a lie? Had he been testing Dean, mocking him. Wondering if a stupid thing like him would actually be dumb enough to actually think they were friends.

No, dean shook his head, Sam was a good guy, Dean was the problem. He probably didn't want to deal with some clingy disgusting omega anymore. Dean had probably driven the alpha away.

"Dean, are you even listening?"

Dean jumped and stared at his Master feeling guilty for ignoring him. He held his head down in shame, wondering if Master would punish him this time, even though he actually didn't seem at all upset. He was actually being strangely kind and attentive towards dean this morning. Not that master wasn't always kind! But today he seemed a bit...nicer. He was speaking so openly and freely to dean after all, and this was something that master didn't really do.

Alpha sighed as he watched Dean.

"I guess I should have told you about Sam last. Look, it was his decision to leave Dean, and he would have left when he started school again anyway." Cas said.

Dean nodded sadly. He understood. Sam was always planning on leaving him. Everyone left in the long before master did the same?

Dean had long forgotten about the food before him, leaving the sad half eaten muffin on the table before while he felt the sadness continuing to wash over him.

"You've gotten much better dean." Cas was saying. "Your certainly not the odd little stick figure you were when you had first arrived. You don't need Sam to look after you anymore and I think its about time you started serving your house hold duties to me."

Dean perked up, taking keen interest when he heard the last part of Castiels sentence.

Cas wanted him to work! And Dean couldn't be happier with this.

Dean had wanted to cook and clean and take care if his master since day one. He wanted to prove that despite his flaws he could be a good omega, a good pet. And now he was finally being given the chance.

"Today I'm going to be telling you about the various task you'll be expected to perform. I know your from a breeding farm so you might not know how to cook but I'm sure you can learn how to at least clean with ease."

Dean listened and nodded eagerly. He wanted to tell master that had learned how to clean when he had been at the training academy, but of course Dean knew that speaking wasn't required from him, however thanks to Sam constantly talking to him as if expecting a reply Dean had become increasingly confused about this.

"Also, I might teach you how to make simple meals so you can cook occasionally." Castiel said.

Dean nodded again a huge smile on his face. The scent of sad omega had long left the room completely engulfed by the the scent of happy excited omega instead.

Castiel smiled then suddenly he looked a bit sad and released of soft sigh.

" you remember what happened during your heat?" The alpha asked.

Dean paused and cocked his head, then stared at his master thoughtfully. He couldn't really remember anything and he didn't want to lie to master even though he felt like he was forgetting something Important.

Dean shook his head and Castiel
released a shaky breath as if relieved.

The omega was just confused about everything. He didn't understand why Castiel was suddenly treating his so kindly and like a real pet. He was starting to think that maybe this was really how pet omegas were treated. Maybe they got to sit around tables and eat people food with their masters.

Master had said he looked more healthier now, less like a stick figure. Maybe that was it. Dean hadn't looked at himself lately but maybe he had gotten less hideous and now Master didn't mind treating him even better than he has before. After all, master had always been unbelievably kind to him.

That must be it. Well whatever the reason Dean was certainly happy with this new turn of events.

He went back to eating after that, picking and choosing from the various items before him then chewing slowly, savoring every delicious taste. All while listening keenly to Cas of course, because Dean now understood that what master had to say was very important.


The day got even more surprising and exciting for Dean from there.

After breakfasts Castiel told Dean that they were going shopping to buy Dean some clothes.

Dean eyes were probably bulging when he heard Castiel say that. He could only remember wearing plain white or gray underwear occasionally back when he lived at the omega academy, but aside from that dean wasn't allowed to wear clothes. He was just a lowly omega after all, an ugly damaged breeding whore. Well, at least he used to be. Now dean was a pet, a pet who apparently would be given clothes.

Castiel went upstairs soon afterward and came back down moments later with clothes for Dean to wear.

It was one of Castiels shirts and underwear. The shirt was light blue and had his masters wonderful scent
On it. Dean loved it and immediately buried his nose into the material deeply breathing in his masters scent before putting on the shirt, feeling pleased that it didn't quite drown him since he had definitely put on weight since that very first day when he peered out at Castiel from behind those cage bars.

The underwear went on next and dean looked up gratefully at his master, unable to thank the man with words but hoping the look was enough to relay what he was feeling.

Castiel apparently understood as he ruffled deans hair and gave him a small smile as well.

"You look great dean." The alpha whispered." And Deans heart was so full of happiness he spent a considerable long time wondering how it hadn't burst out of his chest.

They left to go shopping after that, the alpha and his omega leaving in one of Castiels Car with Dean laying curled up on the back seat still sniffing at his clothes, while his master did the driving.

Every so often Cas would glance back at the omega watching as he rubbed the material of the shirts sleeve on his cheek, seemingly content with the odd and child like behavior.

Castiel was glad that the shirt was large enough to cover all of deans upper body effectively hiding his ugly scars from view. The rest if his body, mostly his thighs and legs were also littered with various scars as well, however they weren't as visibly as the ones on his back and Castiel knew it would look strange to see and omega wearing pants so he had thought it would be best to just give him one of his underwear to go with the shirt and leave it at that.

