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Wrong Delivery

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Castiel took a long cold shower as soon as he got downstairs, desperately trying to wash the smell of omega in heat off his body.

God, he needed to get out of the house away from Dean and his confusing behavior.

Why couldn't he have just behaved like a regular omega in heat?! Eagerly present himself to his master, happily accept Castiels embrace. Breathlessly and genuinely beg for Castiels cock...

He could have done that, but no, he had to start crying, he had to give Castiel that look. That damn look that screamed "I'm afraid, please don't hurt me."

He didn't want it. Castiel could tell. If he had wanted it he wouldn't have cried. He wouldn't have trembled the way he did.

Castiel groaned in frustration and scrubbed all over his skin as the water poured down his body.

And then Dean had the galls to crawl over to him like he wanted him to stay. To give Cas a look that said he didn't want him to leave all while tears were still falling down his face. But Castiel understood why the omega had reacted that way, despite not wanting to get fucked by him Dean obviously realized that he had displeased his master, and no omega want to do that.

Cas sighed decided he was finished and turned off the water. Soon he was stepping out and reaching for a towel.

Castiel had been thinking about Deans reaction and had begun wondering if all omegas were like that. It was common knowledge that all omegas liked and desired to have sex. They lived to please an alpha, to take their knots and if they were selected mainly for breeding to have as many pups as they possible could. These things made them happy. As long as they could fulfill their masters wishes, an omega could live a very happy and contented life.

But Dean....

Dean was in heat, a time when the need and desire to be fucked and bred by an alpha was greatly amplified, yet instead of whining and begging for Castiels cock, he had cried. And those tears had made Castiel feel oddly he was forcing Dean or something.

Castiel scoffed as he dried himself off. Omegas couldn't be forced. What was he thinking? Omegas wanted sex from alphas. Dean was just different... Yes of course that was it! Dean was the problem. There was something wrong with Dean.

Castiel could recall a conversation he had with Gabriel, the omega vet he visited that time when Dean had woken him up with a deafening scream after having a nightmare.

Castiel thought about this as he was making his way into the kitchen, now cleaned and fully clothed.

What had Gabe called Dean? Defective? Yes that was it. Dean was defective.

Castiel put on a pot of coffee and decided to make some breakfast, his mind more clear now that the scent of Dean was just a faint hint still lingering in the air. He could still smell the faint sweet smell even from downstairs but luckily it wasn't as heavy as when he was present in the room with Dean. Either way the alphas previous need to quickly bolt from the house had died down to the point where he at least thought it wasn't a bad idea to eat before he made his hasty retreat.

Castiel returned to his previous thoughts as he opened the refrigerator to get some eggs.

"Damaged and broken beyond repair." Gabriel had said.

"The reality is, defective breeding omegas aren't fit for our society."

Castiel recalled the words the beta had said that day. So basically Dean was unfit for society. He would probably always react differently from other omegas because he was broken.

The more Cas thought about it, the more he realized Dean had really dodged a bullet. The alpha wondered how often a broken breeding omega such as Dean avoided being put down. He knew some were sent to brothels to be used a cheap whores for poor betas, however that in itself was also a death sentence since they were simple tossed in a room, unfed and uncared for, then used for a few days until they inevitable passed away, either from being beaten or starved to death.

Dean was lucky. As damaged as he was he had managed to avoid that fate.

Castiel actually found himself wondering if it was truly Dean who was the problem. But what else could it be? He should probably drop by the clinic and speak to Gabriel. Certainly the omega vet would have the answer. He seemed knowledgeable about the topic of omegas and their physical and mental states, which was in fact expected given his profession.

Castiel ate his breakfast quickly, downing his delicious dark coffee before he realized he would have to also feed Dean.

He wondered how long the omega would be in heat for. A week was it? He would have to ask Gabriel about omegas in heat.

Either way, Castiel knew there was no way he could stay in the room with Dean while be was in heat. That definitely wasn't an option, not after the way he had reacted to Deans scent earlier...and how Dean had reacted to him. And of course it would be torture to put himself in an environment where his omegas scent was beckoning him to come ravish it, while at the same time when he followed his instinct and did just that his omegas reaction and behavior would scream that he wanted, something entirely different.

