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A Hands-On Learner

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Binghe finally gets to take his a-die’s cock in hand after years of wanting. It’s just as big as he’d imagined, the weight of it sometimes causing just the tip to peek into Binghe’s vision when his father was particularly languid. Objectively, he knows that a cock should not be considered pretty, but there was something about a-die’s cock that made it… special. The way it sat like satin in his hand, the way it gently plumped up the more he loved his fingers across it- it truly felt like a heavenly pillar connecting Luo Binghe to ecstasy. 

Above him, Tianlang-Jun let out an indulgent laugh. His little Bing-er was just so cute- so eager to be molded and taught. So much better without his wives and that nasty sword of his- so quick to preen under the attention of an older authority figure like him. He wondered who had left the man so pliant and so willing- if he ever found out, perhaps he would allow them to watch as Tianlang-Jun extorted the fruits of their effort. 

“Does Bing-er like it? Does he want to show his father just how much he loves him?” Tianlang-Jun mused depravedly. 

The words made Binghe harder even more beneath his robes, something he hadn’t even realized was possible. 

“Yes-“ he moaned out, batting his eyelashes coquettishly. “-Please, tell this one what he can do to please his A-die~”

“‘None of that now, A-Bing” A heeled boot had found its way beneath his robes and onto his crotch. “No playing coy with me.” 

As if the emphasize the point, he began to press his heel down harder, the thin tip pressing itself directly into Xiao Bing’s cock. The mix of pleasure-pain made him so delirious that he almost didn’t remember to respond. Until the heel pierced the slit, of course.

Tears forming in the corner of his eyes, Luo Binghe gave up all sense of decorum. “This Binghe is sorry!” He thrashed out. “He won’t be such a-“ He whined. “Such a…”

Pressing down once last time before releasing the pressure entirely, Tianlang-Jun finished patronizingly, “a slut.”

Binghe couldn’t do anything but moan pitifully in response. He hadn’t even gotten to really stroke A-die’s cock and yet he was already like this? What if he came before a-die he let him taste it? A genuine tear slipped down his cheek at the thought. 

Before he had even realized it, his other cheek had began to nuzzle Tianlang-Jun’s cock. He started in fear- what if the man saw this as defiant again?

As if sensing his thoughts, a roughly calloused hand made its way gently through his hair. 

“There there, son of mine, I only told you not to play coy. As long as it’s how you truly feel, it is fine to show how slutty you really are~.”

And then he pressed the head of his cock to Binghe’s mouth and Binghe began to see stars.

The taste. The smell. It was even more tantalizing than he had imagined it. No, nothing he has ever imagined could come close to the bliss that flavor inspired.

Reverently, he let his forked tongue begin to lick around the head, briefly pressing into the slit the collect the drips of precome that had started to form. 

This was where he came from.

This is how A-die made him.

Those thoughts in themselves were nearly enough to bring Binghe to his orgasm, before he clamped down, remembering that climax was not his to control. His father had been very clear about Binghe learning to use his manners- and very clear about the punishment if he disobeyed.

Still though, feeling the purr that reverberated through Tianlang-Jun as Binghe began to take his cock deeper and deeper made it hard to remember to control himself at all. 

“Have you been taking lessons from my Zhuzhi-Lang? You’re quite the skilled one for only having ever been blown in your life.” He pet his son’s cheek, feeling his dick press up against the side before plunging himself even deeper into that warm heat. 

“Are you, perhaps, part snake? Practically unhinging your jaw like that!” He tutted in amusement, watching as the boy below him could only moan and writhe in response.

For a few more long, languid minutes they went on like this- Tianlang-Jun enjoying the warm heat of his son’s mouth and Luo Binghe enjoying his father using his throat as a flashlight- before said demon emperor (the elder, not the younger) could feel his orgasm rapidly approach.

Now, he could pull out, watch his cum spray beautifully over his Bing-er’s lovely face and robes- but where would the fun in that be? 

Instead, he began to fuck himself in deeper, practically choking the body beneath him- tears and drool streaming from Binghe’s pretty eyes and mouth. And then, with a but a rumbled moan, he came.

His pleasure was only made deeper by watching just how intensely the crying boy beneath him tried to keep it all down.

“That’s it~” he cooed. “Don’t let a drop of it escape~”

Leaning down to whisper in the pierced ear, he said, “We wouldn’t want to waste anything A-die gave you, now would we?”

Nodding heartily, Binghe began to gulp down as much of the cum as he could. It was overwhelmingly musky and salty and delicious- he didn’t want to let a drop go. even if A-die hadn’t commanded him to swallow it all, he though he probably would have anyway.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize that large hands had pulled his robes loose and had begun to palm at his aching member.

“So small,” his father remarked. Objectively, Binghe knew that this was not true, but in the heat of the moment the words only made him harder.

A few strokes and the muttered order “Cum.” was all it took for Xiao Bing to let out all of its release.

Vaguely, he thought he heard someone mutter “cute” but he was too lost in the pleasure to tell.

Sighing deeply, Tianlang Jun watched as his little Bing-er’s eyes went glassy with bliss. Reacting like that? he thought. Really now! And this was only the first round!