Castiel wondered if it was such a good idea to finally allow Dean to be his pet. It wasn't going to be easy, turning a breeding omega into a suitable pet, but Cas had decided that was exactly what he wanted to do. Dean at least looked more like a pet now and less like a breeding omega now that he no longer looked emaciated, but the Onega still had a lot to learn. He couldn't just feed dean some good food and throw some good clothes on him and expect the omega to blossom into a perfect omega pet overnight. Dean was still scared, damaged and stupid after all, and Castiel highly doubt that the omega knew anything about being a real pet.

Oh well. Castiel would simply have to teach him. He had made the decision to keep dean as his pet and he was going to see it through....if only to ease his guilty conscience.

They made it to the store some time later with Castiel leaving his pet in the car while he went to do the shopping. He had taken the omegas measurement before leaving the house and had decided half way to the store that bringing Dean inside the huge shopping area would only serve to slow him down. The alpha certainly didn't plan to be picky with deans clothing choices, after all Dean was still just an omega.

"Stay in the car Dean." Castiel said before he got out of the vehicle, though he knew the words weren't exactly necessary. Where the hell was Dean going to go?

"I'm just going to go look around for some clothes for you and then I'll be right back."

He patted deans head when the Onega looked at him curiously then nodded indicating that he understood.

As soon as Castiel entered the building he was immediately approached by a tall young beta girl wearing a bright yellow blouse, with the name of store printed on the front in fancy writing and a black skirt. Her curly brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore a painfully large smile as she greeted the alpha.

"Hello sir! I'm Jenny, would you like some assistance."

Castiel cringed at her huge smile and annoyingly perky high pitched voice but smiled politely back in return.

"Um..yes." Cas cleared his throat a bit. "I wanted to buy some clothes for my omega."

"Ah..Ok." The young woman said, the excitement in her voice toned down a bit. "Well is it with you?"

"I have his measurements with me." The alpha revealed. I'm not interested in doing much shopping or looking around too much." Cas revealed. "I just want to buy a few clothing items for him and get going."

"I see..." Jenny said. "Well I can take you to the omega section and show you some of the clothes we offer for omegas."

Castiel nodded then followed the the young woman as she turned and began leading him in a particular direction.

When they got to the clothing section for omegas Castiel was uncomfortable with the items he saw on display.

The clothes all ranged from frilly lingerie to less revealing clothes which would barely cover his omega in the first place, there certainly wasn't anything that would cover deans entire back.

Castiel rummaged through the clothes on the racks, searching for anything that wouldn't make dean look like he was nothing but a fuck toy. There was nothing. He looked around noting that all the clothes seemed to look the same. Sure there were different styles and designs but anyone could see that they were all just underwear.

The alpha took a deep breath as he felt himself growing frustrated then turned to the young woman who had remained hovering nearby in case the alpha needs any help.

"Don't you have anything else?"

"Well there are other sections in the store with various clothing items for omegas, as well as accessories." The beta said. "Oh! We have these beautiful new omega collars that just came in!" She added, excitement thick in her voice.

Castiel took a deep breath again.

"That's OK, I think I'll do my shopping elsewhere." Castiel said.

The betas smiled faded as she dropped the helpful sales person act and rolled her eyes, probably deciding that the alpha hadn't planned on spending any money in the store in the first place.

"We have done of the best clothing items for omegas, you barely looked at anything." She folded her arms.

Castiel was ready to leave the store but he stood and responded to her before turning to leave, feeling the need to explain himself to her for whatever reason.

"Its not that I don't like any if the clothes.." Castiel said, suddenly thinking about what Dean would look like in one of the outfits. He noticed a green lacy lingerie and immediately saw Dean lying sprawled out on his bed wearing the scanty outfit, his legs slightly spread...the alpha groaned and shook his head slightly, quickly realizing that he needed to push that thought aside. This was exactly why he didn't need dean moving around in the house wearing sexy outfits, which was odd since dean went around completely naked. Though honestly Castiel thought dean in sexy lingeries was bound to look more sexy that regular naked Dean.

"My Omega's primary job is to cook and clean, I don't  need him to look sexy or attractive." Castiel tried explaining.

The beta frowned.

"Well not all our Clothes for omegas are sexy." The beta took an outfit off one of the racks and held it up to use as an example. A plain black underwear and bra.

It might not be sexy but its still just underwear, Castiel thought.

The alpha sighed.

"I see...but still, I don't think I'll be buying any clothes for my omega but I will buy a few things for myself if you don't mind."

The beta immediately perked back up once the alpha revealed that he would still be spending money.

"Great, let me show you our items for actual people."


Master still hadn't come back yet and Dean was lazily laying down in the back seat of the car waiting for Master to return.

He had enjoyed the ride to the store in Masters car but he would have liked to enter the huge store as well. Dean sat up and peeked out at the building wondering if he would see master coming out of it any moment now. He started for a while later watching various people leave or enter the store before he realized master wouldn't be coming out any time soon and sank back down into his seat.

He smiled to himself as he thought  about the items Master were buying for him inside.


Dean was wearing them, he sniffed at the shirt Master had given him, and he would get the chance to wear more.