Cas groaned. That would be painful, especially since he didn't want to try having sex with Dean again and have him start crying. He had felt something strange when he saw Deans tears. It was such an unfamiliar feeling, but he knew it made him feel sick.

So that's was settled. He would just have to avoid his own bedroom until Deans heat was over. No way in hell was he stepping foot back in that room, not while Dean was in that state. He would have to leave so a good amount of food for Dean however to last through his heat.

Castiel finished cleaning up after eating his breakfast and made his way over to the cupboard and pulled out what he thought was a big enough bowl. He would fill it with a good amount of omega feed and hope Dean would make it last, because after this, Cas would try his best to avoid that bedroom.

Castiel actually felt annoyed as he thought about it. Such cowardly and unsightly behavior for an alpha. Leaving an omega his master bedroom because for whatever reason he was bothered by the sight of a few tears. How foolish.

Oh well. It couldn't be helped.

Cas opened the cupboard where he kept the omega feed and began pouring some out into the bowl.

The bag was surprisingly full, Cas noted as he finished pouring out what he considered to be a good amount. The alpha raised a brow at that as he stared at the bag. In fact, it was too full.

If Sam had been feeding his omega three bowls of this stuff each day since the day he had arrived then shouldn't it be half done by now?

Castiel paused feeling confused.

Wait...had Sam not been feeding his omega? Castiel immediately discarded that thought before he even had the chance to get angry. Obviously Sam had been feeding his pet. Anyone could see that just by looking at Dean. He looked significantly healthier since the first day he had arrived at Castiels home, so obviously Sam had to be feeding the omega something. Just not the food the alpha had told the teen to feed him, since clearly the bag still contained a large amount of Omega feed.

Castiel was strangely upset by the fact that a younger alpha, a child nonetheless, whom he had hired and paid to take care of his pet had disobeyed him. It was down right disrespectful!

He had told the kid to feed Dean the omega feed he had bought specifically for his pet. But apparently he had thought it was OK to feed his pet something different! What the hell had he been feeding Dean anyway? Actual people food?

That was it...wasn't it?!

Castiel found himself pacing as his mind worked.

He remembered the first day he had gotten Dean. The first day when he had fed him beef stew. Dean had loved it. Sure he had been starving to death, but still it was obviously that he had truly enjoyed the taste of the food his master had offered him. Dean had seem to take to him quite quickly after that first day.

Was that what Sam had been doing? Trying to win Castiels omega over by offering him people food! Maybe that was part of the reason Dean liked him so much? Clearly Sam had won his favor by offering something that was forbidden for him. was all part of the alphas plan to steal Dean away from him. To seduce him away from his real master.

Castiel wasn't surprised when he released a low growl.

Damn that kid! Damn him.

Castiel was partly to blame also foolishly choosing to hire some other alpha to look after his pet. That was a stupid mistake.

The Alpha sighed and took a deep breath as he began to cool down a bit. He needed to put the bowl of omega feed in his room with Dean and then get out of the house.

Moments later, Castiel was pushing the door to his bedroom open, again taken aback by the heavy, sweet scent that filled the air and his nostrils.

His eyes scanned the room, the bed unmade with crumpled sheets empty, and Deans kennel in its usual spot in the corner. From where he stood Castiel could see the omega curled up inside it.

The alpha sighed and crept silently into the room, hoping the omega was asleep, as well as hoping that he didn't catch the scent of his master. He couldn't handle Dean right now... He couldn't face him.

Luckily for Castiel, Dean seemed to be asleep, or perhaps Cas was just that lucky since he didn't seem to be aware of Castiels presences.

The omega did shift slightly in his kennel at the sound of Cas putting down the bowl of omega feed, which caused Cas to pause for a moment and hold his breath. However, the omega didn't make a sound or anymore movements after that, and Cas was able to slink back out the room unnoticed.

It was amazing how quickly the man began to feel angry again as soon as he closed the door to his room. And of course as if he wasn't upset enough, his anger was greatly amplified when he got downstairs and spotted something that he didn't notice before.

