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Footloose, Nail Polish and Boundaries

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Robin Buckley is a mess, not that that’s uncommon information. But to be more specific, Robin Buckley is a mess when it comes to her girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler.


Her whole conundrum started when her and Nance were on a date. 


“I don’t know, Rob. I thought footloose was cute,” Nance had said with a sappy tone in her voice and a mischievous glint in her eyes, hair bouncing as they walked.


Robin replied, disgusted, “Not even, Nancy. You are never picking a movie for movie night.” Nancy rolled her eyes and chuckled.


And that’s when Robin's problem started, Nancy had her hand just there and it would’ve been perfect if Robin could just hold it. 


She stared at it for a good while, and before she knew it Nancy looked at her and waved a hand in her face. “You with me, Buckley?” She teased.


Robin swallowed nervously and blurted, “I—I’m fine, Nance! Let’s just.. Let’s just get to the restaurant.” She promptly ran in front of Nancy, just wanting to escape the situation. 


“Rob, wait up!”


For the past few days, it’s all Robin could think about. Because, what if Nancy doesn’t like hand holding and what if Nancy DOES like hand holding and Robin ruined the whole date by NOT holding her hand and-. It felt like the possibilities were endless, like no matter what she’d completely screwed up. She desperately wanted to tell someone this. Plus, she needed a second opinion.


“Okay, so explain the situation to me again?” Steve asked while Robin painted his nails with bright pink nail polish. He was sprawled across her bedroom floor while she was sitting criss cross and working very hard on making Steve’s hands look nice for once.


Robin sighed and explained, “I feel like maybe I’m overthinking? I don’t want to ruin things with her by moving too fast or too slow.” She paused, taking a while to really get her thoughts in order.


Nancy Wheeler is the definition of perfect. She had two perfect boyfriends who probably weren’t even having this problem. She gets perfect grades. She deserves a perfect girlfriend.


“I just want Nance to be happy. I want this all to be perfect, Steve,” Robin concluded, finishing off his nails and placing the little brush in the bottle.


Steve rolled onto his back and took a moment before saying, “Y’know, no matter how hard you try it’s never going to be perfect, Rob and that’s okay.” 


Robin sighed and asked, “I know that. I don’t want to upset her, she makes me so happy. How can I just not mess this up?” 


“You won’t. You don’t have to figure it out alone, Robin. Nance is.. amazing, but she’s not a mind reader. She’s your girlfriend, right?” 


“Yeah? What does that have to do with anything?”


“Then treat her like one, Rob! Ask her about her opinions on hand holding, kissing or whatever.”


After that the room got real silent and Robin looked at him, who somehow already had nail polish smeared on his face. She smiled. “Thanks Stevie, that’s.. actually not horrible advice,” She said sarcastically.


Steve rolled his eyes and replied, “I mean you’ve gotta learn a thing or two when you are in as much high school relationships as I was.” 


Robin snorted and threw a pillow at his face.ts 


When Steve left, Robin thought about his advice and how she’d go about asking her girlfriend

if she wanted to hold her hand. 


After playing about hundreds of ways it could go wrong, she decided that her own thoughts were probably wrong. Nancy Wheeler was an unpredictable entity in itself, she’d never be able to guess what she’d say. It’s one of the many reasons Robin loves her.


The next time they went on a date, Nancy and Robin were walking toward the nearby movie theater. The one that had Nancy The Slut Wheeler imprinted on it, courtesy of Steve.


They were just talking and Robin finally worked up the courage to say, “Nancy, I’m.. Can I hold your hand? Because I think it’d be like awesome if I could hold your hand but I can never really tell if you want me to, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but—.”


“Robin,” Nancy said with that charming smile. Robin could feel her eyes light up with hope. “Yes?”


“I think it’d be very.. awesome if I could hold your hand.” 


Nancy, her girlfriend, held out her hand. 


Without hesitation, Robin took it. 


After a few moments of comfortable silence, Nancy asked, “So, do you know what they’re showing at the theaters?” Robin tilted her head. “What?”