Today had gotten stranger and stranger. Master had fed him human food, told him he would now be expected to behave more like a pet, and now he was going to buy dean clothes. This was all crazy.

Dean certainly didn't deserve to be treated like this. He was just an animal after all. At the moment it was all so overwhelming and confusing. The fact was the omega was having a hard time figuring out why Castiel would even consider treating him this way. Sure he had come up with a few possible reasons but he was still having trouble coming to terms with all this.

When Castiel finally came back dean perked up and watched as his master placed several shopping bags in the back seat with dean.

Dean was pleasantly surprised with the number of bags there were and wondered if they all contained clothes for him to wear.

He was close to smiling before he noticed the miserable look on Castiels face.

The alpha got into the front seat took a deep breath, while his hands gripped the steering wheel.

Dean frowned as he quickly realized that master was upset. Worry began to seep into dean as he began to wonder if maybe his master was having regrets about his new treatmeybt of his omega. Maybe master no longer wanted him as a pet.

Dean couldn't help but whimper as he began to fret, his own scent of distress mingling with Castiels.

The alpha, probably smelling deans scent turned around and smiled reassuringly at his pet, his sent changing from that of an upset alpha to that of a caring and calm one.

"It's OK dean, I'm not upset with you."

He reached out and ruffled deans hair, an act which the young omega had quickly grown to love.

Dean stared into his masters warm blue eyes, such a beautiful shade of blue and immediately believed him.

He immediately calmed down after that and Castiel feeling satisfied that his pet was OK turned around and started the car.

It was time to head home.


"What's this dean like any way?."
Ruby a young raven haired alpha and Sam's friend asked as she flipped through the book filled with deans drawings.

"He's perfect." Sam said simply as he laid on his bed staring up at the ceiling. The young alpha brought a lit cigarette to his lips and dragged on it, breathing in the intoxicating air then blowing it back out through his mouth. He didn't usually smoke but always ended up smoking at least one when ruby was around.

They were lounging around in Sam's bedroom, with Sam laying on the bed while Ruby occupied the chair near the TV, sitting comfortable with her legs propped up on a nearby table.

Sam didn't notice when ruby rolled her eyes as she stopped turning the pages and stared at a particular drawing in the book.

"That doesn't tell me anything Sam."
She said then held up the book in her hand so Sam could see a particular drawing.

"This the guy?" She asked.

Sam looked up and glared at the drawing dean had done of  Castiel. It was a basic sketch and not particularly well done since it wasn't very obvious that it was Castiel, dean was still an amateur after all. But Sam knew Mr. Novak well enough to know that he was the one who Dean had drawn.

"Yep, that's him." Sam muttered. "Castiel. Fucking. Novak." Ruby could probably hear the venom dripping from Sam's voice as he said the mans name.

She frowned but didn't bother commenting, instead she went back to looking through the book.

" I can't believe the bastard fired me." Sam said. He had been complaining about the same thing ever since he and ruby had started hanging out again.

He could tell she was no longer really interested in listening to him bitch and moan about it but so far she hadn't told him to shut his pie hole or anything whenever he suddenly he started on the topic.

"Who knows how he's treating dean now that I'm not there. Who knows what he's doing to him."

"He's an omega, its shitty how we treat them but he probably likes whatever attention he gets from the guy." Ruby said.

Sam frowned and glared at her.

"How could you say that!"

Ruby smirked. "Dude there's like a million pictures of the guy in here. Unless you secretly did a few of these?"

"As if, I can't stand the guy."

"Well then your Dean probably already got Stockholm syndrome. Probably thinks he's madly in love with the guy."

Sam growled and the scent of angry alpha filled the air.

"I'm starting to forget why I'm even talking to you about this! You're not exactly being helpful".

Ruby sighed, seemingly not bothered or threatened by Sams scent.

"What you don't like my brutal honesty?" Ruby said with a raised brow.

Sam snorted. He had been talking to her about dean because he thought she would understand. For the most part she did and didn't mock his feelings, but there were times when she could purposefully be a bitch.

"Dean would never love Castiel."

"Yeah...keep telling yourself that."

Sam made to say something then, probably thinking better of it decided to just let it go.

"Do you love him?" Ruby suddenly asked.

"What?" Sam glared at the other alpha.

"You heard me."

Sam rolled his eyes and decided to answer honestly.

"Yeah I do, but I'm not in love with him."

Ruby nodded but Sam could tell she didn't quite believe him.

"You know...there a lot of drawings in here of you as well. I think Dean loves you too."

Sam paused as if thinking about Ruby's words, then he shook his head.

"No...maybe he did...but definitely not anymore. I didn't even say goodbye to him. "

"Well maybe you shouldn't be the one to say goodbye." Ruby said suddenly sitting up and looking more serious, more determined.

Sam sat up as well, taking note of the shift in the other alpha.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, confused by his friends words.

"I'm saying that I know what we should do." Ruby said sounding dead serious. "We might get in serious trouble but if you really care about Dean you'll do it."

Sam had a feeling he knew where this was going. Yet he still found himself asking.

"What are you suggesting we do?"

Ruby smirked "I'm suggesting we steal Dean."