Castiel didn't consider himself a very observant man, so he could quickly offer this knowledge about himself as an excuse for why he didn't notice them before.

Bright red roses sitting in a vase in Castiels living room.

Bright red roses that he couldn't recall ever putting there.


It was dark and damp when Dean woke up, naked and shaking with his entire body on fire. He could feel something wet and slick leaking from his body and it took the young omega a while to realize that it was slick, though the excessive amount he was leaking was surprising.

Dean gasped when he felt a sharp pain in his mid section and immediately curled up in a tight ball, noticing that he had began to sweat bullets.

What was happening to him? Was he sick? If that was the case then obviously if it was fatal he was going to die, since everyone knew sick omegas were never treated. For obvious reasons, the thought of dying didn't frighten Dean as much as it probably should have.

Dean groaned as he struggled to recall what he had learned back at the academy, because the symptoms he had seemed strangely familiar.

The increase in body temperature, the uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, leaking so much slick? Obviously he was sick but at the moment it wasn't clicking in the mind of the thirteen year old boy...until it did, and the only thing the thirteen year old boy could feel was fear and panic.

Dean was experiencing his first heat.

The omega started to take deep shallow breath as his heart started beating rapidly from his panicking.

Dean knew what would come next. He had seen what happened to other omegas when they went into heat and the sight was horrific. The alphas were especially rough during this time, and there were alphas a plenty, each eager to empty their seed deep inside any one of the suffering omegas going through their heat.

Fuck! How could he have been so stupid. He should have remembered this day would be coming soon. He wasn't a child anymore, no longer that disobedient pup hidden behind the safety of the academy walls where the only thing he had to worry about was some alpha or beta shoving a dildo up his ass once in awhile. He could remember a time when that seemed so horrible, when the fought of anyone trying to stick anything inside him, even a toy, had him seething with anger. But that had changed. He had changed after experiencing far worse.

He had already experienced his first time being with an alpha and already knew what it felt like to have have an alphas dick inside him, inside his mouth, inside his ass. He knew what it felt like to have an alpha come inside his mouth, to spurt his seed down Deans throat. He knew what they tasted like. He knew what it felt like to have an alpha knot him, to feel a thick cock throb as it stretched inside him, as an alpha came inside him. But all that was just practice, practice for this moment. Because the main purpose of a breeding omega wasn't to be used for pleasure, even though that was an added bonus, it was to be used for breeding.

Now...his heat had hit, and it was time to face his responsibilities as an omega.

They would fuck him continuously, and then...then his stomach would swell and he would be pushing out pups like most of the other omegas around him.

B-but Dean didn't even want to have pups! Why did he have to have stupid pups anyway!? Why did omegas have to be treated like shit?! Dean didn't understand any of it!

No! Dean started. He shouldn't be thinking like that. It was stupid ideas such as those which had landed him in a breeding farm in the first place. He could still feel the sting on his back, another reminder of the consequences that came with having those dangerous thoughts. He couldn't even remember why he thought like that...why he had behaved the way he had, he had buried something deep inside of him...long ago, forgotten memories...

Sometime later the strong scent of a fresh omega in heat had caught the scent of all the alphas, and each eagerly waited their turn to try and breed the young tight boy.

The first alpha that approached Dean to have his turn was a fat, overweight, leering slob whom Dean always found repulsive. His cold blue beady little eyes raking over Deans body, his chubby hands pawing at Deans small cock all made him feel sick.

The alpha made Dean sick, and the way he took his sweet time. As if he was purposefully trying to drag out the entire moment. The way he leered at Dean as he forced the boys legs apart and positioned himself between them, forcing Deans legs obscenely wide apart, effectively putting Dean in a position that made him feel even more open and embarrassed. The alpha chuckled as he stared down at Dean, then licked his lips as he wasted no time and immediately pressed his fat cock against Deans entrance. The boy whimpered and closed his eyes at the contact but was suddenly met with a quick and vicious slap to the face.

"I want you to look at me bitch!" The huge alpha shouted. "I want you to remember my face every time you go into heat, even if I'm not the one fucking you! I want you to remember this bitch!"

Dean did as he was told and reluctantly stared up at the alphas hideous face.

And with that, the man forced his way inside Dean, causing him to cry out loudly as the alpha fucked him.

The man was rough and relentless, continuously fucking until the young boy thought he would break in half. He was ruthless and brutal, ensuring that the entire experience would be horrifying for Dean. The boy couldn't believe that this was suppose to make him feel better, that this was suppose to take away the pain of the heat. How was that possible when being fucked was far more painful and horrible than the pain that came with the heat itself?

Dean couldn't recall how long it lasted, because as soon as it was over, another alpha was taking the previous alphas place...and then another...and then another....


Castiel was surprised that he had managed to drive at his usually speed despite the fact that he was still a bit angry. He had calmed down somewhat and had immediately convinced himself that driving all the way to Sams house just so he could threaten and yell at him was a dumb idea. He would simply fire the brat first thing Monday morning when he came to look after Dean. Castiel had smiled to himself at that thought.

Sam simply wasn't needed anymore and quite frankly, Cas just couldn't stand the thought of him around his pet.

He still couldn't believe what the alpha teen had done, trying to seduce Dean, trying to win his pet over by disobeying Deans true master. The alpha tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he drove down the road.

Imagine, bringing Dean flowers? Fucking flowers! Wasn't that a clear sign of a person trying to court another? Giving them gifts. And of course Castiel was going to assume that was the purpose of the roses. Why else would Sam bring them to Dean? What kind of alpha bought omegas flowers anyway?!

Damn it.

Castiel sighed. That kid managed to upset him so much.

It didn't matter. Dean was OK now. Dean was fine. After his heat was over Castiel would take a day off from work and show Dean around the house more, bring him into the kitchen and see if he could cook, basically just give him an idea of the chores he would be performing. He would turn Dean into a proper pet, he didn't need some alpha teenager for that.

Castiel wondered if it was such a good idea to go see Gabriel after all. He had wanted to speak to him about Deans heat and the omegas behavior, but now as he drew nearer to the clinic, he was having second thoughts. He was the one who had suggested he hired Sam, and look where that had gotten him.

Maybe Castiel was being a bit unfair, after all, Gabriel had only tried to help him find someone to look after Dean since he really didn't have any options.

Castiel sighed as he parked his car outside the clinic. But still, maybe he should have just called first. Oh well, it was too late now and since he was already here...

When Castiel entered the building, he noticed the place looked just as gloomy as the last time he was here with a new set of omegas cowering in cages tucked away in a corner.

He noticed a different person sitting at the receptionist desk where he had seen Sam sitting last. The young was woman wearing headphones and bobbing along to some song, obviously unaware of Castiels presence.

Castiel stared at her with a raised brow before clearing his throat, but when that failed to get the young woman's attention, he tapped her shoulder lightly.

The alpha started, looked up and removed the headphones.

"Oh, hey I didn't even notice you there!" She said, looking over the alpha and glancing behind him. "I notice you don't have an omega with you, so how can I help you."

Cas sighed, thinking to himself that Gabe had obviously forgotten what he had said last time about hiring better staff.

"I'd like to speak to Gabriel Mason please." Castiel said trying very hard not to sound irritated.

"Oh, Gabe's not here right now, he always comes in late on the weekends for some reason, but he'll be here soon." The young woman said.

Castiel sighed. "I really wanted to speak with him" he said "Its about my omega."

"Hmm..well you're free to wait for him if it's really important, I'm sure he'll be here soon, or better yet you can ask me some questions. I know a bit about omegas."

Castiel stared at the female alpha warily. "I'd much rather speak with..."

"Oh! You can also try speaking with Sam." She said  cutting in. "There he is right now, hey Sam!"

Castiel stared and looked in the direction the female alpha was staring, turning to look behind him. And sure enough, the person that now held the number one spot on his "people I seriously despise" list was entering the omega clinic, hair unkempt as usual, clothes casual and a bag slung over his shoulders.

Castiel could feel a huge vein pulsing in his forehead as the giant brat dare to smile as he greeted him and began walking up to the older alpha.

"Hey, Mr. Novak! What are you doing here? Did you come to see Gabe?" The young man said cheerfully, clearly unaware of the anger boiling within his employer, soon to be former employer.

"" Castiel said struggling to get the words out, fighting against the urge to yell uncontrollably.

"I don't want come near my omega ever...again." Castiel said slowly and menacingly, a dark deathly look coming across his face as he glared at the tall alpha.

The dumb, stupid smile Sam previously held on his face quickly melted into one of fear and confusion as each word left Castiels mouth.

"W..what?..but, Mr Novak... I don't understand. What did I do?" The boy said in a meek confused voice, obviously affected by the other alphas dominant overwhelmingly angry scent. It must have been a strange sight, an alpha as tall as Sam exhibiting such a behaviour in front of a smaller alpha. However, anyone who caught a mere whiff of Castiels scent would understand. He smelt like his intent was to kill.

"What did you do?!" Castiel repeated Sam's question incredulously. "Do you really think I wouldn't figure it out, huh? How stupid do you think I am?!"

Sam stared at him still looking confused.

"You haven't fed my omega any of the omega feed I bought for him, have you?"

"What...I...I...." Sam blinked rapidly and stuttered.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out? You've been feeding him real food haven't you, you've been trying to seduce him!!" Castiel was fuming now, his voice and heart rate elevated.

"No! You've got it all wrong!" Sam said quickly.

"So you haven't been feeding him real food?!!" Castiel barked.


"So you admit it! You were trying to seduce my pet!" Cas shouted stepping closer to the younger  alpha who quickly shrunk back.

"No! You don't understand, I just wanted him to get healthy, my intention wasn't to seduce him!" Sam said trying his best to defend himself while sweating bullets and clearly looking guilty.

"Oh really?" Castiel snorted, a loud disgusted sound. "So that's why you bought him roses? So he would get more healthy?!"

Sam went completely still and silent. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but it remained hung open making the lad look like a complete idiot.

Castiel could practically see the idiots brain working trying to come up with some lie but failing.

Castiel shook his head and stared disgustedly at the teen before pushing past him perhaps more roughly than he intended as Sam stumbled a bit as he was shoved aside.

"Don't bother coming into work tomorrow, you're fired!"  Castiel said as he kept going.

"Wait please, Mr. Novak! Dean needs me!" Sam shouted after him.

"No! Dean doesn't need you!" Cas turned around and snapped at the boy. "He needs his master! He needs me, and don't fucking come near him again!"

The alpha turned back around and unexpectedly bumped into someone.

"Whoa! What the hell is going on in here?" Gabe said, placing a hand on Castiel said, placing hand on Castiels shoulder to steady him after they bumped into each other.

Cas roughly shoved the beta off.

"Fuck off!" Castiel shouted getting more heated, now faced with the man who had suggested he hire the cause of his current problem.

"Hey, where the hell did that come from?" Gabe said backing away from Castiel while looking confused.

"Ask Sam!" Castiel snapped. "Now get the hell out of my way!"

He shoved pass Gabriel and went out the door, and was soon inside his car and quickly speeding away from the building.

Cas drove furiously away from Gabriel's omega clinic and all the incompetent assholes who clearly thought he was an idiot. Especially the teenage boy who he had entrusted to look after his pet.

He fucking hated Sam. He hated him for daring to try to take his pet from him, and Gabe for suggesting he hired him. He no longer wished to associate with any of them anymore. Sure he wanted to speak with Gabe about Dean and his heat, but he would simply have to seek advice from someone else.

Why the hell was he going to speak to Gabe anyway? He was a respectable wealthy alpha. Gabe was just an omega vet. Sure, Castiel had previously thought he needed advice from the other man due to his naivety about his new omega, but surely there was someone else out there he could ask for advise about his pet.

He could always speak to Michael. He had owned many different omegas over the years. Surely he had some knowledge about them. Castiel had been reluctant in speaking to his older brother about Dean due to the alphas personality, manners, and of course their conflicting views, however he didn't really have anyone else he could speak to and he definitely wasn't going to spend any more of his time speaking to someone like Gabriel. He didn't want to mingle with anyone like Sam or anyone else from that damn omega clinic.

Turning the corner Castiel made the decision to stop by Michaels house.